Another Quilt from Barbara and Joyce, 6-3-23

I don’t even know the name of this quilt – I’ll just call it “Robins”.

Even though Red’s interior got pretty wet, I think it’s all ok. I have reader quilt photos to share and I’m thinking of a new challenge next year. But – I have two more Barbara quilts to show you and you will love them!

Our church starts at 9:30 during the summer – I’ll need an alarm clock!

48 thoughts on “Another Quilt from Barbara and Joyce, 6-3-23

  1. Meylonie

    This quilt is so lovely! I’d sure like to make something this special for my daughter. Is there a pattern available? Thank you for sharing!

  2. Connie F

    What a lovely quilt! Makes you think of the spring time. If it is a pattern I would love to know the name. If she created the quilt I hope she makes a pattern of it to sell.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie – she created this one of a kind quilt – no pattern will ever be available.

  3. Judy A

    Love, Love, Love the Robin Quilt! The border with all the details is different and so beautiful.

  4. Brenda in N Calif

    Amazingly beautiful quilts. Such details and the quilting just enhances everything.

  5. Arrowhead Gramma

    Love this quilt, absolutely amazing. Thank you Mary for sharing your photos. 💖🧵🪡🧵💖

  6. Susan K in Texas

    Beautiful quilt! The applique just makes the quilt so much more. I like the pieced blocks and the quilting done on them.
    I’m sure your visit was just fascinating. Meeting someone who is that creative and talented I’m sure she had fascinating stories.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – you know, Barbara wasn’t much of a talker really. I’m not sure anyone has given her work much praise or recognition. If we were still open I’d have a one woman quilt show by Barbara – you would all love it! I’m going to do the next best thing with the pictures. I’m saving my favorite for last – probably Monday or Tuesday.

  7. Kathy in western NY

    Oh my I could sit and look at this quilt on a wall all day long. Beautiful art work. Sleep well tonight my friend. The full moon is so breathtaking tonight in our sky!

  8. Char

    These quilts are just stunning! Thank you for sharing them!
    Glad you didn’t get too wet 😁😎

  9. Judi L. in Texas

    I love the originality and subtle colors in the quilt. Stunning! Thank you for sharing and thanks to Barbara and Joyce for inviting you (and your readers) into the “inner sanctum”.

  10. Bonnie

    I absolutely love that quilt! What a talent that person has!!
    The robins are so lifelike and the quilting is beautiful too. Thank you for sharing😊

  11. Sandy

    Hi Mary, such a lovely quilt! The central piecing is so simple, then the fabulous birds and trees! Such a peaceful scene, we could all do with a quilt like that on the wall to look at and relax at the end of the day! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  12. Carol Nichols

    I love the Robin quilt but I also love your closing comment! Our church is also starting at 9:30 for the summer and I feel the same way!!🤣🤣😖

  13. Sue in Oregon

    Oh My Gosh!!! That quilt is fabulous. Words don’t even do it justice. I just can’t imagine two women creating that wonderful piece of art together. Thanks for sharing it, Mary. I am going to put it in my Saves file to look at it as much as I want.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – I can’t wait to show you my favorite! And I think Joyce reads the blog and is seeing these comments – I’m glad!

      1. Joyce

        Yes, I’m here! Feeling great reading all the positive comments. I’m loving your blog, Mary…I’ve been missing out all this time!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Joyce – haha! Yes, you have been missing out on being a part of this wonderful group of like minded women although I think it’s fair to say none of them or myself has your talent! I don’t think I took enough pictures! I’m posting again tonite – please add any info I might have missed – it’s nice to have you here, Joyce!

  14. Susan in VA

    This quilt is absolutely beautiful! I can’t imagine what your favorite one is going to look like. Can’t wait!

  15. Jane

    I love the Barbara and Joyce quilts. Thank you for including the detail photos. I have been toying with trying a quilt in this style and their quilts are really speaking to me. I really appreciate how she blends a traditional style quilt design with nature scenes. I have come to the conclusion I need to clone myself or have five lifetimes to accomplish all the creative projects and techniques I try to cram in between my family/ friends obligations. Oh well, it’s beats being bored.
    Have a great day and again, thanks for sharing

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jane – I’m with you —- so many ideas, so little time!

  16. Linda from Georgia

    What a beautiful quilt and such talent! I really enjoyed seeing it and thanks for sharing.

  17. Colleen in Central Oregon

    Such beautiful, gentle colors drawn directly from nature! Barbara hits all the right notes and Joyce does gorgeous quilting to perfectly compliment it. Absolutely breathtaking!

  18. Kris in WI

    Oh, my. So peaceful. I especially like the blossoms, both pieced and quilted and beribboned. And we haven’t seen your favorite yet?

  19. Patty McDonald

    Gorgeous, gorgeous!! I love quilting traditional blocks and also love applique. Her quilt is fantastic! The message comes across. The expressions in the birds eyes is perfect. She used the perfect color pallet. The quilting is perfect on this quilt. Can’t wait to see your favorites!

  20. Beryl BC

    Thanks again to Barbara and Joyce for sharing these beautiful quilts and to Mary for sharing the pictures.

  21. Carolyn Rector

    Love the robin’s quilt. What detail. I love the quilting on the squares. Looks like hearts forming petals. Beautiful quilt. Thanks for sharing.
    Carolyn from Troy, Ohio

  22. Sue Hoover

    ROBINS has stolen my heart! The detail in the thread-painting and quilting is nothing short of spectacular. The quilt blocks are wonderful as well. I am basically speechless, not to mention breathless, over this one!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – that’s exactly how I felt when I saw it! I’m still thinking about those quilts!

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