Quilts! 4-7-22

I have very little to post but my inbox has been busy with many great quilt finishes!

Great quilts, Ladies – thank you!

This mother-in-law tongue plant is blooming – did you know it blooms? I did not.

Yesterday’s eggs – they are beautiful!

The rat issue is holding at #20. A reader sent me an article about a rat poison called ContraPest and I have looked into it. It sounds very effective but VERY expensive – for the price of this poison I can probably hire an exterminator. A neighbor told me her theory on rats just showing up in a crowd – she said a neighbor has probably put poison out at their own property and the rats left as a community and found my warm barn. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

We’ve had snow showers off and on all day and 40 degrees but as I thought back just a couple months ago when it was 0-20 degrees, we would have thought 40 was balmy. 30-50 degree days are what spring is in Iowa – it isn’t supposed to be warm – that would be summer in Iowa. Spring is just warmer than winter comparatively – not actually warm.

So as you see there’s nothing much new around here – I tried to watch the Masters this afternoon but it’s so slow I fell asleep with Hazel on my lap.

Didn’t you love the quilt show?

67 thoughts on “Quilts! 4-7-22

  1. Nancy Poole

    I didn’t now the Mother in law tongue bloomed. Interesting. I’ve seen some really large plants but no blooms.

    1. LornaD

      Nancy & Mary ….My mother in law tongue plant has bloomed twice in the 8 or 10 yeas I have had it….I am in awe every time it flowers!

  2. Joyce from NY

    I did love the quilt show, amazing!!
    Never heard of a mother-in-law tongue plant!

  3. Carmen

    I agree about the rats. I used to work at a bank. An old elevator, just a block or so north was torn down. We got a rat in the bank! Figured it was displaced. He didn’t last long!

  4. DebMac

    I didn’t know MIL tongue plants bloomed either! This was a good afternoon for naps; we had cold and wet so I snuggled under a blanket and promptly fell asleep. I had planned to cross stitch so hopefully I can this evening. Close to a finish and want to get it done.

  5. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central,Ohio

    You have a “free” little rat catcher that costs only dog food and love❤️❤️ She is much nicer than poison😃. Vicki in Seattle, you have so many beautiful quilts and a beautiful view!!! This is a wonderful quilt show. If there are any Weight Watchers reading, you can use your WW rewards to send to Ukraine.
    Mary, we are having cooler weather, too. Cold this weekend, but then going to normal—60’s.

    1. Vicki in Seattle

      Thanks, Diane! I have made lots of Comfort Quilts since January. This is just a few. Now it is time to work in the flower gardens. We enjoy a view of the Olympic Mountains. They are are snow capped right now and we are to get more snow this weekend!

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

        You really worked a lot on those. They are just beautiful. Seattle was on our bucket list for 2020. We will eventually get there!

      2. Kathy in western NY

        That is very generous of you Vicky to sew all those wonderful comfort quilts.

  6. Marie from Simi, Ca

    I have several different types of mother in law tongue plants ( a friend told me they are also called snake plants, go figure!) and they have ALL managed to bloom in the last year!! Yes I was surprised also, they had never bloomed before!! Super sticky and sweet smelling. Thank goodness you have Hazel staying on top of the situation!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marie – so it isn’t even my climate and location that had anything to do with the blooms – I wonder what made them bloom?

      1. Marcia

        This is the first year my Mother-In-Law’s tongue bloomed also! I was so surprised because I did not know they could get blossoms. Must be the year for flowers on these plants!

  7. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    My Mother’s MIL tongue plant flowered only once in over 30 years. Sometimes we need a break in the action. I entered two items in the Mukwonago Crazy Quilters Show last month. Got first place on my Long Time Gone Quilt and a second place on my Mariners Compass tablerunner. I’ll send pictures to you.

    1. Diane in WI

      I probably saw your quilts at Mukwonago. Congratulations! There were many beautiful quilts,

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marj – your quilts were very deserving of top awards – I will post them in tomorrow’s blog – thank you!

  8. Pam in NC

    I love seeing all the quilts fellow followers finish! I need the inspiration! I have way too many that are finished except binding. Am I the only one that would rather piece a new one than bind a quilted one?

  9. Debbie G

    Always great quilts to see here whether it’s 1 or 101!!! The flower on the MIL tongue is interesting! Didn’t know that was possible. Love the pic of Hazel relaxing. And your weather analogy is the same for Wisconsin. I think we all get a little anxious knowing the warm days are closer after surviving the winter months.

  10. Moe in NE Illinois

    Enjoy the MIL bloom. It’s very rare. It will get quite sticky too so make sure it’s not near something you dont want goo on. Mine have bloomed a couple times. I read that they bloom when they are stressed, meaning they are overcrowded in a pot. I like the bloom so haven’t reported. Hope to get a bloom again this year. Amazing about the rats!! Glad you are “catching” them. Are they taking eggs? Great show n tell. I got my second booster shot today. Feeling very happy.

  11. Marsha from Kansas

    Great quilts. Vicki, your quilts are great with different patterns and color variations. I like making the chain quilts for charity as leader-enders. My Mom had a mother-in-law tongue plant that she had at least since 1960 to 2020 and it never bloomed. I didn’t know they did. Very interesting. She was great with plants and it grew so tall she had to cut it down a couple of times and made starters for friends. Good memories.

  12. Carolyn Boutilier

    Thanks for the beautiful quilt show. Glad you and Connie had a successful sale. Is Connie moving far away from you.? We had our first thunderstorm in the middle of the night with heavy rain. Our Maggie doodle was not happy and I had to pat her for over an hour till the storm let up. We mowed the lawn yesterday and the hummingbird feeder is out. Last year they showed up on April 7 so this year I was ready for them.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn B – Connie is moving two hours away to their lake home.

  13. Peggy S

    The MIL plant is called a sanseveria (sp?) I think. It pretty much only blooms when it gets root bound in it’s pot. Just saw that mine is blooming right now, too. Loved the quilt show today!!
    Peggy S in MN

  14. Nancy Wingo

    My snake plant hasn’t ever bloomed but my aloe vera did few yrs ago then my hens and chicks did!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy w – my aloe plant bloomed, too, with a tall bloom that just finally toppled over. It was not pretty.

  15. Angie from Baltimore

    The quilts are amazing and not the common patterns. Loved them. As for the rats I can imagine them all getting together with suitcases yelling” ROAD TRIP”. And coming to your place. Bad idea. And they paid for it dearly. Hazel is paying for her keep and the rest if any are say” Bad move another road trip”
    Stay warm and well

  16. Carol L

    Wonderful blog post today. Very windy here in the panhandle of NE, 40 mph. Very hard on baby calves. Love seeing the quilts and Hazel.. cl in NE

  17. Connie B.

    I wanted to thank Jeanine from Iowa for her beautiful pillowcases for Ukraine. Very sweet and thoughtful and will be a bright spot for whoever receives them. I enjoyed all the reader quilts and always enjoy reading your news Mary!

    1. Jeanine from Iowa

      Thank you, Connie. When I started I thought I would make 15 or so, but just couldn’t quit. I just can’t even imagine what the people in Ukraine are going through.

  18. Synthia

    You get more done in a day than anyone I know! I don’t see how you do it!
    The quilts AND the eggs are gorgeous. 🙂

  19. Lynette in Orlando

    I know I’ve said it before, but there are some talented quilters out there!!! Quilts are simply lovely! I so enjoy seeing them. Very inspiring. I’m trying to “clean up” my sewing room by sewing all the kits and projects I have in it…… oh my goodness, sometimes it gets overwhelming, Feel like I’ll never make it all — how in the world did I accumulate so much???? Darn quilt shows….. 😆 😆

  20. Carolyn in Illinois

    At the risk of giving unwanted advice, please research any poison used for the rats. Our Wildlife Rescue has had several eagles and other raptors brought in after being found very sick. The poisons people are using remains in the blood streams of their prey and causes hemorrhaging in the birds.
    My mom had mother in law tongue plants for years, and I never knew they had a bloom!

    1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

      Good advice, Carolyn. I learned that at age 12 when my beloved kitty, Tiptoe, came home very sick. She had gone to the Mill near our home and caught a mouse that had eaten poison. The poison burned out
      Tiptoe’s throat and she had to be euthanized. At age 12, that was very, very sad.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn in IL – because I am so afraid of using poison around the chickens, goats, cats and dogs, I use the traps that electrocute the rat inside the trap – no poison anywhere. If I can’t stay on top of this rat problem, I will call an exterminator.

  21. Cheryl in AR

    I love the quilt show! Every quilt show. People are so talented!!! Love the pillowcases for Ukraine. Is there an address/organization to be apart of this effort? Love me some Hazel pics. She all character and cuteness!!!!! I had nothing, nothing on the sewing front. Now I have 2 Jane Austen medallion quilts started and a gorgeous flag quilt called Stitched with Pride by Coach House. And last but not least Blockhead 4. I am going to send photos of my sister’s rescued Italian Greyhound. Her name is Vela, for Velcro. She likes her new family!!!

    1. Kris in WI

      Cheryl–Check the Quilted Twins website for info. They are collecting quilts and pillowcases for refugee centers in Poland and Ukraine. Their blog is interesting, too, with Becky living in Poland. Krsi

    2. Jeanine from Iowa

      Cheryl in AR,
      Quilted Twins in Dade City, Florida is where I sent the pillowcases. Rachael lives in FL and she has a twin sister in Poland that is distributing the quilts to refugees. She made a call for pillowcases, as she had received 2000 quilts from readers, and wants a pillowcase to go along with each quilt, blanket and pillow that they give to the refugees. A very worthwhile effort. I know everything that is donated will be used 100% for the refugees. It is an amazing effort.

  22. Kathy in western NY

    Nice show!! As always I am very impressed with all the creativity of your sewers. Pillowcases are so fun to make and much needed in Ukraine so thank you Jeanine. I love all the quilts !!! They are all colorful. We had our second boosters and are now boosted to the max but till colds and flu pass this season , I feel better having my mask on for awhile longer when I go to the stores.

  23. Margaret in North Texas

    That MIL plant with its bloom would be an interesting subject for Becky to do a watercolor. Colorful quilts and eggs too.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Margaret in North Texas – what a good idea – I will mention it to Becky

  24. Jo in Wyoming

    Great, great show today. Hazel is very busy and both of you need a little nap.
    I had coffee with the program coordinator for the jail today. The only program’s current being done are by “zoom” at the jail. One hour, once a month!! I’m not sure how that would work. Also, can I help them fix the sewing machines with zoom? This sounds like a challenge to me. The good news is, they are getting some of their much needed programs, Bible study, Narcotics Anonymous, Domestic Abuse, etc. there is no evening or weekend programs, and only one zoom setup, so the schedule is real tight.
    In the past, I went to their cell and worked with them. No other program was like that. Leader and inmates went to a classroom, when finished, the inmates went back to their cells.
    Something is better than nothing. I’ll get some very simple block samples together and try it. I can’t fail, if I don’t try. (Is that 2 negatives?)

    1. Kathy in western NY

      There’s a lot moving forward that is just not easy anymore and your hands on time spent with the girls at jail learning to sew is one. Such a great skill to have for mental health as most of us have said these past few years what would we have done If we didn’t have our sewing to keep us occupied at home. I hope it can be worked out so you can eventually go back in person. Even if you took a home covid test like I have to when I see a friend each time at an assisted living center, would that reassure them you aren’t bringing anything in there? It’s worked so well for me to be in with her and the test is so easy to administer myself they provide to me. I know you are busy with the new drop off of quilts but this has been part of your life so I know you will try to make it work.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – I am so sorry this is so limited for you – I would have imagined things had opened up by now. You’re doing good work, Jo, whatever amount so don’t give up.

  25. Kris in WI

    Ah, a nap in Mom’s lap. Hazel must be so happy to have you home, Mary. Rats! Where is a Pied Piper when you need one? Oh my, what a quilt show! I’ve scrolled through them several times and can’t name a favorite. Thanks, everyone.

  26. Diane in WI

    So many talented quilters. I loved the picture of Hazel; she looked extremely comfortable. Rainy again in Wisconsin. I did hear this rain is helping our drought. I have two amaryllis plants ready to bloom. I have had the bulbs for a couple of years now. The eggs are such beautiful colors. You are ready for Easter.

  27. Susan K in Texas

    I did know that mother in law plants bloomed but I just learned it last year. My Big Mama aloe is blooming this year. A double bloom with each about 12” long and the stalk is at least an inch in diameter where it comes out from the plant. It’s interesting because her blooms are yellow now but the first years she bloomed they were orange. Aloes must be at least three years old to bloom. Mine mostly bloom in fall and winter.
    Lots of pretty quilts. I always love the quilt shows!
    The rat theory makes a lot of sense. Kind of like when dealing with some bug issues – if the neighbors don’t all treat it at once the bugs go from house to house as they’re sprayed. Klaus found a dead one in the greenhouse the other day (I’m sure it had eaten poison) so I made sure Klaus didn’t touch it. Ick!!

  28. susie Q

    Golf compared to basketball is indeed SLOW…… those quilts you posted are inspireing.

  29. Donna

    So fun to see what people are creating! Glad that the weekend is here, we are suppose to get into the 50’s so we can rake the rocks out of the lawn, from the snow removal over the winter. Exciting hockey last night as University of MN and Minnesota State battled it out for a position in the Frozen 4. Both teams are good, but the Maverick’s won in the end, both really good teams.
    Thanks for sharing the photos, its always fun to see. . .

  30. Diana in Des Moines

    I had a mother in laws tongue plant back in the 80’s. When it bloomed, I thought it was a weed in there! Called my florist friend, and she said they only bloom when they are very happy. I had it in an east window and apparently it was a good spot. Yours must be VERY happy with all the rats gone. lol

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana in DM – my MIL plant is also in an east window! I will never assume all the rats are gone so I keep the traps in place. I just know there are 20 fewer of the dirty things.

  31. Barbara C

    Thanks to everyone that sent a quilt picture. Loved the egg picture with the blend of colors…quilt worthy! Of course Hazel warms my heart¡

  32. Sally J.

    Wonderful Quilt show today!! Love the pillowcases for Ukraine!
    My MIL plant here in Florida blooms and the pot appears root bound.
    I enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing.

  33. Linda

    I have 2 mother-in-law plants & they both bloomed this year. I almost pull the flower out, thinking it was a weed. I was really excited, because I’ve had them for ever
    Enjoy your stories & pictures

  34. Karen Hamilton

    Vicki in Seattle, you have been busy. Beautiful quilts! Love seeing all the reader quilts, all are so beautiful. Maybe the rats are on the way out, with the weather warming up (sort of).

  35. Sheila in WI

    Wow! What a beautiful quilt show! I love the quilts and the pillowcases are not only fun looking but very much needed. This post was full of inspiration. Thank you!

  36. Susy Boyer

    Great quilts sharing! Inspires me to get sewing.
    Yes, the plant Sansevieria, aka Mother in Law tongue, does bloom! I’ve had mine (a cutting from my mom’s plant) for years, like 20-25 and then it bloomed. Now it has bloomed a couple more times, but not every year. And it smells so sweet. Little miracle’s.

  37. Linda in Michigan

    Of all the quilts in the show, I like the Chinese Coins the best, those pink borders are what get me. Another grey, cold day in West MI, so I will do some binding on a doll quilt. All of you who don’t like to bind, send your quilts to me-that is my favorite part of quilt making! Maybe because then I know the project is about done.
    It is interesting to see all the pillowcases for Ukraine. In a couple weeks I’ll be volunteering for a food bank that’s sending hydrated vegetables to Ukraine. Saw them on a newscast asking for help, so I thought, Why not? Should be fun and a good way to meet new people.
    Keep after those rats, Mary, but I agree with no poison when there are other animals around.

  38. Wendy P

    I never knew the mother in law tongue plant bloomed.

    A thought on rat poison. People are trying to get it banned here. We are loosing a lot of owls because of the rat poison. Rats are ingesting the poison and then the owl is catching the rat. Thus killing the owls as well.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Wendy P – and that’s exactly why I want to electrocute them in my traps instead of using poison.

  39. Paula S.

    I love all of the quilts and all of those pillowcases! As for the MIL plant blooming – our aloe plant bloomed this winter. We had no idea they could do that.

  40. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary – some really beautiful quilts this time – very colorful! We watched our two-year old granddaughter today – she’s staying overnight. What joy she brings us!

  41. Phyllis Rosenwinkel

    When a teenager many years ago, three farm neighbors tore down their barns. The rats moved to nearby farms including ours. These rats tried to kill my mom’s young chickens. She set traps near the brooder house and each night before bedtime, she and I (mostly she) emptied the traps. I held the lantern and was moral support. One night a trapped rat tried to attack us. Fortunately, the trap was secured to a post. My courageous mom took care of the rat and reset the trap.
    I did not think of her as courageous at the time. She did what needed to be done.

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