And Who Is This?

Tuesday morning I stepped into the garage to put something in the garbage and this is what I saw — a nice cat sleeping in the garbage container.  Hmmm….this is not my cat.  I quietly went back in the house and checked later.  No cat but after a search I found the cat in the room upstairs above the garage.  I put out food and water and checked the litter box.  After multiple trips upstairs the cat wants nothing to do with me.  If this is a male cat, I don’t want the barn cat to fight with him.  If this is a female cat, I don’t want the barn cat fathering a litter of kittens.  What to do?  For right now, I guess the cat will live upstairs and as soon as I can get it into a carrier, I will have it fixed — male or female.

It’s been a busy week – Connie’s party on Monday and on Tuesday my friends Al and Ginny came for lunch and a long visit.  They brought one of their 9 dogs, a puggle named Milo.

Wednesday morning I met a friend in Mason City so we could look at home dec fabrics to recover her chair seats and then there was choir and cantata practice in the evening.  This is too much activity for an old lady!  So today I’m back at the sewing machine.  Here is a sneak peak at one of the quilts that will be in the new book.  I did straight line quilting on it of course because it’s the look I like the best AND it’s the only thing I can do well.  Ha!  The thing about straight line quilting is that it doesn’t get in the way of the quilt design and fabric choices which is what I like the best about quilting.

Thanks so much to those of you who sent pictures of your finished Gypsy Wife quilt tops.  I love them all and will post them in a final Gypsy Wife discussion.  Each one is so special!  And there will never be two alike.

Back to the sewing machine – only 6 more quilts to go!

13 thoughts on “And Who Is This?

  1. Diane

    HI Mary–Awww, that kitty looks just like our Fluffy who lived to be 22years old!! Milo is adorable; I did not know there was such a thing as a puggle. ( Windstream turned that into muggle–funny). I can’t wait to see the Gypsy Wife quilts.

  2. Dee Winter

    Odd, I too missed the “sneak peek”. Love the kitty, it’s getting cold, this one found you, it’s that sign out front. Love the Puggle, my friend had one she loved dearly. Like we all love our furbabies. Have a great day, I’m off to the sewing machine myself.

  3. Launa

    Morning Mary…. Am in agreement to spay or neuter the cat; it has found a great home.
    Is your sneak peek quilt folded and barely showing in the last picture of Milo? Can’t wait to see the newest book as I love small quilt projects.
    Anyone read Sandra Dallas’ book, THE LAST MIDWIFE?

  4. brenda A in sunny AZ

    Mary, you’re just too easy and word has gotten around in the animal world. “Scat Cat” heard about the special care you give to all of God’s creatures, and you now have a new resident occupying your barn. Chances are, “she’s” pregnant, looking for a warm, hospitable place to hang out. My first cat was named “Company” who arrived on New Year’s Day, many, many years ago and we soon had our first lesson on where babies come from!

  5. Carolyn

    I missed the sneak peek too, is it hiding in one of the photos? Is it to late to get the rug book? I would like to participate beginning in January:)

  6. Pat Mosley

    Sure missed seeing your booth at HIQF last eve. Good memories. Lots of pretties. Blessings from Texas, Pat Mosley

  7. Tanya Tullos

    What a beautiful cat! With all that gray hair and blue eyes, it looks like Paul Newman to me!

  8. Dorothy Sheldrake

    I think Little Miss Gray or Mr Gray heard from a little mouse that your place was like a bit of heaven.

  9. Kim

    Skinny little Grey Cat looks like he or she was feeling uncertain and completely at your mercy…thank goodness this little cat will soon learn it is safe and it is home.

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