Another Test

Bear with me, girlfriends!

Varied Thrush at Lime Creek Nature Center yesterday

26 thoughts on “Another Test

  1. Diane in Central Ohio

    Got it, got it. Neat bird. Also got the one of Reed and the bees. You are on a roll. Thanks.

  2. Martha Engstler

    One thrush came through fine. If that’s all that you sent you are on a roll, worked!!! Reed and the bees also came through.

  3. Jane dumler

    There he is in all his glory. They are beautiful birds and I am always so surprised when they come to my hummingbird feeders in the mountains. A lot bigger than the hummers. Good for you Mary getting that picture up for all of us. To see. Thanks.

  4. Launa

    Mary…Thank you for your persistence with blog photos. Good to see all three..the bird, Reed n the bees and your new blossoming plant!
    I did look up the Thrush online and was surprised I never viewed one before as I grew up in the soggy Pacific NW they love. Elusive as the Thrush are it was nice to see what I had missed!
    Happy Day!
    It was 10 degrees up here this early morning.

  5. lorraine bujnowski

    So happy that your persistence paid off! Lovely bird.
    I didnot get a photo of Reed with bees. I’ll check again.

  6. Cynthia Sabinske

    A bird-lover myself I share your enthusiasm at seeing this love,y bird! Thanks for sharing! Glad it was still around!

  7. Caryn Goulden

    Now I see why you and Reed were so eager to see the varied thrush. It’s a lovely bird! I have never seen one before. Thank you for your persistence! I also got the pictures of Reed with the bees and with ice cream. He is growing into a handsome young man!

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