And then came Chewy!


Some of you might recognize the name Roxanne Lamb from years ago — she was our very first employee in the quilt shop. She and her family were in Garner yesterday and I got to keep their 3-1/2 month old golden doodle puppy named Chewbaka or Chewy for short. Is he cute or what?
Thanks for all the compliments regarding the dogs — I absolutely love dogs and I think this is what I was meant to do when I retire — someday.

8 thoughts on “And then came Chewy!

  1. Ann Barlament

    How adorable!!! Friends of mine had a dog with the same name and one of his tricks? You could yell out BANG! He would fall limp to the floor and play dead!! LOL

    He was quite the character… hope your visit with this Chewbaka was an enjoyable one!

  2. Lee

    Mary, you are right. Quilters can’t mention Country Threads and not include Mary and her pets. With your newsletters, past and present, you have included us in your life. For this I thank you. By the way, my hoya plants are thriving in my kitchen window. Thanks again. Lee

  3. Nancy

    Chewy is awesome! I have been talking about golden doodles to my husband! This should seal the deal…

  4. Jo

    Mary..What a beautiful dog. I sure wished you lived closer so I could bring Ruby to you when we have something going on.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh Jo, I wish I could keep Ruby for you and would if I weren’t so far away. I love doggy day care!

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