Simply Delightful! 8-12-22

THANK YOU, MARILYN MILLER! Look what she sent me!

Won’t this look great in my collection? I think I’ll take off the large border and frame it like the others – what do you think? Not ever being able to have any babies of my own is probably what makes me love these baby pictures so much.

I just came back from the barn where I made the Guinea mama stand up and I’ll bet 15 little cotton balls scurried out from beneath her! I will try to get a picture.

I hung this yesterday – August Nights by Brannock and Patek. I still love it!

And here is August corn by Farmer Tim.

Did you watch Field of Dreams last night? Wasn’t the moon and everything just gorgeous?

This is what I’m working on – Good News. Details later.

More later – off to therapy.

33 thoughts on “Simply Delightful! 8-12-22

  1. Angie from Baltimore

    Wonderful about the little puffs. Watched the game and it was great. Loved the movie as well.

  2. Pam in NC

    Babies and dogs! What could be better? Well, maybe the baby and dog sitting on a quilt! HA! Love it! So excited about your baby Guinea’s! It will be fun to watch them grow. It’s a little cooler here in the mountains of NC-only 80 today. Hope you have a great day!

  3. Diane in Colorado

    The baby picture is so sweet!!! Reminds me a Gerber Baby pictures that hung in my room when I was a baby!!! Wonder where those went!!!!

    I love your fall quilt, too. Flannels and fall colors!!

    It’s Friday and I’m so ready!! Hoping to stitch binding this weekend!

  4. Susan in Ohio

    The little dog in the picture looks just like Hazel, what a darling picture. I love seeing all of your collections.

  5. Jan Hebert

    Aw, babies and puppies, so sweet. Speaking of puppies, those little beagle puppies that they rescued (4,000 of them!) are just adorable. I’d love to have one – or three! That quilt is awesome, no wonder you love it! Our corn is struggling with our lack of water. Massachusetts, like a lot of other states is really in dire need of rain. We’re in “Critical” stage right now. I just pray that our well doesn’t go dry. We aren’t supposed to do any watering and I hate seeing everything drying up but we took a ride to Newburyport yesterday and drove past the Ipswich River and wow, I’ve never seen it so low. Can’t wait to see what you are working on! Jan in MA

  6. Jean Elliott

    I love the Brannock and Patek quilt. I’d like to make the part with just the cockscombs. I do have that book. I went to retreat once with Linda.. it was so much fun. I love the baby picture …those are so precious.
    Hope you can get a picture of the baby guineas!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean Elliot – how are you, Jean? How are you managing your diet? Jan and Linda held a retreat in our barn one year and I still remember how fun it was.

      1. Jean Elliott

        Some good days..some bad. Really hard figuring out what to eat. Mostly trial & error. I have discovered that meat just does not work no matter how tiny I cut it into it. I was really looking forward to having my OP tenderloin. Probably not going to happen. Mostly soft stuff. Trying for high calorie high-protein. I’m already lost more weight than the doctor wants me to lose. He wants to put the feeding tube back in but I will not have that done. I’m trying to figure out when I can come to Garner…. I’m hoping to come in August. I think I’ve got the eating/ bathroom thing down that I can make that long of a trip.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Jean – I’m sorry to hear the eating issue has not been resolved. Even if meat is ground up – such as hamburger? Dang – I am sorry to hear it.

          1. Jean Elliott

            Nope. The serving size I can have is the size of a domino. Then you take small bites of that & chew it up in your mouth until it’s pulverized since I no longer have a stomach to break down food. And meat just does not break down. Right now I’m cooking squash and apples to soften them up …I cook them together. I used to put almonds in it but I can’t eat nuts anymore. The good thing is my diabetes is improving so much I’ve cut down on a lot of medication and I’m eating more sweets well actually just ice cream. Which I had quit buying years ago so that’s good.

          2. Mary Etherington Post author

            Jean – a diet of ice cream! I am learning lots through you – I did not know a person could live without a stomach or IV feedings. Can you could become a vegetarian – no meat at all?

  7. DebMac

    Farmer Tim’s corn made me homesick for the farm! We did a kitchen remodel in one of the houses we’ve lived in and painted the cabinets “Corn in August” green. I had strawberry plant wall paper and received so many compliments. I still miss those green cabinets after 20 years and 3 other houses. Hard to think in another 6 weeks, the corn will probably be out. Good luck with your baby chicks.

  8. Rita in Iowa

    The guinea must of known that it needed to stick around to have her babies. It will be a lot for her to take care of without your help. Love the toddler and dog picture. Thanks for sharing the hanging of your fall quilts. I took down the patriotic quilts and need to get out more of the fall quilts.

  9. Launa

    Hoping to see the many chicks soon, Mary!
    Sweet baby picture quilt for your collection! Lucky you!

    One year we had water restriction on Alameda Island. Our friend hooked up waste water from clothes washer to water his lawn! The soap n rinse water never harmed flowerbeds n lawn! Just an idea!

    Here Moose Fire in Idaho got some light rain from electrical storm. Now it is sunny! Firemen work long hours during night, too! Hope the projected time of Fire being out by Sept 12 is correct! Thousands of acres burned!

  10. Mareen

    Oh Mary you find the best things – love the picture!! It will look great with the rest!!

  11. Kathy in western NY

    The sweet baby and dog that reminds me of Hazel is perfect for your wall collection. You don’t see many pictures in thrift stores lately. I use to buy them all the time to change out over my fireplace mantle. Your quilt is very nice for cooler autumn days ahead.

  12. Marsha from Kansas

    Such A sweet little picture of the baby and terrier dog. It is such A wonderful addition to your collection. Nice to think of getting fall quilts out and cooler weather.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deborah – I’ll see which book it’s in and you could look on Amazon or Thrift Books, etc. if not available anywhere I will make a copy for you.

  13. Jo in Wyoming

    The baby and Hazel…so sweet.
    At gym group today, one of our instructors announced she is having a baby!!! Now two are having babies. It’s so exciting. I have to get busy making baby quilts, baby doll quilts and momma quilts.
    Life changes so fast.

  14. Nancy Wines

    What a sweet baby and puppy picture. It will go perfectly with your other pictures. How lovely to have all the baby guineas. Know that makes you so happy.

    Nancy in Florida

  15. Beverly from O-H-I-O

    Such a cute picture to add to your collection Mary. I watched the game, was hoping the Reds could win this one but at least they got a couple of runs. I love watching the Field of Dreams game mostly because of the scenery and atmosphere, plus I learned a bit more about your state of Iowa. Fun facts!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beverly – there were definitely some Iowa facts that I did not know – such as the first computer was made at Iowa State University and it weighed 750lbs!

  16. Trudy Locke

    Oh, yes, frame it as the others are. I grew up in California where See’s candy is made. The See’s candy stores are beautiful. Stark white with black pinstripe trim. What is exceptional is that the walls are decorated with Bessie Pease Gutman prints of babies. I believe those are what you have.😀

  17. Marian in Rochester

    Beautiful baby picture! You must have a cherished collection. Mama Guinea show us your brood. I can’t wait. I love to look at the design of that quilt. I enjoyed the baseball game. Of course, the scenery of Iowa’s lush cornfields was just awesome. The greens were so vivid. I loved the movie, too.
    Thank you Mary for all your musings.

  18. Sharon in Oswego, Il

    I love the house with your August quilt!!
    I hope the rest of your day went well.

  19. Susan K in Texas

    What a sweet picture – a baby and a puppy! So happy to hear one of the guineas was able to hatch some babies. I’ll bet they’re cute as can be.
    Years back we visited the field of dreams. It was just like being in the movie. Watching the game, I got those same feelings.
    We saw fields of corn in Missouri that were so dry that they were going to have to plow them in to the ground. It rained on our way home to Texas from our Iowa trip. And we got a little rain at home! Barely enough to track but it has cooled off the temps some and the plants enjoyed the fresh drink.

  20. Rosalie

    We have guineas – sadly down to 2 males, but when we had a female and her keets hatched she would walk around the property and my renter said that every time around there would be less babies until they were all gone. Guineas are not the best mamas and between cats and critters none of the babies survived. Hopefully you will do better with mama and babies in the barn.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rosalie – I’m so afraid for them! But last year (before I knew) the rats got my baby chicks and they were in the safest pen we’ve ever made! I think they might be safer outside – I do not know what to do! Yesterday the mama attacked Mollie, the dog that’s staying here for the weekend and I was happy to see it. I’m afraid to take the dogs to the barn with me in case they get one or in case mama attacks them.

  21. Nancy K Walker

    Dear Mary, I just love to see Farmer Tim’s corn! It is so tall and beautiful! I get excited to see how fast it grows! As soo as I saw “August Nights I fell in love! I looked through my books and found it in”Free Spirit” by Gerry Kimmel and Linda Brannock. It’s so adorable! I’m so obsessed with it! Thanks for popping it on your blog! Very sincerely, Nancy K Walker

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