May Dirty Dozen, 5-1-22

May’s Dirty Dozen is NUMBER TWO – 2! After this you should have only one number left for June and then we start all over again with those projects that might have been left unfinished this year. I hope lots of you are playing the Dirty Dozen game.

I know you’re wondering how I’m feeling – it could be worse. I am exhausted, have aching muscles, chills, headache, earache – but none of these symptoms are as bad as they were Thursday and Friday so that’s encouraging. I’ve been in my chair this morning but now went to the sewing room because I’m so bored. The next season of Ozark came out on Netflix Friday so that’s what I’m going to do while I sew something very simple.

Thanks for all your well wishes!

43 thoughts on “May Dirty Dozen, 5-1-22

  1. Rhoda

    Glad you are managing OK and hope you are over it soon. Your animals will miss you and your church will miss you too.

    Be well soon!!!

  2. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    I’m busy watching a YouTube video on my laptop and have the Bucks game on TV. GO BUCKS!!!

  3. Kathy

    Glad for the update. Ozark should cure “what ails ya”. If you mentioned whether your husband got sick also, I missed that. I hope not.
    Rest and recover.

  4. Carolyn S Knott

    I’m glad. you feeling some better. I’m impressed you feel well enough to do some sewing. Get well wishes going your way from the piney woods of east Texas.

    Carolyn K.

  5. Betty Klosterman

    Glad you are taking things as easy as you can. There are many mouths to feed, but they will wait until you get there. Patience is a virtue and very necessary for your circumstances. Relax and let yourself heal.
    Betty in Rapid City

  6. Sue in Oregon

    Wow, Mary. Seems like you got kind of a hard case after having all of your shots. Not fair at all. We are watching Better Call Saul. Just about done with that one.
    Do you have a good book? Maybe after a bit of sewing you could just lay back in your chair and read.
    Today our weather is finally sunny and warm. Happy May 1st to us. Hope it comes over your way.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue in Oregon – yes, actually I’ve been reading since I posted – “Leaving the World” by Douglas Kennedy

  7. lorraine bujnowski

    I am so sorry to hear that you are so ill. My thoughts are with you.

  8. Bobby Sutton

    So glad you are feeling a little better. You’ve been so careful about covid for so long I am sorry you caught it. This one is so very contagious that I think many of us will catch it at some point. The good news is the your symptoms are less and you are on the mend. Stay safe. I bet Hazel has been comfortering you the whole time!

    Bobby from Md.

  9. Kathy in western NY

    I hope you recover soon cause aching muscles are enough to put me in a chair lately! I might have to transfer at least half of my DD to the next list. I spent way too much time cleaning out my sewing room and organizing my scraps but feel good I have sizes together I seem to use more of. I started reading Jenny Doans book How to Stitch an American Dream and keep finding another excuse to sit down and read today. So be good Mary and rest.

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh Mary! I’m glad, as all of us is, glad your getting better. I’ve had many friends, after 2 boosters, who are getting it. I can’t get my booster till shingles clear up.
    They haven’t lost smell or taste, but are very tired.
    Rest, and take as many naps as you can, this shall pass.

  11. Marsha from Kansas

    Hopefully you are on the mend as symptoms are not as bad as they were. You introduced me to all the vet shows on tv. I really enjoyed last night’s new episode of Heartland vets and the baby doe. I do watch almost all the vet shows now. I did good with the Dirty Dozen until last month. A couple of projects are going to slip to next year’s list. I’m working on the Kitchen Quilt by Lori Holt. My friend got me interested in Lori Holt’s projects. This is really an applique quilt called Chicken Salad. She was suggesting alternate kitchen-related blocks from her two Farm Girl books for a pieced quilt for those who don’t applique, me. So this is a Lori Holt weekend! The last pieced block she is suggesting will be on her blog tomorrow and I’m striving to be caught up. So glad you are taking this time to rest up

  12. Montana Kathy

    Mary, Sending warm wishes your way along with healing thoughts. And rest as much as you can. Give yourself time – projects can wait a bit.

  13. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary, good to read that your symptoms are not getting worse! Take care of yourself and take it as easy as you can. And yes, I am DD-ing!

  14. Joy in NW Iowa

    Hi Mary! Sure have been wondering about you. Good to hear you are getting a little better and want to stitch a bit. When we had Covid Jay ate some good old Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup. We didn’t have an appetite at all. That worked for him. Comfort soup…it sure smelled good..I couldn’t have any because I’m gluten free. 😢 We received some very welcome rain Friday night and Saturday! It is still so cloudy and chilly. It’s a bit windy but not 50 mph! The guys planted a couple fields of corn on Friday and Saturday. Have some left to plant and then soybeans. Our forecast looks wet…we will see. take good care of yourself and I hope Rick doesn’t get it! 💕💕

  15. Charlotte E Shira

    I’m glad you are feeling a tiny bit better. Praying it doesn’t last long and that Rick doesn’t get it.

  16. Marian Stever

    Oh Mary, I wish you well. Sorry you had to get the virus after having following all the guidelines with the shots. I hope Hazel is cuddly and keeping you warm. And, keeping my fingers crossed that your husband doesn’t get it. Do take care of yourself and get lots of rest.

  17. Lorraine

    Glad you are feeling a little better. Hope you feel much better as the week goes on. Take care of yourself.

  18. Marsha

    Mary, I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. My husband and granddaughter who lives with us and me had it the first week of March. One day I shoveled 18” deep snow off our deck because my husband was sick s with Covid, the next day I was experiencing the same symptoms you are. That said we got over the worst of it pretty quickly. We have weird taste & smell symptoms still, but even that is lessening! Take care! Be well!

  19. Jan in NW WI

    So glad you are feeling a bit better. Here’s hoping that each day gets better and better.

  20. Teresa in Port Coquitlam, BC

    Seems like we are on the same path. I was pretty bad Thursday and then again yesterday with a fever and feeling really bad. Today I feel pretty good as long as I don’t get up too long. My brain is foggy when I stand up to long. My son said it was the same for him. Hope we both have a speedy recovery. We both tested positive on the same day, so it’s interesting to see how you are doing. I went outside to the garden for a few minutes and pulled a few weeds so I know I am on the mend. Best of luck for a speedy recovery. Take it easy too though.

  21. Glenda Fletcher

    OMG, Mary. I am way behind on my emails. So sorry to hear that you have Covid again. Don’t understand that stuff. Glad you are feeling better than last Thurs. Friday. Yes I would try something simple too just to be busy with a little bit. Glad the poison is working for the rats. They are nasty creatures. We got over
    1/2″ of rain as we just put it up at noon yesterday. Had quite a bit in the am. Very windy yesterday pm and of course today also. Had a track meet in Beresford last Thurs. Very cold and windy. The young people can
    take the cold better than we can. He has one to go so hope it is a lot better for them and us. Take care now, Mary.

  22. Mary

    So thankful you’ve gotten your initial shots, too bad you hadn’t gotten your 2nd booster. My hubby and I have gotten everything offered, hopefully it’ll help if it happens to us. Do what you are up to then rest. Take care and here’s to a speedy recovery!🥰🍺

  23. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Prayers raised for your health and healing. Take good care of yourself, Mary! 🤗

  24. Pat Smith

    This variant seems so much more contagious than the others. I know quite a few people who have been diagnosed who have followed all the guide lines with the vax and the boosters. They seem to be recovering well and I hope you do too. Thinking of you and hoping each day will be better.

  25. Marcia from Ohio

    Take care and good thoughts coming your way.

    I went to my sewing room this weekend w/ the intent to put borders on two quilts. I got distracted and cut 4 charms into tumblers on my Accuquilt and made a large lengthy table runner. I just had to start something new. It is ready to be quilted.

    I finished Grace and Frankie on Netflix so that series is done. Ozark is so intense that it makes me tired.

    Husband is having hip replacement on Thursday. We will be home for a few weeks so wanting to get some sewing done. He is a good patient.

  26. Anne in Wisconsin

    I am hoping you are feeling better soon!
    I had Covid a year and a half ago and the isolation is the worst part!
    (Unless you have a severe reaction, obviously)
    I love your blog! Keep your chin up!

  27. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    It is good to hear you are some better. It is such a yucky illness. Blah. Take care of yourself and feel better every day! 77* here, but still very windy.

  28. Jill Klop

    I hope that the symptoms let up soon. I’ve been where you are and it isn’t fun! Take care!

  29. Billie

    So glad to hear you are having mild symptoms. I hope you are feeling better really soon!

  30. Agatha B

    So glad to hear that you are some better today. Been thinking about you and everything you have had going on. Can’t wait to start the last of Ozark, but then will be sad it is over. Really have liked that series. Take care and hope you get better soon.

    Agatha B.

  31. Quilting Sister

    So very sorry you caught the dang virus, but very glad you’re feeling better. I got a text yesterday saying I’m eligible for my 4th vax now, and I’ll definitely be getting it this week. Take care!

  32. Heidi

    Glad you are feeling a little better. Remember to drink plenty of fluids to help flush all that nastiness out of your body. Get some we rest and sew on.

  33. Mary Ann

    Hope you feel better every day. Even though I know it is hard for you, try to rest as much as possible.

  34. Alice

    Mary, so sorry you contacted this virus!! Hope you are feeling much better by now, & hope Rick doesn’t get this! You have had so much on your plate lately!! Just try to take things easy…which I know is really hard!! Praying this doesn’t last long for you!!

  35. Mary Lou

    Oh shoot!! so very sorry you contacted that yucky virus and hope each day will bring some
    improvement and get you back to feeling like a human again… Alway enjoy your blog and
    the many things I learn from you and those that comment.. May it be a good day.

  36. Beverly from O-H-I-O

    Mary I hope each day finds you better. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. I enjoy your blog so much !

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