Another Stunner! 6-4-23

By the time we got to this quilt I think I was shell shocked and I can’t remember enough details so I’m hoping Barbara or Joyce will lend some words. The small details in each hexagon are all personal to Barb in some way – I might have to take pictures of this one again.

Names of all Iowa counties are embroidered in this navy trim

Rock from Lake Superior – with holes drilled for a button (Gary helped with this one)

This was a separate framed piece of Iowa

This is an Edyta quilt which is wonderful in itself but it’s the border that takes one’s breath away and it looks like I forgot to take a picture of it. Barb – can you send me a picture?

Gary and Missy, the miniature golden doodle – maybe she could come and meet Hazel some day

Quite a spectacular show again from Barbara and Joyce, huh? Tomorrow I will post my favorite – the one that just blew me away! My mind doesn’t work like Barbara’s – I have certain talents but this is not anything I could ever imagine doing.

This is truly an art quilt which could never be duplicated. Don’t even consider asking for a pattern – none of us is able to do it even with a pattern. If we could do it, we’d have been able to imagine this in our own minds. To request a pattern would be disrespectful to the artist – in this case Barbara.

Meet me here again tomorrow for my last quilt show post – my favorite quilt of all – Grandma’s Homemade Halloween Costume.

26 thoughts on “Another Stunner! 6-4-23

  1. Chris in Alaska

    Simply stunning – all of them ! Can’t wait to see your fave tomorrow !!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Chris – and after my favorite there’s still more to come!

  2. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    We’ll all be waiting for tomorrow😀 You’d make a good mystery writer with that teaser, Mary!
    I love Barb’s imagination and creativity. They are truly stunning quilts and Joyce is a very talented quilter. They make a wonderful team.
    We just returned from another trip to NY for my dad’s law partner’s funeral. It was great to see all of the family even on a sad occasion. It was neat to see all of the American flags on the hometown soldiers’ graves. I hadn’t been home to see those for years.
    Buddy and Squeak are happy we are home.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I’m a writer-wanna-be! The Susannah book is almost ready —-maybe to be introduced for my 75th birthday!

  3. Brenda in N Calif

    I have to agree my mind would never think of putting all of the quilts together like this. While I’m very happy making quilts with squares and triangles I truly appreciate seeing such amazing quilts. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Carolyn Boutilier

    Amazing. thank you for sharing.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  5. Shirley Andersen Smith

    Amazing, amazing work. Her personal journey in these hexies. How big are the hexies??
    Thanks for sharing Mary.
    Shirley from Oregon

    1. Joyce

      Without actually measuring, my best guess is 4 inches. Certainly not more than 5. Some of them are from her husband’s clothes…even silk neckties. The embroidered ribbon of the Iowa counties are leftovers from the Iowa map quilt. Barb definitely thinks outside the box…

  6. Betty Klosterman

    How big are the hexigons? Her imagination really works on overtime. Next on the counties in the State of Iowa? What is the extra addition in Wright County? Of course, that is my county!!
    These 2 ladies are really tuned into each other. What talent is so very special. Amazing. Their quilts are beyond our imagination, but what a way to go. It would be interesting to watch them work together. What fun to be able to really see them.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – I’ll ask about Wright County. Cerro Gordo was the Music Man. I sent you an email last night

    2. Joyce

      I’m not sure about the addition on Wright Co. Barb will have to answer that. I didn’t quilt this Iowa quilt…but believe it or not, she made another one for a friend of ours…I quilted that one.

  7. Dee from Shell Rock

    I went to the Clear Lake show and saw Grandma’s Halloween costume and the farm quilt. I was so blown away by them. Makes my efforts seem not so great. But I will keep on keeping on. Thanks for the wonderful quilt show.

  8. NancyTD

    Barbara and Joyce are very talented ladies. True artists. Thanks to you for sharing.

  9. Sandra Goddard

    Just truly amazing. As much as the Hexie quilt is a piece of art the one I find most amazing to me is the framed Iowa piece. Just stunning. Thank you for sharing the two artists as well has you Mary Taki g the time to post and share.

  10. WI Quilter

    Art Quilts that show gratitude -they stir memories for anyone that looks upon them!! Thank you so much for sharing!! WI Quilter

  11. Bridget

    There could be no pattern is right! Everyone needs to create a pattern of their OWN lives. I am glad for the close up though…just seeing how she pieced the diamonds (triangles) and the hexies set off my imagination! Can’t wait till tomorrow!

  12. Janet S

    Barbara is a very talented artist who’s media is fabric and Joyce is another artist to accompany her. The quilts could definitely hang in a museum. It sure is not surprising when they take top honors when judged. Thank you for sharing and showing them Mary, Barbara and Joyce.

  13. Kathy in western NY

    You are right that there couldn’t be a pattern to show someone’s unique art interpretation of even a hexagon. All we do is look at it and imagine how we add our own stamp on it and Barbara and Joyce have shown their own ways to personalize such beautiful work. I have enjoyed these posts immensely!
    Thank you !

  14. Carolyn Rector

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful talent team. Back in about 1980 while living in Cedar Rapids I took a hand-piecing quilt block class and learned the basics. What memories. Went on to teach a hand-piecing class when I moved back to Ohio. Always a love of mine to see a quilt show.
    Carolyn from Troy, Ohio

  15. Kim from TN

    Amazing! the quilt that tells her journey is amazing and what a great idea. I bet there are some wonderful memories built into each detail, like a piece of chain. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Wow!!!

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