A Very Rainy Morning, 8-11-22

Wow, we are getting a downpour and I’m worried about my Guinea who is sitting on several hatched babies that I discovered this morning. Hazel is sitting VERY close to Rick while it’s thundering and I have the puppies who are not bothered at all.

We had a nice time last night celebrating Becky’s birthday – here’s looking across the table.

Here’s all of us:

Rick, Tom, Becky, Jenny and me

The pizza and onion rings were delicious and they’re eating Heath Bar Birthday Cake this morning for breakfast – now that’s my kind of breakfast!

This guy remembered how he dug under the playhouse – I can say goodbye to that hosta.

Very happy pups!

This HUGE patch of vines is birdhouse gourds – looks like a bumper crop!

Is anyone besides me going to watch the Field of Dreams game tonight? Is this Heaven? No, it’s Iowa!

40 thoughts on “A Very Rainy Morning, 8-11-22

  1. Sue in Oregon

    Cute family photo.
    Very pretty applique tulip quilt near the door where the puppies hang out!
    Two darling diggers caught digging! Such happy faces.
    Plus, I see bird houses in your future.
    Wish you could send over some of that rain. We are needing it so much here.
    Thanks for starting my morning out right.

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Oh, we are so thankful—we got an inch of rain last night!!! The gourd patch is so pretty. Are those edible as well? Looks like everyone enjoyed Becky’s birthday celebration.

  3. Michele

    Can’t wait for the ball game tonight! I have been a Cubs fan forever (an illness I inherited from my mother).
    Touring The Field of Dreams is near the top of my bucket list. And of course we will go during corn growing season.

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Absolutely love the bird house gourds. They are so neat.
    Does anybody know how big the pups will be? Looks like they have a good start. I don’t really know, but I’ve been told the Heintz 57 dogs and cats are the best? That’s the only kind I ever had and they were perfect. Maybe the pups are in charge of thinning out your plants? They WILL keep your life interesting. And the guinea brings her brood home to Mom? Wayward daughter?? How many chicks? Is she still under the bushes? Can hardly wait to see them.
    Supposed to be over 100 today, but it doesn’t seem to slow the Sturgis bikers down. Yesterday was the beard contest! They have lots of fun contests. A lot will be starting home as they have to be back to work Monday.
    Personally, I’m staying inside sewing on Project Warmth quilts and potholders. Keeps me out of mischief?
    Take care, everybody. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – I have seen two, chicks peeking out from under mom but there are quite a few open shells. Mama moved her brood back under the hydrangeas tonight and I’m glad. Because I think I still might have a rat or two in the barn, I think they’re safer outside with mama than in the barn. I know now it was rats who got most of my chicks last August so I know better this year. If the pups are this tall at 4 months I’m guessing they will be big dogs – but not beefy dogs. Their fur is so sleek and wonderful! I’m so glad they’re here.

  5. Launa

    Great to see everyone…pups and Guinea hen!
    Have tonight’s pre season football game set for TiVo! Electricals predicted with possibility of rain showers in afternoon. SF plays on Friday n RAIDERS on Sunday! We need rain more than I do sewing!

    Pepper, Border Collie, discovered a Guinea in our yard by pond this week…was a standoff of sorts! Comical to see them!

    Moose Fire and others in Idaho! Firemen are really busy day n night! Pray for their safety!

    Just taking a tea break. Sunny 64o out; no fire smoke yet!

  6. Connie R.

    Those happy faces on the pups are so great. What fun! (Sorry about your hosta). Good to get rain with harvest coming soon. We’re getting a reminder of things to come with temps in the 40s for a couple of recent mornings. I’m looking forward to the Field of Dreams game. It has such a special feeling to watching it.

  7. Mary M Rhodes

    The pups happy faces! Wow on gourds! They are pretty n alot! Here south west Ohio lots of rain! 1st day low humidity. Rained yesterday evening again. It did cool it down. Cincinnati stations had field of dreams on yesterday n today! Showing the special outfits! I seen the movie long ago. Yes I be watching! Reds! Around here all growing fast on grass. Driveway disaster! Have very sick 11 yr. Old. Cat. She at veterinary hospital for 3 days. Doesn’t look good. Other 2 knows she is sick. Trying to get sewing, weaving n housework done hopefully.

  8. Dee Winter

    I’m hoping it will be on my channel. If not it will be football. It’s raining here now, I was out doing yardwork earlier, I ran out of juice, but have cleared old things, making way for new I brought from my friend’s house. She’s thinning her bushes, etc. I dug up my iris and shared with her. I just looked out, I have a dying tree in yard, it has a murder of crows sitting on the branches in the rain. Must be a dozen or more. Love the puppies, they will be so much more adoptable after having a real home for a while. Bless you.

  9. Jo in Wyoming

    We just got back from the county fair. Such great work from the youngsters and county residents. The quilters need a bigger spot!!! The veggies were beautiful and spinning was interesting.
    Hot today, we are expecting some monsoon moisture again this weekend. 🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏
    The birthday party looks happy in their picture. And Mary, you have baby chicks hatched. How fun is that.
    Bumper crop of gords. You’ll be painting some for junkin gals.

  10. Sandy

    Hi Mary, moving day at last! All packed and ready to go! Those puppies are having the best time,l think they will be Labrador size, good friends for kids! Heavy rain last night, hope it dries out before they pick up the cabin next week, the driveway is looking boggy. You and Becky look alike, enjoy your game, best wishes from Sandy

  11. Margie Braaksma

    Cute family!
    I would always take my Guinea babies away from the mother. I was told once they are very susceptible to pneumonia. I had 27 one year from one hen!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Margie – oh dear, how will I catch them? They’re so little they’ll go thru the holes in my net!

    2. Lori

      Why did you take the babies away from their mother? Just asking since, my daughter just got guineas for the first time this year.

  12. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Can’t wait for the game tonight! We’re big Reds fans here, and enjoyed the game last year so much. Looks like perfect weather, too. Everyone I’ve heard is raving about how welcoming and wonderful Iowans are. We have a trip planned there soon; my mother was born in Davenport and I’ve never been there.

  13. Carmen

    Our neighbors got a new puppy, and he just loves tearing into the hostas and pulling up grass! You and Becky look alike, looks like it was a fun night

  14. Lynette in Orlando

    Love the pictures!! Saw Senator Grassley this morning on TV talking about the game….. big time promoting the baseball game. This spawned the guys on the radio debating what the best baseball movie was….. interesting to hear different people’s perspective. Enjoy the game tonight Mary!!!

  15. Jan, Blue Earth

    Blue Earth (Minn.) Quit EXPO at the Blue Earth High School starts tomorrow from 4-8. Saturday is 9-5 and Sunday is noon – 4. Tony Jacobson of Winterset IA is the speaker at 2 pm Saturday. There are concessions, vendors and a bed turning of log cabin quilts. Come and bring your hand work – we have a “Stitching Nook” fpr those who want to set a spell! Admission is $6.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan – I have such great memories of Quilt Expo! Remember when Connie and I were your speakers – such fun! I even remember what I wore that day. Even without foster dogs etc I couldn’t come because I can’t walk – tendonitis.

  16. Jeanine from Iowa

    Wow, Mary. Those gourds look wonderful! If you saw my butternut squash, zucchini, summer squash and cucumbers, you would cry. Over half of them dead from lack of rain here south of Oskaloosa. There was a shower that moved through this afternoon, and we got less than one tenth inch out of it. Pella had over an inch. It just has not rained here by us. I feel so bad for the farmers in our area. They will not have a bumper crop. They will be fortunate to get much of any crop this fall. And then we have had over 90 degree weather again this week and through the weekend. You have had wonderful rains up in your area. Everything is so lush in your pictures. Our grass is mostly brown. But I have enjoyed getting some sewing done, so that is a positive! Always enjoy all your wonderful pictures.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanine – I hate to tell you this but we got another 1.4 this morning – we can’t believe it really – such perfect rains.

  17. Brenda

    Yup to watching the game…absolutely loved how it was broadcast last year, and I’m hoping it will be good again. We enjoyed watching the minor league game on Tuesday…Mn team from Cedar Rapids! Looks like beautiful weather for the game, but happy that rain has arrived at some places that need it.

  18. Paula S.

    Yes, I’m watching the game tonight! My bestie and her husband went to the game last year. They had been there before but not for a game. Love the pictures of the animals and those pups are getting big!

  19. Joanne

    Thank you Mary! Hope to find it and I can get it! sick of the Red Sox all they
    do is lose! loved Field of Dreams movie!

  20. Lois Ann Johnson

    No rain here in Humboldt County, although we did get some on Sunday. It got cloudy off and on all day today but no rain. Your pups are adorable. I see they are “diggers.” My Bailey is, too., although she seems to be out growing it now that she is 5 yrs. old. She was pretty hard on my lawn and some plants the past few years. My front lawn will need to be re-seeded this fall (again) due to her! Hearing about your Heath Bar Cake made me hungry for it. I haven’t made one for ages! I don’t bake as much as I used to when I had family around to help eat it. It’s been fun seeing the puppies each day on your blog; keep sending us the photos of their activities!

  21. Carol Reents

    I live in central Indiana and rain has been scarce here this summer. I am jealous of all your rain. Yes I am watching the baseball game as I am a die hard Reds fan.

    Carol Reents

  22. Lori

    Mary, please send a little rain our way, we are south of Fargo.

    Lovely photo, is Becky your daughter?

  23. Kathy in western NY

    Glad you got a family photo at Becky’s birthday pizza party. And so sweet of Jennie to come home as we never know when we don’t have our loved ones around us to celebrate a birthday. All of you look alike.
    We could use your rain as it’s so dry here. I can barely see a field in the distance across the street with water flying up so it’s being irrigated. Every night I water and water. It’s tiresome now to me so I see why nurseries had so many “drought resistant “ plants in stock last spring.
    I love the puppy pictures!! They must just be such darn happy fellas.

  24. Earlene Springs

    The pattern that started me quilting was:
    “Is This Heaven? No it’s Iowa in the Fall”
    I loved everything you designed into that little quilt!
    And yes I will be watching the game!
    Hugs from Earlene in Arizona

  25. Wonda Myers

    You live a wonderful American life! With so much meanest and hate in our country now I love your blog. Birthday celebration looks like fun.

  26. Wonda Myers

    You live a wonderful American life! With so much meanest and hate in our country now I love your blog. Birthday celebration looks like fun. I

  27. Quilting Sister

    LOVE it! We were supposed to see it on Bravo right now, 2 pm on Friday, but it’s not on until 11:00 am on Saturday. I’ll be watching!

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