An Alaska Acquaintance, 6-13-23

If you’re a regular blog reader you might recognize the commenter who identifies herself as Beamer’s Mom. You might also remember her golden named Bentley who died last year and then came Beamer, a golden retriever pup. Beamer’s Mom and husband are on a trip to Alaska and they visited a fabric/gift store called Cabin Fever. They chatted with Barb about where they were from? North Iowa. Where exactly? Garner. Do you know a Mary? You’re kidding! Yes, she’s a blog reader! Michele introduced herself then as Beamer’s mom. I just love connections like this! I so wish she had sent me a picture. Barb – if you’re reading this maybe you could send a picture of the shop to my email?

Remember this quilt we all liked so much? Made by Sandy in New Zealand.

I was chatting with Sandy about it and she said she made it for her good friend who had just won a New Zealand garden award. Aunty’s Garden is her friend’s community garden where she grows food for those who need it. It was a fascinating read – I added the link.


There are lots of really good people in the world, aren’t there? We hear about all the bad ones usually.

I loved the NBA final last night – congrats to the Denver Nuggets! Sad that a riot and a shooting happened after the game.

Such a perfect day here! I’m still sitting in the porch at 10 pm and it’s so calm and still. But – a few minutes ago I heard baby raccoons chattering out in the grove. Ugh. I so hope the dogs don’t find them.

Reader Quilts

This is Leon
Virginia Creeper – out of control!
Moses in a Basket
I know you can smell them.

Tomorrow is Flag Day and our 26th wedding anniversary. Honestly I’ve told everyone it was 27. Duh.

93 thoughts on “An Alaska Acquaintance, 6-13-23

  1. Diane in Colorado

    Happy Anniversary!! Hope you two have a lovely celebration of your 26 years!!

    I, too, love “Small World” stories! And when they include Goldens? What could be better????

    The rain finally took a break this afternoon—was nice to see the sun again! We shall see what tomorrow brings!

    I cannot wait to contribute to the quilt photos again someday! My house goes “live” on Friday. Would appreciate all the positive energy and wishes it sells quickly!! I will soon be living on a lake—makes my Minnesota heart sing!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I do hope it sells soon for your sake. I didn’t realize your new place was in a lake – fun!! I’ll get a picture of Beamer for you. Bentley was very fine boned and really an elegant looking dog. I haven’t seen Beamer in a long time but I get the idea he’s a really big fellow.

      1. Diane in Colorado

        I would love to see a picture of Beamer!!

        Yes, the new house is on a lake (not an MN lake, but a fun neighborhood lake—kayaking allowed!!) and there is a lovely trail around it. I will have a lovely new walking trail and the pups will love it!! There are nesting eagles along the trail plus pelicans, blue herons, and lots of ducks and geese.

        1. Jeanne in colorado

          Congratulations on your anniversary Mary and Rick. Take time to enjoy a day together just for the two of you. Those peonies are gorgeous. I moved from Iowa to Colo. exactly 4 years ago this week, after my husband had died the previous Nov. I will be celebrating my 91st birthday on Sat. Before I started quilting way back in 1980, I thought all quilts were made up of large squares, sewn block to block. Boy was I ever wrong about that. I have made close to 100 quilts during the past 40 years and still have not made a quilt made of just squares. Decided that I really ought to make one before I die, so I’ve been collecting coordinates to go with a gorgeous floral print, called Scented Garden. I have all the fabrics chosen and purchased, except for one fabric that I still need additional yardage. I had a hard time locating it online. Finally found it at a shop in of all places, Dyersville, Iowa. So I called the shop (it had opened about the same time I moved to Colo. So I was not familiar with it.). I asked if I could send a sample of the fabric, and would she please hold the fabric until we could see if it was a match. She graciously said she would. In visiting with her, I found that her shop is right across the street from the furniture store where I bought a table and chair set a few years back, and the gal I was talking to on the phone lives in Monticello, where I grew up. The owners of that furniture shop were my backyard neighbors when I lived in Monticello. Small world. Aren’t Iowa people still some of the nicest people ever? This will be one of the simplest and easiest quilts I’ve ever made, but I’m excited to finally get it off my bucket list.
          Sandy, your quilt and story about it were great. I really have to admit that Iowa people aren’t the only nice people in this crazy world. PS to Sandy: remember I wrote earlier this year that my daughter was to visit New Zealand? She was on the lower island, , in fact had a picture taken at the point of New Zealand that was the closest to Antarctica and the South Pole. She had a glorious time and said the people were all very friendly and welcoming. Jeanne in Co.

          1. Mary Etherington Post author

            Jeanne – I think I can almost remember your move to CO! I didn’t even know there was a shop in Dyersville, the home of Field of Dreams. Heard on the news this week that the Field of Dreams game will be played in Alabama this year. WHAT???? Loved your comment!

  2. Rosie Westerhold

    I, too, love “small world” stories. This one is NOT quilt-related, but I remember it vividly. We were visiting my dad’s younger brother in New York in 1964 when the World’s Fair was there. Think it was in Flushing, NY. Anyway, we were waiting in some long line to see something. The line snaked here and there and everywhere. We were chatting among ourselves when my dad noticed some of his cousins FROM NEBRASKA were in the same line, in the part of the snake-line adjacent to where we were standing. We were ALSO from Nebraska, and ran into Nebraska cousins in New York State. How’s that for coincidence? Very weird.

    And Happy Anniversary to you and Rick, whether it’s number 26 OR 27😎😎🥰🥰!!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Rosie, I too was at this Worlds Fair in 1964 near NYC. We were visiting with my dads younger brother too! I someday will have to find a picture of me and my cousin on a ride together. Small world for sure!

      1. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

        Me, too. We went from Cuba, NY to Long Island to visit my aunt and then to the fair. It was the debut of Disney’s “ It’s a Small World after all”. Fun memory😃

        1. Kathy

          Oh yes Diane!! It was Disneys debut of its a small world. Forgot that. Such good memories. I think Mary’s blog shows we are a smaller world here than we realize.

  3. Carolyn Boutilier

    Happy Anniversary. Love your quilt show.
    We are dry dry and under a drought advisory.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  4. Mary

    Happy Anniversary to you Mary and Rick on your 26th , May you enjoy many more years of wedded bliss. We will be married 65 years on August 9th. Where have all those years gone so quickly.

  5. Susan K in Texas

    Fun small world story!
    Happy anniversary to you and Rick.
    And thanks for more info on Sandy’s quilt. It is quite a work of art.

  6. Vicki in Seattle

    “Happy Anniversary,” Mary and Rick! Hope you have a great day! Love your peonies! What flowers did you have at your wedding?
    I wanted to have a bridal bouquet of Lily of the Valley but they weren’t in season and it would have cost $300 to import them in 1968. I had a beautiful orchid instead!

  7. Sue in Oregon

    Mary above this post….We will be 65 years Aug. 30th. Must have been a good year and month for lasting marriages. I do not know where all those years went either.
    I had a lovely birthday today. It was a NO COOK Or Clean-up day. Kitchen duty-free. LOVED it. My sweetheart made me strawberry waffles for breakfast, a nice sandwich for lunch, and then we went out for dinner. I am still way too full as I write this.
    I have made 2 of the first quilt but I love the bright white background used in this one. They are fun to make and use up lots of scraps. I need to make another one.
    Happy Anniversary to you and Rick. May you have many more.

  8. patti

    a happy anniversary to you and rick. enjoy. love the stories and the photos today. patti in florida

  9. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Love the Alaska anecdote! When I was about twenty, I was on holiday in Scotland and I walked into a shop in a town where I had never been before and after a few minutes the proprietor, who I had noticed had been watching me closely, asked me if I ‘was related to John X?’ I said, ‘yes, he is my father’ and it turned out that my father had lodged with this mans family in another location entirely (actually in another country) 30 years before when he had been a student on a temporary placement! And my father-in-law once ran into an old school mate when both their planes were unexpectedly diverted to Anchorage because of bad weather.
    Have a great anniversary tomorrow Mary!

  10. Linda In UK

    Loved Sandy in New Zealand’s quilt. Tried to follow your link to Aunty’s Garden but it didn’t work. Could you please help? Congratulations on your anniversary. Have a good celebration. 😊

  11. Tanya T in Houston

    Happy Anniversary!!
    We were actually in that shop as well as Wooly Mammoth, the yarn shop, and The Quilted Raven, the fabric shop across the street from each other last summer! The best city bus tour we have EVER taken was in a red trolley with Alice, a local school teacher, who does the tour bus as a summer gig. Look for them near the log cabin in downtown Anchorage if you visit. You can also send free postcards home from the log cabin and they even stamp them for you! Small world!!

    1. Beamer's Mom

      I know exactly what log cabin in Anchorage you are talking about. Small world.

  12. Janet S

    Great post and quilts today everyone. If you want to read a book about meeting new people and making new friends, I highly recommend “The Day the World Came to Town”. It is about 911 when all air traffic was grounded. Something like 32 planes landed in Newfoundland and had to stay in this little town. Residents went above and beyond to help including opening their homes. A wonderful read. Have a good day everyone.

    1. Rosie Westerhold

      I’ve read that book. FABULOUS🥰🥰. There is Evan a play based n the book out now. It truly is a very small world.

    2. Diane and the gang

      Yes, yes! A lady there took care of the animals on the planes. One was a female Bonobo ( I think) ape that later made it to the Columbus zoo. They named her baby Gander😃 it is a great book and also part of the Broadway series which is awesome.

  13. Sharon Eshlaman

    Happy Anniversary Mary!
    It’s a great day for me as well…’s 5AM, I’m sitting in my chair with a cup of coffee, enjoying the peace and quiet….reading this “Blog about Nothing”! It doesn’t get better than that….thank you❤️

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sharon – I came to the porch about 6 am with my coffee and IPad – no, it doesn’t get any better than this! I, too, love reading the blog about nothing – I love connecting with the readers.

  14. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l think Jeannie in Colorado, daughter was in Bluff at the bottom of the south island, New Zealand, they have great oysters there, if you like oysters! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary Mary, we will have been married 50 years on the 23rd June,will have lunch with my sons,Bruce doesn’t know us now, but will pop in and see him with some cup cakes for the patients and staff. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – sweet of you to take cupcakes! Sad that Bruce won’t recognize the significance of the day.

  15. Carmen Montmarquet

    Happy Anniversary Mary and Rick! We just celebrated our 51st last month and my honey took me antiquing about 1 1/2 hours away and stopped and ate a wonderful meal! Can’t go far right now because of our 15 year old dog’s health problems but we enjoyed the day! As someone else said where did the years go!
    Getting ready to go to my first time hand work only get together at a quilt shop not too far from me. Love doing wool applique and hoping to meet others who do too! I use to quilt but wool applique has taken over my life, it’s easy and so portable!
    Your peonies are Gorgeous!

  16. Cindy Kuipers

    I really enjoy reading your blog every day. I love that picture of Leon the cat. My Skippy sits at the window like that too.

  17. Diana

    Love your blog! I read yours everyday but don’t usually comment, sorry. Your closing comment resonated with me because on my youngest son’s birthday I sent him a card and numerous other things for his 40th birthday. I also made big deal on social media only for him to inform me, quite indignantly, that he is 39!!! OOPS!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – HAHA!! Oh, that’s a good one! MOM!!! I can just hear it.

  18. Sandra Goddard

    Wishing you both a very Happy Anniversary with many, many more years to come. We truly live in a small world. That was a awesome story about the Alaska connection. Great quilts as always. Leon is a handsome devil! Everyone have a great day. Quilters are great people.

  19. Gloria from CC

    Happy Anniversary! We hope you have a wonderful day. Gaylen and I celebrated our 28th last Saturday.
    Love all the pictures and the “small “ world” story.

  20. Marsha from Kansas

    Happy Anniversary, Mary and Rick! I have enjoyed pictures you have shared from your wedding day on the farm. We had our 52nd anniversary on June 6. We signed the papers to buy our present home on our first wedding anniversary. Yes, where did the time go as we were busy living our lives? Have a wonderful day and hope it is as nice as yesterday’s weather was for you.

  21. Rosalie

    Mary, several years ago my husband and I were sitting in church. The church has a birthday/anniversary acknowledgment on the 3rd Sunday of the month. We looked at each other and realized that our anniversary had been the week before! We were at around 33 years then – we made it to 37.

  22. Cheryl from Niagara Falls

    Happy Anniversary!!! I have to do the math every year ! 47 years next month. I told my husband we were marrying on his birthday so he would never forget. ( Actually, it was the only day the caterer was available for July and mom really wanted that cook. Ha.)
    We have had several run ins over the years meeting up with people we knew in different states. Always amazes me how that happens!

  23. Kathy in western NY

    What a wonderful way to begin my day connecting with stories of chatting together to see how quilting brings so many of us together. I loved it and all the comments of those sharing beautiful moments of joy. The kitty cat picture just warmed my heart with his paw and sitting on a pretty piece quilted. Don’t ever doubt your blog about nothing enriches our days.
    Happy Anniversary and celebrate the devotion of being there for each other in times of need as well as the companionship. You’ve built a nice life together on the farm and quilt shop.

  24. Meredith in Cincinnati

    I’ve always thought that people have much more in common than they think. So many times, in so many places, I’ve talked to someone who knows a dear friend of mine, or taught my kids, or (recently) bought the house I lived in as a teenager. If we ask the right question, I believe, we’d find out we all are much more connected than we know. Happy Anniversary! It’s 48 years for us in July.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Meredith – you said the key phrase -“ask the right question”. We’ve lost the art of conversation in this world of electronic devices. The young people of today bury their noses in the devices and don’t know how to talk to one another. And there’s another reason I love this blog and all the readers who take the time to leave a comment!

  25. Marie C

    Great pictures today. Enjoy your blog. I always look forward to reading. I’m keeping busy watering all my plants. We are really dry in east central Iowa.

  26. Donna Sproston

    Happy anniversary! 57 coming up in August. Guess we are no longer middle aged!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna – no, we are not middle aged probably. I recently mentioned to the doctor that I must have early onset dementia and she pointed out that at my age it was no longer “early onset”! Hahaha!!!!

      1. Sherry Whalen

        Oh boy – everyone needs a doctor who is also a comedian! It made me laugh!!

  27. Debby Krzyston

    🥳Happy anniversary! Hope you both have a wonderful day, full of hugs, kisses, and great memories!💕

  28. Lori

    Our 45th wedding anniversary is next Saturday. Wow, how did that fly by so fast? It rained in the morning then got hot and sticky in the afternoon.
    Yesterday had a good day with my granddaughter, age 8. She helped make sandwiches. Then made monster cookies, chocolate chip cookies and raisin filled cookies. Then she helped me trim suckers off the trees. She was a good helper. I need to weed the garden today, but not sure WE will get that done.
    I had sent that photo of the robins nest on top of the wreath that hung on the chair. She laid four eggs, then two days later she left, darn. I accidently left the porch light on all night, did that scare her away?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lori – I can’t imagine that a porch light would make her leave the nest – hmmmm. Any ideas, Readers? Sounds like a fun day with an 8 year old.

  29. Kris in Naperville

    The Alaska story just goes to show how we are all connected some how…. love it! Happy Anniversary to you and Rick! Kr

  30. Cathy D

    Happy Anniversary to you and Rick 🍻. Weve had a huge old raccoon eating our barn cat food this summer. Too big to fit in the cage so we can relocate him! Also have a fox visiting at night. Have you ever heard one? Such a blood curdling Yelp they make! It took awhile and Google to figure out just what it was! Life on a acreage – there’s nothing like it!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cathy – Yes, I HAVE heard that blood curdling scream! And I never could understand what it was until you mentioned it. I have many critters around here – not as many as years ago because of my fencing but enough. And you’re right – there’s nothing like living on an acreage! I love it, don’t you?

  31. Jackie Baumhauer

    Loved the quilts and the peonies! I have been growing” Moses in the Basket” for almost 50 years. It came from my husbands grandmother, who had a sunroom full of plants. I have to keep cutting off the tops and replanting.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jackie – not many people recognize the plant. Mine came from my neighbor Emma 44 years ago. I have started many new plants over the years but I always use the new shoots. How do I cut off the top to start another?

  32. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    Thank you thank you for the pictures and yes! I CAN smell the peonies!! ❤️❤️. BTW, isn’t it amazing how crazy to have someone in Alaska read your blog? I love the connections that are out there in such unexpected places! Happy anniversary to you both. And really – the years hardly matter. After about 10 who’s counting? Have a wonderful day!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Elaine – yes, I absolutely love surprise connections like the one in Alaska. Makes the world much smaller and relatable. Thanks for the anniversary wishes – yes, what’s another year. We got started late although we dated all thru high school.

  33. Glenda Fletcher

    Mary, I also liked Sandy’s quilt from New Zealand. Am a couple days behind as had a grandson yesterday .
    So had to get ready for him. Randy is coaching him in golfing. Think he wants to go out for it in school which will be great. They can do both football and golf. Sandy did a lot of work in sewing the quilt but it
    is quite a nice gift. One that will be treasured. Also couldn’t open the website either for the garden.
    I have learned to start talking to a person, asking where they are from, etc. and a lot of times you know
    some of the same people. Fun. Thank you for everything you do for your emails. I enjoy reading everyones’

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Glenda – well, shoot! I’m sorry the link didn’t work! Sandy did work hard on the special quilt for her friend!

      1. Glenda Fletcher

        Thanks, Our computer is iffy, just fussy sometimes. Guess they like to do what they want to do. That’s computers for you, as you know. Also forgot to say happy anniversary to you and Rick. I also
        remember your wedding pictures that you posted. Time sure goes by fast. We have been married
        35 1/2 years now. This is each our 2nd time. We finally got 1 1/2″ of rain. Hurray!!

  34. Joy in NW Iowa

    Happy Anniversary! Many blessings to a special couple.

    Love all the beautiful quilts and the buff colored cat is beautiful!

  35. Fran Dixon

    I lived in AK for 35 yrs. I can relate! I have been in SW Iowa for 10 yrs. We are all sisters in this quilting world. I love your blog! Everything about it speaks to me!

  36. Jeanine from Iowa

    Happy Anniversary to you and Rick, Mary! We celebrated our 55th anniversary on June 1 in the ER with my husband having a kidney stone. Thankfully, he passed it quickly, so we were thankful for that. I gave him a hard time about that. The years have gone by so quickly, but we have had a wonderful life together. He said that was the worst pain he had ever experienced.
    We still are in need of rain here where we live. Others nearby us have had nice rains, but not on our farm.
    I enjoy all the quilts and pictures you share with us each on each blog, Mary. Have a wonderful day!

  37. Sue in Marion, IN

    Awww! I had a blonde kitty named Leon years ago, except his hair was a bit longer. He got cancer and died when I was expecting my daughter—-she’s 32 1/2.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  38. Brenda Ks

    Happy Anniversary Mary and Rick! Hope it is as beautiful there as it is here today! A great day to celebrate!!!

  39. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Happy Anniversary! 🇺🇸 Yes, connections such as those that came out at the quilt shop are what makes this great big world seem a little bit smaller, I love this! ❤️ That kitty posing with its arm on the windowsill- too, too cute! Have a great day, Mary.

  40. Mary Rhodes

    Happy Anniversary! Great to hear good news. Peonies is pretty reminds me of my grandparents. They had 2 rows of them. White to red. My grandma Smiths bday was on 14th – flag day. Quilts are beautiful. We are having cold front going through Cincinnati with rain. I guess we need the rain ground is very dry. Feild across road looks Ike corn can use it. Wind is nice n 70s is wonderful.

  41. Pamela Dempsey

    Happy anniversary!!!! Hope you have a great day! That Leon is a very handsome cat 😻! Sandy’s quilt is so beautiful, love the appliqué.

  42. Lynn

    Happy anniversary to you and Rick.
    I will be married 31 years later this month.
    I don’t comment much but love to hear all the stories and travels. And the pictures. Thanks to all for the blog about nothing.

  43. Jo in Wyoming

    What a fun post today! I love all the quilts, plus the ladder display. How fun. Sandy, that beauty shows hours and hours of work.
    I’m going to quilt this morning, go to lunch, then mow this afternoon.

  44. Marilyn Miller

    Here’s wishing you a very happy anniversary, number 26! I hope you and Rick make it a special day!

  45. Connie R.

    Wishing you and Rick a happy anniversary. Celebrate!
    We finally got some much needed rain yesterday. Planted the garden two weeks ago but, with no rain, most didn’t come up. Back to planting beans and cucumbers again today. Can’t even imagine the stress farmers go through waiting for good crop growing weather.

  46. Linda

    Happy Anniversary to Mary and Rick. We “celebrated” our 50th in Feb 2021 – oh ya, covid lock-down. We ordered dinner and hubby went to pick it up. The next year, most eating places were carry out. So much for going out for a special time. This year, it was oh well – not a celebration either. Hubby had an eye bleed and was pretty much immobile. I ordered carry out for us. Not going to plan any celebrations next year – just continue counting the years of blessings!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – no celebrations for us either since Rick can’t even walk! Next year?

  47. Helen Jane (Tx)

    Hi Mary, Happy Anniversary to You and Rick! The Peonies are beautiful! I have a Moses in the basket or cradle which has not bloomed. Since admiring your night blooming cereus I ordered one. It came packaged nicely and a good starter size. All the reader quilts are interesting and Sandy “aunty’s garden” quilt is lovely. I found Aunty online and read about her good cause. When we were in Ketchikan Alaska our accents were mentioned by a passerby on the board sidewalk. He called out Texas! We were on our way to catch a sea plane ride over and to Misty Fjord. Hope your evening continues with all your plans…rain here but much needed. We have experienced evening storms with hail this week.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Helen Jane – we need rain badly but no hail. Why are you guys having so much hail? Wasn’t Aunty’s Garden fun to read about? Your accent gave you away! Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

  48. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    I was hoping to wish you Happy Anniversary and Happy Flag Day early this AM, but life happens🙀😺 So, happy day to you and Rick. 💐💐🍻🍻
    That is neat about the shop owner in AK. Small world. The quilts are so colorful today. I like the red shoes, too.😃 Thanks for the link for Sandy’s quilt. I will read all the comments now. I learned about the ants on peonies and how to get rid of them yesterday. Your blog about nothing certainly is full of information😃

  49. Sherry Whalen

    Happy Anniversary Mary and Rick! There will be time to celebrate when he’s mobile again, plus now you can stay away from germs, you don’t want him to get sick now! We celebrated our 48th on May 31 – where did all of that time go!?!

    It is so dry, the grass is crispy. We had about 15 drops on Monday. Tonight we went out for supper and got home at around 5:45 and it was hazy. An hour later son Tom texted that our grandson Joe was playing baseball a few blocks away from us so we walked out of the house and it was SO smoky, we could see it, smell it and yes by the time we got home, we could taste it and our eyes were burning. It was worse in the cities – DIL told me that all rec programs were cancelled there.

    Meeting people is so fun – when we were in Gulf Shores this winter, we were waiting for a Mardi Gras parade to go by and started talking to the couple next to us, random stuff, and the woman saw my Mayo Clinic blood donor jacket and asked if it was Mayo in Rochester. It turned out that they live about six miles away from us. And then the day before we were leaving, we went to Floribama to listen to the music and have an adult beverage, and I joked to Al – I don’t know why I am looking around the room to see anyone I know – I’m a 1000 miles from home…..oh wait, there’s Ginny! There was Ginny, one of the regulars that go to the Ironwood Quilting retreat!

    Our entertainment for the past 6 weeks – emptying our lower level of everything down to the cement floor and cement block, furniture, walls, studs, shower, fireplace, carpet, bookshelves and everything on them. in 2 weeks they are coming to put in a new system with a sump pump. At the end of next week we will move the last – washing machine, sink, long arm. The good news is that it went much more easily than we thought it would – and we were able to move our installation date from October to June…. it was kind of like eating an elephant – one bite at a time lol. But just like everything else – it was easier when we made the decision and started the action, and July 1st we can start putting things back.

    Enough babbling from me lol – Sherry from Kasson

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherry – oh, your poor basement and now don’t you wish for some of that rain? What a job – but you’re soon finished! You will love it so much!!

  50. Sunflower from michigan

    Happy anniversary. We have our 41st on the 26th this month. Went to a wedding in Columbus last weekend. They did an anniversary dance at the reception. One couple there was married 57 years! We were one of 3 couples married between 40 and 45 years. The other two couples were my sister and her husband and my cousin and her husband and they were married 2 weeks before us also 41 years ago.
    We’ve had rain the last few days here in Michigan giving me a break from watering our lawn. Down to just over two weeks for the wedding. Take care.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sunflower – will you send me some pictures from the wedding? I’ll bet your yard is gorgeous!

  51. Debra Reber

    We are having trouble with raccoons in our barn. They are eating all the cat food, & making a mess of everything!! They knock everything off the shelves.

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