Another Dull Day, 2-25-20

Here I go again – typing away, thinking as I go and wondering just what happened today – if anything. Haha! I do have some great photos from readers to post.

Remember the chips and beer discussion? Someone asked what kind of chips and this week, it’s these multigrain chips from the Dollar Store.

Made a quick run to the store today for wide aluminum foil because I was making hobo dinners for supper. Little Miss Independent wouldn’t even go along so it was just me and Telly.

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As I sat down to finish sewing rows together I couldn’t help but notice I had this wide open space to work in! Why don’t I put things away after I use them so things don’t get so piled up? I’m going to try very very hard this time.

Here’s the “before” picture.

Are you inspired to clean YOUR sewing room?

As I cleaned and sorted I found this little quilt made of leftover blocks and pieces which promptly got hung outside. Yes, I did piece the star block with one side turned opposite – on purpose!

My rows are all sewed together – maybe it doesn’t need a border?

Hobo dinners for supper tonite – a hamburger patty, onions, sliced potatoes, onions, cut up carrots, onion and a big pat of butter, salt and pepper – all layered on top of two sheets of heavy duty aluminum foil. Voila!

Cook in 400 degree oven for one hour, then 30 minutes at 350. Very hot! Open carefully.

Transfer to plate.


Debra in SC has been blessed with these twin babies – photo taken just a few hours after they were born! I’d love to watch them bounce around!

These two darlings also belong to Debra – Maggie and Woody.

Dirty Dozen quilts

This was the charm square nine patch pattern.

That’s it for today, Folks! I’m watching Hunters on Amazon Prime Videos and I can’t wait to get back to it!

49 thoughts on “Another Dull Day, 2-25-20

  1. Kathy Hanson

    Looks like a great day! I will have to make hobo dinners, haven’t for a long time. Started cleaning my sewing room, taking things out to decide on but when I started cutting out a new project the distraction of it all got me confused and I cut things wrong and had to nu more fabric!!! So I put things out of sight so I can get it done right!! Love a nice neat sewing room!!

    1. Pat in Michigan

      Kathy Hanson
      Are you the quilter who sent the picture of the beautiful blue, white and pastel finished quilt recently? I would like to find out the quilt name and/or designer. It is so beautiful and soft looking. Thank you
      Pat in Michigan

  2. Carol F.

    I vote for no border, your quit is just beautiful the way it is, just needs a great binding!!!

  3. Peggy S

    Hobo dinners look good. We used to cook them over the fire when camping. Our “grate” was an old bed spring from a crib!
    Perhaps “little Miss Independent” thought you were headed to the VET again, so preferred to stay home!! Ha!

  4. Rikki

    Mary you have inspired to start the death cleaning , today i started shredding papers found some 10 years old in the pile. Shredded 4 big bags full and still not done. Worked at it all day have lots of death cleaning and my only child says get it done because he doesn’t want to do it. Hope I can stay at it and get lots done the only thing with spring coming the auctions start and I love to go and drag more junk home because i can’t resist a bargain even though I will probably never use it. I just hope I can get as much done as you have just little steps at a time.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rikki – well, that’s the secret – just one drawer or one cupboard at a time and soon you’ll feel the difference. I’m going to continue with my fabric now. Ugh.

  5. Katherine Gourley

    Yum — hobo packs. Soooooo good. I love the quilt you are working on and for what it is worth —- I do not think it needs boarders.

  6. Jane from St Marys

    I was surprised this afternoon with a gift from the feed store that my husband brought home for me….a feed sack bag!! The wife of the man that works there makes them & he saved this special bag for me as it has a Simmental cow on it! My husband asked me if I knew what it was? Of course I did…Mary with the quilt blog makes them but I never dreamed I would have one! This one is a special gift that I will enjoy the next time I go shopping! I never have seen them until you showed them! I haven’t made hobo packets for a while so will get ingredients to make those soon! And some prayers for my little Miss Callie who is at the vet for her spay surgery tomorrow. She’s a stray that found me along with 2 of her brothers one day last fall when I was walking. They have turned into the best kitties on the farm!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jane from St Mary’s – thank you for getting their vet work done even though they’re evidently farm cats. A Simmental on a feed bag? Margaret’s whole family raises Simmentals – I should go looking for a bag for Margaret. You’ll love your feed bag!

      1. Jane from St Marys

        If Margaret is a Jass….yes you need to look for a Purina Wind & Rain mineral bag with a black baldy Simmental cow, a calf & a Charolais bull on it!!! The Simmental will fit right in with their family of cows!!! I have no idea if these bags are still available but I’m thrilled I have one!! Yes all my cats are barn cats but they are all fixed….or soon to be! One kitten to the carrier at a time!!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Jane from St Mary’s – do you know the Jass family? My memory is failing me – have we talked about them before?

          1. Jane from St Marys

            Yes Mary we know them because they raise Simmental cattle! We were in you area many years ago when we bought a heifer from Steve! We have discussed this before but you are allowed to forget…you communicate with lots of people!

          2. CountryThreads Post author

            Jane at st Mary’s – I asked Margaret at choir practice tonight and she said she didn’t know your name but Steve probably did – oh good grief! I am sorry! I do remember lots of people but evidently I didn’t remember you.

  7. Carmen Montmarquet

    Can’t wait to try the Hobo Dinner! Awesome job on your sewing room!! Just the boost i need to start mine!
    I vote no borders to, love the quilt just the way it is!!

  8. Karla T

    I LOVE your quilt, Mary! I may have to add that one to my list! No borders is my vote too.;)

  9. Betty Klosterman

    Your quilt really looks nice. And I liked your sewing room both before and after cleaning. I don’t know if mine could get much cleaning as there are only a couple paths that I have to go thru sideways AND suck in my gut, too. Not sure there is much room for the vacuum. Also really liked the colorful little houses, too. They are so cute. I will print them out so I can make them – someday. I love miniatures. There is a lot of talent out there on your blog. Glad they share it with us.
    Did you have company for your hobo dinners? Or good leftovers? They do look good. I made bean soup that was very good. Last night was interesting. We were supposed to get 4″ snow and 50 mph winds. Instead we got 12″ wet snow and 25 mph winds. In the meantime, it is winter. Just grin and start shoveling.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty K – we are soooo lucky! One storm went north of us and one storm went south of us! Yes, it’s still winter but it’s been getting in the low 30’s almost every day and the first week of March is supposed to be above normal. I might make a couple of those sweet little houses, too!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty K – no company for supper but I made extra dinners for a Rick to heat up or freeze.

    3. Vicki in Seattle

      Betty, the Mini House quilt with the black and white border is 12” x 14”. I used the little house pattern for pincushions in Carrie Nelson’s book “PIN PALS” and made my own arrangement. It was fun.

      The larger house is a small version of the “Villages“
      Pattern. Both are bright and cheery for a rainy day!💙

  10. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    Your sewing room looks great. Thank you for showing us what it looks like. There is this magazine called, “Where Women Work” (it is interesting, but expensive–like $15 or so– I “look at it in the store” sometimes) anyway, your area would fit right in the magazine.
    The Hobo meal looks wonderful. I really like your plates. I almost bought that set of dishes years ago, but I bought dishes with cows instead. What was I thinking?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Schwartz – you were thinking you had cows at your house! That’s what! I believe that publication came out in 2008 by Jo Packham because we were given copies of the first issue at the Country Living Women’s Entrepreneur event and Jo was there. I have several copies but really it’s all too perfect for my world and my sewing room. I use shoeboxes for stuff!

  11. Signe in Virginia

    The charm square nine patch quilt is stunning! Where can the pattern be found? I am going to try the recipe for hobo dinners. They looked yummy!

  12. Sue in Oregon

    I need a good cleaning in my sewing room too. I am cutting and sewing in a smaller and smaller area now. My problem is, I don’t have enough storage area. What I do have is full up. I could drag some fabrics down to the basement, but then I would probably never see it again.

    I just love your dishes. They make the All American dinner look yummy.

  13. Anonymous

    My day was at the. Surgery center. Had a epidural at my top of spine by my neck. For a long time having upper, arm, shoulder, neck and ear pain. Could not sew. I have stenosis in my spine. Not new. I had 3 spinal fusions for stenosis. The fusions took care of my back pain. Next month I am getting a spinal stimulation implant for nerve pain at the sscrolic joint. The trial one worked great. I haven’t sewen much for 5 years
    Was ready to quit sewing. Depressed. Now I am ready to start small. 35 years of large quilts is enough. You told me to go to Mayo last fall. Did not. Found a great pain management here. Your pinched nerve will be fine with a good doc. My friend s pinched nerve turned out fine. Just Turn it Over. That’s what I did with my procedures
    Pray for the surgeon also. May I will be new again. My mom always told me not to work so hard. Guess she was right. Owen looks like a porcelain China painted doll. I taught that also on reproductions. I recently read that scrap quilts should never have borders. I agree. Since I haven’t written for solomh, my name has been taken. I will change it to Dee far NE Illinois. Good luck with your cleaning. Hope I will be able to soon.

  14. Sandy

    Betty K ,l too have to suck my gut in to get to the sewing machine, only one path in and out! I wish for a big sewing room like Mary! Best wishes from sandy

  15. Sharon Bennett

    Love your sewing space! It just looks so inviting and peaceful! I especially like the upstairs area with the built in book shelves…. 🙂
    Now I’m wanting a hobo dinner….for breakfast! lol!
    Cute little baby goats!

  16. Paula Philpot

    I love your dishes, will you look on the back and see what the name is? I have done the Hobo dinners and they are really good. Sewing room looks so much better, I did mine last week and it sure makes me feel good when I do. When I do scrappy quilts I DO NOT put a border on because back in the olden days they did not have large pieces of fabric to make borders……Do you like feed sacks? If so, you need to show us the ones you have. I have made a sampler for the quilt shop that are blocks that are about the family farm we are on. I have Sunbonnet Sue for my mom watering flowers, Sam block is for my dad fishing at the pond. Other blocks re Duck and Ducklings for the ducks in the pond, Farmers Daughter, Swing in the Center, Star of the Bluegrass, Hole in the Barn Door, wild rose, etc. All of the blocks represent something meaningful to the farm…thought I would share.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula Philpot – would you like to send us a picture of this quilt? Send to my email so I can post on blog. No, I don’t care for feedsacks – don’t know why but I’ve never made a quilt from that fabric.

  17. Kathy in western NY

    Always refreshing to see a cleaned up sewing area. I’m with you…why can’t I just keep it like that so it’s all spiffy to work at tomorrow. No….I pull out and stack up and make another pile. I need intervention so it’s just easier to chat in your comments with like minded souls.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in NY – I think we ALL need intervention ! I want to keep organizing even more but I’m falling behind with everything else.

  18. Diane and Squeak

    Your sewing “clean up” has inspired me to continue mine:)
    I think your dishes might be Hartstone? If so, they were made for years in Zanesville, Ohio in Central Ohio. I used to shop at their store often and have a lot of their stoneware. At one time, the employees bought the company to keep it going, but I believe it is now out of business. Their blueberry stoneware used to be sold at LLBean.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane and Squeak – yes, it is Hartstone and when I picked it out, I did so at a store my family could pick up a piece of two at a time. I realize it’s pretty dated now but I still love it!

  19. Mary O

    The nine patch quilt is awesome!!! Makes mine like tiny! That took a long time. What size is it and did she use charm packs for it or yardage?
    Love your quilt Mary.

  20. MartyCae Klein

    I am going to make the hobo dinner tomorrow. Thanks for the recipe.
    My sewing mess is all over. I just can’t wait to get on to the next thing. Seeing your nice room makes me feel guilty! Ha!

  21. the other Angie

    Your new quilt is beautiful! It doesn’t need a thing!! Bet it feels good to get that finished. And, then, your sewing room … It is wonderful. I am in the middle of trying to clean mine, but all the little stuff is so hard to deal with. Basically, I think I am trying to squeeze too much into too little space. I never quite seem to get to the point of being totally done – maybe I need to get more into the death cleaning thing! Debra’s two new kids are the cutest! Love hearing from you every day.

  22. Vickie Devore

    I look so forward to reading your messages. Going to try that hobo recipe as soon as I can thaw some hamburger. No border on the quilt. Love that pattern! Thank you for taking your time to share so much with us. love to all of you!!

  23. Jan Smith

    Thanks for the hobo dinner reminder. My granddaughter will be here for dinner tonight, and she loves this. It’s a snowy day, so hot chocolate, and cinnamon toast after school, then hobo dinner.
    Your sewing room is such a homey sight! Love all the wood, and charming tidbits.

  24. Nancy TD

    Hobo dinner sounds so good. It is a summer favorite on an open fire. Guess I will make it and think of summer. Just love your quilt without a border. We should all be busting down our scraps. Still hand quilting my dirty dozen and only 3 days to go. Back to work—half a border to quilt and bind it. Have a great day .

  25. Debbie B

    Hobo meals, that brings back memories. I haven’t done those in ages. And your sewing room clean up is inspiring. I need to have a major clean up. Your scrappy 9 patch quilt is great. I need to do that one. It would be great for the Hospice Quilt Project I work with. Good one. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Jeanie S, Central IL

    I am hungry after reading about your hobo dinners. We made them On camping trips but never in the oven. I also love your stars stoneware.
    Thanks for the blog; I always enjoy it and learn something. 🤗

  27. Diane in Maryland

    You have inspired me to clean up my sewing space. I will as soon as I finish piecing the current quilt. In the meantime I hear your voice when I am about to lay that object in my hand down where it doesn’t belong and I have been putting things in their proper place. It is amazing what a time saver that is! The Stars and Stripes (red,white, and blue) are never dated…just perfect for a couple married in July! I think I remember you mentioning that you were married on or near July 4? Baby goats are so adorable. Our grandson and another 4Her are to each have one at his home soon. His mom says they are a sale project…sure… Mike and I are sure they will be up there with the other four goats that were 4H projects 14 years ago! Those 4Hers were our granddaughters who are now 23 and 25!
    Your dull days are very productive! I love your quilt!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane in MD – we got married on Flag Day, June 14 and my birthday is July 3 -ALWAYS celebrated on July 4 – haha! You’ve got a great memory! Baby goats – you’re lucky you will have a pair of them to watch grow up. And watch those boys enjoy them as your kids did all those years ago. I wish I could just go visit some.

  28. Mary Says Sew!

    I am also organizing, decluttering, eliminating and cleaning. All over the house, garage and yard in general, and in my sewing room and stash specifically. Two things are working for me with my sewing stuff.

    1.) The first thing I do each day i go in my sewing room is I do one thing to declutter, organize, toss or clean. It can be anything and it can be big or small. Put something away, deal with a pile of fabric, go through a drawer, dust something, vacuum – even run the lint roller over the ironing board. Mending counts, too!

    i started about a year ago, and it didn’t take very long to see a difference.

    My mantra is, “Don’t put it down, put it away!”

    2.) The second thing is I keep track of fabric in versus fabric used or out. i set up a simple Excel spreadsheet a few years ago, which makes it very easy. Before that, I just kept a running list.

    I count Fabric Used/Out when a quilt is finished or when fabric leaves the house. Fabric In is fabric I bought or received. I use the Electric Quilt program to estimate the yardage, or the yardage listed on a pattern. Or I estimate.

    My goal is to reduce the amount of fabric I have in my stash. Tracking the fabric keeps my accountable. And it’s working!

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