Another windy day!

How is it possible that the wind continues to blow this hard? I am so sick of it! Please don’t tell me that this is what global warning is and that our weather is going to be like this in the future for weeks on end!

Spring farming is slow starting but Farmer Tim was in the field only to be halted by 1.4” of rain overnight. I heard it thunder while I was still reading so Hazel had to get very close – making sleeping not very comfortable for me.

I’m typing this in the barn while Hazel sniffs all the rat holes – ugh. I’m willing to stay down here awhile because I’m not coming back here after dark – too creepy. And good news – I think my Orkin bait traps are beginning to work because there was a dead rat on the floor! Hallelujah!

I will ask Mary Ellen to send pictures of Sylvia’s Tribute Quilts and will post them here. Thanks for the info about the glasses for Shirley and Donna.

Bean soup for supper using the Easter ham. I hope everyone who’s recuperating had a good day!

Making progress in the quilt shop

30 thoughts on “Another windy day!

  1. Georgia

    With poison out, watch your terriers & cats from biting poisoned rats. Our local veterinarian warned us about putting out ground squirrel baits for that reason & also to help protect predator birds who eat live & dead critters. We now use live traps & transport critters to a new field away from homes. Rats are a bit trickier – BB gun patrol?

    1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central,Ohio

      Yes, when I was 12, my kitty, Smokey Boots, ate a mouse with poison in it. The Vet called to tell my mom, but I was the only one home so he told me he had put her to sleep. Very sad.
      I love the two quilts today. Those Bullseyes are fun😺
      Mary, I am not getting ads. I always click on them, but they are gone.
      Unfortunately, I do believe this new weather is the norm due to global warming. One of the characteristics is extremes of weather. We’re getting strange weather, too.
      Great progress on the quilt shop😃

  2. Ann in Virginia

    We have the same annoying wind almost EVERY DAY her in Va. We need rain, because the wind dries
    out the soil. Weatherman says it will be done in May.

    Love the look of the shop–What are you Planning?

  3. Helen

    It’s very windy in the San Francisco Bay Area as well. I’m looking forward to better weather in May. Occasionally, we have to deal with roof rats. They are incredibly ugly! We get help from the County vector control.

    1. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

      Helen, I had to look up roof rats 👀 as I did not know there were more than one type. I definitely have never seen those. We had a dog that would kill rats out at our sileage pile. We had rain last night, but just .02 a nearby town of Tracy, MN had 2″ of rain. We are waiting to get to the field to plant yet. I am working on my UFO’s, and have two more to do, from 2005, unfortunately! But soon I am hopeful to get a backload of projects waiting, completed! I think I sewed more when I was working full time, now that I am retired, it is hard to get motivated. Thank goodness for the DD project!

  4. Debbie G in SE WI

    I too am wondering a out the dogs and the rat poison. I’m sure you’ve already checked that out before even starting to use it. I don’t lime the wind either, but I’m so tired of cold, rain, and no sun!! Last year I had my hummingbird feeders out in the middle of April. This year ill be lucky to have them out in the middle of may!! Its so hard to wait for warm weather! I got my second shingles shot today and boy is my arm sore tonight! But if that’s the only reaction I get, I will be happy. Progress in your quilt shop looks great!!

  5. Kris in Naperville

    Hazel having to be close because of the thunder…our Bruce sleeps across the room from me, unless it storms…then I pull another dog bed out from under my bed so he can be right next to my bed… we call it his “boom boom” bed….silly creatures…

  6. Shirley

    Love the Quilt shop. Windy, cool everywhere. I think spring skipped us this year, still like winter here in the mountains of Central Oregon. I love that Bullseye quilt from a reader.
    Carry on Mary!

  7. Rita in Iowa

    Mary I have to agree about the winds, I have been digging out the early weeds in the flower beds but have to keep an ear out for creaking branches as so many were weakened from the winds of the storms a year and a half ago. It’s unbelievable that the weeds are flowering already.
    Bought plants today which will not be planted for awhile yet and started seeds in my Areo Garden. They have already sprouting and I just planted them on Saturday.
    Had a thirty foot driveway poured yesterday and replaced sidewalk that was cracked. Nice to get some things done that we have been waiting a year to get done. Still waiting on getting our door replacement done correctly. We all just keep moving forward as it a better choice than backwards!
    Hoping for warmer days

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita in Iowa – you’ve gotten lots more accomplished than I have this week! I hate going outside in the wind!

  8. Helen in Georgia

    I too am concerned about the other animals eating the poisoned rats. Please be sure they don’t get hold of them. Granddaughter lost two prize dogs from eating poisoned deer in the woods. You just never know. Hopefully spring will get here soon! hang in there…..literally! haha!

  9. Kathy Teske

    The wind will not stop here either. I think we’re all anxious for some warm weather. I think spring forgot us this year.

    Easter ham bone is still in the freezer. Ham and split pea soup next week!

  10. Billie

    Mary – I know what you mean about the windy! In Vegas the wind has been blowing what seems like everyday for the whole month of April!! You get very tired of it.

  11. Diane and the gang

    Mary, Nevermind about the ads. They showed up at the end. All good.
    Big Buddy hides from the wind and thunder. He is adorable😺

  12. Diane in WI

    It was windy here also. It does get very tiresome. Not much farming yet. The wheat field north of the house is a beautiful shade of green. Recent rains have helped end the drought. I got my Quilt Box in the mail from Primitive Gatherings. Lots of goodies this time. Do I need more fabric? Probably not. Hope it is a quiet day tomorrow. Take care.

  13. Bernadette

    I made ham with split-pea soup from the left over ham from Easter. It tasted so good, something we don’t have often. It was a treat. My husband ate seconds. Yes, the winds could stop and have some warmer temps so it feels like spring.

  14. Marsha

    Your cup overflows with rats and all the rest. I’m Sure right with you being ready for spring. We’ve had windy times in Michigan when I thought I’d lose my mind before it stopped but your wind far surpasses what I remember. We have had a couple of straight-line winds that uprooted big, old trees and did plenty of damage to homes & businesses. It’s been a crazy “spring” if you can even call it that.

  15. Kathy in western NY

    I detest being outside in wind. A friend in Texas use to tell me about dust storms and all the damage they did. One very dry day here the wind was blowing hard and dust was flying everywhere. I just hated being out in it now.

    I made two recipes suggested in the comments…..the ham, pineapple, onion pizza which we loved by adding bacon and bbq sauce too. And then I made the great deviled eggs recipe someone suggested and gosh they were so good too.

  16. Jo in Wyoming

    I love devil eggs.
    Cynthia, your UFO’s are looking great.

    I know exactly what your saying about the wind. Our 81mph wind has calmed down, but forecasted to start again this weekend. Not as bad, but windy none the less.

    1. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

      Thank you Jo for your comment on my Bullseye Quilt, I still have circles cut out for another Bullseye for ‘someday’..maybe!

      1. Connie R.

        Cynthia, I also love your bullseye quilt. I have made a couple myself because they are so much fun to make. Of course, you always have circles left over to start the next one. It’s like the Friendship Bread recipe in that you always have some left to start another . Such fun !

  17. NancyTD

    The wind is awful. Sure is bringing in some crazy weather. We are finally getting rain.The wind has made our clay soil bone dry.The grass turned greener over night. My flowers are not doing so well. Might have lost some. Rabbits already ate the tulips to the ground.
    Going to try putting a bar of Irish Spring soap in an old sock and tying them around my garden to keep the deer out. My neighbor did it last year and it worked. They came to my garden and not hers. lol!
    Nice rainy day to sew.
    Hope the rat problem ends soon. Good progress on the quit shop. A BIG job.

    1. Jo in Wyoming

      Irish Spring soap bars will remove smoky smells from your stash/quilts/closets after a fire.
      I’ve been given fabric for the jail that survived forest fires. A plastic bag and some Irish Spring and a few weeks later…good as new.

      1. Georgia

        Great idea about the Irish Spring soap bar to remove harsh smells – wonder if Dove soap bars (yummy scent) are strong enough?

  18. KathyG from Oak Creek, WI

    I drove I-80 through Nebraska and Iowa last weekend and I could not believe how many overturned semis and campers there were along the road. I think they outnumbered the roadkill. It was crazy driving in the high winds.

    1. Georgia

      Still windy out west as well: It’s now Saturday & the wind is still blowing in NorCal greatly impacting my quilt finishing outside on large makeshift table. Yesterday there were many airplanes spraying over our rural area in a huge crosshatch, late afternoon. With all the high wind you’d think if it was just normal contrails, they’d dissipate quickly, but they don’t. With air travel down, seeing the 10 or more trails was very unusual – we never see so many planes overhead at one time, especially in a west to east path. SF airport is to our south, AFB’s are to our east in Sacramento & in bordering Nevada. Wind generation for wind farms? Anyone else notice these oddities which are becoming more regular?

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Georgia – we are surrounded by wind farms and they should be doing very well lately!

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