A Warm Up, 12-28-22

Went to Fleet Farm and Target today – I shouldn’t have bothered. All I found was empty shelves!

I have to point out this quilt – I have loved it for a long time and I have….TWO BLOCKS DONE! Haha! Maybe I could be happy just admiring this one.

More reader quilts

So many squares!
Christmas version of our cover quilt – nice!

Bonnie Hunter recently showed an antique feathered star quilt that had many crumb pieced diamonds – points didn’t meet perfectly, true clothing scraps were likely used – it is wonderful! Go look at it.

Kennedy Honors on TV tonight – wouldn’t miss it. A week ago tonite THE STORM was approaching – whew, I’m glad that’s over!

50 thoughts on “A Warm Up, 12-28-22

  1. Karen

    Hi Mary, I love that quilt, too. So much so I did a google image search and guess what? I found it AND my magazine with a post-it note sticking in the page. By the way, you have two more blocks than I do. 😂 Make the quilt in 2023?

    1. Barb

      Do you have the issue year and month for that quilt ? –I take that magazine and have all my issues saved. It looks like a fun scrappy one!!

      1. Karen

        American Patchwork and Quilting-February 2014, issue 126. The single pattern is also available for purchase by googling “Tone it Down” by Lissa Alexander.

    2. Sara

      May I ask which magazine issue it was in? I love this quilt, too, but don’t know how to do a Google search using an image.

      1. Karen

        American Patchwork and Quilting-February 2014, issue 126. The single pattern is also available for purchase by googling “Tone it Down” by Lissa Alexander.

    3. Mary Etherington Post author

      I went out to the shop and looked at my two blocks again – haha! I remembered it was by Lissa Alexander – I, too, have the magazine.

  2. Cathy Washburn

    I love that quilt too! It was a sew along with APQ magazine. I made a couple of blocks and didn’t like my colors. I still want to do it. Maybe you should work on yours and we could sew along with you.

  3. Char

    Such pretty reader quilts! I’m glad the storm is over for most of the country.
    Happy New Year everyone!

  4. Sandy

    Hi Mary, love the quilt with all the squares, have been thinking of doing one like that to use up all that calico scraps l have, so many quilts and so little time!The fabric ironing is coming to an end soon, willgo through them again (more downsizing! )and then haberdashery sort out! I’m glad the weather is improving for you all, take care, best wishes from Sandy

  5. MaureenHP

    You got a lot more snow and wind than I did in northern Illinois, although the wind chills were bitter. The rest of the week here is looking nice with temps in the 40’s and low 50’s. Nice quilt show today.😊

  6. Kris in WI

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Burgoyne Surrounded done in anything but blue & white. I like the soft scrappy spring-like colors! Could 2 blocks and some simple borders make a table topper? The snowman faces are so cute, too. Great projects today. Thanks, everyone!

  7. Kathy in western NY

    We are watching the Kennedy Center Honors too. Ever see so many suits in a room??? The music makes heads all move in their seats.
    The quilt show always is a wonderful thing for me to see. How I love seeing what everyone is making.
    With temperatures at 40 today , we finally have our bathroom shower pipe unfrozen! It’s been 5 days of being frozen so had to shut off the water to it. Thankfully it was a recent addition to our bedroom and we had our original bathroom. My poor husband was second guessing himself if it was insulated properly cause it was being added on last summer when he got sick with that triple whammy problem. But it had a happy ending and no walls were ruined.

  8. Jackie in NY

    Oh wow that Christmas version of your quilt is fantastic! I talked to my sister about my nephew in Hamburg, NY just south of Buffalo. They were stuck in the house from Friday until Monday evening. They ran out of gas for the snowblower and my nephew had to shovel and hurt his back. They also ran out of diapers- second time this year! They need to stick up on diapers! My nephew never lost power but his in-laws did. Thankfully they have a gas fireplace and were able to stay warm. They’re supposed to get another foot of snow today and tomorrow!

    1. MARYANN

      Jackie, don’t worry about it snowing here in Buffalo NY area. Today the 29th and tomorrow the 30th, we are having temps of 45 for a high today and tomorrow a high of 50. Which is great, except it is supposed to rain both days. So now we have to worry about flooding. Always something in WNY

  9. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Love all the beautiful quilts. Thanks for posting, Mary.
    Our high was 48 degrees w/sunshine today-delightful!
    We were sick between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so no sewing was done here. I did knit a little, as I recovered in my recliner. We did very little baking or shopping but were able to enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas lunch with family.
    I am now looking forward to spending some productive hours in my sewing room.
    Happy New Year to all!

  10. Sheila

    Mary, as always thank you for your entertaining blog. Readers quilts, farm life and so much more are always
    a delight. Tonight I need to thank you for reminding me about the Kennedy Center Honors. I had totally forgot they were on this evening. Only 40 minutes in and I am enjoying the program.
    Thanks again and have a peaceful night. Oh and by the way I just found and have fallen in love with Yellowstone based on your recommendation.

    Sheila in MA

  11. Jan Hebert

    Great quilt show today, and I love the feathered star that Bonnie had featured. And the sweet little candle mat is just adorable! So glad that the weather seems to be quieter across the nation. Hope everybody has a safe, Happy, New Year! Jan in MA

  12. Kate

    I made that top quilt in Halloween fabrics a couple of years ago. I love it in the muted pastels. May have to try another one. We had very cold temperatures right before Christmas, but today it was almost balmy, but the electricity went off for several hours. Over a thousand people were affected including us! It’s on again, thank goodness. Happy New Year, Mary. I pray you have a very healthy and industrious new year.

  13. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Hi Mary, The quilt show is beautiful again! We are watching Kennedy Center Honors, too. It warmed up some today to about 40*

    1. Sara

      I was wondering the same thing (Where to find the Bonnie Hunter quilt). Last night I did a Google search, and found something, but it wasn’t “recent” as Mary mentioned, it was from several years ago, so I doubt it was the quilt Mary referred to. And, now I cannot even find that search result to send you the link. Perhaps we’ll get lucky, and someone else will send us the link. 🙂

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Bonnie Hunter posts on her blog called Quiltville. It was shown on yesterday’s blog post at the end. Just do a search for Bonnie Hunter and her blog address comes up for you to continue to do the remainder for your device.

  14. Jeanine from Iowa

    We got rid of a lot of our snow today as it was in the 40’s. We still have a lot of snow drifts by the snow fence, but it saves our driveway from collecting so much snow. We are thankful for our neighbor who comes to remove the snow for us. Very nice quilt show again today. We still need to pray for the people in the Buffalo area. It is so sad to hear how many lives have been lost. Better days are ahead for us weather wise, so that is good news for the beginning of a New Year. Blessings to all!

  15. Jo in Wyoming

    After Kennedy Center Honors a special called Kindness came on. I thought of you, Mary, for hosting a beautiful blog so we all can share words of kindness with each other.
    I think my New Years resolution for 2023 is speak softer and express more kindness.
    As always, I enjoy the pictures posted.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – oh JO! Thank you – what a nice compliment – I watched it, too, and am determined to spread a bit of kindness – it was such a great evening of tv for a change!

      1. Kathy in western NY

        It was an excellent show of gestures of kindness given without question that followed Kennedy Center honors. We watch CBS mornings and Steve, the host of the kindness segments, is on there periodically with various stories of good deeds, which makes your day begin with gratitude. So those who watched Kennedy Center, what did you think of Julia Roberts dress with all those pictures of George Clooney! Only she could pull that off and make you laugh.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Kathy – I’ll bet that dress ends up on display in some museum, don’t you? That whole show was so fabulous I almost cried – I loved seeing those singers and hearing those favorite songs but George was the best! I watched the Kindness show, too – I love when he has his kids on giving thoughts about different words. Such nice kids!

          1. Kathy

            I agree about that dress being on display somewhere. Every performer had stunning dresses I thought. When George’s dad spoke, that’s when I got emotional and I even heard my husband sniffle so I think he got choked up too. It’s 50 here today and the dogs are loving being out smelling everything in the yard. Saw a blue jay earlier and it was squawking loud so put out more bird seed.

          2. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

            Me, too! I watched the kindness after and loved it. The whole evening was lovely. Our city did a horrible job with plowing. We only had a little snow and ice, but it was enough to be dangerous. Ugh.

      2. Joy in NW Iowa

        Yes, Mary! I love ❤️ your kindness writing your blog! I love seeing your animals and love how you love and care for them. I look forward to reading your story every day!and am displaying it isn’t there always, but I understand … life happens!
        We have had balmy weather here in NW Iowa….we live really NW…4 miles from the South Dakota border! The weather forecast for NW Iowa is usually Spencer/storm lake area. We are in no man’s land in the forecast!
        I have been over at my daughters fixing a 2000 piece puzzle again with my grandson! We finished it yesterday afternoon. We put it back in the box and got out another! With another storm headed our way Monday…. Hmmmm.
        I would like to wish you and Rick the very best in the New Year!

  16. Lisa B

    I have wanted to make the AP&Q pattern by Lissa Alexander and it’s hard to believe it has been 9 years! I still love it so it would be worth my time but what fabrics!?! Your cover quilt pattern in Christmas colors is wonderful as well as the other quilts shared.

  17. Lynn in Scottsdale, AZ

    The snowman table runner is adorable. Put a big smile on my face. So many nice projects completed.

    We had a rainy, cool day here in AZ yesterday. Husband and I stopped at Panera Bread for a bowl of their broccoli cheddar soup after work yesterday.

    Take care everyone and happy new year!

  18. Cheryl Saunderson

    Thanks ladies. I have always wanted to make a Burgoyne Surrounded quilt and did use Lissa Alexander’s book Oh, Scrap! The cutting took forever! 2229 pieces! But I loved it and the low volume backgrounds, and it is a big scrap buster. Lots of fussy cutting little birds, flowers, words, scenes. Love working with small pieces!
    Things are melting here in Niagara Falls rapidly. It’s supposed to reach 50 today. What strange weather. You never know from day to day what you are going to get. I am recovered from Covid but hubby tested positive today, which we figured he would. At this rate will be celebrating Christmas with the kids in July! Oh well, could be worse I guess.

    1. Jeanine from Iowa

      We celebrate Christmas in July every year just because we do not know what kind of weather we will have at Christmas. Our daughter lives in ND and they have terrible winters. It has worked well for us. But I’m sure you will find time to get together before summer. Our kids are 10 and 11 hours away, so we have to plan far ahead when things work with their schedules. Happy New Year to all! Thanks again, Mary, for your wonderful blog!

  19. Suzanne

    The quilt in the top photo looks like a Burgoyne Surrounded pattern. Is that right? It is so intricate and pretty in all those colors. I am making a traditional two-color version. It’s a favorite pattern for me, so traditional and elegant. Almost nothing remains here of our blizzard snow. Have to wonder what kind of a winter it is going to be!S

  20. Alice

    What a wonderful night of TV! I loved it! Snow is almost gone here in SW Ohio. Monday night we were able to have Christmas with my son, DIL, & 3 grandkids. Roads were just too icy for them to make the trip on Sunday. I live in a senior community that is located on a very hilly, curvy (hairpin) road! Being raised on a farm, I love the country setting.. Now that the holidays are almost over I’m looking forward to having time to sew more. I have a feeling this is going to be a winter to remember!! Our winters have been pretty mild up until now! I received a new larger tablet from my son & family so will be able to download books from the library if I can’t drive there to pick up books. Currently working on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt. I only do her quilts if I have all the colors in my stash & I don’t have to buy anything. So far that’s worked great for me!
    Alice in SW Ohio

  21. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

    The quilt show today was great! I had not heard of a Burgoyne Surrounded quilt block before. Not sure what it up is yet. I am working on UFO’s, and making some progress. It just takes time! Still have a waiting list to get through. Happy New Year everyone.

  22. Sherrill

    Many beautiful quilts as always!! No way would I ever even get two blocks done. Guess I’m at the point where I’m just trying to use up fabric quickly (making mostly donation quilts) and finding patterns with larger pieces. That snowman runner is too cute!

  23. Janice Brown

    Good day Mary, We did get the warm up and I’d say about 90% or more of our snow is gone. It was 52 degrees this morning but temps will be dropping during the day to the 30’s. Wish we would get some sunshine but Michigan winters are pretty dreary. I also enjoy looking at the antique quilts Bonnie Hunter uses in her background for the the Quiltville Quote of the Day. Some interesting designs and color and print combinations. Janice from Traverse City area.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janice – we still have quite a lot of snow on the ground but it got into the 40’s yesterday so some of it melted. Colder today however and dogs don’t want to go out!

      1. Janice Brown

        Mary, I wrote my comment above before heading into Traverse City this afternoon to do some grocery shopping. We live 14 miles to the north. I was surprise on my trip in, as to how much snow there still is in some sections compared to the subdivision we live in. Don’t know if they got more snow or because of the hilly and wooded terrain in some of those sections that keeps the temperature down. Poor dogs . . . guess I can’t blame them for not wanting to go out. They have to be bored though.

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