Another Nativity

Connie and Roy are in California for the Rose Parade.


This Nativity is located on the square where Los Angeles was founded – so beautiful!

After tours to Universal Studios and Warner Bros. they ate at the Farmers Market – it’s pretty chilly – Connie is glad she has her winter coat.

I brought Betty to the farm for the afternoon – I think she had a great time!

Look at that smile! Hazel and Telly weren’t very patient with poor Betty – Hazel didn’t leave Rick’s lap or in this case his back when he bent over. She also sat beside him when he ate – that has never happened! I thought Hazel would have loved Betty – not so much.

What a little diva!

Becky and I went to Bohemian Rhapsody tonight and loved it!

31 thoughts on “Another Nativity

  1. Diane Bauer

    It’s 16 and snowing here in Colorado this morning—BRRRRRR!!! Supposed to be down to 2 by midnight. I just got back from a quick trip to Atlanta for an uncle’s funeral. It was in the 60’s there and raining like crazy. I’ll take the snow and cold over the dark and dreary rain. Uncle Marlen was an interesting guy. He built a biplane in his garage in the early 60’s and went on to win the 1964 aerial acrobatics championship with it. I was about 4-5 when we watched him fly tricks one afternoon. I remember him landing in a field and coming over to ask if I wanted a ride—I hid behind my Mom’s skirts because I was terrified of getting up there and having him flip it over and me falling out!
    I love that the kennel would allow for a jailbreak and time at the farm for Betty! We fostered one of my daughter’s friend’s black labs over the Christmas holiday. Shadow was so laid back and sweet. One of my Goldens is rather jealous, but I tell her there is plenty of love to go around.
    I’m ready to get back to sewing now that I’m home again. We were finally able to pick up the tables I wanted for my sewing room at IKEA before I left for Atlanta. One will have adjustable legs so I can raise it to be a better height for cutting. I’m excited to get the room organized. I would love to hear if anyone has a way of organizing their stash that works really well for them. After cutting for Bullseye, I need to sort and organize again!
    Happy New Year to you, Rick, Reed, and all of your four-footed pals!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – and that cold is headed our way, isn’t it? Your Uncle Marlen was ahead of his time, wasn’t he? I would not had wanted to go up with him either! Today I have another dog so I’ll get Betty later in the day – Connie had to leave written permission for me to take her out but last night she was so tired, I’m betting she slept all night!

  2. Connie

    Connie , I think your old emails were better in that now we see advertising whether we want to or not. Doesn’t make them as personal. I don’t know if you can change it back to original posts in the past.

  3. Katie Hernandz

    Fun pics…The Rose parade is a Must,I grew up in. CA..enjoyed it in person, the beauty of flowers..💐💐💐
    Feliz Ano Nuevo..Happy New Year🎈
    Katie i Gilbert, AZ.🌵

  4. Katie

    Fun pics…The Rose parade is a Must,I grew up in. CA..enjoyed it in person, the beauty of flowers..💐💐💐
    Feliz Ano Nuevo..Happy New Year🎈
    Katie i Gilbert, AZ.🌵

  5. Sue in Oregon

    Connie…You and Roy look like you are having a really good time in CA. Beautiful Nativity scene. It is in a more natural setting among the palms and sunshine seems to me. I live on the west coast, too, but we don’t get nearly as much winter sun as our southern neighbors do. Have fun at the parade. Your Betty is adorable.

    We had a jealousy problem, once. But, luckily, there was no biting and snapping. The old one just took to his bed for two days. Our young one was a Border Collie and was very well behaved even as a puppy. So, when the old one finally decided the puppy was not going away, he came out and they became the best buddies I could ever hope for.

    I have lots of my Bulls Eye cut now. Enough to get started anyway. It is all from my scrap bin so far. I haven’t even cut into fat quarters. (Yet) Looking forward to making this most unusual quilt.

  6. Launa

    Last night’s wind blew dry snow onto our upper deck and more onto tree trunks and branches. We’ve had more than needed for friends to come cross country ski around and up onto trails into the National Forest. One black Lab, Roxie, was towing her owner up our hill! The elk n deer are staying lower watching for ranchers to put alfalfa or hay out for their cattle. They race down to join in free fodder and become real pests and sometimes aggressive.
    Hazel is such a helper encouraging Rick to eat. Betty is fortunate to have you give her a break from her kennel visit. Should we quilters watch for Connie at the parade? Hope they have good seats!
    One football commercial yesterday featured “goat yoga”!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – and I was doing goat yoga 35 years ago without even realizing it – ha!

  7. Ann Barlament

    Growing up the kitchen table sat in a bump-out in the kitchen. It had a built-in bench seat on two sides, for us kids, and chairs on the other two sides.
    That old bench got worn near my dad’s place. The GSD would sit diligently by my dad in hopes of sharing his meal. He would place goodies on that bench and in her place, the bench became well worn by many goodies left there!
    Only once did the GSD quietly, creep upon the bench seat, lean against the wall and quietly peer into mom’s eyes. They laughed so hard, because not once did she touch the table, she just wanted to be part of the conversation! LOL

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – what a sweet story about your dog! They only want to be close to their people!

  8. Felicia Hamlin

    That Hazel! She certainly is jealous, just like my Zena. She won’t let the poor kitty get any lap time during the day. The kitty spends time on my lap after she goes to sleep. Betty looks so happy despite Hazel’s attittude. Enjoy your trip, Connie.

  9. Connie Tesene

    Hi Mary, and blog readers!
    Thanks again for letting Betty out of jail for a few hours everyday! I’m so glad that our Garner Pet Resort would allow it. I also felt so sorry for Hazel and Telly…Betty is a lot of puppy.
    We are having a great time- but like always “I’m missing my coffee pot, sewing machine, and Betty”.
    I need to get moving, it’s another busy day.
    Thanks again Mary❤️

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Connie – Betty is over the initial joy of being here – everyone is much calmer today! Even Diva Hazel!

  10. Diane in Central Ohio

    Oh Hazel–you are so funny:) It’s great to have a nice laugh every morning:) When she visited her Grandpa each week at the assisted living facility here, our granddaughter (then age 8) very gently rearranged his nativity from the Holy Land. He kept it out all year. Before he died, he said she could have it. It is her prized possession.:) (now age 15). Betty looks so happy with you. It’s great to see Rick, too:) Happy New Year to all of you, Mary.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      What a beautiful story of a nativity set with a happy ending of it going to someone in the family who deserved it. Warms my heart to read good things like this. Okay now I am going back to cutting my scraps for Bullseye. It feels good to touch and feel my fabric again after the holiday festivities.

  11. Karen Gaither

    The Rose Bowl parade is a bucket list item for me! Do they have tickets for a reserved seats? I will look for them on TV!

    I would say Hazel is spoiled & a Diva! If my pups sat on table while I ate, they would try to eat my food.

  12. Judy Linn

    Hazel makes me laugh and laugh! And you are good to catch Hazel on Rick’s back! And of Hazel ON the table! And that color wheel makes it look like she is ON her spot! Diva, for sure!!!
    String piecing is an explosion-type-project! And I sort TOO much!
    Cold in Texas (I know, not as cold as Colorado.) but we do not need a few feet of snow!
    Happy stitching, Everyone!
    Judy in Texas

  13. Pat Smith

    What a cute dog that Betty is! I’ve always loved retrievers and we’ve had several. Our little Shelty, Sonny, is terrible with puppies although he is great with all adult dogs. He seems to think it’s his job to teach these unmannerly young ones “the rules”. Of course the way he chooses to do that is not acceptable to most of us humans! Hello to Lois Ann Johnson, my cousin who I see commenting from Humboldt, Iowa. One of the reasons I love this blog, besides the pictures and vicarious living with Mary, is the comments from others from all over the country. Such an interesting perspective from so many places.
    Pat in Vermont where we need a few feet of snow!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – I could not agree more about this blog and the readers – when people stop relying, commenting and engaging back and forth, I no longer want to be the organizer because if it’s just me talking TO a group of people, that won’t be much fun and I’ll quit for sure. Should I find out how readers could post pictures? The thing is we’ll need more support in terms of ad clicks to support the screen space.
      I think Sonny needs a live – in buddy!

  14. Lois Ann Johnson

    How nice of you to “foster” Betty while her family is gone! She is just adorable. I have an old black lab and they are such wonderful, gentle animals. I enjoy your blog very much even though I am not a quilter or a seamstress whatsoever! Happy New Year to you, Rick and all of your animals you care for.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lois Ann Johnson – you don’t have to be a quilter to chat with other readers on the blog – so happy you’re with us!

  15. Diane in Maryland

    Susan the Farm Quilter is so right.. Hazel is protecting her own! Betty is so lucky to have you come get her and break up the days for her. If only we could tell our pets that we’ll be back on such and such a day and how we will miss them too. I’ve been told that there is nothing like seeing the Rose Parade in person! That the air even smells so nice from all the flowers. Connie and Roy will have a wonderful time and they don’t have to worry about Betty either.
    Happy New Year!

  16. Kathy in western NY

    The nativity scene is beautiful. It’s good to see a treasure preserved. Betty is so adorable in that pix. Last night we went to a wedding reception here for a couple who now live in Hollywood CA – they came home for the holidays. Right now they love it out there but we don’t seem to get the big snowfalls like years ago. This morning we woke to white tree branches and a photographer ‘s dream to snap some pictures. It’s mornings like this I relish the four seasons.

  17. Brenda archambault

    It’s 34 here in Sun City West, just north west of Phoenix. Brrrrr!
    Waiting to start bulls eye and have been sorting tons of fabric. I think it multiplies in the cabinets.
    Happy New Year to you and Rick and all your 2- and 4- legged friends.

  18. Beth Laverty

    We recently “fostered” a little 6 week old adorable kitten until her “forever” family could take her. Our two “old” cats were terrified. (She had all that kitten energy and was in constant motion between naps.) They spent their time up on the dining room table cause the little one couldn’t get up there. I let them stay there while normally I would not. After the kitten left it took several days for them to get back to normal.

  19. Brenda archambault

    It’s 34 here in sun city west ( just north west of Phoenix) this morning and I’m glad I don’t have to go out for anything today. Will stay in my sewing room and sort fabrics …. an unending chore. Waiting to start the bulls eye in your sew along.
    Happy new year to you, Rick, and all the 4-legged ones.

  20. Linda

    Its been nippy here in So Cal. The Santa Ana’s bring high winds, low humidity & no clouds to hold in the heat. Sure beats being stuck in a snow bank! I was raised in up state NY. Shoveled a lot of snow. Happy new year!

    1. Jessica

      My husband grew up in Utica, NY, he remembers the lake effect snow! We now live in Florida. We’re in Massachusetts this week visiting our family and I’m already done with the cold!

  21. Carol

    The Nativity is beautiful! Who would think you’d need winter coats in California? I was out and about in Buffalo NY in a sweater today!

  22. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Hazel is protecting what is hers!! Jealousy in our animals is so interesting to watch…some others are a threat and some aren’t. Betty looks content in your quilting space! Bohemian Rhapsody was a great movie, wasn’t it?! I have always loved the song, not really a fan of Queen and knew next to nothing about them. I went to a friend who is a fan last week and had a wonderful time as the only people in the theater (so nice to be able to talk about parts of the movie and know we weren’t interrupting anyone else’s enjoyment of the movie.

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