America For Me

You’re in luck – Jan will release the pattern found in her book Lady Liberty. Use this link to read Jan’s blog.

Jan’s pattern

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Jackson is my constant companion.

Our slick floors make life very hard for this gentle giant and after sleeping in a chair for 3 nights I can’t wait to sleep upstairs again. Jackson just turned 13 years old which is remarkable! Jan keeps him on a strict diet with an arthritis supplement and it shows – he’s always willing to go outside with me and the minute I stand up to go to another room, he follows. He is the picture of sweetness albeit quite old.

I’ve been working on my rug – I hope to finish before July 15 when I’ll start another one in the rug-along.

This one has no color theme – just using up leftover strips from other rugs.

Yesterday there was a ruckus in the goose area – sure enough – this guy made his appearance with many more eggs still in the nests waiting to hatch.

Ernie sprawled out on the floor!

Becky and Hazel enjoying a “moment”.

Moda in her favorite place – the trellis.

Betty’s favorite pose – the puppy sit!

Connie’s Hilary

Wish this little quilt had been one of my Dirty Dozen – it’s actually finished!

Its a collection of odd sized orphan blocks that are so irresistible to Connie and me.

I’m still working on #8 – I was putting it on the longarm last night when I realized my backing wasn’t large enough so this morning, it’s back to the drawing board. Our weather is going to turn very hot by this weekend so I can spend my time in the AC quilting and binding it.

Novel Idea meets this morning at the library but I need to stay home with Jackson. I am enjoying this book and Connie is enjoying The Reckoning.

Don’t forget to go to Jan’s site to order her pattern “América For Me”.

50 thoughts on “America For Me

  1. Emily Pittenger

    Good morning!! Based on your recommendation, I just read The Reckoning! Couldn’t put it down. Thanks!

  2. Sherry Whalen

    Good morning! We are still working on our flood damaged houses in Kasson – we had a ‘minimal’ problem when the storm sewer got so full that our water mitigation system couldn’t run out. We found it pretty quickly and were able to assist the system until it could catch up. Our carpet got a bit wet in a couple of places, it is dry and we will shampoo it tomorrow. Both kids here in town had more damage – Tom had to pull the carpet out and now Al and Tom are cutting the sheetrock and removing some wet insulation and they also installed a larger sump pump. Mike had thought they would just shop vac the carpet, but on Tuesday she pulled up a bit of carpet and found the pad to be soaked, so Bianca and I pulled up the carpet and took out the pad. IT WAS SOAKED and so so heavy. They also put in a different sump pump system. 14 inches of rain in 8 days is just too much. We don’t even like cloudy days right now! I think 4 neighbors are getting new shingles today to fix the hail damage that happened at the beginning of June, what a year we are having! But the windows are open as it is such a lovely day today.

    I am binding my #8, so I think it will get done! Today I will sew together my county fair block so it is ready for entry on Tuesday. Audrey’s quilt is finished, so if I get #8 done – TWO finishes in less than a month!! lol

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sherry Whalen – what a huge job water damage can be in a home! Hope you can wrap up all that extra work very soon! I would never put carpet in a basement even though it would be really nice. It’s just bound to be trouble at some point.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lisa Gesellschaft – Hazel is a purebred Jack Russell Terrier with a broken coat, neither smooth nor rough.

  3. Brenda archambault

    I’m so glad Jan is rewriting the pattern, based on the responses from her/your fans, and thanks to all who have honored her copyright.
    I’m working on the backing of my #8 and just need to sit and stitch, then attempt to quilt it myself. It’s quite large so it will be a major undertaking. Why didn’t I choose something smaller!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda A – I agree! I hate making large quilts and my #8 is also big!

  4. Launa

    I have missed Jan’s blog so signed up, thanks to you, Mary!
    Ernie Joe looked like he wanted a tummy rub!
    It’s 58 degrees up here in Idaho this morning. Hope for no big electrical storms today. Two days ago we had a helicopter with a water bucket flying to n fro over the mountain behind our property. The heavy rains we had must have helped!

  5. Mary Hawk

    I just read The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton and it was good. You do need to pay attention when reading it as there are lots of characters and 2 time periods. I might read it again later on.

  6. Vikki

    I bought “America for Me” as a stand alone pattern from your shop on a quilt road trip in the 90’s! I was going to donate the pattern to the local Goodwill, but after seeing your blue homespun version I am hanging onto mine. Thimbleblossom has new gorgeous homespun fabric out that would be perfect!,

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Vikki – since I cannot find my pattern would you look at the copyright date on yours and tell me? Was it Jan and Linda together who designed it? I knew, just knew, it was a stand alone pattern at one time so just help my mind remember.

      1. Vikki

        The back of the pattern states: Jan Patek Quilts, 1994, Designed by Jan Patek, Quilted by Karen Bush. The pattern itself is printed on newsprint, similar to your beloved Goat Gazette. Hope this helps.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Vikki – yes, it sure does because we got married in 1997. Thanks so much!

  7. Nancy A

    Love the picture of Moda. It reminds me of a calico cat we had that one of our daughters named S’more because she was the color of chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers.

  8. Diane Bauer

    So many wonderful pictures of the animals today!! Thank you! I dropped my two pups with our breeder this morning so I can board my plane to Montana this afternoon. I’m missing them already!! I love Montana–so peaceful and beautiful! I am looking forward to my accommodations in the Horse Stall Hostel at the ranch!

    So, your posting pictures that included Jan’s America For Me was actually a really, really good thing!! I will be excited to hear when she completes her redraft and makes the pattern available. Bonus for me is it introduced me to another quilt blog that I expect I will enjoy following as well!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – we’ve known Jan for many years and as Mary Ellen would say – she’s another of us dinosaurs who have been in the quilting world forever it seems!

  9. Jo in Wyoming

    What a beautiful post today, all the friends, critters and quilts. Everybody looks happy. And what a surprise to find a baby goose. I love them.
    The weather is forecasted to be perfect today, 77 degrees. We’re having a state celebration, reopening the 4 year renovation of the Capital Building, many festivities downtown. It will be fun and not so hot.
    But speaking of hot, the jail is being renovated and sometimes it is so hot in there…in the 90’s! The girls are working on dog bandannas as a fund raiser for the local animal shelter. They have bags and bags of mending to do. Not much time for quilting right now. I just hope they get the ventilation fixed soon!
    They want to make quality bandannas so the community can see the program and how hard they are trying. I was so proud.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – you can take lots of credit for the sewing skills these girls have acquired- and I love the money making dog bandana plan!

  10. Jean Elliott

    I love all the animal pictures! Wow…Earnie is one trusting/confident cat to be sprawled out like that.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jean Elliot- or maybe he’s just too lazy to get up????

  11. Patti in W BArnstable

    Great pictures, Mary, thanks. I love seeing the animals. And Hazel looking as cute as ever!

  12. Carol

    I’m traveling from Indiana to Colorado in a couple of weeks for vacation. The Reckoning is the book I’m taking to read while sitting in the hot tub, looking at the mountains.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – I hope you like The Reckoning – I loved it and Connie is almost done with it, too. Please let me know in the comments section.

  13. Marcia in No Idaho

    What is growing on your trellis and does it flower? Cute picture of Moda.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marcia in NO Idaho – originally it was only trumpet vine but remember when we talked about noxious plants/weeds? Mine is hops vine – one of which has almost taken over that entire trellis!

      1. Janice Hebert

        That is a cute picture of Moda in the trellis. I have a hops plant (plants!) as well and I am struggling to keep it in check. It’s just amazing how fast that vine grows! It was really getting out of hand last summer so we dug as much as we could up. I’m hoping it doesn’t take root in the field where we put our leaves and weeds… Hmmm. Anyway, this year it’s behaving quite nicely. There’s only a few vines on the trellis, just enough to shade my hummingbird feeders. I’m going to dig up any new plants as I see them. I enjoy it when it first comes out, mine is a pretty lemony lime color. And the hops are interesting but boy, it’s invasive. I’m so happy that Jan is going to release the pattern again. I signed up for her blog as well. Working on my #8 which isn’t quilt related at all! It’s a cross stitch that I started a year or so ago. I’m ready to frame it. So fun doing these projects along with all of you! Jan in MA where it’s been hot these past few days. Summer is finally here!

  14. Diane in WI

    The animal pictures made me laugh and smile. Jackson is one sweet companion. Ernie reminds me of our Garfield. He loves to have his stomach rubbed. When I brush, he purrs and makes little noises. Animals are just wonderful. I don’t much like the heat and humidity, but the corn and soy beans are loving it. Keep cool.

  15. CheriP

    Hillary looks like an angry cat! My my. And Moda is such a cute name for your cat.
    Still working on my #8. I almost have the binding edge sewn on and then to machine
    bind it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cheri P – I, too, am working on #8 and hope to have it done in a couple of days. And then the fun of deciding what to make next!

  16. Kathy in western NY

    These sweet pet pictures just made me smile. What a wall of pictures you could have of these darling babies!
    How great of Jo that the girls are sewing something dogs can use without having heavy quilts on their laps when the ventilation system not working is making them all uncomfortable.
    Is fair almost here Mary? Can’t wait to see Reed and his wonderful quilt.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in Western NY – the fair starts July 25 and I hope it’s not 90 degrees every day. I can stand it but it hate to see the poultry in those small cages and rabbits who lay in their cages and pant! Reed is taking his three young hens – Alice, Vernice and Ruby! Ha! I will take lots of pictures. I agree about Jo’s girls – what a super nice idea! I’ll bet Jo had a hand in it!

  17. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    The pictures of all the pets are great😃. It must be hot there because they are sprawled it or in the shade. Smart. Thanks for finding the pattern, Mary. I like your version with the blue.

  18. Sunflower from Michigan

    Mary thanks for helping to get the pattern. I’m going to order it when it’s available. May also try to get the fabric suggested by Vikki from thimbleblossom. I just love the blues in your quilt.
    Your rug is coming along nicely! Loved the pictures of the animals today, too.

  19. Penny C Maryland

    So glad Jackson has you for his trusted companion while his family is away. Love the newborn goose!

  20. Kathy Hanson

    I just loved all the animal pictures today! So special!! Love your quilt, darling and how great to use “orphan blocks” and have them turn out so nicely. I have to put my #8 blocks together so I had better get going!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Hanson – our fair starts July 24 for entries but I will need to get a little closer to that week before I know which day to tell you to come – if you still want to. July 25 is my day to mow at church again so don’t know if I’ll get to the fair or not. Friday maybe? Saturday afternoon? I just don’t know but I haven’t forgotten you, Kathy and Jerry!

  21. Jan B from TN

    Always LOVE seeing pictures of the dogs & cats! Thanks for sharing them!

  22. LaNan Eldridge

    Love the cat picture! I delivered my #8 to the quilter this week! This morning I quick made the tote bag out of the birdseed bag. Liked the end result! Thanks for the idea and bag!!! Our fair starts July 20 and I’ve been gathering my ‘projects’.

  23. Christina

    Thanks for all the animal pictures! I ordered the Jan Patek Lady Liberty book from an online source someone suggested a few posts ago . It’s been mailed but will take awhile to arrive in Alaska. In the meantime I have gathered my patriotic fabrics: Stars , stripes , and flags: Oh my ! I have quite a pile !!! Guess I’ve been saving them for just the right quilt 🙂
    We have smoke everywhere in Alaska due to the dry conditions and many wildfires sparked by lightning strikes 🙁 We are all praying for lots of rain .

  24. Jennie

    enjoy the animal picture

    Enjoy the animal pictures!! Also enjoyed Jan Patek’s blog. I will order the pattern when its out. Live in West Texas and we have already hit triple digit temps. Good weather to stay in and sew. Have a blessed week.

  25. Noël from KY

    I’m interested in what arthritis supplement Jan has Jackson on. Do you know? My precious lab Aggie had such a problem with arthritis in her later years. We now have a 6 year old lab/cattle dog mix who isn’t showing any signs yet but I foresee it as she runs and jumps likes crazy.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Noel from KY – Jackson gets a capsule opened and put on top of his food twice a day. It’s cosequin – hope I spelled that sorta right!

  26. Janet Gluesenkamp

    I love reading your posts. I’m not much of a commentor but here goes. My home is not for dogs, dogs are good, just too much for my everyday. However, if I ever did, your sweet Hazel would be the one! Such a sweetheart, just love her!

  27. Kathy Hanson

    How is it possible to get the pattern for America For Me? I checked out Jan’s blog but didn’t see how to get it on her blog. She says she doesn’t have the book anymore. My daughter is looking for a quilt like that to make.

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