Another Snowy Day, 12-15-22

Another big weather system is covering North Iowa and Southern Minnesota – so active that Rick changed his Mayo appointment to next week. Our days at home are pretty laid back. The dogs are bored – the most used line in my vocabulary is Get.Out.Of.My.Way!!!! If I move, 3 dogs move.

Good news! Those color catchers you told me to try worked! Here is Candy Cane good as new! Thank you!

I had a disturbing day yesterday when a reader I’ve chatted with for several years confronted me about my “tirade” regarding pickups that don’t park considerately. She called me jealous because I don’t have a behemoth pickup and said my attitude was ignorant. I no more got this written than I received the following photo from another reader. Guess it isn’t just in Iowa since she wrote from Pennsylvania. This irate reader took my innocent comment personally so I can only surmise she thinks it’s ok to park like this. And yes, cars park badly, too – I don’t think I ever declared that ALL pickups are selfish inconsiderate parkers. This former reader ended HER tirade with GOODBYE.

One thing I did learn is that comments following the blog post are not always the same as I see on my “comment page”. Who knew? This irate reader accused me of ignoring her comment about a previous accident and I had no idea what she was talking about – until I searched the other site. I removed her comment because it was so vile but now I wish I had left it on the blog for all to read.

And Merry Christmas to you, too!

128 thoughts on “Another Snowy Day, 12-15-22

  1. D Sil

    Living in Dallas TX has taught me to dislike those massive pickups. They never fit in a single parking space and the greatest majority of them don’t get used off a city street. We chuckle that it is a male compensating for his insufficiencies.

  2. Diane in Maryland

    I love your blog and your honest comments! Anyone who takes a comment about parking incorrectly personally may possibly need to take their drivers test again. It is just rude to inconvenience other people for your own selfishness. Who raised these people to think the world turns for them?! Guess what…it doesn’t.

  3. Lynette in orlando

    I find it, let’s say interesting, when I pull into a parking area and a row is labeled “compact cars only” and there are SUV’s, trucks, and other assorted non compact cars. The idiots don’t realize (or maybe don’t care) that the spaces are smaller. 🤦‍♀️ I’ve just come to the conclusion that some people are self centered selfish idiots. Mary, the poor parking is not limited to Iowa….. just saying……. And then to send you nasty messages about it is rude and childish. I’ve been known to put a note on a car that says “I think it’s park between the lines not on the lines” 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  4. Diana in Des Moines

    Do you think today’s society is just a bit touchy? A few weeks ago, some church members were gushing over Disney and how wonderful they have made our lives today. I commented I’ve never been, don’t plan on every going, and whammo! I was practically accused of being unAmerican.
    When did the day come that we could not express an opinion without being attacked?
    I personally get pissed when someone parks this way. You want to park sideways? Good for you but, do it at the outer edge of the lot.
    My rant is over but, I DO agree with you.
    People need to lighten up. Don’t agree? Just keep scrollin.

  5. Cathy

    Wow. Thanks for showing the color catchers magic work. So, happy to see they worked.
    On the other subject, it is your blog. Write all you think and feel. I love reading it all.
    Cathy – SE Alabama

  6. Jo/MN

    My husband parks this way because he is OCD about his vehicles. We always, always park at the far corner of the parking lot where no one else parks. As long as we are able to walk, I’m okay with it. One day he parked his beloved customized Camaro at the farthest spot in the lot at Menards in Spencer. When we came out of the store another very nice Camaro was parked next to us. Between the 2 cars they took up 3 parking spots! I still laugh when I think of it!

    1. Mary Says Sew!

      I have a popular small SUV in a color I don’t see very often. One time, we were at Walmart in a small town on a pleasant summer evening, and came out to find the parking lot around our car empty, except for a duplicate model of the same color parked nose to nose to ours. We still laugh about it – it was five to ten years ago. Small town fun, I guess.

      1. Kris in WI

        Sheesh! What a reaction…and over a comment about a parking issue? I’m sorry you had to deal with that abuse, Mary, especially on top of the chatty people during your cantata prelude. That brought back memories of having to tell adults that library storytime was an interactive program and to please do not make phone calls or play phone games, but show your children how you enjoy the stories, rhymes, and activities. Again – Sheesh!

        Personally, I think nearly everyone can relate to the giant pickup dilemma in one way or another. It seems our Prius is too small to take notice of and we almost got RUN OVER by a pickup driver backing out of a parking stall who never looked in his rear view or side mirrors to see if there was another car behind him. Now we call those huge pickups CRUSHERs!

        In happier news your Candy Cane quilt turned out so nice and bright! I’m glad it came back to life. I still like the idea of your quilt welcoming people to the house.

        I’m off to do some work in my basement sewing corner; knock down some cobwebs, pet some fabric, take a look at the DD and Color list, and line up a project or two.

        Mary, your blog with all the pet, collections, and quilt pictures plus the readers’ comments have kept me sane the last few months. After figuring out what was causing my fainting episodes and getting a pacemaker, I’m back in business. What a gift!

        Thank you and A Merry Christmas to All! Kris

  7. Janet

    You just can’t please everyone.
    You do a great job and you are very real about things. I love that about this blog.
    Merry Christmas, thank you for all you do. It’s much appreciated.

  8. Brenda

    Not sure why some folks take everything as a personal jab rather than reading the comment as proof of someone’s recent experience

  9. Bonnie McKee

    Hi Mary
    We also have 3 dogs in our house that constantly circle our feet! We also have a naughty cat who plops himself down at our feet and dares us to step on him. We pray we don’t fall and hurt any of them, or us!
    The people that park badly are extremely annoying!
    I’m always so careful to park with a good margin between my car and the lines because I don’t want to look like a bad driver!
    Since I “am of a certain age” I don’t want to make a bad reputation for senior drivers. 😉
    Bonnie in Oregon

    1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

      Color Catchers are dry sheets about the size of a wash cloth, you put one or more in the laundry with your quilt and it will no doubt turn very pink or grey, depending on the colors in your quilt. Red fabric bleeds wicked, color catcher will be done shade of pink, I always use Color Catchers when I wash my fabrics before I quilt, and again when I wash the finished quilt. Using black fabrics? Your color catcher might come out grey.
      I buy mine at CVS or our grocery store, but I’m guessing they are online, Amazon sells everything!

  10. Celene

    Bless your heart – I hope you know that the vast majority of your readers look forward to your daily e-mails – I know I do! Sending you a virtual hug!

  11. Mary Says Sew!

    Blatantly irresponsibly and entitled people in general burn my biscuits, including those who can’t park in one space. I try to remember there could have been a vehicle parked even worse next to the badly parked truck, but that vehicle’s gone when I get there. Maybe.

    Or maybe that driver just lost a job or a loved one.

    Or they’re picking up medicine for a sick child or an adult relative with dementia they have to take in the store with them.

    Or they’re drunk or high.

    Or they’re just a ‘glassbowl’.

    And they might have a gun.

    So I move on and stay away.

    Then I think about how glad I am I can conclude my business and go home to my cats.

  12. Linda in Michigan

    Candy Cane looks great once again. The most used three words in my vocabulary are “Look out now!” when one of three cats lays down right where I’m walking.
    In this day and age of “social media”, it’s not always so social. People think they can print whatever they want, no matter how hurtful it may be. Just ignore the cad, and know that the rest of us love you.

  13. Betty Klosterman

    Thank you, Mary, for showing the miracle of the Color Catchers. Everybody in the world should see your example. People just don’t believe it can happen.
    I’m afraid that I have to laugh at how people park. When we’d see a vehicle parked badly, I’d say ‘a man must have parked’ which aggravated my husband and I’d just giggle. One thing nobody has mentioned is how were the other vehicles parked when that person originally parked and the other vehicles are now gone……. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If that’s all you have to bitch about, give it up. Parking isn’t an exact science and some of us just aren’t very good. As long as we don’t hit anybody or anything, we are doing just fine.
    Oh, the Interstate is still closed and visiability was about zero this morning. We will survive.
    Merry Christmas and don’t forget to smile.
    Betty in Rapid City

  14. Susan

    I am so sorry that you were on the receiving end of someone’s nasty, thin skinned screed. I live in southern, New Mexico, near the border. Probably 3/4 of the automobiles here are pick up trucks and most are way too big for parking spaces and these trucks are parked like the one you took a photograph of an Iowa. A lot of trucks here sport “truck balls” , a pair of black balls hanging underneath the middle of the tailgate. Yeech! As another person said, perhaps this is over compensation for unrewarding features!

    1. Rosalie In Texas

      Susan, you gave me a chuckle. I’ve never heard of or seen truck balls!
      It takes all kinds.

    2. Jan B from TN

      So glad the color catchers worked! Your quilt looks great!
      For the reader a few comments above mine, the best brand is by Shout—Shout Color Catchers in the laundry department of grocery stores & Walmart,
      As others have said, the reader who made rude comments should just be banned from your blog for making such rude comments to you.
      I’m pretty sure these “monster” trucks are in most states. A lot of them here in TN also sport oversized tires—you know, the ones that stick out about 6” from the fenders. This is illegal in some states but apparently not here.
      You got snow & we got almost 4” of rain in 24 hours. It’s a little soggy around here but thankfully it was sunny today!

  15. Susan

    I am so sorry that you were on the receiving end of someone’s nasty, thin skinned screed. I live in southern, New Mexico, near the border. Probably 3/4 of the automobiles here are pick up trucks and most are way too big for parking spaces and these trucks are parked like the one you took a photograph of an Iowa. A lot of trucks here sport “truck balls” , a pair of black balls hanging underneath the middle of the tailgate. Yeech!

  16. Julie Stancato

    Wow, that’s just crazy. I guess I just feel sorry for this reader that left the comment because apparently she has no life and she’s a bitter, unhappy person. It’s really sad. I’ll say a prayer for her right now. Another thought just popped in my head. Sometimes I think people park like that on purpose so that no one will park next to them and they won’t get any door shots. Who knows? Anyhow enjoy the snow. We just barely missed the snowstorm where we’re at. I was so bummed I just made a little video with my own snowstorm in my sewing room. Not quite the same as a real snowfall but it cheered me up.

  17. Roberta Etherington

    I did enjoy the cantata so much, the whole theme was spot on, beautifully presented, especially the accompanist!!!

    I have photos to send from my quilting group, what address to use?

    I made a snowman on the deck today

    Roberta in MN

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Roberta – and thank you for your compliment – glad you enjoyed it. We’re a small group but the only one in town to attempt a cantata. My church has been doing it for over 50 years.

  18. Deb in Idaho

    Forget the rude person, you can dislike anything you want. Don’t know when people became so mean. I’m sure they weren’t raised like that. I always think what would my mother say. We were taught not to be rude, and not to be so inpatient. Glad the color catchers work on your quilt. I use them all the time.

  19. JoAnne

    It seems so many can’t just let go of being nasty, everyone has an opinion and if you don’t agree just let it go. My grandmother had a saying which goes I’m not any better than you, but I’m just as good as you.
    The rest of us love your posts and MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year!

  20. Kathy in western NY

    I had to chuckle over your rude reader accusing you of being jealous over a big truck. She obviously doesn’t know you already own the cutest darn vehicle out there that I know some genuine sincere handsome men would love to bop around in rather than an ego boosting truck they can’t even afford to fill with fuel without complaining. Like I said in one of my comments, people who show rudeness, inconsideration, and forget how to use manners are not in our circle of people as there are nicer ones to replace selfish people. Life’s too short to let their negativity ruin my days. We love you and appreciate all you do to send us an email about your day. Glad Rick chose to postpone his trip to Mayo cause if only more people were smart enough to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary, the plows could do their jobs with a little consideration shown to them.

  21. Lisa in snowy eastern Washington state

    So sorry you had the tirade from the blog reader. Unfortunately that seems to be the norm lately. Maybe she was having a horrid day and she just let loose on you. I thought your comment about the truck was justified but I admit when I’m driving our big truck I have trouble staying within the lines too. I often get out, check my parking job and repark if needed. Merry Christmas to you!

  22. Peggy Grandberg

    That is really a good advertisment for color catchers. I had green run in a christmas runner a few years back and color catchers fixed it.

    Agree not all trucks park that way and really makes me fume when a small high end car parks on the angle across two spots so no one can park next to them and scratch their new vehicle. Have a good day.

  23. Linda Groth Olsen

    The parking bothers me too..I always think they are trying to protect their vehicle….but what about mine???

  24. Donna in Wis

    Goodness Gracious, I am so sorry that people have the time to be so hateful. I am told over & over to not take it personally.

  25. Diane, Sqyeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Hi Mary, I just read your blog and all the comments. First, I am so happy the Color Catchers worked. Candy Cane looks great! Second, I do love your blog and love you for writing it for us. As a high school teacher. I learned to laugh at ugly comments. There weren’t a lot of them , but It drove the nasty kids nuts! I agree with Kathy from NY that you have an awesome truck to drive. My mother always said, “
    Small people make small comments.” We love you, Mary so ignore the nasty comments! I am happy Rick’s appt. has been postponed. Stay safe. Christmas is here on Sunday! Yikes!! Please list where you’re from. I counted 24 states and one Province and Australia, but I cleaned and can’t find my list. Dies anyone else do that? 🙀🤪

    1. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

      Diane, I guess I may be from the one province you commented about. I agree it is so nice to see where everyone is from

  26. Sue in Oregon

    What a difference a color catcher makes! Just Wow. Now the candy cane quilt is like a whole new quilt.

    Mary…I hope you won’t lose any sleep over those emails and won’t change your approach to anything you write because of them. The huge majority here thinks as you do and we love you. Gee, they were rude. Seems like there are so many things in this new world of ours to get mad at, but, Parking??? Good Grief.

  27. Vicki Ibarra

    Love how the candy cane quilt is all “better” after you used the color catchers. It is a great quilt/wall hanging for the season.
    The wind is howling today, but only scant snow. Not like so much of the west and northern plains has been getting. Amazing how being in southern Iowa can make such a difference. Of course, sometimes we get hit really hard when north of us is OK. It looks like we won’t have much snow before Christmas and I am all right with that. I did outdoor work yesterday in 45 degree temps and knew that may be the last day of that for a while.
    This week’s projects for me have been hand sewing some of my mother’s hand crocheted doilies to pieces of fabric that I will layer/quilt and then add a back and zipper to for pillows. I have SO many of her doilies (a dresser drawer full) and have tried to figure out ways to use them as something other than doilies (not really my style). Any ideas from you fellow blog readers?

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Vicki, do you use tablecloths? I have a pristine off white linen large tablecloth of my grandmothers that I want to hand sew some of her doilies to so they are preserved. I have also seen them sewn into corners of solid color pillows.

      1. Vicki Ibarra

        I DO use tablecloths. Most are patterned, but I have a few solidi color so this is an idea. Thanks! And the solid color pillows is what I just did in making two pillow covers. I made a lumbar pillow, placing a row of doilies along the length of the pillow. I think I am really going to like it!

        1. Kathy in western NY

          I am happy to hear you used solids for the pillow as doilies show up much more bolder on solid fabrics. They can get lost on a floral so give them their own show especially if they have some embroidery in them like some of mine do. I like the idea of a lumbar style with a row of crocheted ones. I might do that for a bench pillow.

  28. Pam D

    Mary, don’t you dare let a few nasty comments get you down and cause discouragement. There are those types in all walks of life. For the most part I think there are fewer in the ranks of quilters but alas, there are a few. Most of us so appreciate the time that you take and all that you share. Speaking personally it is always a refreshing part of my day to read your post. I like your honesty – you share the good and the bad with us and I know it makes me feel less alone when things don’t go right in my life . And you offer so much inspiration. Really appreciate you!!!

  29. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Oh heavens, Mary, there are so many mean and spiteful people on FB and blogs and Instagram. Bonnie Hunter has been a real target for them. It’s so sad to see that the anonymity of social media has resulted in so many people showing their ignorant nasty sides so freely.
    Please block her, no witches allowed in the quilty world.

    You wonder how people like that celebrate the Lord’s birth while treating people so ignorantly, especially during the season of love and peace. Shame on her, and pity her family.

    I’ve been enjoying your blog lately while traveling through internet deprived areas. Boy, it teaches you how much you use your phone when you notice how often you can’t! New Year’s resolution; less screen time, more sewing!

  30. Sharon Ernst

    Hi Mary! That color catcher advice was incredible!! I am definitely going to remember that! And I’m going to pick some up & keep it in my laundry room! So a BIG thank you to that reader!
    I totally agree with the issue of the truck! I hate having to back out of a parking space when those big trucks are next to me! I can’t see around them, even when they are parked correctly!
    Merry Christmas to you and Connie! 🎄

  31. Jean Elliott

    I hope you blocked her! I agree about the pick ups. Some do park crooked. When I visit Garner there are so many of them when I park downtown ..even when they’re parked straight …you can never see to back out. And what really irks me is people just drive down the street and don’t pay any attention to the fact that you are backing out.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – I said the same thing to this reader – I don’t want to park beside a big pickup because when I back out I’m nearly over the middle of the street!!! And I can’t see anything coming – I even have a backup camera and still can’t always see.

  32. Kathy Niemann

    Mary, you tickle me so!
    I have a Prius and am given a razzing routinely if I park even slightly crooked even if between the lines, by my so called friend.
    I was glad to get a rat update. That was a compelling saga.
    Amazing before and after with color catcher. Glad you posted it. I have a “Lost Socks” quilt that my dog threw up on and the sock fabric bled. I am so nervous to wash it but of course I must. Fingers crossed.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – the rat count increased to 70 tonight at chores – Hazel was whining and barking by a cabinet and I was trying to get her to come with me and suddenly she was chomping and shaking a rat! Good girl!

  33. Kate

    Today my husband and I went to Walmart and a truck had been parked with its front left wheel clear in the spot for a car, so my husband decided to park right there. I could barely squeeze out of our jeep and getting back in I need a step stool, but I could not get the back door open enough to get it out. My husband has longer arms and could reach it from a partially closed door. I think it’s a man thing. The trucker trying to prove he can take two spots and a husband who thinks he can still park as close as he can to that truck. Wish we’d get some snow for Christmas. I mean a really big snow. We haven’t had much snow in our part of Indiana for a long time.

  34. Susie

    It is sad that people feel free to write awful things online because they can’t be seen. I do think everyone could be more considerate in parking, crowds, online-everywhere!
    Mama always said “if you can’t say something nice-Don’t say anything at all “. Wise woman.
    I always enjoy your posts! Keep up the good work.🌲

  35. Ann

    Carol, the Saltbox stitcher just recently put out some quilt parade videos. I was amazed at all the Country Threads quilts she showed. Also some Thimbleberries ones that were before I started quilting.

  36. Marcia-Ohio

    Ohio is ‘blessed’ w/ inconsiderate pickup parkers also especially the extended cab ones.

  37. Sherrill

    When I saw the before and after of the candy cane, I thought ‘did you sew up another?’. I can’t believe it’s the same quilt!! That’s so awesome that it looks new! I’ve had good/not so good luck with color catchers so I was skeptical. But it definitely worked for you!

  38. SandyO

    Sorry that some people are not happy unless they complain about some thing. It is it is really sad how rude people are today. My mother taught me to be nice and not say unkind things to people. I some times have to drive my husbands F350 and boy do I watch how I am parked. It is not easy to park that truck. One day I parked the truck and had to do a little back and forth to get it straight. When I got out out of the truck there was a nice man parked next to me and commented on what a great job I did for being such a small person driving the truck. (I don’t know about small lol). Love how your Candy Cane quilt it is looking fantastic. Thanks for all you doMerry Christmas

  39. Jane - VA

    Yea for color catchers! I always enjoy your posts. The cantata was wonderful. You’re so talented. That was a lot of work. Because of the pandemic I haven’t gone back to church. I enjoy watching your church online every Sunday morning.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jane – you watch us online every Sunday? Wow! I can’t wait to tell Brian, our pastor – thank you for watching as we know then that the live stream is successful and reaching people.

  40. Dee

    Just keep doing what you’re doing. Most of us are loyal readers. If someone doesn’t like what you publish, let them quit reading. One of the other blogs has someone who gripes about any content that isn’t stitch related. She just baits her a little. She will say, Betty, not stitch related, so just turn off. It makes me feel more connected to you. Hang in there. Thanks.

  41. Kim

    Nice save on the candy cane quilt. It looks really good! I’ve used the Shout Color Catchers since I began quilting. There is always a sheet or two in the washer no matter how many times I’ve washed a quilt. Also made a save when color bled from one to another, like your quilt. Sorry about the disagreeable comments from that former reader. Like most people, I’ve encountered huge trucks parked carelessly. I’ve wished for deeper angled parking spaces for those trucks and vans and especially when they have extended trailer hitches sticking out. Oh, well. Lots of snow here in Minnesota, the wet heavy stuff. Beautiful on the trees this morning.

  42. TBlack

    Well’ I’ve always heard a guilty dog barks first, haha. I actually enjoy hearing you rant and rave. Makes me feel like I have a kindred spirit. Merry merry and best wishes for a blessed 2023.

  43. Joy in Nw Iowa

    The candy cane quilt looks so pretty! The weather is frightful and the fire is delightful….that is if you have a fireplace….which I do not but I can always wish, right? The visibility is awful this evening. Not that I needed to go anywhere. Just saying.
    Well, I got all caught up on my bookwork, Yay! Now I can focus on something well we!
    Well, stay safe, ignore the nasty peoples, and stay warm!

  44. Ann in PA

    Mary, the comments from your sweet, funny, kind and caring readers are comforting to read. There are some really good people out there. We all love you and your blog about your furry family and everyday adventures. I thought the same thing as Kathy in NY, you, jealous of someone’s truck. You have one of the best trucks ever! One of the things I dislike most about social media… so many are quick to make nasty comments and spew hate. I like what one reader said…say a prayer for them. On a more positive note – I so happy that those Color Catchers worked on your candy cane quilt. It looks wonderful! I always keep Color Catchers or Color Grabbers on hand for quilts and for washing clothes that might bleed.
    To Coleen in Oregon: You are welcome! Cracked corn works wonders on icy sidewalks and driveways. I sprinkled some in front of my steps when I put out the bird feeders this morning. Another hint – we got snow, sleet and freezing rain today so I used telescoping trekking poles (the ones used for hiking) when I went out to our rural mailbox. Sending hugs to everyone! Keep the Spirit of the season in your hearts!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ann in PA – I also have Montem hiking poles – but where are other ends that I need for ice? Ugh.

  45. Betty Klosterman

    There are a lot of people out there that are very unhappy and I feel sorry for them. There are some things we can’t control, so concentrate on what we can change or control.
    If you want to experience the honkin big trucks, come to the winter stock show. They are mixed in with all the cars and life can be very interesting, but we survive.
    About parking close to other cars….. We had a shopping center with a theater right next to a fabric store. My friend who worked at the fabric store was extremely pregnant. When she got off work at closing, she found her car blocked in by a car on each side and she couldn’t even get between the vehicles to the car door, not to mention opening the doors. She just marched into the theater. They got on the intercom and asked the parked individuals to please go out and move their vehicles so she could go home!!! I’d think it would have been embarassing to the offenders? People don’t think. Luckily, it isn’t everybody.
    In the meantime, ladies, keep up the positive attitudes and when somebody gets ticky, just look them in the eye and SMILE. And always be polite – it could be a relative!
    Take care everybody. And I think the storm is about over? We can hope.
    Betty in Rapid City

  46. Debbie Miller in SC

    Color catcher worked great-looks like a new quilt! Loved the Cantata. My older brothers church always does a Christmas Cantata and he was always a featured soloist with a wonderful singing voice. He also played Santa for the church and lots of civic organizations. He passed away last year from cancer at age 72-miss him so much! I think some trucks are just absolutely too big-I walked by one the other day and the tires were almost taller than me! I am so tired of cold dark rainy days here. I love reading your blog-you are genuine!

  47. Dee in Ohio

    Wow that red came out. Regarding parking I try to park by a shopping cart cage so I only have one car to park beside me

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dee in Ohio – me, too! Parking by the carts makes it easy to return your cart as well.

  48. KathyG from Oak Creek, WI

    We have an oversized pickup truck and we always park far far away where there are no cars around us but still land between the painted lines. We also have to fold the mirrors in. It’s not hard to be considerate.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy G – now YOU are a considerate driver to even fold the mirrors in!

  49. Carolyn Barnett

    I just love the women that comment on this blog, Mary, don’t you? They are hilarious! I agree with everyone of the negative sentiments about pick ups in parking spaces and I have to tell you when my son bought one here in California all I said was ‘WHAT, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME??!!!!!” I tried to raise him right but you know how it goes….I love color catchers too! My daughter when she came home to live brought this adorable little dog with her that no matter how many times we let him out, peed on everything. One day I had a total meltdown as he peed on a gorgeous quilt that had red accents. Red was running into the white, you get the picture. Called my quilting friend and she suggested color catchesr. I ran to market put about 6 in a full load and washed the quilt, holding my breath. Just like your quilt it turned out perfect! I think this product is a life saver. Anyway, ladies that blog, I love you! You all just make me laugh, I feel like we are best friends sitting around having a cup of tea and discussing LIFE!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn – yes, I do love you ladies – who would I talk to if not for you?

  50. Dianne in So Cal

    Wow! Sorry about the rude commenter. Consider the source and be glad you’re not her. Good riddance!
    Thank you for your blog… I love seeing your farm. That’s what I’m jealous of!
    Stay warm! Merry Christmas!

  51. Marie C

    I drive either a big truck or a little truck. Needed because of where we live and our jobs. I’m always aware of staying inside the parking lot lines. Here’s my rant. This week I had an early appointment. I parked correctly come out after and a regular sized car parked way in my spot. I could barely get the door open. I squeezed in,but my truck was so dirty from the wet gravel roads. I looked down and the inside of my jeans were all muddy. A great way to start a long day of errands. To top it off the driver watched me the whole time. I survived. Hope everyone has a great holiday.

  52. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

    Wow, Mary! I did a double look at your candy cane quilt, the color catchers did their magic for sure! Unbelievable! Maybe you can search the delete or trash and put the comment back for all to read, I cannot believe someone would fly off the handle over something like what you commented on, I see ‘those’ vehicles parked just like the photos show, and always wonder what is the deal? People just think it’s okay to make remarks and have no consideration for anyone but themselves it seems. I look forward to your blog for updates on how your world is treating you, as well as all the other kindred folks who read your blog as well. Hope the weather calms down now, we have about 7” of the wonderful snow. Glad I am retired on a day like today. Christmas is fast approaching, I baked Gingersnaps today, Peanut butter cookies tomorrow. Wish the sun would shine too! Happy Holidays and good health.

  53. Nancy

    Oh my goodness…guess I’m too busy to say things online that I would not say to someone’s face.

    Merry Christmas, Mary, Rick and happy animals.

  54. Marilyn

    So glad the color catchers worked for you.. I like to read the reply too.
    Safe travels ne t week.

  55. Nancy Wines

    I can’t believe someone subjected you to a tirade over what was obviously a poor parking job. If I know I have parked badly I look out my door and move my car so I’m in the parking space correctly. It is is just good manners. It is so tiresome how rude and inconsiderate people are getting these days – sigh! On a happier note the bad weather ( such as it is) didn’t happen in Florida today. I feel bad for all the tornado victims and those of you with frigid nasty weather conditions – stay safe y’all!

  56. Carolyn in NE Illinois

    Mary, I actually saw her comment and went back a day to see why she was so upset. The comment right above hers was from a Mary also and I believe she thought it was from you. I wonder if there is something going on on her life to make her so upset. Nothing you said should have caused that reaction. Regardless, know we so much enjoy hearing about your day, the animals, the farm , and yes, the trials in parking lots. I drive a little car and am always afraid of being squashed!

  57. Theresa McCormick

    So glad you shared the posts. Jealous? Jealousy has nothing to do with the vehicle is to BETWEEN the painted lines. Take good care!!!

  58. Chris in Alaska

    Oh my gosh Mary !!! I can’t believe some people are so offended by such a small thing . All my adult life , I’ve had Volkswagen Beetles ( 4 to be exact ) and then we retired to Alaska and I have a 4 wheel drive full size pickup truck . Can you imagine how I park 🤣?
    Glad the color washer sheets worked too !

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Chris in Alaska – I had 3 beetles – sure wish I had kept one, don’t you?

  59. Tanya T. in Houston

    There used to be a car commercial here that showed a shopper coming back to her car and unable to get in on either side. The car apparently had an automatic start and she remotely started it and backed it out until she could get in! More technology than I hope I EVER need, but what a creative concept.

    LOVE that your candy cane was saved!

  60. Linda in central IA

    50 years ago we bought a little used Rambler that someone had started fixing up. It ran like a charm but the paint job was all just primer – roof was brown, the trunk was green, the rest was gray. Oh, one door was original gray but it still had a dent in it. It was my run-around car. At the grocery store, I usally parked about in the middle of the row – not up close but not at the far end either. Then I noticed no one parked near me. But after a few months there were often 8-10 fellow ugly cars all parked in my little section! Loved it. Those big honking, gas guzzling trucks – can’t understand why I would want one. Just picture watching someone getting in and out of one gracefully, much less look sexy about it. HaHaHa. Gotta find the humor in it all.

  61. Barb Onnen

    I agree on the parking hogs, Mary. We should ALL be considerate of others and park between two lines – not three!

  62. Charlotte S in No. California

    Color Catchers are wonderful!!! I have used them many times. So glad they worked on your candy cane!
    I love your blog. Sorry about the nasty woman (I won’t call her a lady). Some people don’t realize we do have freedom of speech and don’t have to have the same opinion as they do. I agree…just say a prayer for her.

  63. Patty

    Sorry to hear about the person who has such little respect of others. Where I work I had a car pulled over so far next to my driver’s door that I had to get in the passenger side and crawl over the the center console to get to the driver’s side. I’m 68 and not very coordinated. I’m just glad no one saw me! I figured that was my exercise for the day!

  64. Jo In Wyoming

    Mary, I’m glad you started with good news. I, too, use color catchers. Sometimes 4-5 in a load. When we finish quilts for kids, we have to wash them. Lots of color catchers go in those loads.
    Today I say one of those super long trucks parked slanted in 2 handicap spots! A young person came out of the coffee shop with one cup. Not 2, just one. Get in and drive off.
    I’m thankful I no longer need a handicap spot.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – oh my gosh, that is so disrespectful! What an entitled young man!

  65. Patty

    Oh heck! No matter what you post Someone will have to Say Something ! We all get irritated about drivers- parkers …
    And I agree about anyone who is inconsiderate! I always check to see if I’m in the lines of the space. Out here there are so many BMW AND MERCEDES cars … some of them seem to think they are excepted from normal rules..anyhow,
    Just shake it off…

  66. bobbie rumler

    Sorry to hear that someone Is miserable and took it out on you….glad that color catcher worked…good as new…well, weather has a temper too huh!! Merry Christmas to you, your husband, and your three furry babies….

  67. Jean

    Good grief Mary! I will say that just because someone has a different viewpoint from you it does not give them license to bully another. That person who did that to you is a low functioning individual whom we should all say a prayer for.

  68. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Yea for Color Catchers; it is amazing how good the sled quilt looks now!
    Take care/stay warm, 🥰

  69. NancyTD

    Glad the color catcher worked on the candy canes. The before and after picture was a great idea to share.
    I think the parking spots are getting smaller too. Senior driving refresher courses tell us we should be straight in the parking spot and wheels straight. Don’t see too many vehicles parked that way. Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.
    Glad Rick changed his appointment. It was wicked here yesterday. All roads were bad.
    The school bus was making a right turn unto our road and ended up in the neighbors front yard. Backed up and ended up across the road in a deep ditch. Wiped out the street sign and the bus front end was up in the air. The tow truck hauled it way. The Township still hasn’t plowed us out. Life in the country! Good reason to stay home.

  70. Midge H-Illinois

    So sorry you have to put up with angry people…. I love you blog . We are all allowed are opinions!

  71. Maureen

    It’s a shame people are so sensitive some people are just not happy! I am visiting my son in Breckenridge CO and the temperature is a cold -5, to cold to snow! Your posts always bring a smile to my face, have a great day!

  72. Mary Lou

    Oh WOW! Sad some people are such Debbie Downers – not able to see beyond things as to
    what is really going on… Hey just brush that smush off and move on – apparently, they are not
    in tune with the world and just need to fume at someone and picked you for the day..
    Always enjoy your blog and all the interesting things I have learned from you and your
    readers… So just skip on with the day and please do not waste any time letting those rude
    people ruin you day…
    Its gonna be a good one so enjoy…

  73. Cindy Kuipers

    I understand your frustration with parking. My disabled son uses a wheelchair. I can’t tell you how many times we have come out of the store to find a vehicle parked so close to the passenger side that my son can’t get his chair between that vehicle and my car. He was to wait for me to back my car out enough for him to have the room to maneuver his chair and open the car door.
    It seems vehicles are getting bigger but often parking spaces aren’t.
    I’m so glad your Candy Cane quilt turned out so well, it’s a beautiful quilt.

  74. Rachel Summy

    Mary, It’s YOUR blog and you can share your thoughts. You do you, others can start their own blog if they want to complain, right?
    Merry Christmas and be safe and warm!!

  75. Lynda Arduser

    Thank-you for your Blog and everything you share! I love it and look forward to seeing it in my mail! Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! Lynda

  76. Sue in Marion, IN

    Good grief. I hate poor parkers too, especially at very busy times like the holidays when parking is at a premium. Many a time I have backed out and straightened up. I make my husband do it, although he’s oblivious…I’m certain he has ADHD. I’ve always thought so. I will add that in many lots THE SPACES ARE WAY TOO SMALL which REALLY ticks me off. When new construction starts, they are usually required to have a certain number of parking spaces and they make them as small as possible to squeeze them in. Starbucks lots are notorious for this. Off my soapbox now😵‍💫

  77. Janet S

    Several years ago, we came across one of those super fancy, expensive, sports car that was parked at an angle. My husband had a comment about the driver but I just told him the car was just a ‘penis-extender’. Have a good day everyone and a blessed holiday season.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Janet — I’ve always thought that about the big trucks, etc, only I didn’t think I should mention that fact?? I’m afraid some things just slip out of my mouth and I probably shouldn’t have said it, but it was exactly what I meant to say……
      Last night while watching old 1958 Perry Mason program on TV, I had to just think how long the cars used to be. I am REALLY glad we don’t have them now. I’ll take my 2004 Chevy Impala with 200,000 miles any day!!
      Have fun and don’t forget to laugh. It feels good.
      Betty in Rapid City — still snowed in, but looks hopeful!

  78. Nina Halbrook

    Ignore those kinds of critical remarks. We have lots of those people in our country, that is part of what is wrong with our society. They never learned to just get along !!

    So glad the color catcher worked ! I use those often, especially for blues and red fabrics.

    Enjoy your blog every day. Keep up the good news from Iowa.

  79. Anne in Southern IA

    I really liked seeing the before and after Candy Cane quilt. I have a quilt with a lot of applique that’s never been washed. It’s been hanging on the wall for years. I probably should use color catcher and wash it. Regarding the nasty commenter, she’d probably be upset to see how many supportive comments you’ve received!

  80. Cathy Davis

    So glad the color catcher worked and you were able to save the Candy Cane quilt!! Good as new 🤗. Snowy, windy, and cold in north central Iowa. I believe it’s a great day to order a Country Threads pattern!

  81. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    I knew the colour catchers were good but that is amazing. Your quilt looks brand new. Sorry to hear the horrible comments. Love your blog. Merry Christmas to you and all the blog readers. Apparently we are heading into a weekend of snow. Just glad Christmas is over a week away and we can get the roads safe again. It always amazes me the number of people unprepared for snow. Even though this is our second snowstorm of the year there will be many cars with summer tires trying to manoeuvre the streets unsuccessfully.

  82. Jane Boyer

    When I worked for the government security would patrol the parking lot and ticket cars that had any part hanging over the lines. People learned to park within their space in a hurry.

  83. Sandi

    I’m sorry someone decided to be so unkind and post a nasty comment to you. I love reading your blog and enjoy seeing pictures and your animals. The commenter is on the losing end by saying goodbye. Hugs,

  84. Jan Smith

    Wow, touchy. Please don’t stop writing about what you are feeling! No censorship- it’s your blog!
    Also, I had no idea that Color Catchers worked after blending had already occurred. I always used them when washing a quilt, or even new clothes with darker dyes. Good to know!

  85. Janet Snyder

    Merry Christmas Mary. I love your candy cane quilt So happy for you that it was saved.

  86. Ellen Bencken

    All I can do is LOL otherwise my words would all be profane. Entitlement in this country is at an all-time-high and parking like a selfish zealot is high as well (and I live in a 4wd state! and see it daily when out and about). Sick of it all!

    Hold your head high and carry on!

  87. Paula S.

    Merry Christmas Mary to you and yours. I had to laugh over the former blog reader. I’m thinking “don’t let the door hit you in the a** on your way out!” Ha! People just need to get over themselves.

  88. Carmen Ostrander

    I’ll make one comment about the parking. Not necessarily a pickup, because it is difficult to get it right on the first try, but whenever I pull into a parking spot, and the car next to me is over the line, I have to remind myself that they may have parked that way because there was already a car adjacent that was parked incorrectly.

  89. Deborah A Stevens

    Hi, wow great job with the color catchers, Yay success! Okay , quickie parking story.
    I live in a province with lots of pickups. Returning to my car one day I see a truck parked
    1 foot from my driver’s door, not too odd but the parking lot was almost empty! I was
    standing there in awe of this parking job, when the owner returned , look at his truck
    look at me and said , ” wow, I can’t believe I parked like an *******! I ‘m so sorry! I just
    said we all get distracted sometimes and he pulled out , I got in and we all lived happily ever after.
    Sometimes we just have to give each other a break. So sorry you got such a vivid response from
    a reader, maybe they had a bad experience and it was distracting them! Stay safe and sew on!

  90. JustGail

    Wow, great save with the Color Catchers! I knew they did good catching loose dye, but did not know they could fix things after dye bled. They are going on my shopping list.

    As to that reader – sounds like guilty conscience.
    Cars were huge in the 1950s-early 60s, but today’s trucks and SUVs are also much taller. The blind spots right next to those vehicles are huge now. And there’s so many more vehicles on the road than back then too. Still, there’s no excuse for the driver not fixing poor parking.

  91. Georgia

    Wow!! Thanks so much for posting about Candy Cane & color removers – incredible to see the difference.

    Our 2 pooches are bored indoors and keep themselves amused by standing guard at our sliding glass doors, day and night. Usually we get the 3 am lunatic barking alerting us to who-do’s in the yard that dh faithfully gets up for and shines a light out into the pitch black yard on the lake while both dogs stand by at the ready, following the light. Sometimes it’s a skunk or the ‘coons looking for walnuts or water pans, but mostly it’s something only the dogs know about. Best (and most annoying) alarm systems ever!

    Glad I missed the rude posts re truck parking. People fail to think that sometimes the available parking spot has a car parked next to it over the lines already, causing the vehicle pulling in to also be over the lines….and on an on. I won’t use a space next to an over-parked car cuz my luck, I’d get the irate person that didn’t realize the scoundrel that caused the whole mess has left & now I’d get the dunce award – no thank you. Many new car parks have started using smaller spaces to get more cars, which creates more problems.

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