Tale of Two … Pictures

Connie sent me this picture for the blog – it’s Megan’s Bay Beach where her son Andy got married and where the cruise ship stopped at St. Thomas.

And here is my picture for the day — digging out of 12-14″ of new snow.

Rick loves his John Deere tractor with blower on back and loader on front.  He has this wonderful tractor thanks to my mom, Hazel.  When she died, I put up fencing and he got a tractor.  We’re both tickled!

Right now he’s on his way to our neighbors at the end of a dead end road – they could use some help.

I traveled on roads like this to the vet office this morning.

Colton has been there since Monday with a urinary blockage.  They put him under and inserted a catheter and today they removed the catheter so he was able to come home.  He is so happy to be here!  And I know he feels better!

I also left Rox there for observation – something is wrong – she acts like she’s in pain and I don’t know what’s wrong!  It’s something about her chest or belly – she’s breathing  very shallow and is a ball of tense muscles and cries when I pick her up.  Honestly – things run in 3’s so I’m wondering what is coming next.

This is my New York Beauty progress from last night.  Don’t anyone ask me to help them make this because I can’t and won’t even try to guide somebody through this process.  It takes all of my big brain to get one arc pieced!  And I’m not kidding – this was my goal this winter and I will stick to it but it’s hard!  Oh, how I’d love to give up and make a log cabin quilt!  Ha!

I’m going to use all solids in this quilt as just an exercise in being more comfortable using them.  I hope I like the end result.

Hope ran in the snow too much yesterday and re-injured her bad leg so I’m hoping she’ll stay in her chair most of today.  She is so easy for us to keep – as if she’s one of ours.  She is a good girl!

To Connie and all our friends on the cruise – I know you’re having a swell time!

19 thoughts on “Tale of Two … Pictures

  1. Mary Says Sew!

    Please count the snow storm as your third challenge to deal with this week! Or maybe getting back to your NY Beauty is #3. I hope Rox is soon relieved and Colton continues to improve.

    You and Rick put your mom’s gift to good use. Things like the tractor and fencing that make our lives easier every day are the best gifts!

  2. Diane

    Ahh, are those pictures Fire and Ice? I still do love the snow. Poor Colton, glad he’s home. And poor Rox. Gosh, it hurts when they hurt doesn’t it? I love the New York Beauty–on my “someday” list. Stay warm and cozy.

  3. Nancy England-Poole

    I know Connie is enjoying St Thomas. We got back last weekend to this cold rainy California weather. Home is what it is and we love it. I remember my cold Minnesota winters. You stay in and keep warm. Quilting is always on my rainy day list.

  4. Rhoda Ebersole

    Love the juxtaposition of ocean beach and snow. You are an A-1
    Photographer Mary
    Still cold here in Las Vegas almost freezing last night and 50’s today but the
    Sun is shining
    Rhoda E

  5. Joyce C

    Just took New York Beauty off my list!!! LOL glad Coltons home and wishing an easy remedy for Rox 🐾♥️

  6. Diana Weirich

    Is Rox a cat? My cat had similar pain and the vet said she had gas. Imagine – kitty gas! He prescribed Gax-X. Much better the morning after she took it. Hopefully nothing too seriously wrong with her.
    We didn’t get much snow in Des Moines, about2 inches, but it was a good day to stay in and sew. My day off so I didn’t have to go out at all!

  7. Cindy

    I love your pictures !! That Hope is a beauty, I hope that her leg is ok, she reminds me of my son’s black Lab, Copper. Every once in a while he has to go out of town and I get to watch my grand puppy and like every good Grandma I spoil her rotten with plenty of walks , homemade treats, and belly rubs 🙂

  8. Gloria

    Leave it to labradors. They never know when to stop exercising. Too much fun on the run. Your New York Beauty is just that. I bought the pattern but I think that’s about as far as it goes. I hope everyone heals up quickly so you can really relax and sew.

  9. Rose Mikulski

    Hmmm…..I see Sun Day or Sew Day and I guess if I had to choose, I pick Sew Day, that’s one of the good things about snow. Wouldn’t you have “three” since Colton counts for two separate visits to the vet and Roxie for “one”? And lastly, are you using aged muslin for your New York Beauty, that fabric is beautiful and I bought lots of it at your shop. As always, give Colton for me, I just love that kitty.

  10. Sue

    Here in the PNW we are having quite a pleasant day. I see my daffodils poking up and the air doesn’t have that nip to it. The chickens are having a ball roaming the yard. I only let them out on good days because if it is raining or really cold they crowd the small back porch area and well…you know what. lol
    We have lots of rain, as you know, so lots of sew days. But, I still seem to fall behind in my quilting. That’s because I don’t get in there and do it even if it is raining. I still have trouble with my machine quilting. I stitch along thinking I am doing great and then I look at the back. NOT GREAT! It is better but not great. Therefore, I tend to not finish things. I am beginning to wonder if the problem is my machine, in the bobbin area. The problems are usually when turning corners…like loops. Anyone else have that problem? Sorry for the book.

  11. Debbie Miller

    Oh my-put me in the beach picture any day! I don’t tolerate cold very well-makes “Arther” so painful. Here in upstate SC my daffodils are full of buds ready to bloom, but I think their silly little heads may get frost bit before all is said and done. Love your solids in the New York Beauty-great work!

  12. Anna M

    I hope everything turns out ok with Rox. Wouldn’t it be nice if our pets could tell us what hurts?
    Your New York beauty looks great. I haven’t had the nerve to try anything like that yet. Someday…?
    Today is my Friday…yay!!..going to babysit the grandkids tomorrow! Have a good weekend!

  13. Betty Klosterman

    Ain’t life grand? We got about 4″ very soft fluffy snow but the wind blew it into drifts. The forecast is for 30 mph winds tomorrow. Nebraska got 20.” More drifts. I just keep shoveling. Good news is 10 days of the Winter Stock Show starting tomorrow and their small quilt show is Mon-Wed next week, plus all the beautiful horses, cattle, bulls and petting zoo and hundreds of vendors. LOTS of people will be there and tons of stuff to do. The weather doesn’t stop people from attending. It is very big.
    Keep working on the New York beauty using larger pieces for the points so you have more fabric to use for wiggle room. I know it seems like a waste but it saves a lot of problems. Just keep practicing. They will get easier. Actually they are fun and so impressive. Yours are looking very good. Remember the little problems probably won’t be noticed by anybody but you. Betty from Rapid City.

  14. Lee

    Mary, I would never try a New York Beauty. Choosing the fabric would be my first nightmare. Your fabric choices are beautiful…..and I know you will finish and everyone will say WOW!

  15. San

    Very glad to hear your power has stayed on through all of this wintry weather. Hope the poor pup feels better soon.

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