Wednesday, 1-6-21

Today is Roy’s birthday and we’re going to Northwestern Steakhouse tonight to celebrate – they have the best steaks I have ever tasted!

Here’s today’s snowman – Celebrate Winter – can be purchased in the online shop as a pdf download. Instructions how to do this are on a tab at the top of the blog home page.

Have you heard about this new children’s book, “And The People Stayed Home”, by Kitty O’Meara? It’s a great book about the pandemic and what people are doing to pass their time at home.

And see that succulent that looks so sick? Even I have failures – especially when I over water! Poor thing!

And look at this little pitcher – I love it, I’ve had it for about 35 years but don’t know what it was used for really. It’s too big for a cream pitcher and too small for a water pitcher so what was put into it? Anybody know? It is flawless – no chips anywhere.

If you have a chance to watch the public television show “Elizabeth Is Missing”, I recommend it. It’s about an older woman whose life is changing – it’s very relatable from my viewpoint at age 72, as is the book “When I Am An Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple”, a brand new book that I bought yesterday for $1 at the thrift store. I don’t think it’s ever been opened. Has anyone read it?

I’m off to the barn to do chores.

57 thoughts on “Wednesday, 1-6-21

  1. Donna O

    Maybe to put cream in it for the dinner table. I know when I stayed at my grandparents farm there was always a cream pitcher on the table. For coffee or cereal? I’m a year older than you Mary so I don’t always remember everything.
    Enjoy your dinner out first steak. I love steak but rarely get it. Maybe this summer I’ll try to find a small gas grill & grill my own. I do have a charcoal grill so maybe I’ll skip the gas grill as over charcoal tastes much better & now where I now live I can get to my patio by only taking a few steps. If we have some more mild temps I may attempt it this month.
    Your post of my January project didn’t look as good as the others. I need to give it a good press and/or do line quilting but too late as I’ve attached the binding already.
    Enjoy your blog Mary.

  2. Amy

    Northwestern Steakhouse…..oh…. I haven’t even had time today to eat lunch and that just made me starving! Please have a few bites for me : ) Considering the number of steak houses we have here in the Midwest it is amazing that nothing is like Northwestern Steakhouse. I’m going to add that to my post pandemic to do list! Happy Birthday Roy!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Any / we will definitely go there with you when you come! The last timeliness there was Roys birthday a year ago/ I’m ready!!!

  3. Lois Ann Johnson

    The book you mentioned, “When I Am an Old Woman, I Will Wear Purple,” has been around quite awhile. Maybe 30 or 40 years? I know I probably read it, but now I can’t remember what it was about! I hope you enjoy your steak dinner. That sounds yummy.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lois Ann Johnson – yes, I did not mean it was a newly “published” book – I meant that it was a new copy of the book. It was published in 1987.

  4. Carolyn in Illinois

    Watched Elizabeth is Missing. For awhile I was as confused as Maude! Excellent show. Enjoy the birthday dinner!

  5. Brenda C.

    I think your pitcher could be a gravy boat – just a guess.
    I have read the book When I am an Old Woman and savored every word. Enjoy it and be empowered.

  6. Marj from Western WI

    I wish my husband and I could feel safe to go to a restaurant to eat, but we don’t. Enjoy your steak, Happy Birthday, Roy.

  7. Angie from Baltimore

    I bought the book about the pandemic to give my first great grandchild who hasn’t even been conceived as yet. I have a box for each of my granddaughters of things I want them to have if I can’t give them the things I want them to have if I am around I will get the items out of their box.
    I would use the pitcher for gravy the more the better!!!

  8. Janet

    I love northwestern steakhouse. It is a one of a kind and has delicious steaks. Enjoy!

  9. Kal

    I think it might be a batter bowl pitcher like for pancake batter. I remember my grandmother used one just like that.

  10. Katherine Gourley

    Hi Mary,
    I have a couple of old small pitchers that I use for syrup for a crowd, hot chocolate for 3 or 4 and sauce like béarnaise or hollandaise. I love my pitchers. I use one with a lid for hot chocolate. Anything old is my thing. 2 of our 3 grand kids are here and today we were talking about my collections today. My grandson (10 yrs) said his friends grandparents do not have the variety of fun things that I have.

    I have so many collections which make me smile. Milk Glass, Mack Birdhouses, Hummels, dented pewter, old sewing notions, Springer Spaniel figurines, salt pottery and Rowe Pottery, china brooches, old buttons and mason jars and on it goes. They are picking out things they want when I am too old (I am 70) or I kick the bucket. I call my decorating style “Early Thrift Store” The fun is in the hunt.

    1. Sheri B

      Glad to see another Hummel collector. I don’t think anyone will want mine, so they will probably go to the thrift store.

      1. Karen Juergens

        Sheri, my husband loves hummels and would buy them from you!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Katherine Gourley – would you mind taking a picture of your Springer spaniel collection for my friend Mareen who just lost her Springer on December 28. Please send to my email –

  11. Tina W in Oregon

    I’m guessing the pitcher was used for gravy or batter as suggested by Kal. Is the inside rounded like for mixing stuff or straight sided? Remember the hand crank rotary mixers you put on top? Usually the inside bottom of the jar or crock would be rounded.
    Nothing like a good steak dinner! Happy Birthday Roy. Enjoy!

  12. Pat

    I love your green pitcher. I wonder if it was for lemonade? We had a pitcher set with glasses about the same size and it was a lemonade set.

  13. lorraine bujnowski

    Flowers in the pitcher! And one or more, if they fit, of your gorgeous hydrangeas would look lovely. The green vase with
    the blue hydrangea would look very nice.

  14. Jean Elliott

    Oh I love the Northwestern steakhouse……I’m coming to Garner tomorrow. I hope Elaine & I can get there! They do have the best steaks ever!

  15. Kay Schleusner

    Love the color of pitcher. I always get my books from village , so many to pick from.

  16. Judith Ann Jaques

    I see the steakhouse is in or near Clear Lake. I am going to have to try it—– soon. I really love a good steak.
    Do you think a batter pitcher? I have one about that size that has the beater cover on it.
    Perhaps take the one good leaf left on the plant and try to propagate. Or Just buy a new one.
    I did that today .
    Went to theisens for sunflower seed(without the shell) and they had a small display of house plants kalanchoe, mums, cyclamen, ferns and succulents. Nothing better to brighten up a day than a new plant or 2.
    Glad your cat is glued back together. j

  17. Renee

    Happy Birthday Roy! My mouth is watering just thinking about the birthday dinner you all will enjoy. Yum…what a special treat!

  18. Carol Reents

    My mother always made her own pancake syrup. A little Karo. Some brown sugar, water and then boil it down. She then served it in a brown pitcher similar to yours complete with the same checks. It sits proudly on top of my walnut China cupboard and I use it for syrup.

  19. Karen Boswell

    I happened upon the “Elizabeth is Missing” the other day and was totally drawn into it. Such a moving story and well drawn. Thank you for sharing it’s availability and for all your posts. Love your page(es) of all the animals, quilts, plants and collectibles. As for that green pitcher — maybe plant something in it? Or use it as a vase?

  20. Noeleen Taylor

    dear Mary, the jugs were used for milk in the days when we used teapots and not teabags! Milk was never put on the table in the bottle or billycan . Now adays i use my favourite ones as vases and pick flowers for the table. i use the creamers for the milk for my breakfast cereal as it’s much eaier to pour from now i have arthritis. Teapots and milk jug are both about the same sizes. Cups and saucers were used instead of mugs and we would often pour a second cup, so that was a useful and pretty item to have .
    As for that poem, have a google of The Red Hat Society. i love that poem. it’s so rebellious. (I’m 83 next month. Noel from New Zealand.

    1. Carla

      Noeleen, you have a lovely way with words. I enjoyed reading your comment. I also think it is a milk pitcher.

  21. Diane

    We had a green pitcher at home too. It was filled with syrup. The syrup came from a metal pail, which was impossible to pour from.

  22. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Enjoy your evening out, and Happy Birthday to Roy.
    My Grandma used a medium-size pitcher for the plum pudding sauce at Christmas dinner. 🤗

  23. Nikki M in Tx

    Green pitcher- maybe a milk pitcher… they were smaller than water pitchers, or gravy (?!)
    Went online today to signup for vaccine since I am group 1B.. my county received only 100 doses & that does not cover first responders & health care personnel !! Told cannot even get on list until more vaccine available & just call back everyday for update.
    Son received his vaccination Sunday in his county, I am thankful for that.
    Goal for this week is to clean & organize kitchen pantry.. then hopefully keep it organized!!!!

  24. Sandy

    Noeleen Taylor in new Zealand, did you work at Evans in the 80,s? I did, and remember you were in scouts too, hope i have the right person!enjoy your steak Mary, best wishes from sandy

  25. Tanya T. in Houston

    Elizabeth is Missing is also a book. If you liked the show, the book will read more easily! I also enjoyed the nonfiction Women Rowing North by Mary Pipher…not at all about rowing, but growing older! We can do this together, Friends!

    Blocks all together for Bull’s Eye. Now to cut it up again! Fun, fun, fun .

    And a good thing since we could hardly pull ourselves away from the CNN coverage of today. What a day!

    1. Rachel in Iowa

      Thank you for mentioning the book option. Have it downloaded and ready to listen to while I stitch away!

  26. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio.

    Happy birthday to Roy. Our grandson ( the baby—6’4”) is 17 today. He’ll remember it! I would put New York State maple syrup in that pitcher. Yum. Cold and gray here today. Good day to undecorate and quilt😃😃. I’ll take some sun if anyone wants to send some. I’m curious. How many readers of Mary’s delightful blog, were also Goat Gazette readers? I loved it and love this blog. Thanks, Mary. You have helped so many of us get through this Pandemic. Bless you😃

  27. Barbara Aker

    Just read an excellent book. “The Shadow Box” by Luanne Rice. WOW!!!! Couldn’t put it down until I finished it. Got it for free as an Amazon Prime Member as one of their January picks.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Barbara Aker – I obviously didn’t pick that free book and wish I had. I’ll find it! Thanks for the recommendation.

  28. Susy Boyer

    Happy Birthday Roy! It’s like your birthday too when you can go out and eat a steak with all the fixin’s.
    I love the craze and the color of your pitcher. I thought warm syrup, but I love the gravy idea too. Not much better than homemade gravy. Cheers, Susy

  29. Deb H

    I was really moved by “Elizabeth is Missing.” I really like her, she is a great actor!

    Hope you enjoyed the celebration at the steakhouse.

  30. Sunflower from Michigan

    I love that little snowman quilt! Loved the comments today. I did not read the Goat Gazette, Diane and Squeak, didn’t know about it or I would have!
    My mom used to have a similar pitcher when I was growing up and we always kept homemade syrup in it for our pancakes. Her pitcher was taupe color though. That brought back good memories. Which is another reason we all love your blog, Mary. Take care.

  31. Candy

    The first Christmas after my brother had married his wife, we all had dinner at my mom’s. She always served homemade cranberry sauce in a little footed crystal bowl. My sister-in-law spent months looking at every store for a “cranberry dish”. Of course, no one knew what she was looking for! We still laugh about that. One person’s gravy pitcher is another’s syrup pitcher and another’s milk pitcher.. LOL! Thanks for a memory and a chuckle today!

  32. Sandy

    Hi Mary, a billy can is a can with a lid and handle holding a couple of pints of liquid. We got our milkman fill the billycan with milk every day in the 50,s, home delivery. You also take them camping to make tea in, or heat up a stew.aussies and kiwis share a lot , even if we call them different things,take care everyone,best wishes from sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – thank you for the explanation about a billycan – handy little piece of kitchen equipment!

  33. Marion Harlan

    I might try using that darling green pitcher for gravy or even warm syrup for pancakes.

  34. Wendy T

    I read the book called Elizabeth is Missing. Thanks for letting me know they made it into a tv movie.

  35. Sherrill

    My birthday was Monday and I had steak as well (with a friend since DH has been gone over 8 yrs now). We did Outback for lunch and I had a sweet potato and caesar salad with mine! So yummy! And then I got the covid vaccine yesterday–YAY!! Things are looking up!

  36. Margaret in North Texas

    Happy Birthday to Roy. There is nothing better than Iowa beef. I would so like to have an Iowa steak again! Mary, was wondering which cut you like. I love ribeye.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Margaret in North Texas – YES! Ribeye is my choice! And this was mouth wateringly good!

  37. Jan Smith

    Your pitcher seems to be for batter. It seems to be for pancake batter as the size seems right.

  38. Moe Baly

    Hi Mary, Happy Birthday to Roy! Thank you for the Retirement card etc. I’ll send you a note in the mail. Today was day 4, I slept 12 hours like a rock. I’m still exhausted from getting up way too early all those years while working. I call Jay in his truck during his commute home so he won’t be too lonely. Hee Hee. Thank you for your blog as someone else mentioned, it’s helped us get through this pandemic. I still have all of the Goat Gazettes! Enjoy your steak dinner with Roy and Connie. Love, Moe

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mow Baly – I just know how much you’ll enjoy retirement! I love it! I always wondered what people did all day if they didn’t go to work and now I know. Some days I do lots and others not so much – I have so many daily chores that I spend quite a lot of time just doing those. I love my animals and I’m tickled to take care of them!

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