Another Outdoor Day, 11-4-23

Absolutely gorgeous weather – 55-60 degrees and no wind. Here are Josh and Sarah who are cutting down the pampas grass.

Josh and Sarah
It was a big fire!!

More blowing and mowing – I had to put my blower on the charger twice during the day! It got a workout but the yard looks so nice. Very rewarding and worth all the effort.

Reader photos

Penny and Sarah – love the look on her face!

I’ll be happy for the extra hour tonite but not thrilled at all tomorrow afternoon when I’m doing chores at 3:30!

22 thoughts on “Another Outdoor Day, 11-4-23

  1. Rosalie in Texas

    I changed my clocks at noon but I’m sure my body wasn’t fooled. Morning feeding will be at 615!
    I’m usually up between 5-6 – wonder what time it will be tomorrow morning ….

  2. Vicki Ibarra

    What a job done by Josh and Sarah! It looks so nice in its “ready for winter” state. I made a quilt much like Theresa’s, but without the chicken/rooster. I will try to remember to take a picture to share. There is a pleasure in seeing what one’s work can accomplish. That balances out the sore muscles (at least a little bit. Laugh) We have a neighbor who has occasionally taken to blowing his leaves across the road to our lawn. Not nice! So, I am preparing for leaf wars soon. The older I get, the less I want to have to deal with other people’s inconsiderate behavior. I am getting crabbier as I age, I guess.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – this is a great reason to live in the country – nobody across the street! Smile!

      1. Janet S

        Vicki, What makes your neighbor think it’s okay to put the leaves in your yard? Talk about inconsiderate and why can’t he bag them? You probably won’t win but maybe he will get the message. Good luck.

  3. Karen

    Your yard looks great. I worked on leaves Alonso. I live on a hill with lots of trees with huge leaves. I raked and blew leaves preps for my grandsons to mow tomorrow afternoon. The will mulch any leftover leaves but when your yard is covered to a depth of 5 inches or more you just can’t mulch that volume. Also have to deal with lots of buckeyes and hickory nuts! Our squirrel population seems to be down considerably, perhaps due to increase in coyotes in our area or some very busy hawks.
    Love the first quilt with the modified flag image and the rooster. Thanks for sharing your days with all of us.

  4. Diane in Coloy

    Did you have a bonfire? You have a lot of organic material to dispose of! I have raked up 28 bags of leaves out of my smallish yard and there is more to rake!

    Today was gorgeous but I was in my office with clients. Hoping tomorrow is equally as nice. I want to walk around the lake. And then I will sew! I bought fabrics to piece the back of my grandson’s Christmas stocking. His other Grandma is doing the front in counted cross stitch. I love the collaboration! I got to make the back for my granddaughter’s stocking last year and it was so fun!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – what a great idea for a grandchild! Both grandmas working on a special project. I’m honestly confused (but have a bad case of CRS – can’t remember shit) – did you get completely moved? If so I didn’t think you’d have yard work.

  5. Susan K in Texas

    It was a beautiful day here too. I opened the upstairs sewing room window. Magnus loved looking out and feeling the slight breeze coming in.
    Tonight we went to a Joe Bonamassa concert. Tomorrows alarm for church won’t seem quite as early as normal but I sure don’t like it getting dark earlier.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan K – where was Klaus? And who is Joe B? Never heard the name – which is not surprising but I’m curious.

      1. Susan K in Texas

        Klaus was either sleeping in the hallway or in his lion head bed. He sat in the window for a few seconds.
        Joe Bonamassa is a blues rock guitarist. He played with B.B. King when he was only 12 years old. He’s 45+ now. He plays at fairly small places but puts on a wonderful show. I listen to the blues station on XM radio and that’s where I heard him first.

  6. Sharon Eshlaman

    Love Teresa in Indiana quilt….I raise chickens and love the red, white and blue👍❤️

    1. Teresa in Indiana

      Thanks Sharon. It’s a Country Threads pattern. It’s up from after Christmas till fall.

      1. Melissa in Kansas

        Teresa, cute quilt!! Is that pattern in a book? I like to keep my patriotic decor out most of the year as well.

        1. Teresa in Indiana

          Thanks Melissa. Yes, it’s from their book Blessings. It has several I still want to make!

  7. NancyTD

    Vicki, I too have an inconsiderate neighbor across from me. He blew his leaves out into the road. Wind is usually out of the West so we get them in our yard. we live in the country in a small subdivision. The worst is that he is running a landscaping business out of his home. Place looks like a dump with big equipment, leftover product, dead diseased trees and live ones in great need of a good trim. The township just ignores it, but goes after the rest of us for any little thing! Salem Township also turned our blacktop road back to gravel in 2014. The residents had paid for it 25 years earlier and the Township agreed to maintain it. Through the years new board thought if that they couldn’t have blacktop we shouldn’t either!!!! Now I vented and need to rack some more so we can mulch.
    On a better note— I made my square last night . Anxious to see the finishing tutorial on Monday.

  8. Rita in Iowa

    Mary glad you had help cutting your grass down. Looking at your pictures you have a lot of leaves on the rooftop of your shop, I too worked outside the last 3 days getting the windows finished outside. Had to work in the mornings before the boxelder bugs got bad. Saw a wasp trying to crawl into a crack in the log so hubby sprayed it. Now all that is left is the black walnut twigs and enjoying the warmer weather for a short while. In Iowa the weather can change so fast.

    Love the flag quilt with the rooster. Something to crow about I’m sure. Linda your quilt is stunning. Great job. Penny or Sarah look so content, is the furniture Herman Miller?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – thanks for asking about that very interesting white chair at Pamela’s house – I also want to know. Yes, the shop roof has many leaves on it plus many left on the trees above. There will never be a time when all the leaves are cleaned up.

      1. Rita in Iowa

        I asked because my sister had a large and small set of Herman Miller table and chairs of that design. They asked if my daughter wanted them because she is an Interior Designer. Of course she took them and uses them in her home.
        It’s amazing what we notice in the background of the pictures that are sent. I guess we need to be careful, yes?

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