Sunrise Tuesday Morning, 10-3-23

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  1. Jan Knabel

    It worked ! You did it! Thank you for your blog! I grew up on a farm, and it makes me so happy to read about your like there! I also love to quilt so that makes it double enjoyment!

  2. Rachel Summy

    Beautiful Mary! Your photos and posts have always come through on my computer….hang in there!!

  3. Paula S.

    Beautiful sunrise, Mary! And I did read your previous post about blog troubles. I hope this can be resolved.

  4. Pat Smith

    I got the picture and it is beautiful! Our favorite saying is, “Technology will fail you in the end”. And it does, regularly. But now we are so dependent on it that there is no escape. Thank you for working so hard and suffering over the weekend to finally be able to send again. Yes, the pictures are really important and I’m so glad you can send them again. Thanks for your perseverance!

  5. Sheila in MA

    Just beautiful!! That should definitely bring a feeling of calm to any day.
    Stay well and keep blogging, it keeps us readers going also.


  6. Nancy from PA.

    I received your beautiful picture. I understand your frustration. Technology is a mystery to me. I still can’t set the clock on my new oven.

  7. Cynthia Lucas

    I’m not seeing a picture. I wish I could help but I’m as technological challenged as most of us of a certain age.

  8. Marlene T from Upstate New York

    Gorgeous sunrise. Don’t feel bad about technology. My son-in-law is a brilliant computer wiz. My Iphone is shutting the ringer off all on its own. He believes it is the settings on my apple watch. I plugged them both in Sunday night for the update and it didn’t update. I’m wondering if is because of the connection to my car. I’m usually pretty good at attempting to figure this stuff out but it drives me nuts. I haven’t commented in ages, but I thought I should when I saw your picture. I have been working on a flannel quilt that should have been done 10 + years ago. Hoping to finish this month and get it to the long arm.
    Good luck with the other photos.

  9. Vicki

    Gorgeous Iowa sunrise! I get your email and the picture came through fine. I don’t know where it took me when I clicked on “Comment” , but then it doesn’t show the picture on that screen. I’m on my IPad.

  10. Gloria from CC

    Beautiful picture Mary! I’ve never had a problem getting your pictures so I can imagine how frustrated you are when some people can’t see them. I’ve always read your blog on my iPhone. Speaking of which – we tried 4 different Verizon locations before we found a competent one (Waverly). iPhone 15’s came out last week and that’s what we got – in and out in less than 2 hours. The young man was knowledgeable, polite, respectful and patient. What a wonderful experience! At one Verizon store we asked the person in charge a simple question and she shrugged her shoulders!!!!!!! So I said – “and you work here?” Have a great rest of your week.

  11. Bobby Sutton

    Yea!! The beautiful picture came through. Mary, thanks for being persistent in trying to figure out the problems and posting when possible. Your blog adds a ray of sunshine in my day when I see it.

    Bobby in Md

  12. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    The sunrise picture came through on my iPhone 14 just fine. Sorry you’re having such a time. Hang in there 🥰😻

  13. Diane in Maryland

    Beautiful! Thank you for all your hard work on the blog. We all enjoy hearing from you and the pictures. I have found that computer issues are a pain for people of all ages. It’s not just us. Why can’t the ones who create the problems just let us know what to do when they decide to fool around with it?

  14. Barbara Bennett

    It seems some people see the picture and some of us don’t. I wonder if only Apple users see it. I’m on Android and I see no picture. That doesn’t make sense to me but I know nothing about Apple.

  15. Angie from Baltimore

    It looks painted it is so beautiful. We are fortunate to see skies like this it almost makes everything right in the world

  16. Rita In Iowa

    Picture came through on email, when I clicked to see comments in browser the picture went away.

  17. Carolyn Howard

    Wish I could say I saw the sunrise picture, can imagine it in my mind. Am not a whiz at technology myself and wish there were something magical I could suggest that would fix it. I have the feeling that if you did ask one of the younger people to help you, they would be more than delighted. Give it a try, you might be surprised. Good luck, hope you can continue to write your blog as there are lots of people out there who look forward to reading same.

    1. Connie R.

      I agree, I think younger people would be happy to help. Let them be smarter at technology.
      Mary, you have created and run a very successful quilt business and shop, inspired thousands to quilt, as well as juggle farm work, animals, and write a blog we all look forward to. Let the young people handle the computer technology. You rock in everything else.

  18. Bonny

    I understand your frustration! But the picture came through great. It calls for coffee and quiet time on the porch! Stay strong?

  19. Karen

    Morning, Mary. The beautiful photo showed in my email but when I clicked to your blog, nothing.

  20. Terri Flynn

    I feel your pain! You can go into settings and set your device back to a certain date. I don’t know what kind of device you have but it’ll reset to prior to the updates. And then I would never allow my device to update automatically. I personally turn off auto updates in settings. You can go online and get step-by-step instructions on how to set your device back to a certain date.

  21. Terri Flynn

    Just so you know, after I sent my comment about returning to a prior to the update date, and went back to the email the picture of the Sunrise was there. Or maybe it’s a sunset not sure.

    1. Sheila in WI

      Mary, the picture wasn’t there this morning, but is there in all its glory tonight. It is absolutely beautiful!

  22. Dianna in Wisconsin

    I think since most GOT IT, I think it might be something on my tablet now. I’ll check my settings

    Thanks Mary

  23. Julie in Northern CA

    A beautiful view like that is the best medicine for technology woes in my mind! How can technology be so wonderful and so totally awful at the same time?!?!
    Thanks for persevering!!

  24. Sharon G.

    Mary – Beautiful sunrise photo. You should get it framed!
    No notification in advance of the Apple update? If not, let WordPress know you need a notification whenever there’s an update. WordPress powers the blog so they are responsible for this.
    Jeez… If it’s not one thing it’s another. 😂
    Love the blog.
    Take care everyone.

  25. Nancy Ann Phyllis Poole

    Got the picture in my email but not if i went to the blog or on my Android phone.

  26. Kathy in western NY

    I am just so glad I get your blog post sent to me to read in an email so I can read and see the pictures. My email carrier shows it just fine but if I search for your blog on the internet I don’t have a picture.

  27. Sally

    No sunrise picture but the photos from 9-30-23 Fiesta Plate and Red Box came through as well as the photos from 9-29-23 before Norma, Rambling Rows, Red Box and Radio Flyer at the bottom.

  28. Mary Dyer

    I see the picture and it’s a beautiful sunrise. Sorry the blog gives you such grief and frustration ☹️

  29. Donna J in Wichita

    Both the sunrise and you!
    And let me tell you that you’re way more electronically able than I! (Drives my family crazy! 😝)

  30. Sandy

    Yes Mary, the picture appeared in New Zealand! It must be whatever device is used or areas where internet coverage isn’t the best l reckon. We has patchy phone coverage as we live in a hill suburb,3 boosters help internet and phone Reception. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy.

  31. Jeanine from Iowa

    Photo on my email, but not on your website when I click on “Comment.” What is the world has changed? This has not happened to me before……

  32. Vicki Ibarra

    No picture this morning, but a picture tonight. It is like it takes a long time to “load” or whatever.

  33. Renae

    No picture of sunrise until now. Blame it on my oldie goldie iphone 7 (last update 15.4) that will no longer accept/take any further updates. Googled and it said number of latest update was 17! Guess I need a new phone! 🥴$$$

  34. ChristieB

    Surprise! This morning I can now see the picture of yesterday’s sunrise! Maybe today is the day that things will be fixed!

  35. Glenda Fletcher

    Oct 4: Was busy as went and picked squash at my brother and sister-in-law’s place an hour away from us.
    So thankful for my brother for raising squash, first for them and their family, and the rest for me as I have
    issues with eating MSG, acidic, spicy etc food. I freeze qt. packages and use them throughout the winter.
    I put it in my oatmeal every morning, make squash bake, and make breads with them. Very pretty picture.
    After all the hot weather, these cooler days feel good. Hope your computer gets better. When we aren’t
    savvy with these computers, it is hard to fix anything. Can feel for you. We all enjoy your emails. Thank you for sticking with it.

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