April 4 – snow!

School is 2 hours late this morning due to slick roads and blowing snow. And of course mud comes next – ugh.
Thanks for all the support concerning pet “incidents”. I shuddered when I read about the dog lifting his leg on the Lady Liberty quilt. I can usually chalk up all such incidents as part of pet ownership. Rick is not always so accommodating. At that point they become MY cats and dogs. Ha!

I’m not really into new furniture but I long for my own chair and spot to retreat to. I shop the thrift stores for chairs and when I find one in good shape, it comes home with me. The dogs are welcome to sleep on any of our furniture and when the chairs get too dirty, out they go to the burn pile, the dumpster or the barn. I am not house proud. Same goes for my area rugs – they come from Target, no expensive oriental rugs for me. If you live in my area and have a chair to get rid of, I am searching for 5-8 upholstered chairs to put in the goat pen. Obviously condition does not matter since the goats will lay in them.

6 thoughts on “April 4 – snow!

  1. Marie Fibelstad

    We live the same way in our house, I have throw rugs that can be washed and I put wool blanket fold on could for our 17 yr old cocker, Cricket. Our bets are like children to us.

  2. Brenda J.

    I’m jealous of the snow! Yes, I’m crazy but I love snow. Hope you are getting a lot of quilting done today.

    On another note, were you aware that some the posts you send which have pictures in them are rotated sideways? Meaning I have to turn my head to view the picture. Didn’t know if you were aware or not.

    Thanks for your posts and updates. I enjoy them.


  3. Lynn

    I learned a neat tip from someone a while back. I buy the large painter’s cloths at the hardware store. Not the plastic ones, the big cloth ones that look like muslin. I put those on my furniture for everyday because my dogs too are allowed to curl up on the chair or couch. When they get dirty they are thrown right in the wash!! I’ve washed the one I have many times now, they wear well, look like muslin fabric and for roughly $30 I can get another one if needed.

  4. Jeanine

    I have never had any pictures turned sideways for me. I love seeing your pictures and reading about all you happenings. We didn’t get any snow in southeast Iowa, and very little rain, which we could use.

  5. Ann Barlament

    We got about 12 inches of snow and was happy to see that most of it was melted by nightfall. I have always used rag rugs, as they can be thrown in the washer when dirty. And my unmatched furniture I call eclectic.

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