Still HOT! 8-4-23

I know – it’s hot where you are, too! Since it’s just too hot to work outdoors and too dry to mow, I’ve decided to dig into that mess in the quilt shop as well as my sewing room. I keep finding half done blocks, borders – you name it. Those pictures of the mess have lit a fire under me and I can’t wait to show you my progress. I also will have a couple finishes to post – what a great feeling!

A block just needing to be sewn together.

This is one corner I set up today with grow lights for plants this winter. My plants have gotten too big for all to fit in the front room and some will need to go to the basement and some out to the shop.

Here are Greta and Gracie –

I have a very sick goat who continues to hang on – I hope she sleeps away to Heaven tonight.

Reader photos: look at this gorgeous threesome!

Look at this success story by Nancy – an emaciated cat wandered to her house and she started feeding him as well as took him to the vet. Look at the change in this great cat now named Augie because he came to them in August.

Augie, you handsome fellow!

Connie always told me that this Karl Foerster grass looked good along the ramp but I moved it because I wanted hydrangeas there. My mistake – now I have to move them out again. So much work. Maybe I can find a strong high school kid to help me dig.

I have so many quilts close to being finished and when I do I will make patterns available to you. I’m going to try to write them so 2 or 3 will fit in one SASE, saving us all time and money!

Time to close up the barn for the night! Later…..

52 thoughts on “Still HOT! 8-4-23

  1. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l can see the kittens are a big help supervising the quilt room tidy up!pleaec the ginger cat now has a wonderful home, it upsets me to see animals and children mistreated, don’t understand it at all! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  2. Deb Bayne

    Mary, be careful of the cats in the shop when you move the plants in. Mine always loved to dig in the dirt and use them as litter boxes.

  3. Connie R.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your latest quilt finishes. Hot here in Northern Wisconsin today but Fall like weather is expected for Thursday when the highs will be in the low sixties.
    My garden is pretty much done , except for the weeds. Still a few fresh veggies to enjoy.
    I was looking forward to going to a flea market today but, with temperatures near 90, it didn’t seem like a good idea. Loved your Sunday antique finds.

  4. Launa Peters

    Augie is a lucky cat!
    I like the block’s fabrics that will be sewn into a Block soon!
    Was 50o up here this morning.

  5. Susie Lenz

    I love that Nancy saved Augie,what a handsome chap! Augie was soooo lucky to stop by Nancy’s house.
    I cannot believe how people abandon their furry family members. So happy there are angels out there!!😇

  6. Mary Rhodes

    Yes it’s hot here southwest Ohio. Not so humid that it normally does. This week suppose n in 90s.
    Augie is lucky cat to have some to take him in n love him. Try stay cool.

  7. Chris Roser

    Seeing Augie in the first picture was so heart wrenching but the second picture sent my heart soaring with joy! What a wonderful outcome. Nancy, thank you for saving this beautiful boy!

    Mary, it is so fun to see Greta and Gracie growing and bonding. They are precious. Prayers for your old goat to pass peacefully. Q

  8. Diane in Colorado

    Wow! What a change some TLC makes–Augie looks great and is one very lucky kitty to have stopped at the right house!

    My hot weather project was sanding and painting some ledge shelves. They had a really dark finish and just didn’t go well with my white trim. So now they are white and I’m excited to hang them back up and find something to display on them! Since the roller was full of paint, I decided to paint my Grandfather’s bench as well. It has been a shade of light green for as long as I can remember. My Mom gave it to me many years ago and it has languished in the garage until now. I’m excited to put it under my front window in the room that will be my sewing room. It looks so much better now that it is white rather than that old green. I’m hoping to have some plants growing on it since it will get great sunlight!

    Can’t wait to see your finishes!

  9. Angie from Baltimore

    Angie is beautiful and what a whole lot of loving to get him to the after picture. Bless her heart in caring for him.
    There are so many things to do and so little energy. I was supposed to get a knee replacement but during the preliminary tests found other issues so now knee is on the back burner until other treatment are done very depressing so need to be inspired and Mary you do inspire me. Love your blog

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Angie – oh my, your story was Rick’s story. 3 times his hip surgery had to be rescheduled because other issues were discovered that prevented surgery. I am so sorry – it’s such a huge disappointment and honestly it was very depressing and sad. In the meantime he was still I pain while the other issues got fixed. Do you have a timeline for the knee?

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh, Angie…we wish you well with the next issue. Try to keep your spirits up.
    I think the grass is beautiful. And I love seeing pictures of content animals. They depend on us and a good rest shows great care.
    I think it’s going to cool off some later this week. I hope so, I’ve got a lot of mowing to do.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ann – not even close to amazing – I feel like time will run out before I get it all done or planned. It’s not a good feeling.

  11. Martha W in WY

    Angie is a handsome cat. Mary, what is on your basement ceiling (visible in the grow light photo)?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Martha – I didn’t have any chain to hang the lights so I used fabric strips! Hilarious that you asked and I never really looked at the picture. You know, of course, that fabric fixes everything!! Hahahaha!!!!

  12. patti leal

    i know the feeling of discovering lots of forgotten things in the studio. i spent many hours upstairs (where i seldom get to go) while having machines serviced over the weekend. i felt compelled to walk around and move things and discover things. i got six place mats basted and have quilted three so far. found may tops almost finished (maybe a border, definitely need backings). found tons of pre-cut squares that could work as i-spy quilts. some i brought down. now it will take several days to recover physically. sunday i had to take my cat back upstairs to prove to him that no one was there any more. cat always thought that was his private space (though i could go up). funny how cats are. i’m so glad the stray cat wandered into nancy’s property. you’ve done a wonderful job, nancy. thank you. grace and greta appear to be doing well. take care everyone. quilty hugs from patti in florida

  13. Lindah (northern CA)

    What a change in that poor, starving kitty!
    I like your idea of fitting 2 or 3 pattern instructions in one envelope! Refreshing! So much of the mail I receive today is way over-packaged –and thus the sh charges are more than needed. (smile) I know, complain, complain.
    Your sweet kitty photos make me wish I could have a kitty again, so soft and cuddly and companionable.
    I hope you had a nice labor day holiday. Altho, with your hot weather, I would guess being inside with a/c might be a good choice. Our labor day here was a real labor day in the sense of the word labor. Hubs has always worked on labor day, but this year, now that he has turned 84 years young, he outdid himself in the labor department. And I got sucked into it. Yikes! I may sleep until noon tomorrow!
    Y’all have a good rest of the week!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lindah – so what was your hubs working on? Hope you got to sleep in.

  14. Diana in Des Moines

    Greta and Gracie have settled in nicely!
    Prayers for your goat that she passes peacefully.
    Augie the wonder cat!
    I still have tomatoes on the vine – will continue to water til they stop growing or the first frost.
    Our church has a sale in November where all proceeds go to missions. I make quilted things for the women’s ministry booth. I’ve had 3 uninterrupted days of sewing and boy! Does it look like it! It is now 1:00 am and I can’t sleep so tidying up my room and making lists of things that still need to be done. I have till November so plenty of time LOL.
    Put my fall decor out yesterday so trying to push the summer out the door. My grandkids start pre-school in the morning. Leah’s first year in the 2 year old class, and Elliott will be in the pre-K class, Wonderful preschool at our church, we are blessed to have it.

    1. Martha W in WY

      Diana, l have nights where I just can’t sleep. Most of those times I work on my cross-stitch projects. I hate it when that happens.

  15. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Thanks to very kind Nancy for saving Augie; now he is beautiful and healthy.
    Gracie and Greta seem to be enjoying the weekend-lucky kittens!
    Thanks, Mary, for all you do. 🥰

  16. Vicki Ibarra

    I spent yesterday planning winter projects. As I was looking for my container of 2 and 1/2 inch strips to possibly use in one of those projects, I found a bag of orphan blocks. I am not as creative as you, Mary, in figuring out how to use orphan blocks, but I am going to see if I can come up with a project or two that uses them up.
    It was gut wrenching to see the first picture of Augie, delightful to see the second. Thanks to Nancy, with a heart of gold. And of course, it is always fun to see Gracie and Greta.

  17. Sandra Goddard

    Nancy you are a wonderful person Augie is wonderful. He looks great. The first picture broke my heart but the second picture makes my heart sing. I love cats

  18. Melody in Wisconsin

    I just want to cry at the sight of Augie – how can that happen? Nancy, you are an angel and Augie was lucky to find you. I had plenty of strays and dump offs when I lived on the farm but I never seen anything like that. Bless your big heart, I am sure Augie will be the best cat and knows how lucky he was to find you.

  19. Sally J.

    Thank you Nancy for taking Augie and nursing him back to good health. You are an angel !!
    Hot here again today and tomorrow and then cooling off. No school today because of the extreme heat.
    My back went out on me last Friday so haven’t accomplished much over this time!! Queen size quilt needs binding so would like to get going on that.
    Have a blessed day everyone!!
    Sally J.

  20. Kim from Wi

    I need to settle down and get my quilting space set up. Since we moved back to Wisconsin, after 10 years in TN I haven’t been able to get it done. The weather has been so pleasant here and so much of our family has been visiting or inviting us to do things we have been super busy. I miss my quilting time and seeing all my luscious textiles. Enjoy being able to clean, sort, and play with all the good stuff in your space, I’m envious.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – I could spend day and night out there looking and planning…..and finding stuff to finish! But then I feel under the gun to get it done. Now why oh why do I do that? Quilting is supposed to be fun!!

  21. Linda in Michigan

    Auguie was scary to look at in the first picture, but what a relief to see his progress in the second pic. Nancy was so kind to take care of him. He looks a lot like Boxcar Willie who has been coming to our porch for food twice a day. Boxcar wasn’t emaciated, but I would see him rummaging around in the garden compost looking for something to eat, so knew he needed help. Now that he’s gained trust in us, he loves attention,and likes to be brushed.
    Mary, you found pumpkins in your garden-I’ve found 4. Thought they might be watermelon, but no, they’re pumpkins, which I’d rather have.
    Too hot to be outside the last couple of days, so I’ve been trying to get my act together for a quilt retreat next month. Haven’t been to a retreat in a few years, so it should be fun.

  22. Barbara Firesheets

    Love those blocks with the gray check fabric! Greta and Gracie are beautiful girls – and what a great transformation Augie has made. Amazing what food and love can do. He’s a lucky boy.

  23. Sue in Oregon

    Why do you have to move your hydrangeas? They look so nice there. I love your boulder garden, too, with the tall grass and sedum. Very pretty.
    Wow…Just as I was about to post this, the lights went out. They stayed out for at least 30 minutes, so I found a flashlight and went to bed. This morning, no water! It knocked out the pump. So now its fixed, so I must make coffee. Life in the country, huh? Have a great day.

  24. Susan K in Texas

    I’ve been quilting projects and getting them finished. Now on to starting new ones but first had to straighten the sewing room. Klaus helps me hand sew the binding on the quilts. He lays on the quilt between my legs on the recliner. Last night I barely had time to put my feet up before he was jumping into the quilt. It is testing the nap ability of the quilt. So far all have been successful. Magnus will test them when they’re on the floor or laying across the bed.
    Augie is a lucky kitty. He found someone to take him in and care for him. Our neighbors have an older orange cat who is starting to look a bit scraggly. He was caught on camera stalking a bobcat so he’s still hunting. They take care of him so I know his looking scraggly is just age.

  25. Alice in SW Ohio

    Augie is one lucky kitty! What a beautiful transformation! Yesterday my friend & I had plans to go to a nearby state park & do a bit of hiking, but our power went off. So early morning getting ready to go plans changed. Changed plans as it got a lot hotter! It’s unusual for us to lose power. I wanted to buy an outdoor rug for my patio, so found that at a big box store. Brought it home & decided to just take a drive to drop off a piece of pottery we bought to one of his daughters. Stopped in Yellow Springs to enjoy ice cream & then back home to fix a light dinner. Thought the house seemed a bit hot…the AC never came back on when we lost power!! Never had that happen before! Since it’s been 90* + it took 2 hrs for the house to cool down! Not much sewing getting done here & I’m really missing that! 3 new babies due at church, so I’ll be making baby quilts soon! I miss our daily walks with little Bentley. It’s just too hot here to take a dog for a walk. I will have to say my little patio tomatoes & peppers are really enjoying this hot humid weather! Have made several qts of tomato juice so far, + shared tomatoes with neighbors.

  26. Joy in NW Iowa

    Your GGs are so cute! The orange Aungie is beautifully! We used to have beautiful orange kittens and cats and now we have only black and one little gray one. I love to watch them play.
    It is cooler today, a high of 85. Yesterday was awful…100* with a stiff wind. Just fried the crops! Jay said you could watch it turn white!
    Well, best do something. Have a good one!

  27. Pat in Michigan

    It’s so great to see how Angie is looking after food and TLC from Nancy. I bet he will never wander away from her and her kindness to save him. Such a uplifting story.
    I hope your goat passes peacefully in his sleep. So sad when a much loved animal is old and not in good condition.
    Lived to see you quilting area. Greta abs Gracie are two wonderful cat friends who have taken over all of our hearts!

    Is Connie gardening as much at her new home as she did at her other house? I live the Carl Forester grass in amongst the rocks.
    Anxious to see the results of your fabric blocks you were “reunited ” with haha

  28. Sharon in North Carolina

    Yes, I agree with you about HOT! Ugh! Happy to read the cat rescue story; happy ending for all. Looking forward to seeing what patterns you release to us. Thank you, and now back to my own domestics…..sigh!

  29. Susy Boyer

    Two comments today. First starting with Augie. Wow! Nancy is truly an angel. Warms my heart big time. Thank you Nancy, because you truly saved a life.

    Second. So if I take pictures of my sewing room and share it with my friends, I might want to straighten it out too!? Ha, ha. Thanks Mary, Susy

      1. Viv in Idaho

        No reason to be appalled😂. I think a lot of us have one just like it only maybe not as big!!

    1. Pauline Speck

      I’m so encouraged to see other sewing spaces as “organised” as mine. I’ve unpacked the sewing stuff from the caravan holiday, I have a quilting retreat in 2 weeks to organise, 2 special quilts to finish before I pack the caravan again for another trip, and visitors coming to stay this weekend. I’m not putting it all away out of sight, just to look tidy, or it will be another discovery session in January, which is when I’ll finally be “at home”. It’s very easy to push things to the back of the big table, knowing it won’t fall off because it’s against a wall 😊
      Pauline in South Australia

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Pauline – oh, don’t I just know what you mean!!! I don’t envy you all that company and events.

  30. Bea knight

    Hi Mary
    I am so happy to see that cat recovered and healthy! I love all the pictures you post.
    One of my Guinea pigs was bleeding on and off so my vet was to do a hysterectomy spaying but when they opened her up it was a tumor on her spleen. They closed her up and she came home.

    When she can’t do pig things anymore I will have her euthanized. It’s so sad to see an animal you love suffer. For now she runs around with her friend Canoli another female Guinea pig.
    I thank God she is doing well.
    Thanks for the blog!!! I only have one dog now and the 2 pigs.
    God bless you for all you do!
    From Bea knight in boca Raton Florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bea – see? Even Guinea pigs have personalities! I hope when the tumor takes her it’s quick… but what about Canoli? She will be so sad and lonely to lose her pal. I will never forget your Christmas card with all the dogs and I’ll bet I still have it here somewhere. I loved it!

      1. Bea knight

        Hi Mary
        There’s a rescue near buy and they have 2 and 3 year old Guinea pigs
        I’ll rescue a female for Canoli
        Your right they have to be in pairs❤️❤️❤️

  31. Kathleen in Mississippi

    I started that airplane quilt many years ago. Your post inspired me to look for the book with the pattern. Is it called the Lindbergh block?

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