An Extra Post, 1-25-24

I have to write this now while I’m thinking about it – there have been so many favorable comments about the variety of pictures I’ve posted – ever since the Christmas trees – and I know what’s happened. I thought I’d explain.

When I get photos from readers I have to upload to my own camera roll and from there I can move them to the blog post with several clicks. I always tried to group similar photos together on my post but with so many pictures I would get mixed up – I’d have to write down which ones I’d used, where I left off, describe the photos, etc, etc until it became lots of work – and I am not complaining – truly.

But now I’ve just posted them in a row as I receive them! Dogs mixed in with quilts mixed in with plants mixed in with office chairs!!!! I know you understand what I’m saying – especially if you’re a long time reader. And I think you’re ok with it – I’ve had no complaints and it is so much easier for me!!!!!

I’ve noticed so many new readers who are sending pictures since I have not designated Dirty Dozen, color finishes, or anything specific. I wish you would have told me before I had to figure it out on my own. Haha! Sometimes I’m a slow learner.

But I’ve got it now!!! And I’m keeping it this way – please feel free to send me any pictures – I will simply post them in the order I receive them with no explanation – I still can’t take the time to copy and paste all the details. If there’s something you want to say write it on the edge of the photo or give details in the comments.

We’ve been for a soggy muddy walk this morning on the wilderness trail.

It’s an ugly time of year, our January thaw.

58 thoughts on “An Extra Post, 1-25-24

  1. Sandra Fraenkel

    This works for me!
    Don’t make life harder then it needs to be.
    Sandra in Virginia

  2. ChristieB

    I have mentioned to my 7 year old granddaughter: look at all the ugly “snirt”. I explained it to her the first time, and ever since then she comments on the “snirt” and laughs! Finally above freezing these last two days and has produced “snirt” – especially on the country roads. What a mess, and it will be that way for a while until all the huge drifts finally melt away.

  3. DebMac

    Wow, you are so lucky so see dirt! We still have 6-8″ of snow in most places. At least the roads are clear again and most of the icicles have fallen off the houses. But 31″ of snow takes a while to go away.
    However you want to post pictures is fine with me. I enjoying seeing them and have gotten some good ideas.

    1. Diane & the gang in Central ohio

      Christie and Deb Mac. Where are you? I love it when bloggers mention where they live

      1. ChristieB

        I’m in SE Nebraska, on a farm. Hating the very muddy roads now that the snow is melting, especially when meeting another vehicle, I’m always scared I’ll get sucked off the road into the drifts in the ditch! So ready for Spring!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Christie B – I recognize that feeling of insecurity meeting a car on the gravel road. Most people don’t understand the term “sucked off the road” – I do.

  4. Nancy Ann

    Mary I love everything you post. Doesn’t matter the order. I especially love the pictures of your farm and the dogs and chickens.

    1. Sandy

      Hi Mary, happy with the photos and often have to go back and study them again when someone makes a comment about a photo. At present my brain is occupied by thoughts of the improved 9 patch quilt regularly shown on Army Wives, will have to start digging through my pattern books. Hazel and Keeper look like they enjoyed their walk. Did Telly stay home? Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Sandy – Telly is declining in her old age and rarely goes on these walks with us anymore. I know we’re looking at her end of life – not imminent but coming. Bumps all over her body, coughing, stiff – old age.

        1. Diane & the gang in Central Ohio

          Awww. Sorry to hear. She has been around a long time. Love seeing her❤️

  5. Mary Therese

    Mary, you do what works for you!

    I know I just sent you some pictures and totally forgot to put a name on them.
    I am not very good with technology, unless it is one of my sewing machines.
    You are leaps and bounds ahead of me!

    I truly appreciate all your efforts to show us what’s out there!

    Having a heat wave here, up to 42! Makes walking outside much more pleasurable.

  6. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas

    Good idea! We love the pictures however you post them 😻🥰 Soggy here and 63degrees.

  7. Elizabeth McDonald

    Mary, interesting that you called it an “ugly time of year” as I was about to write — and am writing now! – to tell you how fabulous your winter photo collection is! WOW! I really appreciate that you take the time to share your surroundings with us; I am in northern Florida and your photos of snow, and that special mix of snow and muddiness, that always told me Spring was on its way is so welcome a sight. Thank you for all that you do!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Elizabeth – good thing I don’t have carpet – muddy dog prints are easier to clean up on a bare floor and there’s no shortage of muck and mud.

  8. Rita in Iowa

    Mary posting the pictures as you get them if the way to go. As I was reading your comments I thought if readers want to comment on the pictures they sent you they could ad it in the comments. But as I read further that’s exactly what you said. For those who have the know with all to put their name on the picture they can then make more comments once you post the pictures.
    Very foggy in eastern Iowa, made a 30 mile trip to Iowa City this morning to pick up cheaper eyeglasses at Costco. Got them in less than a week. Now that service.

    Will send quilt pictures when binding is finished on a lap quilt and 2 table toppers.

  9. Vicki in Seattle

    Mary, great photo posting idea! Efficient use of time equals more quilting time!
    This morning I am using up some random jelly roll strips and making a 16 patch quilt top. Such a quick and easy pattern.
    Glad you all have warmer temperatures today.
    Stay safe in the fog.

  10. Dorothy in Chicago

    Mary, whatever works for you, in the easiest way for you works for us. So appreciate you sharing your day to day left with us! Love the pictures of the wilderness walk! Is that on your property? Things here in Chicago are melting too and thankfully now able to go on longer walks with my dog Dylan. He’s having fun unearthing all the smells coming through after the snow has melted.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dorothy – yes, the wilderness trail is on my property – it’s our daily trek, sometimes several rounds.

  11. Diana

    I always enjoy seeing your posts so do whatever makes it easier for you. Mud season is early for upstate NY but it won’t last long.

  12. Rhoda Ebersole

    You can post however is easiest for you and we all get it.
    I like seeing them however you do it.
    Thank you for having your blog.

  13. Moe in NE Illinois

    Hi Mary, I like the way you are presenting the photos. I study all of them. I’m working on a blue/white quilt at this time. Its been a UFO for a long time. Good colors to sew during our meltdown.

  14. Sharon G NE IN

    I love the hodge podge posting of photos. Whose life is ordered and perfect? Certainly not mine! Now, if I were OCD I might have a different opinion. LOL Keep up the great commentaries and photos. I enjoy your blog so much!

  15. Charlotte in Northern CA

    Mary, whatever is easiest for you is fine with me. We need easy in our lives. I love seeing all the pictures. Thank you for sharing and doing what you do.

  16. Ginger S

    I agree with the others who say post the pictures which ever way is easiest for you. I just love looking at them. I couldn’t help but notice that on today’s wilderness walk, white Hazel is standing in a muddy patch, and dark fur Keeper is standing in the snow!!! Love your dogs. Great personalities. Thank you for your blog!

  17. Sharon G.

    I love the variety. Animals, quilts, gardens, wilderness trail, decor, and anything else A-Z mixed in is okay with me, Mary.
    I am sorting and packing fabric today. I have so much that now I’m not sure it will all fit in the crates. 😳
    I dug all of my quilts and quilt tops out. I’d forgotten how many I’ve made. I have one my husband’s grandmother made that I had machine quilted and bound for him. I may have to put that on my bed. It’s patchwork. I think the pattern is Streak of Lightening, but I’ll have to consult with my quilt pattern dictionary. Yes, I have one of those!
    I also have a quilt that my mother and I made 4 of the Dresden Plate blocks. The other 12 blocks were purchased at Goodwill. My mom took the 16 blocks with her when she visited her hometown in Missouri back in the 1970’s. My mom and aunt pieced the 16 blocks together. The quilt remained in Missouri and was hand quilted by my grandmother’s quilting group at her church. It took 2 years to get it returned to me. It has stains on it now that I wish I knew how to remove. It was in my hope chest during the flood in 1990 and either the chest bled on it or a piece of fabric stored in the chest did. It’s beautiful except for the stains. I had a dry cleaner look at it. He wouldn’t try to remove the stains because of the hand stitching. He was not sure what it would do to the quilt. Any ideas?
    It’s muddy here, too. Snow is all melted, of course, so the dark dreary clouds are just sending us rain rain rain.
    Take care everyone.

  18. Lorraine

    I enjoy seeing all of the pictures and it doesn’t really matter to me what sequence they are in. I just appreciate all of the work you do to share with us.

  19. patti

    i totally agree with everyone else. however you post the photos is fine with me. make it easy for you. you have a life outside of us (really?????? yes! you do). we can individually comment on our pictures. i like the fact that you share so much of yourself and your life. i had forgotten how boring it can be to chain-sew a gazillion corner square triangles then stitch another half inch away to make half square triangles so they are already made. egads! that is what i’ve been doing and will continue to do today. discovered i accidentally cut into the background of one of the corner tris. will have to redo that one but will need to find a different green 5″ square. oh well. ever onward and upward. dh is home early. coming in around 3 is a big change in our schedule. i’m used to him getting home between 7-8 pm. patti in florida where they just announced it is 84 degrees after 38 two days ago

  20. Kathy in western NY

    I agree with everyone and just what Lorraine said, we don’t care about sequence. It’s foggy here too but at least not raining today. Snow has melted in our yards. I had an early morning meeting for our food pantry, lunch out with our pastor, Tai Chi class this afternoon, so glad I made chicken salad yesterday so we’ll eat that for dinner over some lettuce. I’m always so grateful I have a husband who thinks a fried bologna sandwich is a great dinner meal.

  21. Betty Klosterman

    You post pictures in any order and we will all look at each and every one of them many, many times. And we see different things each time, especially when people comment or explain how/why they did something. We NEVER tire of looking at each pattern and colors. Don’t make hard work of it. Orderly things are a waste of time, especially when quilting with all the colors.

    Don’t complain about the mud. That is moisture which can come in many ways: blizzards, hail storms, floods. Mud is a challenge, but the lesser of many things. I remember as a kid when we’d go fishing, the river had changed courses, probably every year depending on spring. The mud was up to my knees and I could feel “things” with my toes, so I had to dig in with my hands. The shells were clam (?) shells about 3″ x 5″ and a real treasure imaginging how old they were, etc. I have an overactive imagination! They were still in Mom’s house when she died. Mud is just tempory. Treasures are forever.

    Remember, you couldn’t beat us away with a stick! As I was looking at your Slow Day pictures, I was thinking that you are really lucky to have 2 quilting rooms. The shop has that wonderful cutting table and piles of shelves. And of course, your quilts hung from the ceiling. Same quilts from years ago. And then the quilting room in the house. So much room. We just had to stand in one place and look all over to see everything. I feel for the people who didn’t get the chance to visit

    When you were in business, your shop was such a great place filled with wonderful patterns, fabric, and very nice people to help. And don’t forget the cats, too. I’ve written this before. I overheard my husband telling a friend that ‘she always had to stop at this quilt shop, but actually it wasn’t a bad place to wait.’ It was also an old age farm for animals.

    Keep quilting. Maybe it could be the solution to a lot of problems?
    Betty in Rapid City

  22. Beverly

    I love that you post this new way of ‘first come first posted’…it makes sense, and we can figure it out—if there’s a dog in it—we know it’s a dog pic!
    The bonus, of course, is that it makes your life easier—which I can a win-win…
    Thank you !

  23. Lynette in Orlando

    I say you post the pictures the easiest it is for you — I’m all about the easy button. Plus, it’s your blog, you can do as you so wish! 🙂

  24. Gail in Ohio

    It sounds like a very good plan, Mary!! I always enjoy seeing the photos – thank you!

  25. Chris

    Your blog is so much fun, Mary. Any way you choose to do it works for me. Thanks for all you do!

  26. Janet S

    How you post photos is small peanuts in the big plan. My day was aggravating with our medical insurance company (AARP – UHC). We get to purchase over-the-counter medications at no cost to us. But it didn’t work today on my husbands card because they said his ‘hadn’t been registered’. Of course it was along with mine. After half an hour, the insurance company said it was because we were sharing an email address and he would need his own. Let me tell you how well that went over. My husband has macular degeneration which makes him unable to read so I do ALL the paperwork. They finally had to see it my way and changed the settings on our account. Why does this stuff have to be so impossible? They wanted me to complete a survey – I did and it wasn’t glowing. Now I feel better.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet – I simply cannot stand things like this!! I’ve said this many times – old people don’t care if they die because life has gotten so complicated at every turn they can’t stand it – that’s a bit of sad humor but there’s a lot of truth in it. Two email addresses? For cryin out loud – how stupid. But that sounds like our pharmacy.

  27. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    I like them mixed together! It is fun not to know what is coming up next. I am glad it is easier for you, too😀. It was 55* here today. I got to feed three dogs on my walk.🐶
    It is sooo foggy now we can’t even see some of the neighbors’ houses! The Maine Coon cat in the other post looks just like Buddy after he had his haircut😺. Is it a male or female?

  28. Dianna in Wisconsin

    Love all the pictures, in any order.
    The first weeks of January I was cleaning my sewing space……now I’m in the basement cleaning the stash. Need to find fabrics for pillowcases for Children’s Hospital.
    Working on a paper piecing pattern, it’s slow going but the quilt doesn’t need to be done until June so i think I’ll make it.
    Glad that the frigid weather is over………..lm not a fan of winter.

  29. NancyTD

    The pictures are great. Make it easy for you. It is great that you do this for all of us. A big thank you.
    Dense fog again tonight and tomorrow. The warmer temps are great.
    Working on a hand quilted wall hanging. Sore fingers and slow going.

  30. Jeanie S, Central IL

    We are having the same kind of day west of Peoria IL. It has been so foggy, we had to postpone our trip to Walgreen’s ten miles away.
    Fortunately, we have lots of fabric for quilting (me) and weaving (Herb). We make lots of soup. 😊
    My youngest son gives me his cotton dress shirts, when they no longer work for him; I am cutting them into 2 1/2” x 4 1/2” pieces in hopes of making a scrappy quilt—not sure what size.
    I, too, love ALL the pictures. Whatever works for you is the best way to post. Thanks for all you do; we both look forward to your blog posts. Take Care 🥰

  31. Jo in Wyoming

    Pictures are first come, first served…Mary , your always first!
    Post the pictures the easiest way you can. We enjoy all of them.
    The wilderness trail is usually under a ton of snow. Last year you marked it with a red fabric flag.
    The news is reporting a lot of dense fog back east. Stay safe.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      ABC evening news with David Muir showed a Fed Ex plane leaving the airport this morning here in my area of NY and it could not even be seen as it was taking off. I drove around locally in my town today and it was fine but open areas have fog. Luckily it was 41 degrees so no bad roads.

  32. Joy in NW Iowa

    Jo In Wyoming , it can be dense!! And it freezes on the road and it has made travel hazardous! Sioux Falls had 39 accidents in four hours this morning! Ugh! It made me decide I did not want to go to the grocery store because of the parking lot! I’ll stay home to avoid a fall at 75 years old! We will fund something to eat!
    Mary you post the pictures however you want! We love them all! So sorry Telly is getting so slow! That is always sad! It probably doesn’t help that the weather is damp!
    Take care!

  33. Kim from Wi

    Send the pictures whichever way you want; we can make sense of it. I’m enjoying all of them. We are getting rain now and it’s going to freeze tonight. Glad that we can just stay home. Husband made a kettle of chicken soup with wild rice which we will enjoy throughout the weekend. Stay safe everyone.

  34. Tama

    WooHoo, An extra post. That’s a treat! Speaking of treats, I’m thinking Hazel wouldn’t mind receiving one at all. 😉

  35. Debra Reber

    Love all the pictures, doesn’t matter what order they are in!! We had dense fog here all morning, then rain all afternoon, so now the snow is gone & it’s a muddy mess!! Love your wilderness trail, I’m sure your dogs love it too!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Debra – yes, they do love the wilderness trail but it also is a muddy mess!

  36. MaureenHP

    I rather enjoy the hodge-podge of pictures! Thanks for the effort and time you put into sharing.

  37. Linda in MI

    I have to add my two cents – love all the pictures regardless of how we get them.

    We have snirt, snow, rain, mud, slush you name it! I hate when it gets muddy too, not only for the dogs but for the horse (Bear) and donkeys, Albert and Norman. When I opened the barn door today they just looked out and turned around. It’s supposed to be in the higher 30’s and into the low 40’s this weekend so I’m hoping some of the mess goes away. Sad news for snowfest in Frankenmuth, they covered the carver’s snow with tarps last night to ward off the rain but hopefully it will stay cold enough to not melt the ice carvings that I think start today.

    Thanks for all you do for us Mary. Give Telly a big kiss from me, my sweet old Miles is really starting to worry me. He is 13 now and sleeps a lot but has pooped a couple of times lately when he gets up and I don’t think he even realized it happened. That’s ok though, I’m used to cleaning up after dogs, cats, chickens, horses – you name it! I the princess of poo!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in MI – I’m expecting the same from Telly any time now – I’m good at cleaning all sorts of pet messes, too.

  38. Sally J. Mi.

    I really enjoy all the pictures you post!! Please do whatever is easy for you. I appreciate you and all that you do to make this blog so enjoyable!! Thank you Mary. Sorry to hear about your Telly slowing down.
    The 8 inches of snow is now about 2-3 inches as it has been raining over last couple of days with a lot of fog.
    I want to sandwich my wall hanging and get on with the quilting today. Hubby to eye doctor in late afternoon and a quick stop some for groceries. Carry out pizza for dinner!!
    Blessing to all.

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