Meet Angel, 2-27-2020

Remember Pooh Bear, Gloria’s little poodle who died recently at 17+ years old? Today Angel, a senior poodle whose owner passed away, went to Gloria’s to live the life of luxury. Here she is when Gloria first met her at Patriots For Pets in Clear Lake, IA.

And here she is after getting a spiffy haircut! Now she looks like Gloria’s little dog – I liked that original scruffy look but THIS is Gloria’ s Angel.

Her owner had died and the family didn’t want her so she had been taken to the vet to be euthanized. The vet acted in Angel’s behalf by calling a rescue and look at her now! She’s watching TV with Gloria on the couch tonight. Senior dogs have to be simply demoralized being put in a shelter cage. You must know how happy this makes me! Congratulations to the whole family!

Tomorrow is the day I get my eyes fixed – remember the new lenses the dr. put in to replace the cataracts? That now have wrinkles in them and I can’t see? Honestly, there is something wrong with just about every body part!!!

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Remember when I started Temecula’s little sampler shown in the front of their book? Well, today even I have a finish to show you.

Three more finishes:

Yesterday I baked cookies – again. I love the, too, but a Rick is the real offender – haha!

Look what came in the mail today!

Since the zip code was wrong, I’m thinking that’s why it’s pretty late for a Valentine. But it’s so nice of them! Martingale is the best!!

It wasn’t real warm today but the sun was out and the chickens came up to the yard – it is such a pleasure to see them out and about again after the past 6-7 weeks.


45 thoughts on “Meet Angel, 2-27-2020

  1. Holly in Two Harbors

    Yay for Gloria and Angel! What a happy intervention by the vet–yay for him/her, too! I love seeing the chickens out and about. I can almost hear their happy chicken noises.

  2. Sharon Lowy

    So happy for Angel and Gloria. Sweet vet too. I hope you have a wonderful time together.❤️ Wishing you a speedy recovery with your eyes, Mary. Aren’t we so lucky there are way to fix us? Be well soon.

  3. Diane in Maryland

    Ditto…good luck tomorrow! Your piecing is perfect even with a wrinkled lens! Very cute quilt.

  4. Pat Smith

    What a great story about Gloria and Angel—a win win for everyone. I’ve never heard of the lenses getting wrinkles. Good luck tomorrow getting them fixed. This is the new improved you with new knees and new lenses.

  5. Kathy

    It’s so wonderful when Senior Dogs find angels to take them and give them a home so happy for Angel and Gloria happy life

  6. Carmen Montmarquet

    Good Luck tomorrow Mary! And thanks for sharing such an incredible story. What a wonderful thing the vet did for Gloria and that sweet Angel!!! It’s wonderful for both of them!

  7. Vickie in Davidson, NC

    Bless Gloria for taking this sweet Angel into her life. They need each other to love. Makes my heart sing that Gloria has such a big heart!
    Thanks for sharing this w the dog lovers! I am going to bed with a happy heart, knowing one more precious little life has been saved.
    You made me laugh when you said there was something wrong with almost every body part! You know what they say, “It’s patch, patch, patch!”
    Will be thinking of you tomorrow, sweet Mary. You have really had so many trials and tribulations, but you keep plodding forward! You are such an inspiration. I want to be you!

  8. Beryl in Owatonna

    So happy for Angel and Gloria!! Makes think of my two babies. I am getting better but still break down when I think of them. They have been adopted together, they have a “new” brother! Gizmo is 8 years old and they all get along. They have moved from Montana to Washington. They have been professionally groomed also and have a Shih tzu cut, I groomed them my self for 10 years…the shaggie look. They have neckties. With their new look they aren’t the same puppies I had so I can disconnect from them for the most part. Their new Mom loves them, thank goodness. It looks like Gloria will be a good new Mom too!!

    I haven’t heard of wrinkled lens either. I will pray the surgery goes well for you. You are on the mend!!

    I love the springlike weather! We still have a good 8 inches of snow on the ground, any chickens here would have a tough time doing what yours get to do!!

    Have a great weekend! 6 ads to close tonight.

  9. Diane Bauer

    Best to you tomorrow as you have your eye surgery!!

    I am so happy for both Angel and Gloria!! I cannot imagine Angel’s trauma in losing her family. Thanks to a wonderful vet for intervening and providing for a happy retirement!! I would love to provide a forever home to an old Golden some day—I just love those beautiful white faces!!!

    Beautiful finish, Mary!!

  10. Carolyn Boutilier

    How wonderful, the story of Angel & Gloria. Good luck with your eyes. I saw my cataract doctor today after 6 months of surgery. I need another prescription for my glasses. Hopefully I will be able to thread a needle again. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  11. Paula in Texas

    Best of luck tomorrow. Thank you for sharing Gloria’s new poodle with us. We have a white poodle that had originally lived with an elderly woman. She moved to an Assisted Living center and we became poodle parents. Our poodle is the perfect pet for us.

  12. Cathy

    I am so happy for Angel & bless Gloria on her decision to adopt a senior dog. I have seen first hand how senior dogs are so often overlooked. The rescue where I volunteer started a forever foster program where foster parents take a senior dog with the understanding they will have the dog for the rest of his/her life & the rescue pays for everything just as they would for someone fostering a dog that is up for adoption. To see how these beautiful souls thrive in a home is just the most wonderful thing.

  13. Felicia Hamlin

    Such a sweet story, Mary. I am so glad that your friend is tender hearted and could take Angel home. I sm wondering why the family would not want the sweet dog, animals suffer when their owners died and to think that they were willing to deprive this puppy of its life. Thank goodness the story has a happy ending.

    I didn’t know about your eye surgery, good luck! Sending prayers your way, hugs, Felicia

  14. Kathy in western NY

    What beautiful days Gloria will give sweet Angel’s remaining life. The steps each person took to save Angel are to be commended. I can’t imagine how poor Angel felt being left behind. I am so glad there are kind people like Gloria in this world.
    Cold day here so I am using it to clean up my sewing room. I know once spring comes it puts me more outside to walk and enjoy the fresh air that I find less time in my sewing room so will use this day wisely. Now east and south of us in NY is a bit different with heavy snow falls so feel for them.

  15. Gloria from CC

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments about my sweet Angel. She slept between our pillows last night but before she fell asleep she looked at me with the saddest eyes and whimpered. It broke my heart that she has gone through so much sadness and confusion in the last two weeks. It will take time but she’ll soon have us trained to her schedule and what she likes. Good luck today Mary!

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Gloria, all of us in “blog land” love you! God bless you, your family and Angel.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Gloria from CC – when Angel gets rested up she’ll be a different dog – I never want her to have to whimper again! This poor little dog!!

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Gloria, bless you for letting us know how she is. Maybe she wanted to tell you that after all the shuffling around, she is so very tired and finally felt safe and warm again.

  16. Anita Fetzer

    Yes every body part, that’s where I am too. Falling on the replaced knee did not help either. Last month it was my eyes, still vision not good, today, my back who knows about tomorrow. Patch patch patch. Good for quilting but not for body.

  17. Deb Harrison

    Yay for Angel, Gloria and the Patriots!!!

    Enjoy your new eyes, Mary. Hope the sunshine means a turn towards true springtime! I do know that Iowa hasn’t had the basketball tournaments yet.😬

  18. Sue in Marion, IN

    Love the outcome for Angel and Gloria! My sister in Michigan fosters cats and kittens for a cat-only vet practice in Ann Arbor. Several years ago she adopted two failure-to-thrive kittens that weren’t expected to survive and are now gigantic, fluffy cats! A couple of years later she fostered a feral kitten whose eyes were so infected they had to be removed. She adopted him, too and trained him to climb stairs by using a baby gate, taught him to judge heights so he could jump up, and bought all kinds of toys to stimulate his senses . Teddy is now a beautiful black kitty who doesn’t know he’s blind. I love happy endings!

  19. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    I admire people like Gloria and Sue’s friend who adopted the kitties, and you who take in fur babies that need a family. I have two rescued kitties. They are such good company. Said prayers for a good outcome of your eye situation today.

  20. Jan Smith

    Love a happy adoption story. I wonder if the longtime human companion passes away, does the pet realize that, in some way?
    Have said a prayer for you and today’s eye appointment.

  21. Sue H

    I just love the Angel story. I can’t believe that her family would’ve put that sweet, beautiful dog down. I think Gloria is also an angel and that this story will only get better day by day.

  22. Launa

    Hey Mary….warm wishes for you to get those old lens wrinkles replaced! There is nearly nothing that can’t be replaced.

    Good news for the sweet rescued dog. What a wonderful veterinarian! Pepper’s is like that, too.

    I need to sew my finished Temecula blocks into a top; yours look great! Thanks for this blog and your pictures!

  23. Bobby in Maryland

    How wonderful for Angel and Gloria. Certainly the perfect match. I adopted an older cat after her owner died. Mitzi ended up with a friend who runs a shelter near my home. Holly called me and said she had the ‘perfect’ pet for me! She was right and I love having this older, more settled pet who just wants to sit and cuddle.
    Mary, I have ‘new eyeballs’ myself. After cataract surgery, the doctor implanted new lens. Its now 6 weeks later and I’m still getting used to them. I’m so sorry to hear about the wrinkle in your lens. Who knew that could happen! Prayers that this next surgery goes well and will be the final one.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bobby in MD – yes, who knew???? I just hope it can all be fixed with this laser treatment. And thank you for taking in a senior pet – all they want is calm in their life!

  24. Becky

    Best wishes on your surgery! Love to see Angel back in a loving home. Also love your finish – the colors are very pleasing! Would you share what the background fabric is? Thanks!

  25. Brenda archambault

    Good luck with the replacement parts catalog! I think we should consider a patchwork quilt depicting all the parts and pieces worked on since hitting the age of 60. I’ve been subjected to major and minor rework for the past 30 years and could be the subject of a really big patchwork quilt.

  26. Diane and Squeak

    Awww. Bless Good Vet, Gloria, and Angel. They brought tears to my eyes. Speaking of, I hope your eyes went well today!! Good job on the cookies😻🍪🍪 I am a little behind, but took another quilt to my quilter today😊😊. Stay warm!

  27. Sherrill

    I am SO GLAD Gloria stepped up for Angel. My niece’s friends’ grandmother died and left a 10 yo chihuahua. No one in the family wanted it and were trying to get someone to adopt it. I think that’s SO sad! I had my 17 1/2 yo cat put to sleep 2 days before Christmas and it was incredibly difficult..I miss him so much. I decided I couldn’t own another as I couldn’t deal with putting another to sleep nor did I want to leave one behind to who knows what. I HATE seeing old dogs and cats owner surrendered–so not right!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sherill – I agree. I think in time I’ll foster senior dogs and cats as my own leave for the Rainbow Bridge. Some of my current cats are getting old and I hate to think of them leaving me.

  28. Karen Strohschein

    Blessings on your eye surgery! I will be praying for you.
    Also, just wondering if I missed the February Book List?
    I cant seem to find it in the archives. Please let me know
    when you are up to it. Thank you!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I think we’ll ask for the book list quarterly in stead of monthly.

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