Another slow foggy day, 1-25-24

I opened the barn door for the chickens today and 4 of the 10 ventured outside to poke around in the mud and grass. Took Hazel to the vet- she has a funny bump on the surface of her back foot which doesn’t look “angry” but she licks and chews at it all the time. Vet says it’s not cancer but a skin tumor that isn’t dangerous unless it starts getting bigger. I also asked about Telly – coughing/choking is likely a sign of heart issues.

I put her harness on when we went to the vet – she’s acting like I beat her!

I bound this quilt tonight –

Can you believe it – again?

This is the way I finish the corner when stitching on top – I sew into the mitered corner and out again for stability.

Reader photos

This is also Gracie with her lion cut.

Pamela and Penny

Anyone familiar with this bread? It’s my favorite.

One week old – Beamer ‘s mom is getting one of these boys.

This isn’t mine – yet. Saw the picture online and think it’s just so cool. I have many old scissors and other small tools as well as a couple of old breadboards.


A man was telling his neighbor, ‘I just bought a new hearing aid. It cost me four thousand dollars, but it’s state of the art. It’s perfect.’

‘Really,’ answered the neighbor. ‘What kind is it?’

‘Twelve thirty.’

And that’s the blog about nothing tonight! Smile!

70 thoughts on “Another slow foggy day, 1-25-24

  1. Chris in Alaska

    Love your quilt Mary ! I just bagged another batch of scraps to cut into squares . And I can’t wait for our thaw : here in Alaska is called Breakup ! It’s our 5th season ! We’ve got months yet .
    We are having 30 below temps for the second week in a row . Stay warm !

  2. Martha W in WY

    I’m enjoying everyone’s photos. Mary, I like your idea of sewing into the corner. Had a chuckle over the chalked parking space. I tease my husband about his parking now.

  3. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Great quilt show. And I sure got a chuckle over the chalked parked spot.

  4. Diane in Colorado

    Another great quilt show!
    Hazel is a hoot. Have you done booties for any of your dogs over the years? I did with a husky years ago. Pretty sure we lost them all the first time we took him up in the mountains. I’m seeing more folks using them these days so I imagine they have improved. Our last snow was so cold the dogs were miserable so I’m thinking of trying again.
    Jenica was here today. Tomorrow she is headed to Aspen with friends to watch some of the X Games. Took my -20 degree sleeping bag because they intend to sleep in the car. It was my winter bag when I was in Search and Rescue. Crazy kids.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – camping in the car does not sound fun to me – it I probably would have done it 50 years ago! Ha! Do you miss Search and Rescue?

  5. Barbara Yarnell

    Yes, I can believe that the binding seam ended up in the corner again! Happens to me all the time. Loved the quilts today and especially the hearing aid joke. It was a nice chuckle. Bitcoin has taken over my sewing room but I’m finally to the stage of sewing the columns. Its so fun to see it coming together and I just love it!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Barbara – I sew Bitcoin sections when I have just a bit of time -no hurry.

  6. patti

    another great post. i love all the quilts – i seem to like all the ones with squares now. i have a friend who kept pushing me to make show quilts. told her i already did that, got ribbons, etc., now i quilt for my pleasure. no more class samples. i especially love your kaffe quilt. i was told when i was learning to quilt that if all four corners of the binding came out right the first time – you were living right. ha! the doll in the witch’s hat struck my fancy. i know, i’m weird. nice photo of pamela and penny. never heard of that brand of bread. will have to have dh look when he shops. (i’m glad he shops cuz i hate it, but i don’t like the reason – i can’t.) the chalk bit was wonderful. wonder if the driver caught on. we have temps in the 80s already but in another week we are due to go back to 30-40s. winter in florida. patti in florida where dh has turned on the a/c again

    1. Paula Nordt

      We had to install a new unit and ductwork this summer. Super fancy schmancy. It has a setting that has come in very handy for living in Texas. We set the heat setting to heat up to—- and the dual cooling setting to cool down to ——. Heater comes on at night. AC during the day when the temperatures are warmer outside. Don’t need to keep messing with the thermostat. Whoohoo!

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Paula – what a perfect system – but Rick and I could never agree!!!

  7. Vicki Ibarra

    Great new use for chalk! I wonder what the driver of the car thought when they saw the new parking lines. Today’s quilts are a great variety of design, color, and size – so inspirational. I am glad Hazel is OK. Hard to hear about Telly, but now you have an answer for those symptoms. Am working on a spool quilt. Have another 3 on my list to tackle as winter progresses. I eat sourdough bread regularly, but haven’t heard of the Izzio brand. Is it from a specialty store or a regular grocery store?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – Izzio bread is found only at Fareway here in North Iowa – the other stores don’t know what they’re missing.

  8. Sue Smith in OR

    Sewing into the corner is a great idea. Another great idea, I think, is to put on your regular sewing foot (not the 1/4″ foot, and place the foot right on top of the binding. Then, move your needle clear over to the inside edge of the binding. Start stitching. When you get close to a corner, use a pointy tool (can’t think of the name of it right now) to hold the next side in place until the very last stitch before you let go. By this time you are on the corner. One more stitch and pivot. But, in your case you could pivot towards the outside and then back and then continue on. Does this make any sense. It was hard to write. I have found this easier than using the 1/4 inch foot.
    The chalk trick was priceless. You should have sat in your car until they came out to see the reaction. HaHa
    Love all the quilts and, Oh My…those puppies! They are huge. I bet they are so soft and cuddly.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue Smith – Beamer’s mom is getting really excited about getting her baby boy! They want the biggest one.

  9. Janet S

    Great quilts and pictures today. Having seams land on the corners when binding happens to me all too often. Now I audition spacing by putting the binding on with plastic clips to make sure the seams aren’t near the corners and then sew it on. The driver who can’t park probably won’t ‘get it’ – way too self-absorbed.
    If anyone is looking for a good movie this weekend, I highly recommend ‘Queen Bees’. Really good. Several good actors are in it but I was surprised at how they have aged LOL.
    Temperatures in Minnesota have raised into the 30’s so the snow is about gone but now we have major fog and dreary damp gloomy days. That’s no fun either.
    Have a good day everyone.

  10. San

    Loved all of the pictures. The beautiful cat and her person, the adorable puppies, those glorious hyacinths, and oh my, the chalk lines. Now I have to get some chalk, in several colors! People who park near the front door at Ingles Grocery are infamous for creating their own parking spaces. Now I can help. LOL

    Another rainy, 60 degree day here in Western North Carolina. The American Chain is coming along very slowly. I’m having a terrible time with Block B no matter how carefully I measure and trim. Maybe I’m in too big of a hurry. Looking forward to having two whole days off in a row this weekend. Woo hoo.

    Thanks for sharing Mary!

    San / Gypsy Quilter

  11. Gloria from CC

    I always laugh when you show a picture having a seam in the corner of your binding. This works for me 99% of the time: I pin the binding at the top of the quilt with one pin. Then I loosely mock place the binding into the corners and along the sides until I’m back at the pin. If I’m off I just move the pin until there’s no chance of having a seam in the corner.
    Hazel looks so cute with her harness on even though she’s sad. She sure knows how to gain sympathy.
    It’s been raining here all night which is going to make for a muddy mess.
    Anyone from NE Iowa going to the Rusty Nickel open house today in Manley? Sounds like a good thing to do on a rainy day.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria – I’d go to the Rusty Nickel but I am so hooked on the basketball games that I don’t plan anything on Saturdays except the games!! Yea, I know what I’m supposed to do – but I get in a hurry and just want to finish!!

  12. Deb in VA

    Mary, i think I’m becoming addicted to reading your blog and comments! LOL! It is all so interesting and I look forward to it.

    The pictures from readers are fun to see too. Teresa in IN, I love your block …unusual shaping! I haven’t heard of that sourdough bread, sounds like something Aldi might carry?

    I have been working on UFOs that I found while looking for a long-lost pattern…sooo many unfinished–why??? So my goal (before gardening season) is to try and finish them. I wrote a blog post about them if anyone is interested. And Mary, you were a big help with the 30 Stars pattern…thank you again!

    Today (Friday) it will be sunny and 68° here in the Shenandoah valley of Virginia. But colder temps coming this weekend. More UFO completions I hope!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb – I will gather all the pictures etc about Thirty Stars and post that this weekend – I always say I’m going to do it and then I don’t. Ok – I’m on it!

  13. Angie from Baltimore

    There was an old guy that got a hearing aid and when he went back to the doctor the doctor asked if he had told his family. “ No but I have changed my will three times”
    Have a great day

  14. Lori

    Thanks for all the eye candy this morning.

    When I stitch binding, I do mine exactly like yours, I stitch into the corner for stability. The one other thing that I have learned along the way, is to Always, pin the binding in place where you are starting and then lay the binding on top of the quilt all the way around to see if the seams are near a corner and if it is, you can move/adjust the binding now before you start sewing it on.

    Oh, love your quilt!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lori – and I am too impatient to lay it out – where do you have a big enough space to do this? I hate doing the binding so I dread this last part and just want to finish. I do know what I should be doing – I get it.

      1. Candy

        I’m with you, Mary … too impatient, and if a seam ends up in a corner, so be it … lol!

      2. Lori

        I don’t lay it out in a big area. I just pin one end, and then loosely hold the binding on, then do the next 30″ or so, all the while standing and holding the quilt and binding in my hands.

        I would gladly do your binding, I like to do binding!

  15. Jeanie S, Central IL

    I love your quilt and appreciate the tip on sewing into the corners while machine binding.
    Love all the quilt pictures and other projects—lots of inspiration!
    Those are precious puppies. 🥰

  16. Jill Klop

    Oh! I feel like I get a binding seam in one corner for all of my quilts! I feel like I’m in good company now! Glad that Hazel’s paw should be OK. Poor Telly!

  17. Bernadette in NE Iowa

    I love all the quilts today and all are so doable. I try to keep the seams out of the corner also. I stitch down to the corner in sewing the binding on. So glad it is warmer this week and we are getting rain this morning.
    We need the moisture. Have a great day.

  18. Marcia-Ohio

    I look forward to your blog every day. I scroll my email & read your email first.
    I just love the pictures as it is so fun to look at the variety.
    On Sundays, I have been making a list of projects that I plan to work on for the week. I cross off the tasks not necessarily finishes so I get a sense of accomplishment for the week. The unfinished tasks go on the next weeks list. It is a mental thing for me to organize my tasks on paper.
    I am also prepping for a few retreats this year which means easy sewing in case I get distracted talking.
    We have been very foggy at times this week w/ warmer temperatures in Ohio. We have so much winter to go☹️ Loved reading the Alaska temps comment🥶

  19. Kathy in western NY

    Hi to Pamela and her kitty. We’ve seen the pair of kitty’s grow up on this blog. Welcome Deb in VA to our world of needing a Mary fix with her blog and all her readers comments. We seem to all connect together whether new to Mary’s shop she once had or her farm, or ones who’ve known her for years.
    Our older dog who resembles Telly had a bump on her jaw that the vet did a needle biopsy on last fall and it was non cancerous so I decided to let her live with it until it prevented her from eating or swallowing. She gets bumps frequently on her pink skin underneath her fur. Being a rescue, it took awhile for her fur to grow in due to the trauma she’d experienced in her life and with in transport up from TN as well as kennel cough which kept her in isolation in a cage for a long time. She needed several rounds of antibiotics to recover but a love like your Telly. And now she has a heart murmur too. We even use a harness on ours when walking them camping to prevent any coughing pressure on her neck. I know Rick will miss her someday but you gave her such a good life on the farm.
    Your pictures readers send in are so nice to see on this rainy morning. It’s take out fish fry’s tonight so a sew day for me. No where to go or be except my sewing sanctuary.

    1. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas

      Hi Kathy 😻! Yes, Penny and Lucy were only 9 weeks old when we adopted them and now they’re 11 months. I need to start mixing in a little adult food into their kitten chow transition. They are so sweet and have helped in losing my Emily 🐈‍⬛ .

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Pamela – and Emily would be so relieved to know Penny and Lucy are easing your pain.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – Telly has so many lumps and bumps on her skin and she’s so rough looking right now. I made a grooming appt for her but couldn’t get in till late Feb. Shes gained a lot of weight and eats so much crap outside and in the barn! She drinks the dirty water in the barn before I can change it out! We have vowed not to put her thru any procedures and to keep her as comfortable as possible. Her coughing/gagging indicate heart issues as well. We all know our beloved dogs will not live as long as we want or hope but staring it in the face is hard – as most of you already know.

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        I think pets should live as long as their owners and then die the next day. It is so heart breaking to lose a pet. I am sorry Telly is struggling. She has been around a long time and it would be nice to have her longer. She is such a sweet looking girl. I know she has the very best place in the world in your home with you and Ric.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sally – I buy it at only one store around here but it’s made in Colorado – I’ve never craved bread but this is the best toast I’ve ever had.

  20. Kathy Hanson

    I love all the pictures, sorry to hear that your dog has a concern now. Telly! Hope he keeps doing well!
    Love that hazel, she is a cutie! Interesting, very nice pictures today, Love reading the blog every day, it is a highlight of my day!

  21. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas

    Sorry about Hazel and Telly😥. Hugs! Beautiful quilts and especially the dark blue background with the squares blocks, striking. I looked up the Izzio bread and we have it at Kroger and Natural Foods store so am anxious to get some, sounds delicious. The info says it’s better for you than regular bread. 😋

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pamela – I hope another reader reads the source of bread – we have neither of those stores in North Iowa. I can only find it at Fareway

  22. Lynne from NJ

    I found it at our local Acme store. I’m anxious to try it. A friend used to bring me some from San Francisco.
    Thanks for the binding tip. I still sew it by hand as I’m not happy with the way my machine binding turns out. Maybe I’ll practice on some mini quilts.
    Enjoyed all the photos today. Have a good weekend everyone.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynne – I prefer hand binding but make too many quilts to put my hands through it – just can’t grip the needle and it’s painful. I have learned to use a bigger hand needle which does help -Connie always called them crowbars! Ha!

  23. Cindy K

    Enjoyed all of the photos. Good tip on sewing binding by machine-I usually do mine by hand-but machine binding would be so much faster, especially for donation quilts. And I will be keeping an eye out for the bread.
    So sorry to hear about your dog. Our dog (Ginger) was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. Had a major surgery and has been cancer free ever since. She’s always had allergies but recently her cough is getting worse so took her to the vet. She now has congestive heart failure. Vet said she gives her 2 to 4 more years. Sad. Don’t let her out much except to do her business as the cold weather seems to make her cough worse.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cindy – yup, that’s Telly, too. Those bitterly cold days really set off the coughing and we suspected she was having heart problems . I don’t believe she’s got 2-4 more years at this point

  24. Carolyn in GA

    Have a hard time getting my boyfriend to wear his hearing aids so can identify with your joke. Loved it. Sometimes I just crack up when he repeats what he heard and looks at me in a quizzical way. Does make life interesting.

  25. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    We laughed outloud at the pitiful parking and the hearing aid joke:) My husband just go new ones at Costco and we are actually turning the TV DOWN!! Yippee!
    I love that little quilt you made, Mary. So bright and pretty for this dreary day. It is so much fun to see peoples’ collections, pets, and decorating. I am going to make a Dresden Plate quilt from the 20’s fabrics and something else. I have a few in the works that need to be finished first.
    Happy Friday everyone:)
    PS If you think of it, would you put your state on your comment? Thanks. I like to know where the weather is!!

  26. Micky

    I love your blog and don’t often comment but having bought hearing aids recently I had to laugh.Don’t stop you blog . Peace Micky

  27. Tina W in Oregon

    Looked up the Izzio bakery online. Very interesting history of the company. And there are several good looking recipes on the site. The closest store to me that carries their bread is an hour and a half away! Will look for it next time I’m in the Tri-Cities, WA.
    Chuckled over the hearing aid joke(s)! I’ll have to tell them to my husband who definitely has hearing problems. Pretty comical sometimes as to what he thinks he hears.
    Loved all the pictures and comments.

  28. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

    Hey, Mary. I was ready to send the $5.00 for the little snowman pattern and then, I had to look for something and i found the pattern.:) I love all the buttons on his tummy:) Thanks.

  29. Sharon G NE IN

    Love the bread board idea and the joke! I wear hearing aids and I still have difficulty with auditory discrimination. I just laugh at myself, especially when I answer something and I get the quizzical looks from others. LOLOLOL I never thought about anchoring the corners on my binding. Makes sense to do so.

  30. Teresa in Indiana

    The new parking lines are nothing but brilliant! I need to start carrying chalk. I love everyone’s pics of their pets and projects. It’s been wet and foggy the past several days. Have a great weekend and sew on!

  31. Wendy P

    Great quilt show today. Love the scrappy 4 patch quilt that is shown over the couch and railing. Pattern name???

  32. Carla

    Sourdough bread is so good,
    and better for us as well! We’ve been into making our own bread around here for a while. I’ve always enjoyed it and now that my two youngest are helping we haven’t bought bread in a good while. I have a parking story, but no picture. DH took me to Aldis. Grandson and I get in and out only to discover that I couldn’t walk next to our car to our the bags in because a woman was next to us with her for open and I thought the space on the other side looked a bit tight. So I walked around to come up from behind and put the bags in the back. As we’re pulling out the woman have us such a nasty look as she stood by her car, like, how dare we pull out when she was standing so close. We were actually perfectly centered in our spot. The car on one side was a smidge close to the line, but the woman stink eyeing us was on the line. Tons of room on her other side. DH said she actuality made an adjustment that made it even worse. Can someone explain why she thought we were the dumb ones?! Oh well. That’s one reason I like letting him drive lol. Carla in MI

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carla – and this is exactly what ticks me off – those who are parking so carelessly think they’re more important than everyone else. We went out for pizza tonight – wait till you see the picture I took!

  33. Charlotte in No California

    Beautiful quilt show today!!! I laughed out loud at the chalk parking space. Have a great weekend everyone. I’m watching football on Sunday. Go Niners!!

  34. Marsha in MI

    I got hearing aids a few months ago. My hearing loss is in the area of my husband’s voice. No joke. He is very chatty and will talk from other rooms, with his back to me and I can’t hear him with or without the hearing aids. I promise it’s not intentional on my part. He promised at the hearing aid place that he would be more careful to speak to me in the same room but does he? Nope. The one good thing is they are bluetooth so I can listen to videos without disturbing anyone else!

    I parked next to someone parked diagonally Monday after dropping my husband off at Physical Therapy. I had to park weird just to get into the space and be able to get out. I should have taken a picture for you! 😂

    Tomorrow I’m driving my husband to an archery show out of town. He can walk around pretty well with a cane. Then we’ll eat out at Red Lobster or Olive Garden. We don’t have our granddaughter this weekend. They (daughter and boyfriend, her daughter and his son, both 6) had planned a family weekend and both kids came home from school sick. She had a 100.8 fever and sore throat & he had a runny nose. It’ll be a lowkey snuggle, snacks and movie kind of weekend, I’m thinking.

  35. Sherry Ware

    Do you remember me? “It’s Winter”. My partner and I came to a retreat many years ago in your barn.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherry – Of course both Rick and I remember you! We say “it’s winter” lots of times. What was it – 50 degrees? Haha!!! Are you still in Victoria? Do you have the shop? Have you been a reader all this time and I’m just hearing from you now? Shame on you. I am very happy to hear from you now!

      1. Sherry Ware

        No just started seeing your blog.
        I retired as my husband decided he wanted to move to College Station, Tx. I wasn’t happy. Karen is my best friend and I knew no one here, but I had to go or live on the street. Haha.
        Love your blog. I love looking at your quilts you do with all your pieces. I have so many UFOs from the shop and fabric pieces. What was I thinking? Haha. I loved that goat that was on one of your patterns and you told me once he wasn’t friendly. Ha.
        Karen still has the shop and doing well. I got very sick last year and hope I will continue to do well.
        So glad you replied!!
        I’m looking for a small wall hanging that has hearts on it. Thought it was in one of your books but now I’m not sure. I think that’s called “old age”….ugh. My son is 54 today and that makes me feel old. Haha.
        Well I’ve said or talked too long. Hope to keep in touch. I will tell Karen we corresponded. 💖
        Sherry Ware

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Sherry – I would not have been happy either – I probably would have said “have a nice life” but then I’m way too independent. Sounds like Connie – I never see her because Roy wanted to move to the lake full time. She was never one to talk on the phone so after 45 years of talking to her every single day, now I talk to the blog readers! And my blog readers are great – my best friends!

          1. Sherry Ware

            Well, Karen and I text everyday. Surely Connie could do that? Moving is hard. All said they would text and drive to see me….nada….zip….zero. That didn’t happen. Some do text, but I miss everyone there. Still I know moving back does not work. Haha.
            I wouldn’t know how to do a blog and so glad you have that.
            Bright colors seem to be the thing, but I still favor the dark. One has to buy though that sells. Maybe we shall talk again.

          2. Mary Etherington Post author

            Sherry – I chat with many people every day – almost as many as there are comments! Haha!!

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