April Showers


Love this rain!  We’ve had 2-1/2″ and the grass is turning green before my eyes!  Even the windows are cleaner, the rocks are clean and my pots that wintered in the garage are  perking up nicely.

I dug up my Carl Forster grass last week and divided it so now I’ve got lots of plants to use around the farm.  Right  now I put them in pots so I could keep them alive.  Here’s a series of pictures – the existing overgrown grass, dug up, divided and trimmed. 


Some answers – yes, the gray cat is still living in the barn.  Maybe he came from the neighbor’s, too?  

Yes, the nest is still hanging on the branch.

The Colton story is remarkable, I agree.  And yes, it would be a cute children’s book – in my next life?

Just met 2 new dogs who are coming to stay this weekend – Ozzie and Bandit.  They came out for a “meet and greet” and left a muddy mess.  But they had a great time! 

9 thoughts on “April Showers

  1. Maryjane

    I soooo enjoy all your blogs from the farm and so happy you are continuing them. Was this farm in your family or one that you started? Certainly is a haven for all the animals. What a great place to have for “retirement” and enjoy the companionship with all the animals. Lots of work but worth it. Enjoy your spring rain!

  2. Glenda

    Mary – I read 2 books that I think you would enjoy since you love cats. The author is James Bowen and the name of the first book is “A Streetcat Named Bob”, the second is “The World According to Bob”. James Bowen was a recovering addict living in London in what we would call public housing. He got home one night and found a ginger cat hungry and injured laying on his neighbor’s doorstep. The next night the cat was still there and James inquired about the cat, found out he did not belong to the neighbor and took him in. The cat he named Bob gave him a purpose to live and completely get off drugs. He taught Bob to high 5 and other tricks. Great reading.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      They sound like great books! Thank you so much for the recommendation.

  3. Launa

    Mary, Nice to see the April Showers in Garner. Not familiar with Carl Forster grass, but will Google and learn something new today!! Our big rain .50 inch, but we’re happy with any here in CA.
    Did a test sew with one block from Devil’s Claw and just pulled a big stack of fabrics for three more.
    Ozzie and Bandit will have a terrific stay this weekend; did they meet Emma?

  4. Jeanie

    I love the “Colton Story.” He is a beautiful boy, and I am glad you get to keep him.

  5. Carole

    5:30 PM Thursday … After 4 days of the 3Ds – drizzly, damp and dreary – now we get snow. And it’s sticking. Huge snowflakes coming down like a blizzard. And, of course, it’s rush hour … in Omaha it is decreed that all bad weather happen during or right before rush hour. Glad we’re retired!

  6. kay kopacek

    thanks for taking time for Marilyn and me today. Enjoy that retirement I don’t think I have to tell you and I know you are loving it.

  7. kay kopacek

    I think it works–maybe better on computer. Love your posts thank you

  8. Sue Davis

    I have two different kinds of grasses planted in pots. One is a fine grass and I through it away last week the other is thicker and I just through it away today. But after seeing you grass pictures I think I should go dumpster diving and retrieve it and do what you did. I thought when it looked dead it was dead.

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