Another setback! 4-29-22

Remember I said I had a bad cold? I couldn’t breathe during the night so came downstairs and took a home Covid test. POSITIVE!!!! What? I am fully vaccinated and boosted and yesterday was heading to Target for the next booster but felt so tough I didn’t go. They wouldn’t have given it to me anyway. I cannot believe this. The only thing they’ve prescribed is an inhaler and told me to take vitamin c, vitamin d, zinc, baby aspirin and quercetin – which I couldn’t find so I ordered on Amazon.

It is a real inconvenience because of church and a few other appointments that have to be cancelled but I am guessing it will be a mild case – I hope it will be.

During chores tonight I found another dead rat on the floor – it’s working! I got rid of the body – don’t worry about the dogs because they can’t get it.

I will be in quarantine for 10 days to two weeks, maybe I should work on finishing up all my UFO’s or maybe I should start a new Covid quilt. What do you think? I’m behind on my Dirty Dozen, too, and I want to be caught up by July 1 when we start again with all those projects that didn’t get on this years list.

136 thoughts on “Another setback! 4-29-22

  1. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Sorry you’re sick, hopefully it’ll be a mild case. Why are you quarantining for 10 to 14 days? The new regimen only requires 5 days. Maybe it’s just a good reason to stay home and sew!! Get well soon!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lisa – I don’t know – that’s just what the dr. Told me

      1. Marj in Western Wisconsin

        Mary, please call the doctor back and see if you are eligible for infusion treatments. When my husband got covid, they had us come in right away and have three days of infusion treatments of remdesiver. I think it has to be done within 7 days of symptoms starting. It really kept him from getting very sick. Only a sore throat for 5 days and a bad cough for one. My friend and her husband also got the treatments and it helped them greatly. It was outpatient treatment, IV took about a half hour each time.

  2. Kathy Hanson

    Seems like people I know who have been really careful seem to be coming down with it! Hardly seems fair!!!

  3. Karen

    You should try to get the antiviral Pavloxid if you can. Really ends the symptoms in a hurry. My 101 year old mother took it plus the Vitamins you describe and came out of it quite well in about 7 days.
    It’s supposed to be more widely available now..

  4. Cheryl in St Paul

    Praying you will feel better soon. My doctor prescribed an inhaler when I had Covid and it really did the trick. Yes, the new protocol is just a five day isolation period, I hope you feel well enough to see! Don’t push it!

  5. Rita in Iowa

    Mary I’m so sorry you have gotten COVID, Life is just not fair. I will get my first COVID test on Sunday because I am scheduled to have a Colonoscopy on Thursday. From Sunday till I have the procedure I am suppose to limit my exposure to people.
    I will just have to quilt or work in the yard dodging the rain and winds.

    It’s been quite the spring!

    Stay still and safe.

  6. Marsha from Kansas

    Mary, sending wishes for a mild case. Whether you finish a UFO or start a new project, enjoy your sewing time. I vote do what makes you happy and is comforting as you are convalescing. How’s that for a wishy-washy answer?

  7. Linda in So CA

    Start a new quilt! That’s what quilters do. That’s why we all have U F Os & Dirty Dozen to keep us busy. So sorry to hear you are sick with COVID. Please take care of yourself & Rest.

  8. Carolyn K

    Oh my you poor thing. I hope it doesn’t get to you too badly. All these new variants will be around a while I guess. So I wish you a speedy recovery.

    I just had a right knee replacement on Wednesday and came home on Thursday. Was hurting pretty badly this morning but have been better this afternoon.
    Again I wish you a speedy recovery. I love your blog . Although I don’t comment very often, I always look forward to it.

    Carolyn from deep east Texas

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn K – I remember those first days following my knee replacements and they were painful but you’ll get thru them – best of luck!!

  9. Marie

    I don’t usually comment but wanted to wish you a speedy recovery. Hoping it’s a mild case. Do what makes your heart sing. The hubs and I are going for our second booster on Monday. I love your blog and have been a reader for many years.

  10. Barb P

    So sorry that you are I’ll. I think this is likely what it will be like going forward. Much like flu, it will be with us for along time and we will be taking our Covid shot each year like the flu shot each fall.

  11. Henners

    Mary “join the club”. Felt horrible Wednesday so went to cvs drive thru pharmacy for the 2 day test (more accurate) and today at 8;00 am I got the “positive results”. Got one of the two meds that I’ll take for 5 days but have to go off my statin for 8 days. I did have taste & smell but after the first dose of the meds I can’t taste chicken noodle soup. Now it won’t be fun to eat. I’ve had both Pfizer shots & one booster. Now I must isolate 5 days, then 5 more days of wearing a mask but I don’t want to go thru this again so may wear mask for 90 days +. Don’t know where I hit it but I had to notify about 10 friends to alert them plus pastor & secretary at church dince I saw them & chatted with them on Tuesday.
    Now to lay around home until I feel better. Hopefully I’ll fell well enough to sew one of these days. I want to be feeling good on my bday the 8th 🤞

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Henners – mine started Wednesday evening, too. Wonder why my dr. didnt give me those drugs – I will call tomorrow.

      1. Henners

        Yes, I got the Plavloxid that I take five days. I could only get it from two local hospitals but I had to ask some to go get it for me as I wouldn’t be allowed in hospital with Covid. I must isolate until the 3rd, then mark 5 more days but based on how I feel I’ll mask for a lot longer. Not sure where I got it.
        I hope you’re symptoms aren’t minimal I think you’re a year younger but at our age it’s not as easy to bounce back.
        Take care Mary

  12. Teresa in Port Coquitlam, BC

    Sorry to hear you have covid. I too took a home test on Wednesday when I thought I had a sinus infection-no it was covid. I started to feel a little better this afternoon. Slept most of yesterday. I’m hoping for a speedy recovery and mild symptoms and wish the same for you.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Teresa – and that is exactly what I thought – sinus infection!!

  13. Ann in Virginia

    I’m sooo sorry! Do you know where you might have picked up the bug????

    Make sure you get good rest

  14. Mary H

    Oh no! Just rest and get over this. My son’s fiance’ has it too. Rick doesn’t have it?
    I agree about the weather. Seems like a month of cold, wind and rain. Need some sunshine!
    Do take care.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary H – let’s put it this way – Rick doesn’t have it – YET

  15. Lorraine

    So sorry you have COVID. This is so crazy since you have been vaccinated and had your booster. I sure hope you have a very light case.
    Glad you are finding dead rats. That is the best way to find them.
    Take care of yourself and get well soon

  16. Meredith in Cincinnati

    We know you…you’ll use this as an opportunity to stay home, sew more, and get better! Anything that is viral requires rest, fluids, and letting the virus run it’s course. So sorry this has happened to you, but the antibody protection you’ll gain is, I guess, good. Rest!!

  17. Diane in Maryland

    May you have a very mild case! I guess the vaccination and booster is like the flu shot. A person can still catch whatever but the case will supposedly be milder. The new variant is apparently extremely contagious. Our local quilt guild is having a quilt show. Masks are not required but many attending are wearing them. Md’s positivity rate is climbing.
    Liked the saying with the little dog. So true…
    Hope you are all better quickly!

  18. Lois Ann Johnson

    I am so sorry to hear about your covid diagnosis, Mary! What a bummer! I was at a meeting on Wed. and was exposed to someone who learned the next day that she had covid, so now I am waiting to see if I get it. What an inconvenience! Will this weather ever clear up, warm up and be like spring? I am freezing most of the time. The wind just never stops blowing and that is what makes me feel so cold. I hope your symptoms are mild and that you “breeze through” this latest set-back.

  19. Sue Jacobson

    So very sorry, Mary, that you got Covid! How?!?!
    Get plenty of rest. Hoping it is a light case so you can enjoy being home. Sending a big hug from WI!

  20. Linette Stewart

    I am so sorry Mary you are positive for Covid. Don’t overdue it while you’re in quarantine. There is also the antiviral drug Paxlovid which is an authorized treatment. Take care!

  21. Lynette in Orlando

    Mary, so sorry to hear!!! Take care of yourself and get better soon. They should have given you Paxlovid for treatment – but it needs to be started within 5 days of symptom onset. I’ve been vaccinated and boosted and I got it as well. Was down and out for 2-3 days and then just felt crummy for about a week. Time to binge watch some good movies.

  22. Lynn H

    Dear Mary, I am so very sorry to hear about tour Covid diagnosis! Things certainly have been piling up on you these past months! Will keep you in my prayers for a quick recovery. Lay low and give your body a rest!
    Blessings to you,
    Lynn H

  23. Kelli

    Oh no!! I’ll be praying for a swift recovery!! And If you feel up to it, I think a COVID quilt is a fantastic idea! It should boost your spirits and we are all cheering you on! N.E. Ohio loves you!

  24. Susan K in Texas

    I have two sisters and a sister in law down with covid. Another sister, my two brothers, my mom, and two cousins were exposed also. They were caring for or visiting my 90 year old aunt who was in ICU with other issues. They were exposed in the hospital. Thank goodness all had both vaccines and boosters.
    I hope you have a mild case and feel better soon!! Covid is nasty stuff! Take care!

  25. Jan, Blue Earth

    Welcome to the club! I tested positive yesterday. My husband came down with it last weekend, so I wasn’t too surprised, even though we’d been sleeping separately and he was wearing a mask in the house to protect me. I hope Rick doesn’t get it. When I called Mayo in Fairmont (where my regular P.A. is) they offered me to come in and have a monoclonal antibody infusion (because of my advanced age.) So I did. Hope it shortens up the ordeal. We could have our own little quilting retreat. 🙂

  26. Mary Rhodes

    So sorry you got it. Remember to push fluids as well. Make sure bowels moving to get out of body. If you feel up to it, sew! Finish UFOs! Or a new quilt! Calling everyone will understand. Get rest. Glad the poison is working for you. Take care

  27. Cathie

    Sometimes God gives us a hint that we are doing too much. Perhaps you have been
    doing too much and need a little rest.
    Love the sentiment of the dog at the end.
    Please take care and do rest while you can.

  28. Launa

    Rest, this has happened to others from what I’ve read. Taken your VITAMINS…
    We have friends here who don’t believe they need the shots!
    Glad another rat 🐀 passed on! 😉😊
    Sun melted the new snows we had here today!
    Am watching the NFL DRAFT!

  29. patti

    i’m sorry you have to deal with this also. try to take it in stride and remember you have no control. (hard for me as i am a major controller of myself). remember – this too shall. when i was going through a horrific divorce in my mid 20s, i wrote on my bathroom mirror – ‘God won’t give me anything that He and i can’t get through together.’ it wasn’t always easier but i knew i wasn’t alone. take care of yourself. time for dh to take care of you for a couple days. hugs, patti in floridz

  30. Linda from Georgia

    Oh, no, Mary. I hope that you get well soon! Hopefully you will feel well enough to get a little sewing done.

  31. Barb Etzen

    So sorry to hear you have Covid! Please get your rest. I was just checking to see if u got my check for the wagon whelk pattern? I hope so. If u haven’t mailed the pattern yet no worries- I can wait till u feel better.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Barb Etzen – I did get it today but glad you wrote because you did not tell me what you are ordering.

  32. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Oh, Mary, so sorry! Must be time to Be Still. You can quilt or read or sleep and rest. Your choice😀. I love the puppy picture, but it should include cats, too. A woman here in Ohio
    Is going to prison for 120 days and has to make restitution for Vet bills for a dog she harmed! I won’t tell you what she did—too awful. But, Hurray for Ohio and the judge who sentenced her! Please do take care and get better.
    I like the. Ukraine quikt, too. I have made that pattern, but never thought of two colors. Neat idea. Who made it?

    1. Jeanine from Iowa

      Jeanine from Iowa made it. I gave it to a gal that has been to Ukraine twice and has friends there. It was a lot of fun. Thank you. I forgot to put my name on it when I sent it to Mary. Mary, so sorry about Covid. Do take care of yourself.

  33. Moe in NE Illinois

    Oh Mary! I’m so sorry. Lots of good advice in the comments. Rest, fluids, the special drug, vitamins, and quilting. Dont be disappointed that you have to cancel anything. You need a break right now, and you can get back to what you do later – I’m so happy you are vaccinated and boostered. By the time you feel better the weather will be better then too.

    Jay and I both got out second booster last week.

  34. Louise K.

    I’m sorry you got Covid, but just think it is boosting your natural immunity! My Covid in January was mild..I hope yours is too.
    The most important thing is to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Just do what you have to around the house, and don’t push it. Now is the time to pamper yourself….catch up on reading or movies or naps. If you feel up to sewing, go for it.
    Also, drink lots and lots of water.

  35. Quilting grandma from WI

    God bless you for testing and protecting others by going into quarantine the recommended amount of time! Yes, give yourself permission to rest, and recover!!

  36. Julie B in Cedar Falls

    Oh Mary…Take good care of yourself. You do so much for others, it is your time to have some TLC.

    We watched Soren jump at Drake…she cleared 5’4” for 9th out of 28. the state qualifying meet is 14 May. Keeping our fingers crossed.

  37. Chris in Washington

    Take care of yourself, Mary and get lots of rest. My husband had Covid and he slept about 16 hours or more per day. Didn’t feel like eating so he lost 12 pounds. He didn’t need to lose any weight. We both had the first two shots and the booster and are waiting to get in for the second booster. I’ll be thinking of you. Sending hugs~ ♥️

  38. Tammy Guerrero

    Hope you are better soon! Oh my, so sorry you have Covid. Hoping you only have a very mild case. What # rat is that? I have never seen rats in my barn, plenty of mice, no rats. Prayers for a quick recovery.

  39. Linda from MN

    Mary, I hope you heal quickly and your symptoms are light. Know that once you recover, you may be relieved that it is behind you.

  40. Shirley

    Hi Mary—received 2 pictures today. Please rest and be glad you don’t end up in the hospital. Happy sewing and getting all caught up. Nothing new.

  41. Marilyn from West Bend, WI

    What about the new medication – a pill to help relieve the symptoms and keep you out of the hospital.
    Please REST as that’s the best – nothing more than feeding and watering the little kids and you and Rick.

  42. Kathy in western NY

    Ugh ugh ugh! Rest Mary and drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated. My 88 yr old friend caught it after all this time being careful after she had to go to the hospital for a fall. The whole area she was in caught it so that’s how contagious these variants are. She had to stay 10 days in hospital till she was out of quarantine but came home this week. Thank God for the boosters. We had our second booster before Easter as I didn’t want to chance anything being around family at that time. We just went to calling hours at a funeral home and we were the only people who wore masks and I still intend to till many of these variants stop being passed around. Hope we hear soon you are feeling well.

  43. Carolyn

    So sorry you got this! How about you take a few days to rest! You deserve it!! You are such an example of determination and hard work! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  44. Sheila in WI

    Oh my! You can’t seem to catch a break. Hope you recover quickly! Until then have fun sewing.

  45. Diane in WI

    I hope you feel better soon. I’m sure Hazel would like to sit with you in your chair while you recover. Take care.

  46. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, it is time Rick is waiting on you????? Whatever you do, take care of yourself. COVID is nothing to fool around with. Hopefully you will have a light case. They have also said this new variant is extremely catchy and it is all over the place. People won’t even know where they got it.
    Call the guys that put down the rat killer to see it it will harm other animals. Seems like I’ve heard they have different kinds of stuff to use.
    Last Saturday night we had a 70 mph gust of wind and some of my shingles are Gone with the Wind. Couldn’t get a hold of the fellow who did my shingles, but another roofer put new shingles on the house across the alley from me. He had given me his card and said to call if I needed help — so I did. He got it fixed right away and no charge. Instead he is going to put up a sign as we have lots of traffic. I really appreciated it, but wish he’d given me a bill, too. His time is worth something.
    My burning question of the day is: Why aren’t the Ukraine refugees getting COVID? Sounds like a super spreader to me. I’m glad they aren’t, but wonder why.
    Take care. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty K – I have omicron variant – not the new one that’s so contagious. I have been nowhere except church, grocery store, gas station.

  47. Janette

    Oh no! I’m so sorry you are stuck in quarantine. Hope you feel well enough to work on your quilt projects .

  48. Nancy Wines

    Hope you feel better quickly! Rest and try to get over this – a good time to read some good books!

  49. Charlotte

    Mary, I am sorry to hear you have Covid. I too came down with it after being vaccinated. Felt like a mild flu for two days and I took zinc, Vitamin D and Tylenol. Sending you prayers for an easy recovery!

  50. Margaret in North Texas

    Mary, get plenty of rest. Don’t hesitate to call your Dr. if conditions change. Hope to hear your are better in a few more days!!

  51. Sandy

    Hi Mary, your vaccinations have helped you cope with covid,l don’t go anywhere except supermarket, craft group and kindy drop off.Taje it easy, you don’t want a long recovery, relax and make quilts!Best wishes to all,Sandy

  52. Dianna

    Wish I was closer to leave chicken soup on your step.
    Rest and enjoy slowing down for the quarantine, Hope that your case is mild and you feel well enough to sew if you feel like it. You enjoy reading too so hopefully you have a book or 2 waiting.
    Prayers for a speedy recovery

  53. Sue in Oregon

    That darned Covid!! Sorry you have it, Mary and all the others too. I thought we were past it, but no, seems like it is raring up again. Guess I will start wearing a mask. I was so happy to put it away.
    Oregon is pretty good right now, but I suppose the numbers will start going up soon.
    Like the others are saying….Please take it easy. Read a book, watch TV, talk to the dogs…they know.

  54. Andra Sims

    So sorry you got covid, but so glad you had your shots because you will probably have a light case & not have to go to the hospital.

  55. Beryl in Owatonna

    So sorry to hear this. Rest as much as you can…sleep.
    Do you take Biotin? I don’t think I saw that one your list . That is supposed to help too. I still take it and Vit D3 and A.
    My taste and smell still aren’t the best and I had Covid in December of 2020. It has returned some but not the best.
    You and Rick are in my prayers.

  56. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh! Mary,
    This has been a rough winter/spring for you, (and many).
    Hoping and praying this will pass quickly and NO long term issues.
    One of our quilt ladies got it and hasn’t lost any taste or smell senses.
    Take care,

  57. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Oh Bummer!! So sorry you have Covid, Mary. I hope you recover quickly. 🥰

    Jeanine from Iowa,
    I love your Ukraine Hearts quilt; it is beautiful! 💙💛

  58. Lisa B

    I’m sorry to hear you have covid. Take care of yourself and rest when you need to. Did your husband test positive as well? Being vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t get covid it just means your case may be lighter. When I had covid a month ago I had to quarantine for 5 days and then wear a mask when I was out and about for the next 5 days. By the time I found out I had covid it was already day four. So I was at home only one day before returning to work. And since I work alone it wasn’t a big deal anyway. Oh, and my local doctor/ hospital sent an email that said if I couldn’t breathe go to the Ed. Other than that there’s nothing we can do for you. At least your medical personnel are offering positive ideas to help during this illness. My 90 yoa vaccinated mom is on day 7 or 8 of covid, thankfully recovering.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Lisa, so glad your mom is recovering, as i worried so much about my 88 yr old friend who is like a mom to me. She was vaccinated with both boosters too so thankfully she only has a lingering cough and only needed Tylenol for fever. I think they kept her longer than the quarantine in the hospital due to her cough for fear of pneumonia setting in. And it had spread so fast in the place. Nurses told her even people who had covid were getting covid again with this new variant so like flu shots designed each year for the likely strain, they can’t always get every mutated strain that develops. All we can do is minimize spread and exposure so I will continue to mask up till these variants stop multiplying. After experiencing the long term effects of a severe viral infection my husband caught last summer, I have learned a great deal from the hundreds of doctors & nurses who saw him and continue to follow up on his very good recovery.

  59. Linda in Michigan

    With all the stress you’ve been under, your body is telling you it’s time to slow down and rest yourself. Lots of people on here are advising a number of remedies, but follow your own personal Dr.’s advice. He will prescribe what is best for you and your symptoms.
    I sound bossy, but that’s what I am-an old, bossy, retired nurse.

  60. NancyTD

    Jeanine—love your Ukraine quilt. What a special gift.
    Mary take care. It is time to sew and relax. Wishing a speedy ❤️‍🩹 recovery.. Maybe we should all go back to wearing a mask. All this strong wind may be bringing in germs.

    1. Jeanine from Iowa

      Thank you, Nancy. It is a Bonnie Hunter quilt along she did when the war first started in Ukraine. I gave the quilt to the gal last night as we had her and her sister here for pizza. She was elated with it. I enjoyed making it.

  61. Marcia of Ohio

    Take care and get some rest while recuperating. Consider it a ‘time out’ and get some sewing done if you feel like it.
    Glad the rat population is declining. My mom always said that if you have one rat or mouse there are 10 more. Your work is cut out for you. We live rurally & my husband fights mice in a nearly new metal building w/ a cement floor.

  62. Sue in Marion, IN

    Well crapola! Not fair! My triple-vaccinated sister in Michigan got covid about 10 days ago. Get Paxlovid if you can! It’s the antiviral pill you take for 5 days, but you need to start it soon after testing positive. It prevents the virus from replicating so the sooner you get it, the less sick you’ll be. Kathie took and tested negative in a week. Some doctors are not up on it but if yours isn’t make them look it up! Hope you have mild symptoms and get better asap!

  63. Henners

    Mary I did “proof” my second post to you. I hope your symptoms are minimal. I see you had Omicron variant & mine was Covid variant. Today still can’t smell or taste but I’m guessing it won’t stop me from eating if I feel up to it.
    Horrible taste (yes, I could taste this) in my mouth in the night. I found a cough drop to suck on to see if I could get the taste to go away but it didn’t help. I got a sleep aid so at least I got some good zzzzzzz for a change.
    Gray gloomy day…….and good day to sew 🧵
    Take care Mary 🙏

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Henners – I, too, had a horrible taste in my mouth during the night and had no idea why!

  64. Joy in NW Iowa

    That’s a real bummer! Someone suggested you ask for the infusion! I agree!! Get well soon! Love the Ukraine quilt! We had rain during the night!! So welcome!

  65. Terri S.

    I too tested positive within the last week. I have cold symptoms with a runny nose, achy, headache. I am vaccinated and double boosted too. I can’t imagine what this would be like if I did not have any vaccine. Take care of yourself and stay isolated, this is a highly contagious strain.

  66. Marilyn Miller

    So sorry to hear about your positive COVID test. Your vaccination status will keep you from getting horribly sick. You’ll no doubt be in the prayers of many. Your idea of a COVID quilt is a good one and you could label it so! Hoping you feel better during your quarantine, Mary.

  67. Jenny Stevenson

    Hi Aunt Mary, sorry you are sick! Take this time to rest up! Read, quilt, watch your shows…. Embrace this down time. You need it! Hopefully it is a mild case and in 10 days you will be back to your yard and all things spring!

    Love you!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jenny S – thank you! I don’t feel too bad today actually but so tired I can hardly walk!

  68. Sherrill

    When the country was in the throes of Covid and Pres. Trump had it and was treated, I heard him talking about his regimen afterwards, a lot of over the counter stuff. So I went out and bought those and have been taking them ever since (I, too, have been vaccinated and boosted). I take C, D, Zinc, baby aspirin and melatonin every day. Knock on wood, so far, so good!

  69. Susie from the Hood Canal in Washington

    Praying for you! take care and rest! Hand sewing maybe?

  70. Debbie

    Dearest Mary,
    Hope your recovery will go quickly – so sorry you got the dreaded virus. Hope you will feel up to completing some UFO’s or catching up on the Dozen, or starting something new! Whatever your heart desires, if you are up to it! Rest and take good care. We all love hearing from you! Sending healing prayers and positive thoughts to you!

  71. Kimberly Lusin

    Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry to hear this and am praying for you for a mild case and a speedy recovery. Hope you get a lot of quilting done but take care of yourself first.

  72. Kris in WI

    Mary — Adding my prayers for a complete recovery and hopes that, as Jenny said, you will embrace the downtime. We so appreciate the time and effort you put into the blog, but it may need to take a back seat while you concentrate on getting well. My best to you and Rick.

  73. Georgia

    Feel better soon! Dr. Zelenko, the MD out of NY who advised the WH (& other world leaders) about the benefits of preventatives has a mail order delivery service for “Z Stack” vitamins for keeping our immune systems humming in tip-top shape & now another formula to help those with the vaccine residue. His preventative formula consists of Quercetin, Zinc, Vit C & D. Good to hear that other MD’s are realizing these benefits finally. Frontline Doctors can provide the prescription drugs needed for the virus if regular MD’s are not allowed to.

  74. Judy - Michigan

    Get well soon! Sorry to hear about your Covid. You are so so busy, take some time for R &R. Love the dog quote.

  75. Marylou

    Prayers for you and I sure hope it is short lived. It’s important to rest and do only what feels good to you. Many hugs

  76. Wonda Myers

    All the vitamins help and rest. We had Covid back in 2020. No energy, couldn’t eat. Hope you have a light case. Sew when you feel like it. Always takes my mind off my troubles.

  77. Dorothy Sheldrake

    I think you should get in a comfy chair with a soft quilt and REST!!!!!

  78. Jan Hebert

    Sending prayers for a speedy recovery Mary and that Rick doesn’t get it too. Jeanine, your Ukraine quilt is beautiful! And I just love that last photo – that would maybe change the way a lot of people mistreat their dogs or any pet. Beautiful day here in MA, sun shine and near 60 degrees. We do need rain though. Hope you can sleep better tonight Mary! Jan in MA

  79. Judy Gnade

    Dear Mary, I’m sorry you caught Covid and I really hope you have a mild case. I felt very fatigued for awhile and I too had the vaccine and booster. We were fortunate enough to receive an infusion right away and it definitely helped. Is it available nearby? Didn’t take long but felt better rapidly afterward except for that lingering fatigue.

  80. Mareen4

    Sorry to hear of your positive test result Mary.. hope each day gets better! Take care!

  81. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary – I’m so sorry you have Covid! I hope it won’t be a difficult case and that you’ll have no lasting I’ll effects. Take the opportunity to slow things down and work on whatever makes you happy!

  82. Lynne from NJ

    Mary, I’m so sorry to hear you have covid. I hope it’s a mild case and you have a speedy recovery.
    Jeanine, love the Ukraine quilt.

  83. Nancy Poole

    Mary I hope you get your Dr to prescribe the antiviral PAXLOVID. It’s under prescribed but works if the Dr is not going to do the infusion for you. The prescription is free paid for by the government. I tested negative on day 3 of the PAXLOVID. Like you I only thought I had a head cold but took a home test before going into get my 2nd booster.

  84. Vicki

    Mary, So sorry to hear about your covid diagnosis. I think I will be wearing a mask far beyond the pandemic as covid is so unpredictable.

    Like you, I am so tired of the cold, rain, and wind. What a spring if you can call it that! I have a high school helper for yard/garden this year because my husband had surgery and can’t weight bear for a long while.
    My helper has been a godsend. His family doesn’t have a garden, so he is learning as we go. With explanation or demonstration, he understands what he needs to do. We work well as a team, as he takes initiative once he understands what he is to do. His strength and youth mean I don’t have as much physically taxing work to do. I am still tired at the end of the day. But we have a garden because of his work. I am so thankful! Our next job together will be mid-May and I figure by now we have sort of developed a working routine. I told him that I appreciate his help so much. He has learned how much we must work around the weather, and he has been flexible in showing up on short notice. He only lives a half mile from us, so I am fortunate.

    I can’t wait to see the crops coming up in the fields that surround us. I have never forgotten the scent of cut hay. To this day, when we are driving with the windows down that scent takes me right back to our farm outside of Crystal Lake. I bet you have similar memories. I think one can’t take the country out of the kid.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – I had hoped Nate would be the helper like you have but he doesn’t really want to – has never let me know when he’s free, or is too busy – with what I don’t know. I wonder if we’ll ever smell fresh hay again – this weather is so depressing! Do you still okay the piano? I hope so.

      1. Vicki

        I play only occasionally. I have a lovely piano, but seldom take the time to play. I remember my lessons with you years ago. I know you still play because I read about it in your blog. Good for you! A church is always a good place to make music.

  85. Donna Sproston

    So sorry to hear you have Covid. Hope the vaccine prevents a bad case. We are double boostered but try to avoid crowds and still wear masks when shopping.

  86. Lynn in Scottsdale

    Praying for you Mary and all other readers with troubles.

    Vicki, glad you found a helper. Our great nephew comes over most Saturday afternoons for lunch and then we do chores together, and Zoom with my sister.

    My husband and I enjoy it, he gets fed, paid for his work, and my sister can visit with her grandson via Zoom.

    1. Vicki

      As I get older, I realize I must be wise in what I do and do not do. Your great nephew is a “reward” in that he helps you. Of course, family time and a meal together is his “reward”. If you are like me, you make a list of chores. I let my helper know each time he drives over just what we will do for the day. Sometimes he says he can stay longer and I pull out some tasks that were on the “next time” list. I do feel blessed to have his help. He is such a nice young man.

  87. Melinda Themm

    Get well soon! I’ve known about a dozen people who were all boosted and vacced…they all were okay and all but one had NO symptoms at all, the one was like a bad cold and lethargic. for a week. UFOs would be my vote.

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