Attention Nancy Steinberger!

I have responded to your question every time you sent an email. I have no idea why you aren’t getting them.

When you purchase a pattern from our online store, it is your responsibility to download that pattern. I know you did not order it directly from the shop because I do not have the ability to take credit cards.

I am explaining this because I’m sure others have the same questions.

If you will look at the top of the blog home page there is a tab to explain how to download your pdf pattern.

I am so sorry you think I have ignored you because I have not. Please check your junk file for my return emails to you. They just have to be somewhere because I’ve written them and I get the message that they have been sent.

Please please let me know that you have read this and understood how to get the pattern that you paid for.

Sincerely, Mary

3 thoughts on “Attention Nancy Steinberger!

  1. Cheryl Regan

    I finished the Halloween table runner that I bought the pattern from you but transferring the picture to this blog is a mystery. It was a fun oattetn

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cheryl Regan – readers are not allowed to post directly to the blog – I would have lost control years ago if they had so you need to send your photo to my email and I will post your quilt to the blog. Please let me know that you got my message.

  2. Caryn Bravos

    She has probably by accident blocked your email. Have her check her blocked list.

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