And this is why, 10-3-23

For four days I checked the blog nearly hourly to see if the pictures were there. It was exhausting, disappointing and aggravating. What had I done to create this mess? I believe it was last September when the blog crashed in some way -now I can’t remember what the issue was – and now it was happening again? It ruined my weekend. I couldn’t think of anything else and being quite stupid where technology is concerned I didn’t know how to fix it. Richard was very busy and I didn’t want to bother him.

I looked up everything I could think of online and even though there were dozens of solutions, I felt brain dead. Several readers finally had the answer which turned out to be correct but nobody bothered to tell me what to do to fix the problem.

I would never attempt to change any settings on my IPad – what do I know? Nothing. I can only write this blog and I know you enjoy it. I enjoy it, too, and I would miss it terribly if it weren’t in my life. I feel I could write stories/essays forever but that’s where my ability ends. How I wish I had a kid who could help me but I really hate to ask any kid from my church. I know how busy they are and why would they want to help an old lady write letters to her friends?

The blog is nothing without the pictures. Every time I post a picture from now on I’ll worry. And now the answer – Apple had an update! Thank you, Apple, for screwing up my life for 4 days. I assure you I changed nothing – I would have no idea what to change and why. So technology got the best of me again.

I will end with a picture of the sunrise this morning over Farmer Tim’s harvested bean field. I will hold my breath and say a prayer.

I changed my mind – I’ll try the picture in another post. I don’t want to lose everything I just wrote.

24 thoughts on “And this is why, 10-3-23

  1. Suzanne

    I’ll just bet any of the kids you know well enough to ask would be more than willing to help you with your tech stuff! It’s so easy for them that it probably would not take that much of their time. I’ll bet it would make them feel good to be able to help.

  2. Lynn H

    So very frustrating, Mary. I pray you are able to continue with doing what you love and what we love love reading!

  3. Joy in NW Iowa

    Stupid computers! How many times did I lose sleep because of my computer issue at work, the times were endless! Not my fault but some clutch! Or gremlin! Ha! Retirement ahhhh
    I have not updated to the new update….there have been all these warnings, true or false?? Someone tell me!

  4. patricia farrell

    Mary I can understand your frustration having worked before the invention of computers. I would be baffled too. The panic that comes with touching any different keys that I would loose everything. The youth try to help “Oh you just do this and this” and it’s fixed. They explain so quick then they’re off and next time even if we try to understand what we wrote done is a Mystery. Just want u to know you’re not alone.

  5. Kim from Wi

    So glad you know what was causing the issue and it had nothing to do with you or anything you had done. I love reading the blog and all the replies.

  6. Lee Bowers

    Mary, hang in there…. We appreciate all you do to make the blog possible.
    People who know electronics don’t want to fix your mess. And so few of us our age know what to do. I feel your pain.
    For me my frustration is my tv. Two controls to turn it on…. It’s down hill from there.
    Luv from North Carolina. Just starting to feel some fall.

  7. Diane in Colorado

    Oh, for heaven’s sake. Aren’t updates supposed to fix glitches, not create them?!?!? So sorry it took 4 of your days!! Glad you got some answers and got it figured out!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – but sadly settings reverted again on their own. Now what?

      1. Diane in Colorado

        Unbelievable. I’m sorry! Like you, I am not a techy person. I struggle, too, when things don’t work as they should!

  8. Marsha in Michigan

    Oh, isn’t technology frustrating when it doesn’t work?? I’m lucky to have kids who help me out, but it’s hard to keep having to ask. One of my friends and his buddy took 2 1/2 hours to help us set up boosters in our house when we had gotten a new internet provider and new modem or whatever it’s called. Interrupting their project to help us. We did take them out for lunch. I just found out a couple of days ago that the project isn’t quite finished yet. . . and wonder if it would be but for us tech-unsavvy oldsters.

  9. Linda J in PA

    Mary, as you have found out, Apple doesn’t play nice with other operating systems. I no longer have any Apple devices ’cause they are such a nightmare. However, Apple has addressed this issue so it may be fixable. If this doesn’t work and it reverts back, try it a couple times to see if one “sticks.” The instructions below are from Apple so fingers crossed, I am pasting the link here because there is a lot of info. This is supposed to change the iPad or iPhone so pics are saved as jpgs instead of heic files. Good luck, I know it is frustrating when computers don’t act like they are supposed to. I will also check to see if there is anything on You Tube that would solve the issue.

  10. NancyTD

    It is nothing you are going. All weekend I had no pictures on any email from any business. Sunday night one email said weak internet. What was that suppose to mean? Monday morning everything was normal again. Go figure—I can’t understand. I also touch NO SETTINGS!

  11. DebMac

    A story for you, Mary. I worked in a small town library and we had an older man who came in nearly every day to use our public computers. He was an engineer, very erudite, and quite intelligent but he refused to buy a laptop/home computer until they were “perfected”. He said if they kept needing updates they obviously were not perfect and why should he waste his money on one. He used them in his work so it wasn’t like he had no experience with computers. We did have problems with teens using our computers; they would have a problem and then “try” to fix it and several times took out our entire computer bank. We had to ask them to report problems before they tried to fix them unless it was something very basic. I wonder if they actually “know” more or are just less intimidated having grown up with computers. LOL Well, they probably do know more but you know what I mean.

  12. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, we all understand your computer programs. At work we always had computer experts to fix problems. Since I knew only a few basics, I’d not try stuff as I figured they first had to fix what I’d screw up and then get to the major problem. And I still do that.

    If we had the expertist, it would be obsolete by the time we’d need it. There are just some things left to the experts.

    Please, don’t get yourself all worked up. I know that is a big thing, but getting upset doesn’t help. Instead, go hug the dog and pet the cats. You’ll accomplish more.
    Betty in Rapid City

  13. WI Quilter

    I was able to see the picture on my IPhone. The beautiful picture made me think of “Be Still….”
    When updates mess up my phone I turn the phone off , then back on and all is good again. Ughh it’s annoying! Thank you for your perseverance, and dedication! WI Quilter

  14. Carole S.

    Ok, Mary, I understand your reluctance to ask a kid from church to help, but what if you had an opportunity to help that kid do some service? What if that kid really needed to have his/her skills reinforced by seeing their knowledge and skills applied in a real-world blog? What if they needed to see some real life problem that they could try to solve? Think what you would be providing them: reinforcement of their skills, boost to their self-confidence, pride in helping someone who isn’t their parent/teacher and isn’t in their close circle, a chance to expand their skill set. Think where you would be if no one ever presented you with a challenge. They worst thing they could do is say no, but there are so many good things that could happen if they said yes, and all because you asked.

  15. Dianna in Wisconsin

    Thanks for trying, trying, trying!
    I will look for the picture, haven’t seen the previous ones but I’ll keep looking.

    Thanks Mary

  16. Sharon F

    Technology can sure be frustrating! Especially when something you have consistently done suddenly stops working because of an update. An update you have no control over and have not been informed is going to happen.
    I’m sorry for your frustration! Hope things will be resolved soon, at least until the next update.
    Thanks for writing your blog, it’s so interesting to read.

  17. Dianne in CA

    Thanks for trying so hard. Technology is great… until it isn’t. I understand the frustration. I had to retire because I couldn’t figure out the technology to teach kindergarten on Zoom…

  18. Nicole Hanson

    Dear Mary, I understand how frustrating technology can be! I only know enough to get me into trouble! Never do I know the fix!
    Over the years , I have enjoyed your blog and the pictures and the humor. I enjoyed the sunrise over Tim’s field. Such a beautiful view and a serene moment.
    Best to you and Rick and all the critters! Take care and never give up!

  19. Beryl in Owatonna

    . Still frustrating. I get 4 little pictures that I can’t make larger…one is the sunrise. The next two morning post I couldn’t do anything with. The one tonight says it can’t be found, I clicked on the search box and it says isn’t this embarrassing, I can’t what you’re looking for.
    i have my Rambling Rows quilt top done and will send it to your email if I can figure out how to do that!!
    Hoping the rest of your day went well. The wind has blown in the cooler weather. We got a little rain up here maybe some over night. I am looking forward to the cool. Hoping this problem is solved, I so enjoy your Nothing News!!

  20. Linda in MI

    Mary I feel your pain! I am far from a techy, but feel rather confident needing to do what I want on the computer but when things get messed up it is worse than aggravating. It is exhausting because it shouldn’t be that difficult to fix or figure out! I just had a huge mess with my printer, went through everything I could think of, even deleting the software and letting it re-load but that didn’t work. It ended up being less expensive to go get a small printer that fits my needs than taking my laptop and printer to the computer service to let them fix it.

    I got the sunrise picture that was beautiful. Hopefully your troubles are over. You would think Apple had the smarts to send everyone a notice that they were doing an update – wonder it that’s why my phone was acting up??

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I would do the same thing – just go buy a new one! It IS exhausting and I haven’t slept well for days.

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