Disappointed again

And it still isn’t permanently fixed – I got no picture.

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  1. Marie C

    I can see the pictures if I look at your post through email
    I can’t see the pictures if I look up your blog through Google. Hang in there. We will wait for it to get fixed. I enjoy your visits. I love hearing about your life and seeing the great pictures. I always enjoy the quilting show and tell.

  2. Kris in WI

    HA! Just like ChristieB above, no sunrise pix on the laptop yesterday, but here it is today in all its glory! Gremlins be gone! We hope. Kris

  3. ChristieB

    Surprise! This morning I can now see the picture of yesterday’s sunrise! Maybe today is the day that things will be fixed! Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed!

  4. Bridget

    When we went to remote work I learned a LOT about technology!!! First thing was turn off the computer/phone and let it sort itself out. Second thing was to keep up with the updates (still dread the first workday of the month because I know updates pushed out over the weekend…). Third I learned to just ask…tech people are thrilled to help and I ask them why and how the problem cropped up…haha, I am tired of having another lesson to learn but…but my almost 90 year old mother always says the world isn’t going to change back… get used to it! lol go mom!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bridget – turning it off will be the first thing on my list. I have checked the updates. Richard is so busy as a college student that he just hasn’t had time to help me. I appreciate your advice. This morning readers are emailing me that the comment section is no longer available. More problems.

  5. Marthanne Donaldson

    Yesterday I couldn’t see the sunrise. It is there this morning. Gorgeous. I am looking at your blog on my Lenovo laptop. Have a great day.

  6. Lindah in northern CA

    Lovely sunrise on my microsoft pc. I feel your angst. Thank you for hanging in there. Technology is wonderful when it works.

  7. Diane in WI

    Mary, I received the beautiful picture. I agree with some of the readers about not having pictures. Your words are very important to us readers. Take care.

  8. Jo Kramer

    My guess is that you have a widget that isn’t jiving…who knows though…and even it that’s the problem, I have not idea how to fix it.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – I did see the 17.0 update but was afraid to do it. Maybe now I will. It might be the answer?

  9. Kris in WI

    Mary, why am I always afraid to combine colors in a quilt when God obviously gives us the inspiration to splash hot pink across blue, lavender, and gold all in one sunrise?!? I need a new sign next to “Be Calm” that says “Be Bold!”
    Even without pictures (though I did get the sunrise on gmail, not the website) your blog is like a letter from a friend. Remember “real” letters? And tucking them away until you had a chance to sit down and read them through several times (Oops, showing my “certain age” here!). Plus, the comments are like getting a round robin letter from your cousins. Just to say that your writing still brings the best of your blog about nothing to us all and I thank you for the effort. Kris

  10. Beryl BC

    I just checked and have no sunrise picture. I have never received the blog via email; I just go to the website to view. I did check my older desktop computer and my newer Android phone. Neither have the picture. I did read through all the comments to see if I could pick up anything.

    1. Beryl BC

      Mary, I don’t know what changed in the past 4 hours. I decided to check again, and there is the beautiful sunrise on my desktop computer. It is also on my phone. So, I’m cheering. I wonder if those that saw it when I didn’t still see it or not.??

  11. Linda in Central IA

    Oh, don’t forget about updating and checking your settings in you browser guards- mafee, avg, avast, malwarebytes. They are updating too!

  12. Linda in Central IA

    It’s not just Apple. EVERY major company do .updates every month. I know Microsoft is the 2nd Tuesday. I don’t know abt apple, google, or other companies. Mary can keep her end updated- but if you don’t, then you may not see what she us sending. As readers, we have responsibilities too. And Mary, thank you for trying your darndest to fix these issues- i admire your tenacity through all this

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – thanks but I feel so incapable of this. I will try again tonight.

  13. MarilynMiller

    I saw the picture of sunrise over Neighbor Tim’s bean field. It was beautiful!

  14. Barbara J Durkin

    I got a picture a very pretty one of the sunset. Don’t give up I so enjoy your posts.
    Long time reader first time posting.

  15. Charlotte S in northern California

    I’m not getting any pictures. Not on my Android phone nor my desktop computer.
    But I’m still closing the ads!!

  16. Jan R

    I got your sunrise picture in your last email blog! It was stunning and a beautiful way to start the day
    Thanks Mary

  17. Candy

    No picture for me today. I use an older iPad that is no longer supported, meaning I get no more system updates. If Apple is messing things up, that shouldn’t be affecting my iPad. I always check your blog through the website, not email. Good luck tracking down a solution!

  18. Tina W in Oregon

    I’ve been getting the pictures all along on both my iPhone and iPad. In the email and on the blog.

  19. Viv in Idaho

    Hi Mary – I didn’t get your sunrise picture at first. I looked in the settings on my iPad and I had two updates I hadn’t downloaded so I downloaded both of them. Then I shut my iPad off and restarted it and now I can see the sunrise photo. It is probably not all on your end…

    Love your blog!

  20. Elizabeth McD.

    Mary, this seems like a really good time to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog; I have been reading every word for years, and all of my kids and my Sweetie know about the goats eating the leftover Christmas trees after the holidays, and your gorgeous houseplants (inspiring!). I have been familiar with Country Threads since the first Quilt Sampler came out, and I proudly own numerous of your books and your patterns, especially the great applique patterns. I always hesitate to write, as other bloggers seem to find my comments invisible or yawn-worthy. I am 77 years old, and did craft shows in NY state, and later in West Virginia, Ohio and Pa., Ct., NH. selling potholders with my original satin-stitched applique designs (and have had them ripped off in every imaginable way…empathize with the quilt from the cover of Aunt Amy’s Quilts, which I just added to my collection of Country Threads titles before that awful incident). Ohh, I am a huge fan of everything you have done and are doing! Do not let the computer glitzes get you down! Just think of all of the 60 and 70 year olds who do not know how to turn on a computer. Thank you for all that you do to add pleasure to my life, and the lives of other readers. Mary, you ROCK!

  21. Sunflower from Michigan

    I received all of your posts and pictures today. Thanks. Your sunrise was as beautiful as the one I saw over my lake this morning.

  22. Sharon G.

    Mary – How about in the meantime and until the issue is resolved, you just do the blog without photos.

    Sending a hug your way!

    Take care everyone.

  23. Arrowhead Gramma

    Mary, I received three posts from you this morning. The first was you post about the blog issues. The next one had the photo of the beautiful sunrise. . Lastly, the third post expressed disappointment that the photo didn’t post, but yet it did for me

    I totally understand your frustration, as I too, am not a tech person at all.

  24. Carol Reents

    I see a picture of the sunrise. I only had one time that I not see a picture but since then I’ve seen them all.

  25. Dot in NC

    I can see the picture on my Mac laptop, but my iPad and iPhone don’t show it. I checked the file format of the image as it is on your blog post, and it’s an HEIC image. It’s named “img_6510.heic”. I did some searching and found that WordPress needs some kind of extra plugin to convert HEIC images to a different format, either “jpg” or “webp” which it then uploads. So you’d probably need to find and install that plugin.

    It might be easier, if you’re taking the photos with an iPhone or iPad, to change the Camera settings on those devices to stop saving photos as HEIC and instead save them as JPEG. I sent you an email recently about how to do that. Please email back if you need to, and I’ll try to help!

    1. Li

      I read that “.heic” is related to image sequences. It is for compressing streaming video to save data. That means the image does not take up storage space.

      Before I take a picture I make sure to not have the camera in “slo-mo” or “video” mode. I look too see that “photo” is the option.

      One workaround might be to take a picture.
      Take a screen shot of that image.
      Post the screenshot, not the original image.
      I am thinking the screenshot would not be in the “.heic” format this way.

      I regrest that is would be a few more steps and annoying when posting many images like you do to make this blog a success.

  26. Jan B from TN

    I received your written post & I received the gorgeous picture. (Using my iPad.)

  27. Judi in Texas

    I’ve receved everything . To my knowledge, I’ve not missed anything. I’m using my Mac desktop.

  28. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    FYI. I received blog at 7:31 am with beautiful pic.
    Received two more bits with no pics.

  29. Rosalie

    I got the picture on the email before this one but there wasn’t a picture on the website after I commented

  30. Kathy

    I saw the beautiful picture, but I’m sorry you’re still having trouble. I think you have a brilliant idea to send the words in one post and the photos in another so you don’t loose the writing. Where there is a will there is a way! I don’t blog or know any of the behind-the-scenes work, but I can tell you I really enjoy reading about the things you do and all your pets. You’re an inspiration to many of us!

  31. Jan in NE IA

    Been reading you on my cellphone and had no idea what you were talking about. Receiving pictures on my end just fine!!

  32. Madelyn Norville

    I received the blog and then the pic in a separate email. Beautiful sunrise pic!

  33. Kim from Wi

    My sunrise picture came through just fine. I’m on my laptop and it came through on my android phone.

  34. JoDee

    The picture came in the email you sent out but not on the website. I’m using an IPad.

  35. RuthAnn Wilson

    Hi Mary, I was able is see your beautiful sunrise on my iPhone. I have not updated my phones operating system in quite awhile.
    RuthAnn in Michigan

  36. Vanessa Behymer

    Mary, I can see it, the picture in your last post I mean. And the last couple where you had lots of pics, it sounded like you werent seeing them but I could, hmmm.

  37. Kimmy girl, from southeastern Ohio

    Hi Mary and friends! I got the picture in my email, but not on the blog! am not complaining, just wanted to let you know. Also, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  38. Jean

    You’re not alone – technology can be a nightmare!!! The sunrise pic came through just fine here. And it was beautiful, thank you! Hang in there Mary. Don’t feel bad asking a young one our help – gives them the opportunity to flex their minds and to help others.

  39. Barbara C.

    I have an Android phone and the picture came through fine. All the pictures have been coming through during the last week. It must be Apple devices.

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