Action! 7-1-21

After reading all your advice about my fast growing vine, I sprung into action.

12 thoughts on “Action! 7-1-21

  1. Brenda In SC

    I still think it was Kudzu even after looking it up…..but that is just IMHO……

  2. Roxanne

    Amazing! Nobody springs into action like you do!! Your succulents on their new pedestal look great! Fun fun idea!

  3. Kim

    I hope you were able to pull up the root(s). It’s a very determined weed. 😐

  4. Glenda Fletcher

    I enjoyed the quilts and your pictures of the farm, Mary. Always enjoy your creativity. Like recycling of the tough into something that is going to be pretty. People driving by can enjoy it through the fence. Working on a quilt that has 27 rows to it. The sashes around the square are 1 1/2″ finished. So is taking me a while to do as I spend a lot of time outside pulling weeds and watering the hostas. When Randy was the grounds keeper at Lenkota Country Club, our golf course I would help him. We had that vine in the pine trees. I crawled inside of the trees and clipped the vine out!!! that was not a fun job. So yes, that was good to get rid of it. Might have to rely on chemicals to get rid of it totally if it starts to come back. Love seeing quilts from the show. They are so inspirational. We go to the Tucson Quilt show, which is so much fun. Glad you got your computer to work again. Thank you as I look forward to your email. Everyone have a good
    July 4th. Stay safe.

  5. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m so glad Miss Hazel is doing her job as foreman of the project.

    Have a great holiday everyone.

  6. Janice Hebert

    It looked more like wild grape vine to me – the pictures I saw of kudzu have three parts to the leaf almost like poison ivy. These looked larger and more like a big maple leaf. Anyway, it is also invasive so good to get rid of it! If it starts coming back I would hit it with full strength agricultural vinegar – 30% acidity. Spray in really hot sunny weather. My poison ivy is finally getting under control using this. Wear gloves and glasses using it! It’s very strong. I wish I could get rid of the bittersweet as easily. Now that is hard to control! We have a new invasive here in MA that is getting rampant. It is a vine, with dark glossy green leaves shaped almost like a heart. It gets little purple flowers and they turn to pods that rattle when they’re dry. It snaps off when you pull on it so you hardly ever get the roots. I’m not sure if the vinegar would work on this one because the leaves are so thick. Hope everyone has a great fourth of July! We are finally getting relief from the 90+/- weather that we’ve been having. Boston hit 100 yesterday! A new record. My air conditioner is too old to handle this! Jan in MA

  7. Holly Woodyatt

    I hope you did not use chemicals as some suggested. burning is a good solution

  8. Pat Anderson

    If it was kudzu, it grows at the rate of 3 feet/day…it is a blight here in the south. My husband did his Master’s Thesis on kudzu. Driving along any road down here (we live in Florida), you’ll see it covering all the trees. They do spray it to kill it, but it is very hardy!

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