Friday, 1-8-21

Unlike other areas in the US, there is absolutely nothing happening here. I get up, drink coffee, clean litter boxes, put supper in the crockpot, do the chores and then walk the dogs on our loop to the garden and back. I try to walk the loop 3 times a day but it’s just so boring. I’m the only one who thinks so however.

I’ve decided to try Audible again so I will look forward to walking the dogs. Recommendations?

Jo in Wyoming – will you send me an email? My new email setup has lost your address and I have a question about the longarm machine. You’re my “go to” with questions! By the way, I simply hate the way my new email is set up! It is not easy to see new emails so if you have not heard from me after sending me an email, try again. Here is my email address:

It’s so aggravating I want to scream!!!! Now the longarm isn’t working either. Ugh. And I lost my death cleaning mojo – maybe I should just take a nap and see if it returns.

48 thoughts on “Friday, 1-8-21

  1. Diane Bauer

    This has been a week of collective trauma. Good self care ( maybe in the form of a quiet walk or some time amongst the animals in the barn) is in order. Your mojo will return. Listen to your body and ignore the “I should be doing . . . “ messages that crowd in. It’s all OK.

  2. Rita in Iowa

    Mary things will be okay. I too seem to be jumping back and forth between projects, cleaning and sorting. Can’t get settled with all that is going on in the Nation. I did finish repairing a utility quilt that had a lot of blocks fraying. Did you get the picture of the T-shirt quilt I sent to you? Stay safe and keep on trucking.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita in Iowa – well, evidently I didn’t get the t-shirt quilt picture so you’d better send it again – so sorry!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita in Iowa – I went back as far as Christmas and I have no email from you. Are you using my new email?

  3. Paula in Texas

    Hang in there Mary!!!! I too feel very much the same. I am hiding out in my home and yard. Our Covid cases are so high, that our local Wal-Mart closed because there are so many employees with Covid,
    The store closed at 2:00 on Monday afternoon and did not reopen until Wednesday morning. This store is our only local store to secure groceries. I am glad that the weather is allowing you to go out and enjoy the walking loop.
    Paula in Texas

    1. Paula N.

      Wait! I am also Paula in Texas! I live in between two tiny towns located about 20-25 minutes southwest of Houston.

  4. Karen Zimmerman Chaudoin

    An easy listen not requiring focusing is a fiction titled Brave Girl. Three non dictions I enjoy requiring some focused listening is Peter Wohlleben’s The Hidden Life of Trees, Harari’s book Sapiens about the history of man’s expansion, and The Genius of Dogs by Hare and Woods. Also, I really like the Tolkien series.

  5. Sandy

    Hi Mary,I’m pleased you are in a safe area with the dogs providing all the entertainment you need.praying that better times are ahead ,take care, best wishes from sandy

  6. Maryjane in CA

    These dog pictures are just the cutest. Maybe to enjoy your walk more, you should chew on some tree branches or look up and bark. Be grateful for peace and solitude. Gives us opportunity to calm our thoughts. I’m grateful to have a safe, quiet (except for barking) home and yard to stay in.

    1. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

      Maryjane, I love your comments about maybe chewing on a stick or barking! 😂😂
      The pictures of Hazel and Telly were great; they were definitely having a good time.

  7. Jo in Wyoming

    I sent you an email.
    I’m trying to catch up on longarm jobs, I did about 70 quilts from September till middle of December and my mojo has been waining too.
    I guess I’m lucky I don’t have a tv in my sewing/quilting room. February can’t come soon enough.
    Hang in there everyone, we have each other, and a doll named Mary to keep us together.

    How was Roy’s dinner? I’m sure it was a wonderful time.

    1. Amy

      Jo , I can’t imagine you doing 70 quilts in that time frame. You must have a strong core to be able to stand that long. I have TVs and iPads all over but I don’t turn them on if I am “on task” because I stop too much to watch instead of what I am supposed to be doing., except hand sewing or sitting type projects.

      You are spot on, we are lucky to have Mary keeping the blog and keeping us all connected and inspired by all she gets done as well.

      Stay safe!

  8. Nancy

    The nap sounds like a good idea. Our dogs 💕 their walks. I guess walks are good for us, especially in the winter. Be thankful you can walk and bark at squirrels, just like your pooches. Bet they’ll be surprised. I know this starts the blah time of the year for many. Keep your chin and corners of you mouth up!

  9. Kathy in western NY

    I am all over the place too and my house looks it right about now pulling out this and that but heck I am in for another month at least so lots of time to get some order in my life! I am grateful to have my safe home and a yard I can walk into for fresh air. Looking forward to seeing the tee shirt quilt. It’s a chicken pot pie for supper tonight and tapioca pudding I made as the box expired in November!

  10. Deb H

    Mary, if you got to settings, the click on mail; then look for a phrase like “arrange new mail on top”. Make sure to say yes if if it has a button, slide the button to green. It might then ask for and ok and you Re fine. Your newest emIls will be on top.

  11. Rebecca

    I love listening to podcasts while I’m walking. Some of my favorites are “What Should I Read Next” with Anne Bogel and “Happier” with Gretchen Rubin.

  12. Helen Thomas

    I just listened to some good books on Audible:
    Nonfiction-When Time Stopped by Ariana Neumann
    Nonfiction–The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson
    Fiction–The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes

    I listen on my long commutes and while I machine quilt!

    1. Diane and Squeak

      Mary, I loved The Giver of Stars. My husband built me a Little Free Library a couple of years ago and it came in there. Great book! I also go to Fannie Flagg or James Patterson’s Women’s amurder Club when I need to escape.

  13. patti leal

    i totally agree with the nap. i started sitting with my cat about four weeks ago and i have been napping. it feels wonderful. we will all get our mojo back. i have a hard time with it between january and march. believe it or not, the sun doesn’t alway shine in florida. hugs, patti in florida

  14. Janet of MN

    Mary, Living in a after Christmas/new year funk is kinda normal. Don’t really know what to do with myself either. To brighten your spirits, read “Harris and Me” by Gary Paulsen and follow it up with “How Angel Petersen got his name” (same author). I don’t care that they are written with young teens in mind, you will laugh yourself sick.

  15. Julie Stancato

    I LOVE audible. I listen to cozy englilsh mysteries, like Mrs. Jeffries series, which are light and fun. I just love the english accent and also a few Irish ones. Keeps me amused and even guessing a little bit. I used to kind of not understand why my mom read so many of these little mysteries when she was in her last years, but now I know. It’s fun, light, easy to listen to, not depressing, and helps keep my mind off troubles. Enjoy listening, take care!

  16. Amy

    I echo everyone’s lack of motivation. Everyone at work is ready for Friday today. This week has seemed very long. We are experiencing unique times on many fronts most not good. We do what we can, as Mary says, Be Still. For those who serve in “essential jobs” from health care, grocery stores, postal workers, first responders, long haul truckers, and many many more, who haven’t been able to take a break, we continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers for a day (or week or month!) of rest for you soon.

  17. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    By all means, take a nap. I think they are great stress relievers.

  18. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary, I love audible. I listen while I quilt and while I walk.
    I found ‘An American Quilt – unfolding a story of family and slavery’ by Rachel May (non-fiction) fascinating to listen to. The book starts with a old quilt in a museum that belonged to a northern (Yankee) family and the search for more information about the fabric and the maker leads to all sorts of historical byways and discoveries.
    I love the photo’s of Hazel and Telly enjoying themselves in the snow. Simple pleasures.

  19. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio.

    Telly and Hazel are so cute. What did they see? I don’t do audio or walk with anyone because I like to hear what’s in nature. I heard geese and saw about 100 geese veeing up for the South, a Piliated woodpecker often announces itself when I walk, and the crows let me know where our neighborhood hawks are.
    Mary, have a beer and take a nap😃🍺. That 10 to 20 minute break on my lap is Squeak’s favorite part of the day😸😸
    We had our college freshman grand daughter for two days. FUN! She already had COVID and has just been home for weeks so all safe.
    Sun today😃😃

  20. Sherrill

    Mojos come and mojos go, I wouldn’t be too concerned. It should return before too long! HA What is Hazel all worked up about in that tree?!! She looks so fierce. I think there are lots of us feeling bored because of this pandemic. I hope very soon our normal will show it’s face again. In the meantime, an occasional nap might be helpful.

  21. Kathy Hanson

    No wonder your dogs love taking that walk, it surely isn’t at all boring to them!! They look like they are having a fabulous time!! I am making a T Shirt quilt for a graduation gift for our youngest granddaughter, All the t-shirt blocks are different sizes-so I am stuck now! Oh well, I am sure I will figure it out. Yes, the awful events of this week are so upsetting and I know that I, for one am feeling so crazy with it all! Hang in there, this p pandemic can’t last forever (however it seems that it has already!) but we will all come through all of this upheaval and be better soon! Hope your nap helped!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy Hanson – are you getting excited about Penny? Every day is one day closer to getting her – I know she hasn’t been born yet but I’ve been thinking of her and you!

  22. Bobbie

    Mary, you aren’t alone my mojo got up and moved out. This last yr. just staying home really gets to me. I don’t want to do anything. I didn’t think we went very much before but now getting dressed to go grocery shopping is a big deal. I’m sick of home cooking. I want greasy fried food someone else has cooked.
    I really think 2021 is going to be a repeat of 2020. Man I’m old 75 they are robbing me of my golden years to go out and see and do things. We bought a new motor home in October of 2019 and haven’t went anywhere in it. This year was Yellowstone, Niagara Falls then the changing of the leafs in New England. But nope no where. I’m not betting on this year either.
    I guess we just have to keep pushing ourselves. Maybe I’ll get some mojo soon.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bobbie – a new motor home and you can’t use it? How about taking it somewhere to sightsee and take your own food along, you’ve got your own bed – I’d think a motor home would be the ideal mode of travel! Tell me why you can’t go somewhere!

      1. Bobbie

        Hi Mary,
        A lot of places to park weren’t open this pass summer and early fall. But we had a son that was sick to.Now we can’t go because of the snow areas. I’m hoping by August things will be better. We do take our food and stop and shop. I want to go on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls but the borders are closed now. I want to see New York, lady Liberty Empire State Building. Right now I don’t want to be anywhere near New York there Covid is over the top. We can’t afford to do several trips so I’m doing one big one for 2 1/2 months. A lot of National sites aren’t open or weren’t this yr. also the scare of getting Covid and being so far from home upsets me. This yr was to scary for me. My hubby is high risk, if I go and he gets sick I would never forgive my self.
        Our son also was tested in January and he had lung cancer, was in the hospital till May and we couldn’t visit because of Covid. He was moved into a private nursing home in May at first we could go twice a week. Then Inslee Washington’s governor closed the things back up and we had 1 day, 1 hour a week till he died in August. He lives 65 miles from us also. It was a real stressful time for us. No way did we think about going any where. By the time we got the estate settled as he wasn’t married and didn’t have kids it was October. To late to travel where we wanted to go. This year has just sucked for us.
        I know they have shots now but I also think it will be a while before anyone who isn’t in health care and working will get the shots.
        I really don’t see anything getting back to normal, people going back to work, opening the churches back up any thing where people gather before 2022. We have such a limited service at church now. Even our Christmas programs were canceled this year. All the fun thing we did with friends, picnics and family reunions were canceled. As was our Thanksgiving and Christmas with our whole family getting together. It’s just our whole our year hasn’t been great.
        I sound like a winney tit but I’m so glad 2020 is over. I just hope we can get AMERICA back to work or so many families will lose everything. My other son lose his job he should get unemployment but so far he hasn’t got one check this was in October he is over $8,000 in back rent. And no money, he is going to lose his car, motor cycle and the electricity turned off. They just keep telling him they are backed logged it’s coming. That doesn’t feed you.
        We are retired, we get our social security so we are ok but so many of our neighbors aren’t.
        Thanks for listening to my craziness.

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Bobbie, I am very sorry you lost your son and had all the stress of covid during your time to grieve. I can’t imagine your heartache. We too have a motor home and it did not leave its barn. We cancelled 3 planned trips as we would have had to quarantine coming back from out of state as it was required then and we believe in doing the responsible thing. My cousin told us of how campgrounds were filled with newbie camper owners who did not know how to operate systems and also respecting camper rules. First time campers parked next to you when they leave their dogs inside barking constantly due to the noises and voices around them, walking through your site with no regards to your space, partying late into the night, and in closed settings makes you avoid campgrounds for awhile. Some will learn how to camp respectfully and others will dump campers once they can go back go their regular vacations. We say this year we will go locally for a few times in either late spring or fall. We have been out of state when medical care was needed and that was not good for us personally. Our doctor wanted us to sue that hospital for incompetence treatment and said he stood behind us if we had pursued it. So with covid and knowing the importance of that on health care facilities, we were content to wait till we feel more comfortable ourselves so I understand your hesitancy right now.

          1. Mary Etherington Post author

            Kathy in western NY – thanks for your comment to Bobbie – I had never thought of health care in another area! Since I go nowhere that just never occurred to me. I am so sorry you also have not been able to travel – we all hope 2021 is kinder to all of us!

        2. Mary Etherington Post author

          Bobbie – my heart is breaking for you! If it’s not one thing it’s another and your poor sons! And you couldn’t visit him – oh, Bobbie, you poor thing! And the son who has lost his job – if you email me your mailing address, I’d like to help him. You’re right, unemployment that doesn’t come will not feed you. Does he live close to you? What can I do to help you? At least give me your address so I could send him a card to let him know I’m thinking of him. And I am so so sorry you lost your other son without hardly seeing him. You have been through so much – I so hope 2021 is better for you but who knows? Please send me your mailing address!

          1. Bobbie

            Kathy in eastern NY
            Hi Kathy, I’m so with you on medical. All our hospitals are closed to only patients. Can you imagine being in another area and one gets sick? You are on your own, no family the other one in hospital maybe not well enough to even communicate, I would be so afraid by my self. At least at home I have a few I can depend on to help me. We have been to parks where people leave there trash and pull out. Letting the park have to clean up after them. This only makes parks want to close because of the maintenance they have to do after people who don’t care.
            People who don’t clean up after there dogs think it’s someone else job.
            I’m really looking forward to going somewhere but not before a lot is back to a more normalcy.
            I know the Covid is real people are dying. But I think some is over the top. The country is losing everything because of it.I can’t see someone going on vacation when they can’t buy groceries. Pay there house payments or there car notes. I really think 2021 will be worst than 2020 has been. People are so far behind that daylight isn’t visible right now.
            We are retired, we get social security if they cut it, yes we might be hurting to. We are lucky our home is paid for but you have insurance, taxes maintenance to do.I just don’t things are going to get better for a while. I Thank God he has given me the years he has, I pray everyday for our country. I pray AMERICA doesn’t change for the worst. I can’t imagine living under socialist rule. I’ve always thought this was the best country in the world. I have lots of fabric to sew if I can just get my mojo going. I think if we can visit a little more, have churches back to regular services I’ll be a lot happier.

  23. Agatha

    I am feeling like all of you as I sit here another night watching TV. I have so many things and quilts I want to make but no Mojo.
    Feeling sorry that I have very little interaction with anyone at all. Family lives too far away and can’t go because of COVID.
    Walking my new pup at least I am getting exercise.
    Hoping this year gets better. Retired to a beautiful area but can’t really enjoy much. And yes I am tired of cooking all the time also.
    Hoping for us all that things do get better.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      AGATHA – please tell me about your new pup! No interaction for me either except for you blog readers and I love it when you write comments!

      1. Agatha

        She is a mini Goldendoodle named Mollie and is a sweetheart. Have had her 3 months and is almost 6 months old. We have been walking every morning. She seems to be really smart and picks up on things very quick. Love her so much already. She is a licker and loves to be cuddled.

  24. Jan N.

    You can set your email to see all unread messages first. Go to settings, which is the little gear like symbol at the top right of your screen … next to the “search email” area. Click on the gear. Then scroll down until you see where it says “Unread First”. Click on the little circle in front of where it says “Unread First” … the circle will change from white to blue. Then you’ll see all of your unread messages first.

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