Catching Up! 6-30-21

I’m going to get all the Dirty Dozen pictures to date posted – anything after today will go on the next year’s start tomorrow. I hope you’ve got your 12 UFO’s located and numbered.

Now I’ll show you some more of our favorites from the Kansas City show.

Nothing like a high school baseball game in the summer with friends from the opposing team – Matt, Emily and Greta.

My most recent project that needed Rick’s help – an old trough in the grove that I wanted moved up to the yard for planting flowers.

It needed some shoring up.

Moved to its permanent home. The next day this picture appeared in my Pinterest feed!

Must be karma! Now I know what to plant in the trough!

This project I could handle all by myself – two tomato cages inverted inside each other, the legs cut off with a bolt cutter, filled with rocks and a pot of cacti and succulents placed on top.

The vine behind the stand must be a super fast growing variety planted there by a bird because I didn’t plant it! All this growth was literally within about a weeks’ time. Anybody know what it is?

I feel so relieved that I’m catching up with all the photos. Stopping now and keeping my fingers and toes crossed that they all post!

34 thoughts on “Catching Up! 6-30-21

  1. NancyTD

    Fun to see the finishes and the quilts from the show. Everyone get your list of 12 DD’s ready for tomorrow and the draw to see which one you do first. Some on my list are ones I never thought I would start or finish. I will work to get them done!

  2. Beryl BC

    The colorful applique quilt from the show is really nice. It’s good to see all your pictures.

  3. Paula Philpot

    I see alot of pics. I love the trough…I have one that was used for years for the cows here on the farm and now it is my flower bed. Love the farm pics. Have a good day. Paula in KY

  4. Deb Mac

    It be a wild morning glory. My grandmother had some up by the farm house and my grandfather thought they were too invasive and cut them down. They naturalized where he threw them out. My father’s idea of corporal punishment was to send us out to clean morning glory vines off fences in the summer. Not a lot of flowers but scads of vines. After we kids left home it didn’t take long before Pop decided he didn’t need that section of fence anyway.

  5. Mary in Davenport

    Love seeing all the quilt a lot of very talented quilters I especially like the Halloween quilt so much work thanks for sharing I like your new planter yes I’m ready for our next dd# I haven’t been quilting couple months doing outdoor stuff glad your blog is working good

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    Congratulations!!! You are posting more than one pix. Boy that must feel good.
    The pictures are great today. You are a doll keeping us together.
    Your trip to KC must have been the best reward for staying still.

    We are having wonderful weather…not to brag too much, but it’s around 70-75 everyday. Slight breeze.
    Lots of sunshine, but could use some rain. Perfect Wyoming weather.
    I do hope our friends in those hot spots find relief. It’s a shame to use what little water they have to put out fires. I’m thinking about you.

  7. Kim

    Hi Mary. I have that particular vine growing over here in central Minnesota. It appears that it’s mission in life is to QUICKLY creep along the ground (as well as shooting up from underground), climbing trees, choking the limbs and creating a tangled mass of vine as it spreads up through the trees and wooded areas – VERY invasive. Pull it and burn it. Hope you don’t find it anywhere else on your property.

  8. Connie R.

    Thanks for all the great pictures. I love the elephant quilt and like how one of the elephants is facing the opposite direction. Can’t wait to see what you plant in the trough. Isn’t it kind of spooky sometimes when things show up on the internet that you were only thinking about. But, as you said, great inspiration for a combination of flowers in the trough.
    Thanks for working through all the computer problems. I so enjoy reading your blog!

  9. Chris in NW PA

    Great pictures of finished quilts! Thanks to everyone for their hard work. Looking
    forward to seeing what you put in the trough. It will look really pretty and decorative.
    I’m so glad that you are able to post pictures again.
    Thanks, Mary, for not giving up!

  10. Frances E

    It looks like Kudzu. My advice is get the strongest weed killer you can find. It will take over your house!

    1. Brenda in SC

      I believe it is Kudzu too. Get it out as fast as you can Mary or it will take over everything. When you get it out, roots and all, BURN IT!!!! it is so invasive….. Have a great 4th everyone!!!!

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Brenda in SC – so happy to hear from you and would like an update about your family and your life.

  11. MaureenHP

    I’m going to try to do the Dirty Dozen this year. Even if I can’t do all 12, at least I can do some! That’s better than none!

  12. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l wrote a list last year and ticked a few off before the list disappeared in the tidy up, one day l might find it ! Finally finished the book l was embroidering for young Luna, wiil send you photos when l get home from the Waikato. Glad to see you are enjoying freedom,looking forward to my jab in august, my husband has had his in the rest home as well as the flu jab.take care everyone, best wishes from sandy

  13. Susan in PA

    Pretty sure the vine is wild grape. It will spread and overtake and kill shrubs if you don’t keep on it. I pick the leaves and give them to a Syrian friend who makes stuffed grape leaves with them. They are delicious.

  14. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Thank you for your perseverance with the blog, Mary. The farm trough will look fabulous full of flowers!

  15. Sue in Oregon

    I think Frances is right that it is kudzu vine. I Googled Kudzu Vine and I hope you will too. Beautiful, terrible vine.
    Mary..Your photos are wonderful today. So many. You were successful, indeed.
    The quilts from the show are so awesome I can’t believe anyone could even make them. The Halloween one is just so darned cute!
    Aren’t tractors the best? Today I lifted my husband (He made a cage to fit on ours) up in the air so he could pick the ripe pie cherries. We will pit them and I will can cherry pie fillings.
    I wish we had an old trough. We just have big old plastic lick containers. We use them but they aren’t cute. Love your rock idea too.

    Congrats to all the wonderful finishes of the whole year. This group is the best, and to think, Mary keeps us all together.

  16. Janice Brown

    Good day Mary, The vine looks like wild grape to me. We had wild grape at our last house and I spend every fall and spring pulling the stuff out. I suggest sending photos to your county extension service for identification. Enjoy seeing photos of the dd’s and show quilts.

    1. Dea @ NC/SC stateline

      I’m in the heart of DixieKudzu and that is definitely not Kudzu. Yep, I’m pretty sure that lovely vine is an ornamental wild grape called Porcelain Berry. Porcelain Berry grows so fast that one day I parked near vines in the yard during my lunch hour and when I left to go back to work a couple tendrils had tightly spiraled around the cars antenna! My daughter swears she can see them grow 😉 LOL

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Dea – there are no berries on it anywhere. Yes, it grows so fast that in between times we leave the yard, it wraps around the gate and the power gate has to break it to open.

  17. RITA in Iowa

    Mary there is a free app called seek. It will identify plants, animals and insects. Easy to download and use. Works greatt for identifying poison ivy too.

  18. Kathy in western NY

    Hurray I see lots of photos! Thank you Mary for your diligence as this lovely blog of yours keeps us all connected through every season. Hard to believe we are at the start again of DD. And once again, I moved several onto this next list.
    I am determined to finish so I am not looking at them so thank you for the incentive. 2022 needs to be a fresh list because the Halloween quilt you showed sure looks like it would be a blast to make.

  19. Susan K in Texas

    I love the trough idea! What a neat container garden. And the rocks and tomato cages idea too. Always fun to play in the garden. My husband is making a bog area in front of a metal stock tank holding water lilies. He’s always got a garden project. He says we can never move since he’s put so much work in the yard!
    I like all of the quilt pictures. You saw some really nice ones at the quilt show. I like the elephant quilt.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan K in Texas – I feel the same way! I have invested all my energy into this place for 40 years and I’m hoping for 20 more.

  20. Betty Klosterman

    This is what we were told when we visited in Eastern Oregon. The ground is so rocky, it is almost impossible to dig post holes. What they do is set up a fence in the shape of a circle maybe 2-3′ diameter. Then they set the post in the center and fill the rest of the space around it with rocks. Somebody from Oregon tell me if that is correct? You might also describe how they farm the hill sides. Very interesting!
    We really need rain, maybe this weekend. In the meantime, keep sewing. It makes us happy to work with the wonderful colors. Betty in Rapid City

  21. Roxanne

    Anything that puts on that kind of growth cannot be good. Need to take care of it before it fruits.

  22. Margaret in North Texas

    Good work on posting pictures–thanks Kayla and Mary! Enjoy them so much
    Love the trough flower vessel and the rock sculpture –so decorative.

  23. judy

    Hi Mary, I understand having computer issues.My own fault I spilled a glass of water into my laptop.I thought you all were lost to me forever. Thankfully I got another and am finding all my fun places to visit.
    The accident happened over 10 days ago so it will take me a bit of time to catch up.
    Judy Jaques

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