Windy Sunday, 11-5-23

It was definitely a day of rest today – even if I had wanted to just be outside enjoying myself it was impossible because of the wind. It’s warm tonight at 10 pm – 55 degrees – but the wind is howling as if it were a blizzard outside. It’s a feeling of near desperation when I’m outside in it – a miserable day outdoors.

Who asked me about Old Glory Farm? I found it but I can’t find locate the reader who asked.

I’m picking up the third printing of Oh, Susannah! books tomorrow. I have orders waiting for them.

Reader quilts

I’m putting this one on my list!
Rick burned all the pampas grass and leaves in the garden but I have a little fire ring in the yard, too.
Fluffybun – looks pretty uncomfortable to me.
$10 – cash or check with SASE

I hate this time change. Don’t forget tomorrow night we’re going to construct the eyeglass case from your log cabin block.

38 thoughts on “Windy Sunday, 11-5-23

  1. Jeanne in Co.

    Lots of fun pictures, and colorful quilts today, but my favorite is your red and white one, Moe. You’ve been busy. This week I received an unexpected, fun package in the mail; inside were two colorful bowl cozies, made by a friend in Iowa. On one side the fabric was of beautiful leaves, colored red, orange and yellow, fall colors of Iowa. The reverse side of the cozies was a coordinating colored print fabric with Biblical words printed randomly on it. In the middle of each cozy was a baggie filled with Halloween candy. Aren’t quilting friends great?
    Mary, you and Rick are so deserving of your evening “iced tea”. You’ve certainly worked hard on your fall outdoor chores. Your yard is looking great. Jeanne in Co.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanne – what a sweet gift! I get gifts now and then from readers and I am always blown away by their thoughtfulness. Yes, we continue having two ice teas every night before supper. Would we care if it shortens our life? Nope. It might shorten our time in the care center, right?

  2. ♡Angela Short♡

    🪡🧶🧵✂️ Beautiful reader quilts & bag! ♡ This time change is difficult to adjust to. The weather has been different as well. It’s hot one day☀️ & brrrr…. cold ❄️ a few days later here in Western North Carolina. It’s definitely Autumn! 🍂🍁🍂 Your yard is pretty as always. Enjoy your day! 🐦🌻🦋⭐️ (♡Angie♡ from Western NC)

  3. Sharon G.

    I got drunk tonight! Was it two or was it four iced teas? Haha
    Enjoyed the quilts by Moe.
    Take care everyone.

  4. Nancy Schulz

    Mary…the quilter asking for Old Glory Farm Pattern was Linda Schaefer, posted Oct.31st. In comments section.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy – how did you find that? Haha! I was actually looking in my email – no wonder I couldn’t find it and how do you go back that many days. My IPad won’t do it – maybe if I went online? Thank you! I hope she sees this and gets ahold of me.

  5. Teresa in Indiana

    Very nice quilts Moe! You’ve been so productive.
    Fluffybun found just the right spot! Mary your yard cleanup looks great! Nice work.

  6. Janet S

    Great bag and quilts. Moe, you must have quite a fabric stash.
    So-o-o-o, I have a new phone which I thought would be a breeze to set up. On the internet I go and was told to get a FREE app to transfer data. The first thing it asked was for my credit card so I fiddled around with that for a while and then called Consumer Cellular. She didn’t understand either but told me I could use a cable between both phones. So off to Target I go and got the cable but that didn’t work (I think the cable was faulty). Totally frustrated and out of options, I went next door to my favorite IT guru. He called in less than an hour with it all fixed. Thank heaven for great neighbors.

  7. Vicki Ibarra

    What a lot of leaves! We raked yesterday and our yard is temporarily “clean”, with more trees to lose leaves yet. And who knows if the neighbor west of us will blow his leaves to our yard. Sigh! So, looking at quilts is peace and joy. Moe has been so productive. I love the multi-colored 10 dog quilt. That must have taken so much time!
    I laughed at Fluffy Bun, laying on the hard surface. It reminded me of our cat, Tabasco, who used to lay on top of a receiver. It was a hard surface, but in her old age she was seeking the slight heat it emitted. We are to get to 70 degrees today, so more outdoor tasks on my list. When it is nice outside, I can enjoy the day as I work. Happy Monday, everyone.

  8. Vicki Ibarra

    I want to share an unrelated story of kindness, since the media doesn’t have many of those. We were in Chicago for the weekend, for the Iowa/Northwestern football game at Wrigley Field. We parked in the city, not near the stadium, and wanted to catch the Red Line to Wrigley Field. Unable to find the station, I walked into a small eatery and asked for the directions. One young staffer was just getting off shift. She said she would walk us to the station. As we walked, we talked, sharing a bit about ourselves. When we got to the station, she said she would let us use some “punches” on her monthly transit card. We replied we would need tickets for our return, so would rather purchase day tickets. We did so and she stayed around to watch us go through the turnstiles to make sure we didn’t have problems. That was a warm, “smile on my face” moment because of a stranger’s kindness.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – what a wonderful story – I’m really impressed that you drove to Chicago for the game. We couldn’t get it on TV – grrrr. The staffer that walked you to the station can now be a member of our Kindness 101 group!!

  9. lorraine

    I’m loving Moe’s quilts especially the first one. The red one. It’s on my list as well.

    1. Moe in NE IL

      The red/white quilt is a free Moda pattern called Holly Berries. Go to Moda’s web site and look for free patterns. I made it using paper foundation.

      1. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

        Thank you Moe for sharing the pattern. I have been reading all the comments in hope of getting the name of the pattern. Your quilt show was fantastic.

      2. Candy

        I checked the Moda website, and the pattern for Holly Berries doesn’t appear to be there anymore. But … (thank you internet!) I found it on the Fat Quarter Shop website. It’s a free download there (by Moda).

        1. Moe in NE IL

          Thanks for finding that Candy. I actually paid $18 for the pattern, but my sister and I split it, we each made the quilt. If you can get the Moda paper foundation pages it makes piecing it a breeze.

      3. Tina W in Oregon

        More – I love your quilts! You’re very prolific! I looked up the pattern on the Moda website and almost didn’t find it. They call it Cinnaberry I’ve got it printing right now. Thanks for the inspiration!

      4. Nancy Schulz

        I’m not having any luck on the Moda free pattern website finding Holly Berries. Is it an older perhaps archived pattern no longer available? Or am I missing something in this search? Love your quilt also!

  10. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 🥵

    Miss Moe you have been busy! My favorites are the scrappy Christmas and the scrappy dog quilts. I bought the dogs pattern and need to get busy on it, also the mod cats by same lady, too cute. We’re supposed to get up to 81 today and 84 tomorrow! Come on back cooler weather!

    1. Moe in NE IL

      Thank you Pamela. The Scrappy Christmas quilt is a Fons & Porter Pattern called Crazy 9-Patch. It’s a great way to use up fabric. The Mod Dog pattern was so much fun…. When I was working on the original pattern I got overzealous and made too many dogs so the second quilt with the 10 dogs was born… my own pattern. I didn’t know they made it with a cat too. Once you start making the dogs (or cats) you won’t be able to stop, it is SO MUCH FUN!

  11. Sheryl K Harrison

    I’m watching for garden shed (not sure the name of the quilt) that was in Oh Susannah. I love all the cute dog quilts and the bag!

  12. Joy in NW Iowa

    Hello! Monday morning and new time, ugh! After being in Michigan for a few days and then back to Iowa time and then the time changing…..we aren’t sure about any thing 😂.
    The wind yesterday was awful. There was a bad fire south east from us. We have not heard any details. It involved many volunteer fire fighters from different towns, they were asking farms for payloaders and tractors with discs to help.
    I loved the red and whit quilt also. Fluffybun is funny. Crazy place to take a nap. But, probably isn’t really at ease so sleeping with one eye open? We used to make bags like the first picture for diaper bags for our kids to take to the nursery in church! They were the perfect size for a couple diapers and a bottle.
    Have a good day everyone.

  13. Angie from Baltimore

    Now has been busy and her quilts are fabulous. Lucky recipients.
    When I don’t have to go out in the wind I actually like hearing the wind howling. I guess it is because I am in and cozy warm but sad there are those that aren’t as fortunate.
    Stay warm folks

  14. Diana in Des Moines

    Moe has been busy!
    We wanted to burn our pile of logs and branches but just TOO windy.
    Here’s is my rant of the day. I love Thanksgiving. Can we enjoy this holiday before moving on to the next? Christmas is not about how much you can buy, but how much was given to us by the birth of our Saviour.
    Rant over.
    Having eye surgery (not cataracts) on the 20th, so trying to get some sewing done before that. Looking forward to it though, so I can get rid of my constant headache.

    Enjoy the lovely weather this week!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana – please let us know how you are after your surgery – headaches are not fun!! Maybe next year we should skip Halloween and start celebrating Thanksgiving in October. You know that’s not going to happen with all the people who love Halloween! Ha!

  15. Fran

    Windy here yesterday too. No wind this morning. Missed my walk yesterday because of it.

    Moe, love the doggy quilts! All the quilts were great!

  16. Connie R.

    Diana, I’m with you about the holidays. Thanksgiving is a forgotten holiday. That’s sad since we have so much to be thankful for in this country. I was in Walmart a couple days after Halloween and, along with 50% off their Halloween items, they also had the Thanksgiving items at 50% off clearance. Did they forget that Thanksgiving is a month away or, are we just skipping over it?

  17. Kathy in western NY

    I love all of Moe’s quilts as she has such a good eye for color.
    Thanksgiving will always be a very special holiday in my families eyes and I love it so much so if the stores want to gloss over it, I certainly won’t nor don’t. It’s a big holiday for us and the grateful hearts we bow our heads in praise of our meal.
    We will get the high winds tonight here so leaves should finally finish coming off the trees. It’s been non stop raking but luckily we have a town wide compost to dump them in as well as the town sucks up with a truck for those people rake to the end of their properties.
    Mary did you see the kindness 101 segment this morning on CBS with the Michigan marching band? I adored that like I do all of them that inspire us all to be kind.

    1. Moe in NE IL

      Hi Kathy! My Halloween has all been put away and all my Thanksgiving decorations are coming out, I love Thanksgiving…. It’s always been just Jay and I .. that’s fine with us… we have a big feast… I got our turkey today. I’m excited about all the meals I’ll be making in the weeks to come.

      Thank you to everyone for the nice comments about my Quilts. I’ve retired so all those UFOs are getting finished. I will have to send Mary some of my Thanksgiving quilts too.


  18. Susan K in Texas

    Ooh the red/white HST quilt by Moe. I might need to put it on my to-do list too.
    Great quilt show today Moe. And I like the bag Sunflower.
    We’re back into warm weather again. Having to water grass and plants though not too often. Hopefully we’ll get the predicted rain Thursday.

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