Monday Night, 12 – 12 – 22

The cantata went well – here is the link IF you should want to listen to it.

I was quite rattled by 7:00 when Margaret and I finished the preludes. We started playing at 6:45 and these are songs we’ve played for years. I could not even hear the organ! The piano was turned opposite of normal and the congregation was talking as if they were at a football game. I was almost in tears – wanting to do it all well and struggling to do so. It all became a blur.

Well, that’s water under the bridge today. The wind is awful and going to be even worse tomorrow – possibly 50-60 mph! Yikes! I ran to Walmart today so I wouldn’t have to think of it the rest of the week. We return to Mayo on Friday.

Waiting to begin
Telly loves my new chair – can’t say I do.

Took this picture in the parking lot today – is this just common in Iowa or everywhere there are pickups? Do pickup owners not know how to park? Are they just careless? This happens a lot – they can’t park straight and just expect everybody else to make allowances. Is it because pickups are just too big? It is one of my top ten pet peeves.

Got this fabulous iron (?) dog today from Connie R., a blog reader. He is just gorgeous and will look great in my collection – who wouldn’t love a heavy black dog? I think I’ll give him a name.

I would not generally take pictures of funeral flower arrangements but this one really caught my eye from last Saturday. Never say this blog doesn’t touch on any subject matter – ha! Except politics – we will never discuss politics!!

Enough! What’s happening at your house?

7 thoughts on “Monday Night, 12 – 12 – 22

  1. Peggy Grandberg

    I think truck drivers everywhere think they can park anyway they like. Love your dog. Have a good evening.

  2. Cheryl Regan

    Ah, Parker’s…my favorite topic. The world is full of moron Parker’s…fancy cars and pickups for sure…so I bought a smaller car to avoid door dings…but what happens….I got hailed on…nothing to do about that. We here in Minnesota are bracing for an ice storm…it’s a new phenomenon here in Mn where we generally get snow storms. My home is being remodeled and my Christmas cactuses are lovely and need to be hidden away to make way for a huge mess,soon to be a lovely home. I’m driving to Ohio on Wednesday and plan on being gone for two weeks, then home to check in and off to freeload on some friends until my bathroom is restored to be usable again…. I love your new chair…why don’t you like it. Enjoy your holidays and I hope all is well in Iowa!

    1. Judy

      I bet Mary doesn’t like the new chair because it is not broken it. It is not “like” the old one.

  3. Dorothy

    Quilt colors in the flower arrangement. Truck drivers park like that all over-I’m in W WA

  4. Lee

    Hello Mary,
    My daughter has the same pet peeve….she and a friend wanted to leave a calling card… park your car the right way. I think she might have have had more colorful language. I talked her out of it, I don’t think she has parked next to me lately. I would have been a recipient! Too many times I almost get hit by drivers speeding drivers in the lot. I pull in safe and try not to worry about backing up later.
    Merry Christmas Mary
    I do appreciate your blog:)

  5. Lois Ann Johnson

    The Christmas Cantata was lovely! The piano, organ, flute, as well as the choir all did a wonderful job of bringing the message of The Messiah to the congregation. Thank you for all of your hard work, Mary. I know it takes hours of rehearsal to get it to sound like it did on Sunday night. Thank you for sharing it with your blog readers.

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