Antiques Road Show

With Rick moving to Concord and then the snowstorm, I have not told you about Antiques Road Show at the Garner library. It was such fun – I think we all loved it and hope the Friends of the Library will have this event again in the future.

Mark Moran who lives in Wisconsin and is part of the show travels around to events and appraises antiques brought in by local people. One item is allowed per person. He works at a laptop connected to a large screen which faces the audience so we could see what he was searching for.

Shown here is a c.1920 slag lamp which Mr. Moran valued at $250-300.

I made a list of some of the items that were brought in for appraisal:

Cracker jar



USS Maryland certificate

Newell post lamp

1918 character doll

Victorian purse

Carnival glass bowl

1959 Barbie doll

Pocket watch

Tin toy

Czech cut glass vase

Bud vase



Black folk art figurine

Celluloid dresser set

Framed mirror – jesso material

I took my favorite painting shown here.

Mr. Moran didn’t even put a value on it – it’s an amateur folk art painting which needs cleaning – badly. A professional cleaning would cost about $700 to which I replied “it would affect the charm”. It is in rough shape but I love it just like it is.

The lesson we all learned that day is that antiques are no longer very popular – the market is “soft”. Of course we perceived that ourselves but it’s very sad to think that the antiques I love so much are not valuable to anyone but me. We all asked the same question – what will happen to my things when I’m gone? Oh please don’t let them end up in the landfill!

The website that Mr. Moran used during the program is He recommends it as a great resource- you must register with them but it’s free. I can’t wait to search for some of my antiques with this site.


I gotta quit posting pictures of Rick – he doesn’t like it – but I can’t resist the pictures of how comfortable the dogs get when we visit. Check out Hazel.

Telly and Hazel love visiting Dad.

21 thoughts on “Antiques Road Show

  1. Linda

    Oh my gosh! That lamp is the same one that my Grandmother gave me back in the 70’s! Same exact coloring and all!! I have never seen another one like it! Thank you so much for posting those pictures!

  2. Linda L

    I love your dog and canoe picture! And it’s great the dogs can visit your husband.

  3. Diana

    I have a houseful of antiques and i love everyone of them. Have the fun of acquiring them is the finding of them. Everyone was an adventure of some sort!

  4. Colleen

    I do get Rick about posting his picture. Looks like road show was a lot of fun and informative, as to the antique market being soft it’s going to change now is the buying time for others not me. I have lots of stuff and I it’s far from valuable to anyone but me. I need to reduce now before I die and our son has to has to throw out the stuff so he can either take over my house or sell it.
    I hope Rick continues to heal and gets the most use possible of his foot and leg and isn’t too upset about the gate

  5. Dee Winter

    As they have said always, buy what you love. When you are gone, you won’t know what happened to it, but you enjoyed it and that’s all that matters. And it’s good for Rick and the dogs to have time together, it keeps them from missing him and driving you crazy!

  6. Martha Engstler

    It is sad to wonder what will happen to our treasures. Lucky for me my daughter-in-law loves my “stuff” but that can get to be a bit much for her to handle. I guess we shouldn’t worry about it to much as long as we love what we have. Pets are such wonderful company when we are sick or down. They seem to know how to give that special kind of love.

  7. Brenda archambault

    Disposal of goodies? First choice to family, then specific items/genre to charitable organizations, then either an estate sale or charitable thrift shop. Not much for landfill!
    But, as you said, half the fun is in acquiring the items.
    Hope spring arrives soon for you. Get well Rick.

  8. Sue

    OMGosh, what fun!! I wish our Friends of the library would have a show like that. I love your painting and I don’t think it looks like folk art. Vintage and antique interests always go up and down in popularity seems like to me. Right now I suppose they are on the down side but the pendulum will swing back to the up someday.
    Hazel looks very comfy in Ricks bed. How cute. Bet he is glad to have the dogs come to see him. Hope he bounces back fast.

  9. terry

    Oh Mary……. So many bloggers have come to be like family to me. And you and yours are one. I hurt when you hurt and am happy when you are. Although we’ve never met as I live in California, I take great delight in reading about the dogs, goats, cats, etc. And while Rick is camera-shy, he is part of it all. I loved the picture of Hazel contentedly sleeping on his bed – can’t get better than that. Seems like he is doing nicely and that’s a good thing.

  10. Susan

    We love what we own and that is what is most important. Tell your husband that I have enjoyed your pictures of him! What’s better than a guy and his pups! Lol! I know that you will be glad to have him home.

  11. Kathy

    Most of what I acquired from my mom was not “antique” or worth much, but it is a reminder of her and her love to flowers, jewelry and knick knacks. The things we own need to be for our enjoyment and I’m determined not to let the possessions “own” me so I can release when the time comes. I’m glad your time at the library for the “Antiques Road Show” was a big hit. I’d love to attend such a show.
    I hope your husband heals quickly. The value of a pet (dog or cat) can be a positive effect on the healing process. I’m glad he is able to enjoy their loving presence.

  12. Launa

    Dogs are a real comfort and it’s nice Telly n Hazel are allowed to visit Rick. The comforting goes both ways. They miss him, too!
    Love your antique picture ever since you first showed it, Mary.
    We had some warm sunny temps here in Idaho yesterday so some snow was thawing. Saw a Blue Heron standing in the Salmon River and two Ring Neck pheasants running across the hiway yesterday. Was surprised no deer nor elk were enjoying the sunny day.

  13. Jo's Country Junction

    Mary your goodies are the BEST. It may be a soft market but there are still those of us who love it! I’m so happy the nursing home is so good about letting the dogs come and visit Rick. I’m sure it does you all some good.

  14. Diane

    Looks like Hazel had to do rehab with Rick and now she’s resting;) My husband with the new knee in Dec and the other in late Feb. is doing well so tell Rick there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! It is hard to do rehab, but it does help. We had robins all winter this year in Central Ohio and it was a cold winter!! I love your painting; it looks so peaceful and nice. Enjoy it no matter how much it is worth.

  15. Carolyn

    Mary, Glad your patient is recuperating so well! Am thinking of you caring for everything without his help, hope he is back at it very soon. Antiques are the same here in NC but at the same time, dealers tell us that the primitives we have always collected are increasingly scarce. It is funny to me that the reproductions that were made by the top furniture makers that we couldn’t really afford when newly married are the going antiques now. Wow. A lot of the value of our antiques lie in the memories of how much enjoyment and happiness they brought my relatives or reminders of the fun we had with them, so maybe our families will continue the memories. If not, then maybe someone else. I love the old look of your painting!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolyn – I will always love my Antiques and will start giving them away to friends when I feel I can part with them rather than leave them for the auctioneer. That’s interesting about the primitives and I don’t own one reproduction piece – couldn’t afford one!

  16. Teresa

    I used to be a antique collector. Really enjoyed the hunt for something special. About five years ago I took all of my antiques to a local auction house and dispersed them. My kids had no interest in any of it and I was ready to move some things out and declutter, so to speak. I kept one china cabinet that I still use but it’s no longer filled with collectables, I display family photos in it.

    Younger generation’s like everything new, streamlined, easy to take care of and they can set a glass on it and not worry about a water ring. They’re not into houses full of stuff that require a lot of dusting and cleaning and yearly waxing. Sad but true.

    Enjoy your antiques and your home full of all the things you love. That’s what life is about. What happens to our stuff after we’re gone…isn’t ours to worry about.

  17. Joyce C

    How fun to go to an antique seminar and see what everyone’s treasures are!! Thank you for sharing! I have lots of treasures that surround me too. They are things that I love and make me smile. I’ve never spent a large amount of money on them.. a lot I’ve inherited. So in my eyes they owe me nothing. And I’m not going to worry about what will happen to them when I’m gone as I won’t be using them ..LOL

  18. Ann Barlament

    How exciting to experience a knowledgeable antique appraiser. One person’s junk becomes another person’s treasure!!

    I have a task ahead to part with many treasures, that bring to mind my past ancestors that used them. My great grandmother’s treadle sewing machine, rug beater, Red Wing crocks, Amish made furniture, and many more. Someone told me to take a picture, but than just keeps the wounds open thinking about my treasures from my past.

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