Snow on the Robins


I thought of Connie’s mom last night who always said spring was never a sure thing until it snowed on the robins.  The snow we got is melting today and tomorrow is supposed to be a perfect spring day.  Leo is arriving soon for a couple days – he will most certainly be a muddy dog by the time he goes home.

12 thoughts on “Snow on the Robins

  1. Michele

    We just heard last month of an old adage “A robin needs to be snowed on 3 times before Spring is officially here.” Last evening was the 3rd snow since the robins returned a month ago.

    Bring it on Mother Nature. We are all ready for the warm and sunny skies of Spring.

  2. Launa

    Good Morning Mary, Quite a change in weather from April Showers! Snow on robins took me way back to a WA snowy winter blast in my childhood that had stranded a large flock of robins in my grandma’s driveway. Fortunately we fed birds so these stranded survived.

  3. Louise

    I too enjoy reading your posts so much. I remember a line from one of my high school English teachers reading a poem to us..”Forsythia is the harbinger of spring..” It seems I was enjoying forsythia in bloom out here in the country of the PNW quite a while ago…however my Lilacs are ready to pop.I will cut a huge bouquet of creamy white for my favorite quilt shop owner in Bellingham. Also to celebrate her 8th Anniversary…Two Thimbles..what an inventory of Civil Wars she has amassed!

  4. Diane Deibler

    Three snows on the robin’s back before spring! By my count, last night was #3!

  5. shirley

    Look forward to your posts every day, so dry here in Minnesota I even wish we had some of your snow.

  6. Brenda

    I’m so jealous you got snow, Mary. Guess I’m going to have to move to northern Iowa – ha!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Ann Barlament

    Snow in Minneapolis, Friday morning….but it was melted before noon and was about 50 degrees by 2pm. Mother Nature loves to tease us….but the dogs really enjoyed the big, fat flakes and cooler temps this morning!

  8. Lynn Willis

    Snow on the Robins…..I honestly expected to see a quilt with that name when I clicked on your post, what a lovely name for a quilt!

  9. betty cummings

    Love this. Our ancestors were so smart – like the Farmers Almanac. If we would go back to basics , how much happier we would be. (Except for the internet!!!)

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