Antiques In the Park, 9-3-23

Antiques In the Park is held every year on the Sunday before Labor Day – I always like to go but this year I cleared it with Brian to skip church so I could be there EARLY! I got there by 7:45 and my favorite vendor didn’t disappoint. I have purchased so many things from him – I see many of them as I look around the house. This is what I got today:

I’m going to hang this Eastlake trim above a door.

The pincushion shoe from Occupied Japan goes into my collection.

The old postcard picture of two puppies will be framed – with a thrift store frame when I find one.

Last night Becky and went to Clear Lake to sit at an outdoor bar to listen to the Kraft Brothers who we first listened to last summer at Thursday On Main. Crowded!!! And fun!

This was located across the street from the park where Antiques In the Park was held today and I spied this piece and the guy was happy to sell it to me right there and then – $80. I love this homemade looking stuff – very primitive.

The only thing that would make it better would be if it was red.

Reader photos:

Eileen as Tina Turner!
Gracie and Greta
Friendship Quilt for church
All these bags are projects – some not even started just fabric
Quilt for sale today at the park – love the pattern
Seen online – love this simple quilt

Labor Day tomorrow – another hot one here. Is anybody having a barbecue? Family gathering? Or a quiet day with a book on the porch?

78 thoughts on “Antiques In the Park, 9-3-23

  1. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary – sounds like you had a busy few days. We had a family picnic today – both of my sons, their wives and my granddaughter, plus my sister and her husband, her three kids and their families. I think it was 15 adults and 5 kiddos, plus my grand dog, Ralph. It was complete chaos but so much fun! My granddaughter is having a sleepover here tonight and after we drop her off at home tomorrow, we’ll be on the road through the Hudson Valley down to the Catskill Mountains for a little getaway. Phew. We need it!

  2. Suznne

    A book out on the screen porch or maybe some cross-stitch would suit me just fine for Labor Day. Maybe I’ll make some lemonade, too! All in all, it hasn’t seemed very warm to me this summer in West Michigan. But, they say that tomorrow we make break some temperature records! Have a wonderful day, Mary. PS Love your antique finds!

  3. Bernadette

    Will be staying home and doing a couple loads of laundry to hang out early, then maybe do some tomato juice if the tomatoes ae ready. Otherwise do some quilting blocks and stay cool. It was 101* early this afternoon. Too hot to be outside.

  4. Mary Therese

    We had our usual family dinner today. But it was a small group. One son and daughter in law, one daughter and son in law, six grandchildren, but they sound like more! It was a good day! But the older I get , the faster I wear out!
    When it is everyone, it is thirty of us, life is exciting!
    We will rest, somewhat, tomorrow and see our parents.

  5. Pattie from PA on my way to Indiana

    Sitting here tonight in my RV with my 3 dogs parked overnight at a Cracker Barrel in Ohio. Left early this morning and headed to Shipshewana to do the flea market. It’s been almost 20 years since my husband and I first went there. I remember walking the market for 2 days and at that time you could dry camp in their field overnight at no charge . Now they have built an RV park there and I reserved the last available spot for the next 2 days. I’m looking forward to some fun and who knows what is there now. I do remember meeting someone there years ago who was traveling with a pot bellied pig in their RV. That has stayed in my memory bank.
    After that I will be shopping for some new RV furniture around Elkhart. I have been wanting to replace the couch with theater seating and 1 of the dogs is going to have to settle for the floor when we stop and I want to put my feet up!

  6. Billie

    I’m down for a nice quiet day reading out back. Love your Antique finds! Looks like a good day!

  7. Debby Krzyston

    🌻 Hi Mary, Thanks for your reply to my email…as you can see I’m getting your email “about nothing “ again.
    I enjoy hearing about your treasures.
    Enjoy your Memorial Day reading a book and keeping cool.
    It’s going to be another hot day in Wisconsin too.

  8. Melody in Wisconsin

    The look of contentment on Gracie’s and Greta’s faces is so sweet. I am so glad you got Gracie a companion and it worked out so well.

    My good friend had to euthanize her collie this last week and it was so heartbreaking. It was a 2 year old rescue (estimated) and she had it for 8 years. That dog covered alot of miles with us on our twice a week walks. She was the sweetest dog and I will really miss her.

    We attended a church picnic today in North Buena Vista, Iowa (not too far from Dubuque). It is a yearly tradition as we have been going for over 30 years without missing too many of them. They serve the best fried chicken and my favorite – brown butter noodles. We went early so we were gone by the time it got really hot.

    Tomorrow is a little cleaning and hopefully a good book – I just got a new book at the library called “The Kitchen Front” by Jennifer Ryan. It has been so long since I have read a book that you just don’t want to put down.

    Have a nice rest of your Labor Day weekend!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Melody – my friend Lora has a 4 month old collie pup named Griffin and he is solid sweetness with a penchant for chasing the cat. I feel sorry for anyone who has to euthanize a pet – I pray that mine will die in their sleep, peacefully and not sick.

  9. Kathy L

    We had a big cookout on Saturday, got to meet my goddaughter’s new baby girl
    Then a small cookout at my sister’s house.
    Monday, I work

  10. Deb in Idaho

    I love your antiques especially the green step box and I agree, it needs to be red. Wonderful cool weather, feels like Fall. I’m canning tomatoes and peaches. I have a bag of okra to do. I’m always glad when the harvest is done. Maybe not a big garden next year. So much for two people. The neighbors hide when they see us coming. Ha ha. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Quilting Sister

    I like that green chest a lot … can’t tell how large it is. Eileen is totally hilarious, haa!! 😍 And your plan for the gray kitty cats to be buddies looks very successful, good job!

  12. Joy in NW Iowa

    No family reunion tomorrow. do people still do those? We did when I was a kid, it was great fun!
    Tomorrow I will pay bills and then go through the mountain of pictures from the photographer when we did family pictures when Ryan was here. I also may do a little sewing.
    My family is very small. I had one sister and she passed away 6 years ago plus my parents are gone. If my cousins on my dads side got together we could have it here in the house. Jays family is larger but spread across the country. Jays side has tons of cousins! I do mean lots! Our children are all doing their own thing I guess. I haven’t asked, it is too hot to cook!
    On the bright side I see the extended forecast is cooler. Yippee

  13. Jo in Wyoming

    The antique sale looks like heaven. What great finds you got.
    The pet pictures are fun, I think Greta and Gracie are made for each other. And Tina Turner…what a bad hair day she is having.
    If it’s not too hot tomorrow, I’ll mow. If it is too hot, I’ll sew. Either way I need to hit the grocery store.
    Maybe hotdogs and corn on the cob.
    Hotdogs, Armor hotdogs
    What kind of kids eat Armor hotdogs
    Short kids, tall kids, kids that climb on rocks
    You all can finish it.

  14. Vicki in Seattle

    Mary, glad your pastor Brian gave you the day off! I missed hearing you play the piano but glad you were having fun! You found some great treasures!
    Your quilt for the church family turned out lovely. What a nice memory/farewell gift for them.
    I also like the reader’s March Madness quilt.
    I put out fall decorations and quilts today. We will be hosting dinner Monday and will celebrate 3 September birthdays. Our youngest son was born on Labor Day in 1976 so it brings back many memories.
    We finally got a little rain today which was SO needed. Hope it continues all night. Wishing you all a relaxing day!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – gosh, I forgot to go back and listen to the service on Facebook! Good grief – guess I can do that now. It was fun but I was so glad to be there early before it was too hot. I’ll be there to okay next week.

  15. Candy

    That picture of Greta and Gracie lovin’ on each other is the sweetest! How lucky they are to have found a home with you! Have a great weekend. We had bbq burgers and corn on the cob tonight … no plans for tomorrow … just ‘hangin’.

  16. Kim

    You got some great treasures at the sale! I am a green lover, so wouldn’t paint the step drawers, but if you want it red…maybe paint it?
    My 5 year old granddaughter will be coming to spend the day tomorrow….and she is getting interested in sewing, so we will continue working on some blocks we have been piecing.

  17. Jan Hebert

    Aw, Gracie and Greta look so happy! Makes me wish we had gotten a friend for our kitty, Blue. I think he’d love a kitty to play with but he’s just over a year old, is it too late? Love all of the pictures, no plans for tomorrow. We cleaned the chicken coop today and Peter mowed the lawn. Have a great Labor Day, everyone! Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan – no, it’s not too late to get Blue a pal – a young cat will get him playing and like G and G they’ll become pals

  18. Jeanne in Co.

    Love your green primitive chest of drawers. I can see this being used by the back door as a place to store knit hats and gloves and mittens. It would be a great place to sit and put boots and shoes on before going outdoors in the winter time. Great find and great price.
    The picture of Greta and Gracie is adorable. Looks like Greta is planting a kiss on Gracie’s forehead. And you thought they might not get along with one another. They look like “best buds”. You made the right choice to get Gracie a kitty to play with.
    Have a blessed Labor Day everyone. Stay safe. Jeanne in Co.

  19. Kay

    Camping in Decorah last two weekends. Always enjoy it and meeting new people, just meet a fellow quilter today. Next field work will be starting soon. Have a great Labor Day.

  20. Jean Elliott

    Wow! Major score on that cabinet! I’m spending tomorrow gathering things to work on while I’m in Garner next week!

  21. Sandi

    My son and his family are coming over and we’re having a late lunch of burgers and stuff. All easy. The rest of the day is for cross stitching. Enjoy your day. Hugs,

  22. Martha W in WY

    The Tina Turner picture gave me a chuckle. Monday I am continuing to shorten skirts and slacks for my 99 yr old mother. The skirts have to be shortened in front so she doesn’t trip and the cut longer in back so her thighs don’t show as she is bent over her walker. Also, finishing up some house cleaning before I head home to WY. I will be glad to get away from this heat.

  23. Sue in Oregon

    Those kittens are so adorable and so good for each other. Love that photo.
    The poodle with sunglasses is hilarious. Looks like she actually wears them!
    Yes, that old quilt on the bed is wonderful. Or maybe its new using older fabrics.
    We are staying home. We just celebrated our 65th anniversary last week. Went out to dinner twice with family and friends. Quite the week for us, so now we will rest. HaHa

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue! 65 years? Oh my gosh, that’s some serious wedding vows there – haha! Congratulations to you – see, when I talk to you readers I have no idea about your backgrounds really – you’re all quilters first. Congratulations again!

  24. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Thanks for all the great pictures, Mary. I loved seeing all the pets. Gracie and Greta are delightful. Your purchases at the antiques market were wonderful; the Eastlake piece is stunning! Have a relaxing Labor Day. 🥰

  25. Dee

    Early this morning my Calypso went to the Rainbow Bridge. She’d been failing and I knew it was close. I sat with her until almost midnight, fell asleep, was awakened about 1/2 hour later and she was gone. I think she was waiting for me to be quiet and she slipped away, maybe her dad came for her. He’s been gone almost 5 years. Son, who was her original owner, came and buried her here at the farm. I’m going to lunch with my younget granddaughter tomorrow. We have a quilt project that we are working on. Take care.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dee – oh, I’m so sorry! Animals don’t want their owners to witness their last breath – that’s why she waited until you dozed off. The sharp grief of losing an animal is so devastating – you’ll see her again one day. My sympathy to you, Dee.

    2. Pamela Dempsey

      Oh, Dee, I’m so sorry about your Calypso! It will be good for you to get out and be with your granddaughter. Hang in there 😥

  26. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l am in the keep it green camp,love that shade of green. Glad everyone enjoyed seeing Eileen as Tina turner, she wears the goggles when she goes for a bike ride with my brother. It’s starting to warm up in New Zealand, but rain forecast at end of week. Stella and Luna made chocolate chip cookies for fathers day (with some help). Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  27. Betsy

    I love your friendship quilt . Is it your own pattern and can the pattern be purchased? I would love to make one . Thank you 😊

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betsy – I can write up the simple pattern if you like – $5.00 cash or check. I’ll put it out there for sale through the blog. If you decide to send for it, please tell me what you’re ordering and include a SASE

  28. Laura VS

    Great finds. I love the box, so unique. Im working on one of my many kits, today. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day.

  29. Rita in Iowa

    Mary love your antique finds, glad you were able to attend the sale. The parade of pet pictures is fantastic. Thanks for sharing everyone. The signature quilt will be such a treasure for the couple.
    Mary I too have a lot of kits, fabric and UFOS that need attention. After I finished my grand dog quilt I sorted through my batting and sorted it into groups of size of strips.
    Spent the last week in the mornings cleaning up flower beds and afternoons doing odd jobs in the house.
    Friday and Saturday spent all day moving items from my brother who lost his wife in June to my other brother (in the same town) to his garage for a estate/multi family sale for this weekend 9th and 10th. Many items are brand new and lots of Knick knacks, Fur fabric, frames, dishes, and the normal things that a couple collect over more than 50 years of marriage. Just helping our brother so he is not overwhelmed by all the issues after losing a loved one.

    1. Vicki Ibarra

      Rita, It is very nice of you to help with sorting things from your brother’s home. Going through things after a family death can be very draining, so your help is a godsend to your brother.

      1. Rita in Iowa

        Fortunately we have 11 bothers and sisters and we all support each other in some way that we can. Some leaders and doers.

  30. Linda in MI

    Love your treasures from the antique show, great buys! I really like the box and little drawers, its looks like something I would like to squeeze into my sewing area for thread and maybe my needles that I am always buying. And Gracie and Gretta, such a sweet, sweet picture. You made a wonderful decision to get Gretta for Gracie just like I did getting Nelson for Sammie, they are the very best buddies, except Sammie the Aussie is teaching Nelson all her bad habits! But they play all the time and leave my old boy Miles alone to sleep and lay around. My Bette and Olivia were another match made in heaven, two rescued kitties couldn’t be closer! Love those fur babies!!

    How are your chicks? Haven’t seen or heard of them in a while. Any babies hatched this summer? I miss my chicks but haven’t had the heart to get more, loosing them to prey is just too hard.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – haha! I just talked to your sister Nancy and was hoping you’d update me about Nelson. Is the cast coming off soon? What are Sammie’s bad habits? Miles is like Telly – doesn’t want to roughhouse any more and that’s ok – we try to protect her from the wild ones. We will lose Telly probably within the coming year and we will be so sad.
      I only have 14 hens left – no roosters so no chicks. I haven’t gotten more either because I was so devastated when I lost most of them a year ago. I remember how my heart just dropped when I realized what had happened. I don’t know if I’ll be brave enough in the spring either. Does one ever get over an attack like that?

  31. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    Mary, I was going to comment last night but it was 11:12 pm and was afraid of waking you up. When is too late or too early? Sounds like you have had a great weekend already. Poor Dee and Calypso 😔.
    Our day will be spent here at home. I need to get my quilting books and magazines on a different bookshelf in sewing room and then get stuff ready for tomorrow’s sewing group. We tend to visit more than sew and we really enjoy our friendships. It’s a blessing and I feel bad for those who don’t have friends to share with. Last week I showed string piecing on phone book paper and string piecing quilt as you go with batting and layer cake squares. It’s fun to see someone get excited and want to try something different. I love string piecing, the look of it and how easy and mindless sewing it is. Some days my mind is just elsewhere 🤣.
    Gracie and Greta are adorable together! So glad they get along 😻. Penny and Lucy say “hey” 🥰

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pamela – I got a text last night at 1:15 and I was still awake so don’t worry about waking me up. Some nights are worse than others. Now I’m going out to the shop to sew and keep Gracie and Greta company. I was so envious of your fun with Penny and Lucy!! Now I’ve got my own entertainment.

  32. Dee in Ohio

    I love your finds. You have a good eye or maybe we have the same taste. The kitties look very happy. They should make your sewing time fun.

  33. NancyTD

    Friendship quilt turned out nice. Such a nice memory.
    Jealous that you found neat treasures at antiques in the park. I have stopped treasure hunting— have too many things.
    We went out to a brunch buffet with our son and daughter in law yesterday. It is going to be hotter today, fire ban, and high pollen count today. Staying in and sewing on my dirty dozen. It was 95 yesterday.
    Pets and quilts were fun.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy TD – I’ve decided my heirs can take care of all my stuff – if they are smart they’ll have an estate sale. And I love searching for treasure. It’s actually a pretty cheap hobby – thrift stores are my favorite! What if I liked jewelry and travel???

  34. Kathy in western NY

    Fun finds from the antiques sale. It is exciting to browse through them every once in a while and add to our treasures we view in our homes.
    Cute doggie pictures and the March madness quilt is striking.
    I am sticking close to home this weekend as I am having surgery this Thursday so need to stay healthy to get this over with. Covid is here and couple of people we know have caught it so frustrating it keeps being passed around so easily and surgery will be delayed if I catch it. So playing it safe and sewing inside with this 90 degree heat wave. School starts Wednesday and I feel for bus drivers and teachers out in this heat.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – lay low so you don’t get Covid! Is it same day surgery? Looks like our school will be closed again tomorrow because of heat.

      1. Kathy in NY

        Mary, I am hoping as is my oncologist I can go home same day . He has escaped Covid all these years and goes away to a lake house in New Hampshire and he and his wife both came home with Covid. My friend was taken by ambulance to local hospital as she kept fainting, had Covid so was dehydrated and needed IV’s so I sure hope I don’t pick it up during my hospital stay. I just want to be back home snuggled with my pets and this waiting over with.

  35. Vicki Ibarra

    Today, I am planning winter quilting projects. We always spend a few weeks with family each winter. We enjoy weekends and evenings with them. They work, so while they are at work Monday through Friday, I piece some small quilt projects. Can’t beat that! That means I start planning projects: choosing and cutting fabric and then bagging things in gallon zip lock bags to go with us. Today is going to be spent doing that. The planning is such fun! (This is a great way for me to avoid defrosting the freezer today, don’t you think?! And SO much more fun. I am leaving that for later this week.)

  36. Henners (Mn)

    Mary I love primitive pieces. I only have a few but love what I own. I love your green primitive piece. I’d have bought it too. Green is ok….I too love red but my largest piece is partially green even with advertisement on one end. Love the Tons Turner dog & the quilts.
    Hot 🥵 here too so I should get out for a walk “soon”.
    Stay cool Mary. If you have Apple TV I recommend “Still” Michae J Fox Story & his Parkinson’s journey, so very sad but funny snippets too. I’m kitty sitting that shy I could watch this as I don’t subscribe to Apple TV

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Henners – I have to ask if you don’t miss your own home with all your stuff when you pet sit? I’d hire you in a minute if you lived closer.

  37. Sheryl K Harrison

    I wish I had a heart emoji to put all over Gracie and Greta’s picture. LOVE!!!! (and on the dog pictures too!)

  38. Joyce from NY

    Love your antique finds, my favorite color is red, but I really like the green step cupboard, it’s so unique! Gracie & Greta are so cute. Quiet day here today, sewing & reading. Have a good Labor Day all! Going to be a hot one here today!

  39. Fran Dixon

    Nice weekend for you! Love the photos.

    Too hot so home this weekend with time in my sewing room. Memories of Labor Day weekends are the best and just that now.


  40. Janet S

    Mary, You sure got a find with the green cabinet (I like to color too). This morning, I was thinking I should wash the sheets etc., so as I was reading this blog (and doing nothing), I felt guilty so I started the washer. The rest of the day will be me making paper-pieced log cabin blocks. It’s been working okay to do 3 a day so they will get done.
    Yesterday, the Minnesota state fair announced they were sending the animals to their homes as it’s too hot for them(the first time ever). One of the most popular fair attractions is the ‘miracle of birth’ barn where they have several animals giving birth.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet – GOOD! I always think about the poor animals penned up in those hot buildings. This is what I said about our 4-H fair—. These kids take such good care of their animals for months, then they bring them to the fair and tie them up or pen them up where it’s hot and they can’t even walk around, then they kill them. I can’t stand it! I never go look at the animals at any fair! When I see those big chickens, 3 to a small wire cage where they stay for 5 days, their beaks are open trying to breathe, I wonder if I’m the only one who sees this. I’m so glad the fair sent the animals home!

  41. Kim from Wi

    Great find at the antique fair, love the green step and yes, I would also paint it red. My husband’s birthday falls on Labor Day weekend so it’s always a family gathering with cheesecake, his favorite. We spent the day learning to play the game, Ticket to Ride.

  42. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    You always find such great items in your treasure hunting,Mary. It is fun to look and buy!! The quilts and pet pics are so much fun. The signature quilt turned out great.
    Next week this “dog treat kady”’will be walking Henry at 7:30 each AM after our friend has surgery. He is a darling little guy so it will be fun. Yesterday we all went out to lunch, kids and grandkids, to celebrate 4 birthdays. Then we went back to our grand daughter’s first apt. for presents and Nana cake😀😀. Fun day. Today, I am picking up, writing thank you notes, and reading a new book. It is going to be 90 today and 95* tomorrow. Ugh. Sewing time😀

  43. Betty Klosterman

    It is hot here, too. I did a bit outdoors and now am in the house doing a bit of quilt sewing. Then cleaning and getting ready for a niece to visit in a couple weeks.
    South Dakota has a State Fair in Aberdeen, but out here in Western South Dakota we have the Central States Fair which includes bordering states on Nebraska, Wyoming and maybe Montana. Of course, they have all the regular fair stuff.
    After the fair shut down and most of the people went home, the inside arena was opened to all handicapped, old and young, for their own fair/rodeo. With lots of people to help, they had ponys to ride, and all kinds of tame critters, even a ‘bucking horse ‘— an empty barrel with a saddle blanket and a couple guys tipping it all over. The place was over run with tons of smiles and laughter. And of course, FOOD!! I don’t know who had the idea, but it was worth it’s weight in gold for all the happiness. Hopefully that could be a good example for people.
    In the meantime, be careful of the heat.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – well, whoever had that idea should get a medal! How fun for all those who wouldn’t get a chance to do that otherwise. By our weather map it looks like you’re going to get some rain and hope it keeps coming east to us. I pulled a few weeds and then headed back inside to the ac.

  44. Kathleen Hanson

    We had a very busy week end so are resting today – well, I did do all the weekend laundry and Jerry did some outside watering Going to start a new quilt if I can get downstairs to the sewing room and get going!!!

  45. Marsha in MI

    Cooked and baked on Saturday for Sunday dinner. Just got the last of the dishes and pots put away between reading “The Shack” recommended by our nephew & niece. I seldom have had a day to just read. Well, I did a couple of loads of laundry, too. A woman’s work is never done.

  46. Sharon Geiger

    I love the purchases! You scored BIG!!! Love the pics as always. It’s really hot in NE Indiana, too. I always look forward to your blog about nothing.

  47. Marian F Stever

    Mary, your primitive finds just made me drool. I love every piece. I think IOWA is the place to go for primitives. Can’t wait to see where they settle in your house. Am hoping for rain and cooler weather. It has been a bear!!!!

  48. Cathy D

    We went up to Antiques in the park Sunday as well. We were there by 9 to beat the heat, but it beat us! It was a scorcher by noon when we left. I picked up some deep green and deep red plates for a garden art project I have planned. Always a good time! The heat is supposed to subside tomorrow so I’m planning to spend time in the flower beds. Very cute green cabinet Mary!!

  49. Jane Boyer

    Your stack of kits waiting to be done rivals mine. Am finishing a 20 year old project soon. Plenty more where it came from.

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