Another Farm Story

The wind was sooooo strong from the northeast yesterday and I needed to get hay down from the haymow. The big doors open to the north and I was afraid I would have trouble getting them closed.

I hadn’t used the inside trap door for several years but it worked fine and I climbed upstairs to the haymow.

This is our dwindling stack of hay bales to feed the goats through the winter—-covered to keep them clean. (I hope they can eat green grass soon – before I run out of hay!)

I put my hand on the corner of the tarp to pull it back and felt fur! Who knew what could be under there????? I carefully pulled it back and — wait for it!—- out came Colton! Ha! We never knew where he hung out when he wasn’t in the house – I could never see him up in the haymow and now I know why – he was sleeping under the

I threw down a couple bales and Colton followed me to peek downstairs.

He decided to stay there and I closed the trap door – much easier than hauling the bales outside.

Last night the wind was scary against my east windows and we got several inches of rain. This is my yard this morning – remember all those sticks I picked up just two days ago? Grrrrr….

On a much happier note – MEET IVY!! This is Sam’s golden doodle puppy – could she be any cuter?

20 thoughts on “Another Farm Story

  1. Angie

    Bet you wonder when Spring will arrive? Yesterday and today in Baltimore we are having 80’s tomorrow 50’s. Mother Nature must really be ticked.
    Hope it comes soon for you.

  2. ChristieB

    85* here in SE Nebraska, and very very humid, yesterday. Only 42* here today! Moisture in the air, but, we are nothing compared to Western and Northern Nebraska where they have had a whole lot of snow. Not sure, but, it’s supposed to turn to snow in about an hour or so. When oh when is Winter going to be gone for the year??? Thanks for sharing!

  3. lois palmisano

    Mary, after all this, your smiling face with a pretty dog makes my day, blessings Lois in omaha

  4. Sandra Goddard

    Ivy is beautiful. Our hay is getting down also and we are feeding 20 head of cattle. Oh well the life of a farmer. We are suppose to get high winds and at least a quarter inch of ice. Yuck! Love your posts. Sending prayers to Rick for continued healing.

  5. Delores

    Mary, you and Ivy make a great picture. Who’s cuter – You or Ivy!!!!! Love the smiles and especially on a very cold and windy day in Chicagoland, as well.

  6. Elaine Nixon

    Bless the sweet animals. They make everything right without a single word.Beautiful happy picture of you and Ivy.

  7. Betty Klosterman

    Those old farmers knew what they were doing when they built the barns and haymows with the trap doors. They were prepared for the awful winter storms, drifts, etc. The ranchers are calving now and the cold, wet snow isn’t good for the brand new calves. They had enough warning before the storms to get all the cattle to shelter.
    We got enough snow, but the wind wasn’t so bad here. We are kind of on the east side of town with the hills on the west. The hills protect us to some extent. East of Rapid City is Box Elder, a town across from Ellsworth AFB and about 7 miles from Rapid really got heavy wind and lots more snow which kept going east. That can be really tough.
    The airbase has a big snowblower on cat tracks, kind of like what they use in the mountains except I think those are on wheels.
    I’ve been out shoveling – or I should say breaking up ice. We got rain first. The sun is shining and everything is melting fast.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – the blizzard is here now – I can’t see the highway. I did go to town this morning to a bridal shower but came home on the gravel before it got really bad. Time to go sew!

  8. Martha Engstler

    It has been so crazy here in south central PA also that I thought my blue bells wouldn’t bloom for “tax day”(which they always do) but low and behold I see the buds and I think they will make it. I hope the prairie ? (can’t remember) plants that I got seeds from you bloom again. They were wonderful. It’s 82 today. Love it but your cold front is coming tomorrow.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Martha – I can’t even imagine 82! We’re having a blizzard!

  9. Linda

    Good to see a smile on your face. A dog will do that Every time! We here in WI, are getting that 50 miles per hour wind and a few inches of snow but first ice. Ice is the worst.

  10. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, you are so brave! Taking care of things all on your own, but I guess you sre used to it. However, the conditions haven’t been nice. The wind last night was horrible! Ivy is such a beautiful dog, it really put a smile on your face! Take care, it is supposed to snow some more tonight. Hugs.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia – yes, I’m used to it but sometimes it would be so nice to not have all the responsibility – it’s exhausting

  11. Diane

    Good to see Colton has found his spot. Our grandson has a miniature black labradoodle service dog. He is very cute.

  12. Joanne

    Here in New England we are due to get weather that sounds like what you have had. The Boston Marathon is Monday and the forecast is winds heavy rain mixed with sleet. Poor runners.

  13. Diane Hansen

    OMG!!! That doodle is soooooo adorable!!!! Of course, I’m partial to doodles! It’s loving you, Mary!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane H – isn’t she cute? If you want to meet her sometime, I’ll take you! Hugs to Journey!

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