Monday Night, 12 – 12 – 22

The cantata went well – here is the link IF you should want to listen to it.

I was quite rattled by 7:00 when Margaret and I finished the preludes. We started playing at 6:45 and these are songs we’ve played for years. I could not even hear the organ! The piano was turned opposite of normal and the congregation was talking as if they were at a football game. I was almost in tears – wanting to do it all well and struggling to do so. It all became a blur.

Well, that’s water under the bridge today. The wind is awful and going to be even worse tomorrow – possibly 50-60 mph! Yikes! I ran to Walmart today so I wouldn’t have to think of it the rest of the week. We return to Mayo on Friday.

Waiting to begin
Telly loves my new chair – can’t say I do.

Took this picture in the parking lot today – is this just common in Iowa or everywhere there are pickups? Do pickup owners not know how to park? Are they just careless? This happens a lot – they can’t park straight and just expect everybody else to make allowances. Is it because pickups are just too big? It is one of my top ten pet peeves.

Got this fabulous iron (?) dog today from Connie R., a blog reader. He is just gorgeous and will look great in my collection – who wouldn’t love a heavy black dog? I think I’ll give him a name.

I would not generally take pictures of funeral flower arrangements but this one really caught my eye from last Saturday. Never say this blog doesn’t touch on any subject matter – ha! Except politics – we will never discuss politics!!

Enough! What’s happening at your house?

17 thoughts on “Monday Night, 12 – 12 – 22

  1. Pamela Dempsey

    Sorry the audience was so rude with talking! Telly looks so sweet 🥹. Yes, we have so many pickups in Texas and a fair amount park like that. 😡 love the black dog! We are due for bad storms today and 50-60 mph winds, I hope they are wrong, again! We have our sewing group meeting today and I want to go!

  2. Cindy from SEMI

    Telly looks so comfy, love the iron dog. My beef with careless parking is with the Escalades and Navigators. They are so long and tall you can’t see a thing when you try to back out of a parking space…ugh!!!

  3. Linda

    From what I could hear the music was beautiful. I can’t believe people were so rude, their rumble did mask a lot of the organ on the video. I would have thought they would have used that time like I would, reflecting on all the wonderful memories of Christmas, worshiping and sharing love of family. I’m sorry they ruined your expectations of praise and honor. It was their loss and worries me that people are losing the true meaning of Christmas.

    Hopefully you will get to enjoy your new chair! Looks like someone else has already claimed it, little stinker!

  4. Mrs. Goodneedle

    The cantata was beautiful, I loved listening to the gorgeous music; what a lovely sanctuary you have! I can’t even get started when it comes to inconsiderate people right now- from shoppers to drivers on the road, I understand when you say get it done so we don’t have to go out again! It’s ridiculous. I’m staying home today and sewing and baking (when I’m not puppy cuddling, that is!) The patterns for the sled and cut glass quilts arrived yesterday; I’m eager to get started on those, thank you! Merry Christmas.

  5. Bridget

    Wouldn’t you think that you would listen to the music if that is why you went??? haha, my sister tells me the same things, she is the pianist at her church. Apparently bad manners are everywhere. 😉 Pick up drivers are the same in Michigan…except for my husband who is super aware of his rear end so to speak…

  6. Jeanne H in the Finger Lakes of western New York

    Yes, pick-up drivers can be sloppy parkers in New York too, blast them. One had been parked at such an angle that I could not get into my car at a grocery store parking lot. I had the driver paged and she wouldn’t go move it until after she finished shopping! Imagine a black cloud overhead.

    What is so nice about that floral arrangement is that it doesn’t look in the least funereal. I like it too.

    That black iron doorstop of a Cocker Spaniel is delightful! At least I assume it’s a doorstop. My grandmother had a Boston Terrier doorstop, but it was painted to resemble the real dog, so not all one color. When I was growing up, the neighbor across the street always had a black Cocker Spaniel (as one passed away, she’d get another), always a male and always named Heller.

    Hope everyone is not too crazy in the run-up to the holidays! : )


  7. Sherrill

    Ahhhh, the parking. I have issues with it myself but it’s all vehicles, not just trucks. I always try to stay in my lines but there are times I don’t quite hit the mark. I chalk it up to being older–HA! The other day there was a city vehicle parked so close on my side I could barely squeeze into the car. He definitely should’ve FIXED that before going into eat.

  8. Betty Clark

    I love the red and white scrappy quilt on the chair with Telly. Is there a pattern for this quilt? If not, what are the dimensions of the blocks? I enjoy reading your blog.

  9. Angie from Baltimore

    Now that is a windy day. WOW! When I enter the nave I go to my seat and sit if I want to acknowledge someone I nod. To me if you want to converse go to the fellowship room. It is the one time I sit quietly and commune with God. I just wish others would follow. My biggest pet peeve it the saying “My Bad”. To me worse than fingernails on a blackboard.

  10. Brenda Ks

    Mary I thought the cantata was beautiful. Enjoyed it very much. A couple years ago I went to a walking trail through the Christmas story. We were transported by bus to the place where it was held. It was beautiful and told the story of Christmas. So many people had done such a wonderful job. Then on the way back on the bus a bunch in front sang “Here comes Santa Claus” I about lost my mind!! We had just seen the greatest story ever told and this is what they sang. These we’re ADULTS.

  11. susie

    I think pickups have that issue in MN also! I feel badly that people weren’t paying attention to your hard work on The cantata-I am sure it was lovely. Rough week here,our grand dog had to cross the Rainbow bridge on Sunday. She was the best,happiest Corgi ever.At 13 she was struggling with a few things ,so my daughter let her go. You know the pain of letting go of your fur family members-so difficult. Trying to stay busy with some quilt projects and recall all the great memories! I will send some photos soon. Take care!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susie – what a sad time for your family! Those of us with pets know the day is coming but we’re never really ready. I know what this raw grief feels like and there’s no solution for any of us. I love Corgies – such cute little dogs and such great family members. Please accept my sympathy.

  12. Sandy

    Just a thought. Maybe next year the director could do a preemptive strike and welcome everyone, do a phone silencing reminder, and ask for quiet so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful music.
    Onto the parking situation. Not just Iowa. Yes, trucks and SUVs are big, and, yes, some drivers are oblivious, some don’t care, some are entitled, but many parking spaces are narrower than they used to be to squeeze in as many vehicles as possible. Even compact and mid size vehicles are a tight fit. That is a merchant/dollar issue. I have pulled in and right out of several strip malls and parking lots because of the parking, taking my money with me.
    It looks to me like Telly is really lucky you got that new
    chair!! Also, that bouquet is a beautiful arrangement. I am glad you shared a picture of it.

  13. Joy in NW Iowa

    I listened to your cantata and thought it sounded really awesome! Don’t fret!
    We have had over 7 inches of winter mix…..haahaa what ever that means! It has rained a bunch on top of 8 inches of snow on the ground. That will stay there a while. The wind is howling and roaring, I listened to the rain on the window during the night, haven’t heard that in a long time.
    Why don’t you like your chair? It looks bpnice and the dogs love it. Flowers are pretty! Take care and stay safe in the winter weather! And stay warm!

  14. Connie from Texas

    I listened to the entire cantata! The music was wonderful! My daughter asked, “what is a cantata?”
    I guess you have to grow up in a small town to know. I sang in many of them growing up in Garner!

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