Anderson Reunion

I think I survived having this group of relatives here last Saturday. It was really a great day – food was delicious and plentiful, weather was 75 degrees, and the kids had fun driving the golf carts through the grove on the “wilderness trail”. I loved it but I’m still recovering – ha!

4 thoughts on “Anderson Reunion

  1. Ann Barlament

    How wonderful to have the space to host a family reunion!!

    Family reunions are the perfect place to expand on the family tree, gather pictures of relatives and share stories.

    Sounds like a perfect day!! Hope you are recovering…

  2. Launa

    Mary…Isn’t it delightful to see all the generations (new and old) and catch up on family news?

    Had a little get together here with our retired son Monday and Tuesday as he was in town to pick up a Bouvier de Flandres 6 month old pup. Someone purchased the dog for show, but wanted to GIVE him away. Called him Will and he was so gentle, but let me tell you he is no lap granddog!! Will did try to climb into my lap and snuggle his head on my neck a few times, but the rest of him didn’t fit! He should top out at 100 pounds. So glad he has a good home now and more dogs to play with and keep him company.

  3. sandy

    Mary…I would like to adopt the kitty you had on your country threads page you named Colton. I could drive out on Tuesday from Illinois….please tell me he is still there. I have looked and looked and he is gorgeous. Can you tell me something about Colton…estimated age?
    I see you were going away to fair this weekend…If you remember my late husband and I visited with you when Elmo and Marcia were there. I played the piano st your church. We have had 3 Siamese cats I’m past and also a sheltie for 16 yrs now crossed the rainbow bridge.i am a quilter and recently got my rug frame built as Ken didn’t get it done before he passed suddenly. I desperately need a companion…He will be an indoor boy. Please call me ASAP at 815 547 6808.or cell 815 289 5850…thank you so much.
    Sandy at
    We met in Chicago over 15 years ago
    …I have shopped your mail order since around 1996.
    Please call or email me. I have looked for a long time.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – I would love to have you adopt Colton! He will make a wonderful companion and I hope you can come Tuesday. I have also sent you an email. Mary

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