Did YOU receive 3 blog posts? 12-13-22

I’ve had several people write and tell me they got the blog post THREE times! Ugh – just keep your fingers crossed that I’m not looking at another major glitch in the system.

And you agreed with me that the badly parked pickup is a pet peeve of yours as well. Pickup owners who park so inconsiderately are selfish individuals and do not care about anyone but themselves. I, like you, have straightened my van in the parking spot many times.

It has been a miserable day here – the wind is blowing the rain sideways! The icy parking lot is now covered with rainwater and melting snow – it is treacherous getting to the barn and I always take my walking stick for balance.

Yup, still working on Bitcoin – I thought it was no big deal when I was sewing those long strips together but believe me, it IS a big deal! Every time you’re required to cut short units you’re cutting your stitching line and soon, with all this handling and pinning, those stitching lines start to come unsewn. If I had realized this sooner I would have reduced my stitch length. In a perfect world these ladders would fit right together – I do have all the seams going opposite so that they nest together but when seam allowances are not consistent and accurate, you’ve got trouble – right here in River City! Trouble, trouble, trouble! haha! You do know that Mason City is Meredith Wilson’s hometown, don’t you?

I do love the look of my new chair but it isn’t broke in yet and feels very stiff to me – Telly doesn’t care.

I always forget to say that the rat total stopped at 68! And if any others show up Hazel will let me know.

The wind is still howling – it’s back to the sewing machine for me! Hope you don’t get this three times.

68 thoughts on “Did YOU receive 3 blog posts? 12-13-22

  1. Dee

    Yes, I too got 3 emails. I have a smaller email company in Shell Rock, thought it was just tem. Love Telly in the chair, he’s trying to help you get it broken in. Our day has been miserable here also.I bought my old lab a coat, but it wasn’t big enough so I had to add some side panels and a lengthing strip on the end. And I cut off the straps for the stomach and moved them. She loves it, keeps her warm and kind of dryer today.

  2. Frances E

    You are so funny! No, I did not receive your post three times. Bitcoin always looked to be more trouble than I could handle. Your new chair looks nice and Telly won’t care one bit. 😄 Stay warm and from your description of the weather, seeing sounds like a plan. We’re going to another Advent service tomorrow evening. Good luck at the clinic.

  3. Sue in PA

    I only received one email. Bitcoin is on my list of quilts to make. I saw one made with a lot of aborigine fabrics included and it really got my attention. I have a lot of those fabrics leftover from another project. Be careful in the snow and ice.

  4. Margie in CA

    Golly sakes, Mary, every time you show that RED/WHITE STRIPPIES quilt on your chair
    I say to myself (for the umpteenth time) I WANT TO MAKE THAT TOO
    well maybe 2023….
    we all are just hopeless !

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Margie in CA – that red and white chair quilt is just rectangles that could be a leader/ender project for you! My chair covers measure 20” x 60” usually.

  5. Debbie G in SE WI

    Yes, Mary. Yesterday I got 3, but today, just one. The weather you had is headed this way, and should be arriving here shortly. I’m so tired of dark and dreary days. I need a couple days of sun! I don’t care what the temp is, just throw me a few days of sunshine! I finally finished the tent I was !making for my grand daughter’s doll! That McCalls pattern wasn’t written well at all! And to think they get almost $20.00 for that! Telly looks so comfy in your new chair!

  6. Linda from Georgia

    I only received one blog. I really like your new chair. I need to go look for one. I think that I will take bitcoin off my list! HaHa. I have been going through my older quilts and donating the ones I no longer want (hard) and fit the criteria for a cause. I am going to start a quilt for the homeless veterans next. If I didn’t belong to so many groups I might get more sewing done but I do enjoy the company and seeing all of the wonderful quilts made by the fellow members.

  7. Tina W in Oregon

    Nope – just twice! But that’s ok. Deleting is easy.
    Love your bit coin quilt. It’s on my list of quilts I want to make. I’ll pay attention to the seam width and reduce my stitch length. Thanks for that tip.
    We’ve got really cold weather coming but little to no precipitation. Unfortunately, we have been getting a lot of freezing fog and it’s just miserable to try to drive anywhere.
    Safe travels to the Mayo Clinic.

  8. Marsha from Kansas

    Yes, I did get three posts. Yea, no more rats!! That’s quite a total. It’s a shame how many your traps and Hazel caught versus your “professionals”. Hazel definitely earned her keep (and treats). I purchased the Bitcoin pattern thinking it was a great stash buster but haven’t cut anything for it yet. My color palate on some of my newer projects is going lighter, Corey Yoder colors. I haven’t tried to mix them with my Kansas Troubles colorways fabrics to see how I like them together. I’m struggling to find a project using black fabric. Evidentally I use black for Halloween and it was my orange dirty dozen. I’m in need of quilt tops. I retired in 2014 and my LAQ finally caught up with me and I didn’t have a top to give her when she gave me the last quilted project. So I need to get some quilt tops finished. Be safe in your yard and on your travels.

  9. Rita in Iowa

    Mary I also receive three emails, That’s okay I got to read it three times,lol. I love your Bitcoin, making great progress. I receive the sleigh pattern and have half of it cut out. Have to limit how much I’m on my foot yet and restricted to 3000 steps. It’s doing very well and no complaints to the few restrictions.
    Working on leg exercises also so I’m ready for total knee replacement in January. Got the doctors info today and all the pre op visits.
    I have to tell you about my Grandson Jayden, he is in first grade and every week he is given a spelling list. They are also given a challenge word to spell. Last week it was personification. He got it right. Did you have words like that in first grade?
    Stay safe everyone!

    1. Sheila in WI

      Hi, Rita.
      As a former first grade teacher I can testify to having a challenge word like personification. Those words were never required, but the kids loved them and often met the challenge head on with enthusiasm. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed watching their excitement.

  10. Katherine Gourley

    Not 3 times! All those seams to match–pain in the neck. I have some winter plans for quilting, but won’t start until 2023. I can’t get over it that we are nearing the point that this century will be a quarter finished. I am trying to stop time from passing so quickly. As far as disrespectful parkers, it is frustrating. My husband uses his cameras on our F350 and I wonder why others don’t. I drive a small car (a VW Bug) so it always a problem backing out and my biggest pet peeve is cars in the lain not giving cars a chance to back out. Parking lanes are not race tracks.

    1. Charlotte Shira

      I totally agree with you, Katherine about cars going around you when you are trying to back out of a parking spot. I’m always saying “it’s a parking lot, not a freeway!”

  11. Kathy in western NY

    I got three emails yesterday but only one of this blog post. But I would rather get three than none! No problem. Don’t worry over it cause computer issues come and go. I wondered how your weather was going there so appreciate your letting us know. It was blue skies and sunshine here even that is cold.
    Thursday that will change so your weather is heading this way. I sewed on my black UFO today and was snug as a bug and happy to be home.

  12. Quilting Sister in NC

    Yes, I received that post 3 times, too. Not a problem for me, but I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a problem for you. Stay warm!!

  13. Viv in Idaho

    I have liked every bitcoin quilt I have seen. I finally ordered a digital pattern and am ready to start – thank you for the tip to reduce stitch length! I always love seeing pictures of your sweet fur babies and your outdoor pets.

  14. Deb in Idaho

    Got 3 emails yesterday but one today. No problem, easy to delete. I love the Bit Coin quilt but not sure if I will make one. I love scrappy quilts. I too park out in north 40 but someone will always park near me. Wow 68 rats! Hope you don’t get any more. We’re going to have fog. I hate fog, I’ll take snow any day over fog. So depressing.

  15. Nancy Wines

    Hope everyone stays safe in your bad weather. I’ve under snow is so treacherous. Love your Bitcoin. Sometimes those painful sewing patterns are the best looking quilt when finally finished. Telly seems to be enjoying your new chair and happily breaking it in for you.

  16. Karel

    WOW!!! 68 rats!!! Glad they are gone!! NW Iowa was very WINDY as well today!! We may have received about 2 inches of rain!!!

  17. Angie from Baltimore

    Great to hear the rat problem has stopped. I live in a retirement community and we have a mouse issue. I have a cat but not sure why I have been spared. Knock wood May they stay away. I said they were at the edge of the woods with their heavy coats and suitcases waiting to move in. Management spoke the pest control and they would stop spraying for snakes and they would take care of the mice. Council rejected that suggestion

  18. ANNETTE F.

    3 posts yesterday, just 1 today. All is okay. I’m collecting 1.5″ strips to eventually make a Bitcoin quilt. Lovin’ yours. Stay warm and dry….

    Annette in Sisters, OR

  19. Wendy P

    Yes, I got three posts – no biggie – I can just delete them. Thanks for the canata link – will have a listen soon. I think you should name your new iron dog – Blackie – seems fitting. Thank care with the wind.

  20. Pamela Dempsey

    Yes, I got it 3 times , just deleted the extras. Your bitcoin looks really good 👍 Telly is so sweet!

  21. Ann in PA

    I received three Tellys on the chair, but I love your blog so no worries. Wow, 68 rats! Good dog, Hazel!
    Be careful on that ice. I sprinkle fine cracked corn on my sidewalks & in front of me as I walk out to the bird feeders. It provides good traction, doesn’t hurt the plants like rock salt and my birds clean up. We’re due for a few inches of snow on Thursday. It’s been foggy so I’ll welcome the flakes.

  22. Betty Klosterman

    It came 3 times to me, but I’m not complaining.
    If you like (?) working on your Bitcon quilt, use a shorter stitch and work on shorter strips. There is no law that says you have to sew the whole rows together in one section.
    Debbie, I hope you didn’t pay $20 for the little tent pattern? JoAnn’s has the patterns on sale for $1.99 every so often. I’m just too cheap for that. My German grandmother wouldn’t approve! But she’s dead. I can hear her up there: don’t waste it. She ruined me for life.
    And I try to park away from the crowd, and so I can just go forward to get out, too. Backing up isn’t one of my attributes. We had a neighbor that had big trucks parked by his garage doors when loading, etc. right across from my door. I’d just tell them ‘you know I don’t back up good, guide me out.” Worked every time.
    We’re on round 2 of the storm. Wind is blowing and it’s snowing, but we just don’t have very much snow so far. There is more outside of town. Business and schools are closed. Interstate is closed. That’s alright. I’m happily in my house watching TV and pinning quilt blocks.
    Take care everybody. Betty in Rapid City

  23. Diana in des moines

    trouble that starts with t and that rhymes with p which stands for pool! One of my favorite movies!!

    Yes I received 3 posts and read all three just In case it changed. Lol.

    Almost 2 inches of rain here south of Ankeny. Yuck

    Have a good evening, snuggle up!

  24. Diane in WI

    Telly looks like he hasn’t a care in the world. It was so dreary here today. It was dark after 4 o’clock today. I was watching The Saltbox Stitcher on You Tube today. She was showing her autumn and Christmas quilts. Country Threads was mentioned a couple of times. Your quilt patterns are always so nice to see. Have aa good day tomorrow.

  25. Barbara Firesheets

    Yes, I received three of your previous post but only one of this post. Don’t sweat it, I’d rather delete the two extra copies than not receive the post at all. 😁

  26. DebMac

    I received 3 of yesterdays posts but only 1 (so far) today. I enjoyed the cantata especially the baby crying towards the end. We had our 2 and another couple (and grandma) had their 3 out in the narthex one Christmas Eve because they were all fussy. I felt so bad until one older man told us that he would rather hear a baby cry in church than not have babies in church at all especially on Christmas Eve when we are celebrating the birth of Christ. What a thought changer! We had rain and wind today and I am really over gray skies. Hard to get into the mood to decorate for Christmas when I’d rather huddle under a blanket and stitch. I would rather have snow than this rain….

  27. Bonnie McKee

    I also received 3 copies of the post yesterday, as well. Just one today. 😊
    Cold and cloudy in western Oregon. Grateful we aren’t buried in feet of snow or fearing violent storms.
    Stay safe and warm everyone!
    Bonnie, in Oregon

  28. Jo in Wyoming

    I got 3 times the enjoyment from your post yesterday.
    My husband got my auto fixed today. He said putting the seat back in was a lot easier than getting it out.
    He will autopsy the old buckle to see what happened . He loves to fix things.
    We didn’t get much snow, but we got some powerful winds. They will return tomorrow.
    Loretta was nervous all day, I think it was the wind.

    Bundle up everyone.
    I still have a little Christmas shopping to do, but the snow get me ok with the cold.

  29. Susan K in Texas

    People who can’t park in the parking space correctly can cause a lot of trouble. It’s not just pickups but almost any car.
    I did get the email three times. Just one of those computer quirks.
    We had some strong storms come through this morning. Several tornadoes around 5 miles from here. We didn’t even have strong winds thank goodness.
    I’ve been sewing and decorating the house. Getting ready for the boys to be home for Christmas- yippee!

  30. Beryl in Owatonna

    Yes, received 3 posts also. One at 9:11 then 9;50 and the last at 10:30. I read them all too, in case something had been added!! I didn’t mind, don’t worry about it. I received one of this one.
    Parking lots need a separate space for pick-up trucks. I don’t back well eight but when you have to try to get around one of those things, especially when they park next to a handicap area, where I park.
    We have had rain off and on all day too and of course wind. More of the same tomorrow and I guess, snow Thursday and Friday, will see what happens. We haven’t had the snow I remember when growing up in MN. My sister lives in eastern Montana, they could get up to 14″ in the next day…glad it is there! We have COLD next week, pretty much around 10 all week. I will be staying inside for the most part!

  31. patti leal

    yes, i got three copies of the blog yesterday. i just figure that ‘cyber space’ was having a hiccup. no worries. i like your bitcoin. mine is still on the design wall. it was fun making the columns, not as much sewing the long lines. i do have two each of two columns sewn. i used 2″x3.5″ pieces. temps have been in the low to mid 80s here in central florida tho they are supposed to drop by over 20 degrees on thursday and be that way for three or more day. then back to low 80s until the following weekend when temps are expected to be in the 40’s and 50’s. our seasons are changing – coming later. i believe in climate change. happy stitching and quilting to all. patti in florida

  32. Dorothy

    I only got 1 post. Perhaps Telly will “break the chair in for you” Also I believe Tesla drivers are as rude and inconsiderate as truck drivers/parkers

  33. Charlotte Shira

    I also got 3 emails yesterday. Deleting is no biggie! I only got 1 email today.
    Bad parkers drive me crazy. I live in California and we have terrible drivers and parkers. And it’s not just the pick-up trucks. It’s even the little cars. Total selfishness!! I so want to put notes on their windshield. I agree Tesla drivers are rude too. And we have a lot of Teslas here since they are made about 4 miles from my home.

  34. Gloria from CC

    I received 3 emails yesterday but one today. I like your Bitcoin quilt Mary. I’ve got a lot of the pieces cut out but haven’t started sewing so I’ll take your advice and shorten my st length. I don’t have a pattern and maybe that’s a mistake.
    We had lots of wind and some rain yesterday but no ice. I’m glad your rat invasion has stopped.

  35. Linda

    Only got it once today. I love your bitcoin quilt. I made two of them and they look so different. I thought it would put a dent in my scraps but it didn’t..

  36. Janet S

    As I was pulling into a tiny, cramped parking lot one day, there was a Mercedes intentionally parked at a slant, using two spots. I did find a spot but feeling crabby, I put a post-it note on Mercedes window saying ‘people who can’t park get their cars keyed’ – which I would NEVER do but I figured it was actually a public service announcement. When I came out from the store, there was a man with note in hand walking all around his car looking for damage. At least I got a really good belly laugh. Have a good day everyone. The weather is telling you it’s a good day to stay in and sew.

  37. RuthW in MD

    I received 3 posts yesterday! The first one had 45 replies, the second one had 7, and the third one had 16. I can’t delete any of them until I read all the replies, because they are so fun to read – like little stories. I love little stories!
    Only one blogpost today! I’m off to read the replies, take care!

    1. RuthW in MD

      Ok, I read all the comments on the three blog posts. Sounds like there was a heck of a storm brewing over Iowa and the midwest on Monday night. Speaking of BIG trucks, my neighbors across the street some years ago, replaced their small truck with an enormous truck. Odd, because they were both small people. After about two weeks, the enormous truck disappeared, and a more normal size truck appeared in their driveway. The wife hadn’t been able to even get into the enormous truck on her own, she had used a step stool for those weeks they had it.

      1. Patty A

        I can relate to getting into a tall pickup. I hand surgery and couldn’t grab the handle to get in so I used a step stool! Our truck isn’t very big but I couldn’t use my hand. I thought the step stool was a pretty good idea even tho I felt a little silly at first!

  38. Mary Hawk

    Yep, 3 times!
    That quilt is looking awesome but I can envision the popped stitches mess.
    Your cantata sounded lovely. Why doesn’t the minister ask folks to “center their hearts and minds” before the prelude? Hint: be quiet. Drives us nuts that folks talk @ concerts and movies, Luke it was their own living room.
    Yesterday was an icky day. I had to drive and you had to hold on.

  39. Joy in NW Iowa

    I only got one, yay! Hubby and I got new recliners last winter. It took a while for them to get broke in, haahaa. Our son in Michigan had a recliner that was new and stiff also, but the next time we visited it was nice a soft and comfortable…just right! Take a little nap in it every day and that’ll help! Power naps ar good! 😉. I love that red and white quilt in that chair also. Bit coin looks amazing, but I don’t think I will make it.
    Hubby received some ‘Yak Tracks’ (we call them cleats) to put over his boots for this icy treacherous type stuff. He loves them! Just thought maybe you need them! I think our daughter got them on amazon

    1. Betty Klosterman

      I’ve got a couple different kinds of the ‘Yak Tracks’ and I really like them, BUT I also figure if I need to wear them on the ice, I have absolutely no business being outdoors. So, emergency only. Stay home and quilt. Go 1st pair at Sheels and 2nd pair at Walmart, and this pair is the best and easiest to use.

  40. Brenda

    I did get it three times, as well, but in the scheme of things, it is much better than not getting it at all! On my list of pet peeves are any people in any vehicle who park like that in the very busy, very crowded, many floored parking deck at my health facility. Ugh! How inconsiderate and totally unaware or whatever their problems are, they stop us from parking and have to continue on to another floor. Also in my small town the railroad runs through the center of town. There is one railroad crossing where there are three lanes – right turn only, straight, and left turn. There are many people who will do anything to get from the right turn only lane to the left turn lane, including blocking both of the other lanes, speeding to make the left turn light, etc. There are so many close calls. It seems many people think they don’t have to follow any of the rules. I just can’t understand where that kind of thinking comes from.

  41. Lorraine

    Yes I got your post 3 times yesterday but thought it was just a glitch on the computer. No worries. Love your new chair and so does your pretty fur baby.
    Your quilt is coming along and looks so pretty.
    Happy holidays to you and your family.

  42. Jeanne H in the Finger Lakes of western New York

    What you call Bitcoin looks to me like Stacked Coins or Chinese Coins. You’ve already been sewing the pieced strips to each other, but one way to avoid having to deal with nesting the seams, is to have solid strips between the columns of coins. I know – that’s no help now! LOL

    If your new chair is too stiff for comfort, would a soft pillow at your back help?

    I did get only one email of the post.

  43. Sue in Oregon

    Yes, I got three, but that is what the delete is for. Now I am mad at myself because I did not realize there were different comments in each one. I always read the comments and enjoy that reading time.

    Everything is frozen this morning. Looks so very wintery out there. Today might be the coldest we have gotten so far this winter. I live on the Southern Oregon Coast, so we don’t often get temps below freezing.

    I made a pot holder and matching mitt for our son. A great big mitt for a big hand. Plus, a baked potato pouch. The print has mushrooms all over it because he loves to forage for them. I will stick them in his package which needs to go very soon.

    Happy Day Everyone

  44. susie

    Tuesdays blog came three times-not a big deal. Todays blog ,just once. I hope this weather improves-maybe some sunshine?!

  45. Wendy on Cape Cod

    Hi Mary-

    I did get that other post 3 times. I got this one only once so I think it is okay now. Maybe Telly will have to help you break in that new chair!

  46. Colleen in Oregon

    Only got one blog yesterday. Wonder if all the comments came on it? Love the way Telly is helping you break in your chair. It will be cold here this week in central Oregon, but the snow will hold off for a few days and that will be a nice break. Thank you Ann for the cracked corn idea instead of using salt on the ice. We have dogs, so I won’t use salt. We are bird watchers though!

  47. Elizabeth

    I received 3 posts too. Not a big deal for me. Got only 1 today 🤗. Maybe Telly will break in your chair for you

  48. Tama

    Yes to 3 blog posts. Technical stuff drives me crazy so I truly appreciate what you do to make this blog happen. Thank you so much!!!!!

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