After the Storm

We got about a foot of gorgeous white snow – highway looks slow this morning and we aren’t dug out yet because it’s still snowing.  

Telly and Hope are having a ball playing in the snow!

This is what I worked on last night – my Homey Triangles and New York Beauty.

I had to re- learn New York Beauty because I couldn’t remember how to do it so that’s what I’m going to work on today.  It’s a snow/sew day!

I will make up the antique quilt in a couple of sizes when I can and post all those measurements for everyone.  I’m thinking 2-1/2″ squares would be good for everybody but I need to try it.

Here’s a look around as I write this.

I’m waiting to hear from Connie on the cruise – maybe she’ll send pictures, too!

Not much news here – happy sewing day to those of you who live in North Iowa!

25 thoughts on “After the Storm

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jody – Connie is teaching on a cruise sponsored by Stitchin’ Heaven. Their theme is Civil War quilts and many of our quilt friends are with her in the Caribbean.

  1. dixie loynachan

    A quilt top was on the “free” table at our quilt guild. No one wanted it so I took it. It was a hand pieced, queen or king size hexie quilt. The colors were very nice and it appeared to be well pieced. The only apparent drawback was that it was made of tricot! I had no idea what to do with it so yesterday when I went to visit an “old”-100+ year old-quilt friend, I took it along. She is still actively quilting. She has made two quilts in the past year. She still does beautiful work! Wilma looked it over very carefully and asked several questions. We discussed options that the girls at quilt guild had suggested. Finally she laughed and said that she was glad it was not her problem! Wilma has been ill recently and I just thought it would give her a chuckle and something quilty to think about. Mission accomplished!

  2. Bobbie

    I’m here in Arizona, it’s been cold for winter here so far. But the weather man said 70’s for next week. Sure will be glad to see it. We have a sewing room in our park, so we are staying busy. Hope everyone is doing great any where you might be.

  3. Ann Barlament

    We got about 3 inches of snow….but a friend 30 miles to the south got a foot of heavy, wet stuff.

    Am still waiting for a table to put my “newest present” on…am excited to try my new / old sewing machine. A 1951 Singer, hand crank machine!!

  4. Sara Reynolds

    The temperature was 56 today here in Central PA. It was great! We have had gloomy and/or rainy days for so long that I forgot what the sun looks like. I wouldn’t mind one good snowstorm before spring, though.

  5. Linda Baker

    What is there about scrappy quilts? I will be eagerly awaiting your instructions, Mary!

  6. Mary R.

    Love looking at the snow but don’t think I would enjoy having it constantly around. My labs would love it for sure. We are still running the air conditioner here in Kenner, Louisiana (right outside of New Orleans). The news is calling for some colder air this week. I can’t wait.

  7. Sandy Bessingpas

    Just found out that theee of my friends are on the cruise with Connie. I bet they are having fun

  8. Diane

    Thanks for the beautiful snow, dog, and kitty pictures. I didn’t know Squeak had gone to visit you–ha, it’s Millie!! I don’t think I could live without four seasons!! I love to sew and watch it snow😺😺.
    But, it’s 46 and rainy here in Central Ohio. It will snow in Feb..

  9. Rebecca

    I love the picture of that old quilt also. Just plain cute and simple to make. I will try making one maybe just a doll blanket with it.
    All animals having a snow day at your house. When schools close here in wa its called a snow day. And for us sewers a sew day. Hooray….
    Pray your starting to feel better.

  10. Jan Frank-de Ois

    Finally, this a.m. it snowed a bit here in SW Iowa and mostly it has melted by 2:30 p.m. BUT, I wanted my first winter in retirement to mean that I didn’t have to drive any where in the snow…had a dental appointment 6 miles down the road today…. The Power-That-Be has an ironic sense of humor!

    I wish I could sew and produce “product” as fast as you! Maybe with more practice now that I’m retired?

  11. Bobbie

    Like Martha I too look for any news from you first Mary. I love to hear what is going on at the farm and what quilting projects you have going. I made my first start to finish quilt from your block of the month blocks in 2013 and it was the start of great fun. I sew every chance that I get! Stay warm and dry.

  12. Martha Engstler

    When I turn on my computer the first thing I look for is your blog. Like many of your followers it’s a bright spot in the day. Love your fur babies too. We had to put our dear 13 year old cat down last October and my daughter had to put theirs down yesterday so we are sad but we both will be looking for new ones in spring, hoping for orange ones. Love seeing yours.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Martha – I’m so sorry! Orange cats are my favorites – I know you’ll find one and if not, let me know!

  13. Karen Chaudoin

    Lovely snow and lovely sewing! I am stuck at work. Would rather be stuck in the house with snow and sew!

  14. Jean

    Thank you for sharing your day!! You always make me feel good! I’m glad you’re all safe, cozy and warm, till time for afternoon chores! -Jean

  15. Pam

    Love your blog and pics of family (pets) and outdoors. Love your quilting ideas. Have a great day!

  16. Susie

    It all just looks so cozy with your furr kids lounging around and the beautiful white landscape in the background!

  17. Pamela

    Every time I read your chicken scratch I am amazed at how well you take things in stride. I would be so nervous with all that snow outside. And how you manage to take such good care of your animals and quilt is simply amazing. I do have a lot of health problems and limitations but my life seems so slow paced compared to yours. While I don’t like our wind today, I do welcome the colder weather arriving with a bit of snow (inch or less) because that will mean no more fog for a while. Reading your posts inspire me and make me want to get over this last stomach virus, straighten up some, and take on a UFO I have waiting.
    Won’t blow sway even if I feel I will,

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