Log Cabin Eyeglass Case, 11-6-23

It’s time to construct our eyeglass case.

Stitch a zig zag around the block

Cut a strip 1-1/4” wide by 7-8” long and stitch right sides together along which ever edge you choose for the top.

Here’s another one

Finishing the top edge

Fold under 1/4” and fold over again to the backing of the log cabin block. Trim. Blind stitch this edge – could be machine stitched but I don’t want any stitching to show.

Fold right sides together lengthwise and stitch a scant 1/4” seam with a reduced stitch length down the side and across the bottom. Sew a zig zag stitch next to the seam to enclose the raw edges.

Now for the most difficult part – turning it right side out! If you use something to poke out the corners be very careful not to poke through the seam!

These are the last two.

Ready for Christmas!

I figure it probably takes 3-4 hours from the start of choosing fabrics and cutting strips to the final turning of one case.

I think it’s worth it, do you? I so hope you’ll send me pictures of your cases. Here are two blocks I’ve received.

We made many pincushions from this same block but not so many rows. I took a picture of one upstairs but now can’t seem to find it. I’ll post another time.

Since we’re talking log cabin I wanted to show this to you. It’s a small log cabin wall hanging made from ONE plaid fabric and the solid center. The plaid was madras pink and blue so one side of my block used the pink strips and the other side used the blue strips. All from one plaid. We went through a madras phase and I still love that fabric! I got it out to look at it again. Gracie helped.

Reader photos

Please save the eyeglass case instructions – I won’t post them again. It’s up to you to save them somewhere that you’ll understand.

I picked up the third printing of Oh, Susannah! today. Yes, it’s still available for $20 PPD. And here’s a Susannah memory – a sweet little sewn pincushion that she found and chewed up. I can’t throw it away.

39 thoughts on “Log Cabin Eyeglass Case, 11-6-23

  1. Jill Klop

    Those eye glass cases are so cute! I’ve been coming to the site to click ads, instead of just reading from the email. Thanks for sharing how to make the cases. I wonder if a rotary cutter would fit in them?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jill – sure – just make a few more rows until it fits your cutter.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jill – and I can see the results of you helping out with the ads and I thank you! It helps pay the blog and copy machine expenses so I can keep blogging.

    1. Michele

      Have you tried a reboot or at least refresh your browser?

      Do you see the photos on Mary’s email? If you can see the photos there, then you might need to look at your pop up settings for that site. You may have inadvertently blocked all pop ups from a different site that carries over when you look at all other sites. I’m no tech wizard, but just some ideas I’ve learned from past experience. Good luck.

  2. Arrowhead Gramma

    Thanks Mary for the eye glass case tutorial. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this for all of us. Take care. ❤️🧵🪡❤️

    1. Brendalynne

      This is strange. Initial email with instructions -no photos. The replies I receive have the photos visible that are pertinent to the person’s reply. YEA I can salvage enough from them to see the photo that explains what I need to see. !!!!!

  3. Sunflower from Michigan

    Thanks for the eyeglasses pattern. I’ll try to finish mine tomorrow.

    Thanks to Kathy from western New York for the heads up on the Michigan marching band kindness 101 video. That was very heartwarming.
    All the quilts and Projects from yesterday and today are beautiful. I am working on a quilt top with the rambling Rose pattern. It’s coming together nicely. I’ve caught a cold, so had to postpone a visit to my daughter and son-in-law in Indianapolis. Hopefully I can go later in the week. Have a great week everyone.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Sunflower, I am glad you viewed the clip of the Michigan Marching Band making that young man’s dream of playing. Motivation! All seemed overjoyed to play.
      Your bag is very cute you made.
      It’s a balmy 59 degrees this morning but wind and cool temps are coming later so I opened the sunroom doors one last hurrah for fresh warm air to blow thru the house. Hope you have a good day in spite of the sniffles.

  4. Denise TX

    Thank you for the eyeglass pattern. It was so kind of you to take the time to give us all the instructions.

  5. Joy in NW Iowa

    Thank you for the eyeglass lesson 💕. Hubby has those ‘after cataract sun glasses’. With all his eye issues, he cannot be far without them. So we always travel with something to protect his glasses!
    I would not throw that precious item away either. So special. I need to order my OH SUSANNA book.
    It was a beautiful day here but the northwest wind is trying it’s best to cool us down!
    Tomorrow is sew day for our mission group where we make what I like to call ‘dignity kits’ for the girls in th poorest of the poor in overseas countries.
    Sleep good!

  6. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Thanks, Mary. The eyeglass cases are adorable! I loved seeing Gracie helping you with the fabric.🤗
    The reader’s projects are wonderful and inspiring.
    Take Care, 🥰

  7. patti

    mary, thanks for the eyeglass case directions. loved see all the different ones you’ve made and the ones readers sent in. great for color ideas. i have a friend who loves pastels and may have to make her one (if i can find any pastels at my house). great gift idea. so glad you decided to share with us. i remember when madras was so popular in the mid 60s. my friend and i made tons of dresses with those giant zippers down the front. loved them. i just love plaids. your log cabin is very nice in those colors. thanks again. patti in FL

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – those plaids might inspire me to use them again because I love them!

  8. Janny

    Oh I love the Little pincushion.
    Beautifull Eyglass cases .
    And I do love to read about All the things you do and drink. Cheers.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.
    Janny S.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janny – I hope you get your case finished because I loved your block!

  9. Linda in Michigan

    Mary, thank you for instuctions for the eyeglass case. I have a bag of 1-1/4″ strips that I’ve often wondered what I would do with. This will be the perfect project for those strips!
    Just want to say it’s so nice to read the blog about nothing. The blog with “attitude”, not so much.

  10. Bridget

    Love, love, love the eyeglass cases. I think I will try to make them on my new to me 201. Merry early Christmas to me…

  11. Fran

    Those eyeglass cases would make neat gifts for a group of sewers/retreaters. I don’t have enough time to make those by the 13th as to when my next retreat is –yahoo–and for 6 days!

    Love the quilt pics. Patty in FL is very busy. I enjoy my read every morning with the best eye candy. I will try and get something to the email address Mary.

    Fran in SW Iowa where the temps are so moderate but not unheard of for this time of year. I say this with my experience for all the 10 yrs I have lived here. Ha

    1. patti

      thanks, fran. i found the small water quilt on my cutting table upstairs. i rarely make it upstairs now due to health issues. i have to take advantage of good days. i’m not good with patience. patti in FL

  12. Diana in Des Moines

    Love the quilt show today.
    I’m saving the instructions for the eyeglass case. Our church Christmas sale is this weekend, so no time to make them for this year, but can make a few here and there for next year. Thanks for the tutorial!
    Need to order your book for my grands for Christmas. They love goats and beg to watch the baby goats in pajamas video on my phone!
    Once, again a beautiful day in Central Iowa!!

  13. Brenda in Georgia

    I have enjoyed looking at all your eyeglass cases and appreciate your sharing with us your method. I am definitely going to try it. Years ago when I first learned to quilt I made a improv block I called it and then I bound it and turned it RST and just sewed around it and then turned it. It is a little rough in comparison but I still use it for my magnifying glass which I keep beside me to help my 83 years old eyes. I have never sent a picture of anything I have made but I may try to take a photo of it and send to your email. I guess that is the way it is done, I ask, computer illiterate that I am. I love seeing everything you post. All of your eyeglass cases are so colorful and a treat for the eyes. I also love seeing all the readers quilts. I was caught by the “string bean” quilt. I love that and wonder if there is a pattern or maybe I could figure it out. It would make a great “I spy” version. Thanks again for all you do. I don’t see any ads either but will try to figure out how to find them.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – I will walk you thru sending me a photo whenever you’re ready to send me a picture – happy to do that! I believe string bean was a Pat Sloan pattern – do you read the comments? Many many answers are already there especially if a quilt has been posted by a reader.

      1. Brenda in Georgia

        Yes, I do very much enjoy reading the comments. I will try to work on sending that photo tomorrow.

  14. Cathy DuRegger

    How can I purchase one of those eye glass cases? I don’t see but, Mary, you know me…😁

  15. Linda Huyser

    Loved all the glass cases!
    Linda G from Iowa…I loved your quilt posted 11-4. Would you be willing to share the name of the quilt?

  16. Judy Flynn

    I somehow missed the day you gave instructions for making the log cabin block for the eyeglass case. Is there a way to get that at this late date? I assume it is a quilt as you go style, but wonder just what size strips you used and how large to make the block. It would be fun to make pin cushions for my Thursday coffee group. What size do you suggest for those?
    Thank you for your time and assistance.
    Judy in California

    1. Sunflower from Michigan

      Judy, the first half of the instructions were on the blog page from October 30. The second half on November 6. Hope you can find them!

  17. Deb in IL

    I might have to make one of these, or maybe a pin cushion or twenty LOL.
    I had an envelope /order ready to send, and of course the mail went early and I missed it.
    Question. I looked at the patterns page, but none of the pictures show for me. Anyone else have this issue?

    1. Brendalynne

      Ask for followup replies and they come to you with the photos I had a challenge also and can put things together with the attachment to the reply.

  18. Marian Stever

    Mary, you certainly take good care of us plebes! I love the eyeglass case. Somehow mine is smaller at 7 inches but it still holds a pair of glasses. I just love putting the colors together. I get lose like meditating!
    Love all the reader’s posts of their quilts. So many ideas out there.
    Have a nice Thanksgiving you two. It is right around the corner and then Christmas.Thank you again for posting all the instructions. I shall make more!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marian – just add a few more strips to make it bigger. I’ve never made two that have turned out the same size!!

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