Tuesday, 1-5-21

Nothing new here on the farm but I do have some photos to post. Remember this free pattern that we posted a couple weeks ago?

Some of you readers are fast!

Ok – this has become a challenge to see how many little quilts I can post using the free pattern.

Dirty Dozen:

Here’s my #12:

And she’s fixed!

My next Death Cleaning area is this hallway and all these little figurines!

I made these dog treats this afternoon with a recipe from Bea Knight, an old long distance friend.

Baby Food Dog Treats

1 c. Flour

1 egg

1 jar meat baby food (no onions)

1/2 tsp. Baking powder


Mix just enough water to make the consistency of pancake batter. Put batter in ziplock sandwich bag and cut off a small corner. Use spray or parchment paper on cookie sheet. Squeeze little dots the size of a dime.

Bake 20 minutes at 350 degrees. ( I need practice making uniform size dots!). Hazel and Telly liked them!

Today’s snowman is Tall Pine Snowman – he can be found in our store for download.

And I didn’t have anything to say! Haha! That’s it for me – good night, All!

33 thoughts on “Tuesday, 1-5-21

  1. Janice Hebert

    Funny! I made dog treats today too! My recipe had peanut butter, whole wheat flour, quick oats and hot water. Louie likes them a lot! Oh, I love your little scotty dog planters! I collect those. So cute. I have a soft spot for animal ceramics. All of the free pattern quilts came out so nice! The others as well. Oh, and I love your #12! That is going to be stunning! Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janice Hebert – I have two matching ones – would you like one of them? It would be fun to give it to somebody who would enjoy having it in their collection!

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    Aren’t we a fun group!!! I just love hearing from all the wonderful readers.
    The quilt shows, recipes exchanges, dogs, cats, horses, goats, chickens and children.
    It makes my quarantine time not so bad. Daytime is getting longer and spring will soon be here👏👏.
    Mary lets us say anything on our minds. Thank goodness she doesn’t let techy issues stop her. We love you, Mary.
    Fat girl pants and beer…you make me laugh. I tried yoga pants…love em!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – I wish my fat girl pants weren’t quite so comfortable! It’s easy to not realize how much weight has gone on when you wear them! Yes, this is a great group of gals – I love the talking within our group – the comments are the best part! I hope we don’t lose touch with each other when the pandemic is over!

  3. Kathy Hanson

    Fun to see the DDs and the free pattern finishes. I hope you get mine as I sent it today. If not let me know! The recent sunshine has been nice!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Kathy Hanson – you made note of my new email address, didn’t you?

  4. Sue Smith in OR

    The cat is cute…all fixed up.
    Wow…You free pattern girls are fast. I am still in the thinking stage. Quilting a doll quilt right now. I couldn’t work today though. My doctors visit was looooong.

  5. Carolyn Boutilier

    Mary, So glad you fixed the cat. She has memories and sorry she did break. I have your snowman hanging for the winter in my office. I made the snowman years and years ago and he hangs every year in my office. Cold cloudy day here in Shenandoah Valley. I am working on Kathleen Tracy Schoolgirl Sampler.
    Carolyn b

  6. patti leal

    mary, good on you for fixing your cat. i would have been heartbroken if she couldn’t be fixed. all the quilt photos are great. i have a really old (couple years) quilt partially laid out on my design wall. i will send photos when i get the top finished. hopefully this month. i go so slow these days. hugs to all and stay safe and still. patti in florida

  7. Sandy

    Hi Mary, I’m afraid you’re stuck with us gals(or girls) ,we love chatting to you.great to see everyone’s quilts and the snazzy poodle! Best wishes from sunny new Zealand, sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – so I’m curious – are you having a hot summer so far?

  8. Kathy in western NY

    Yup we are your safe bubble Mary!! You kept us together through this horrible pandemic. Cheers to your dedication to maintain that connection. You walked the walk of kindness. You won’t lose us – never! Quilters, animal lovers and decent people are bonded forever.
    Thanks for the dog biscuits recipe. Going to try them. I also want to try some pumpkin ones I found. I like giving mine homemade ones as I worry what’s in the ones in the supermarket.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy in western NY – I’m so appreciative of my “safe bubble”! Thank you!

  9. Linda baker

    Mary, seeing the picture of your sewing work area, it looks just like mine! Gotta make a mess to get anything done, right? We don’t have dogs any more, but I’ll give you a recipe I used to make, which our dogs loved. Make this, and a dog will follow you anywhere, ha!
    Dog Liver Treats Makes over 7 dozen
    1 Cup flour
    1 Cup cornmeal
    1 tsp garlic powder
    1/2 Cup wheat germ
    1 pound “raw” beef liver (I would use deer liver after my husband went hunting)
    Put liver in food processor and liquefy. Add dry ingredients and mix well. On a greased cookie sheet drop 1 tsp of mixture and flatten with the bottom of a glass dipped in cornmeal. Bake @ 350 degrees for 15-20 min. Store in freezer til ready to use. You can put close together on cookie sheet as they don’t spread out like cookies.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda Baker – sounds like a good dog treat recipe – I’ll write it out and try it sometime!

  10. Diane in WI

    Hello from foggy southern Wisconsin. I wish the sun would shine. Everything is still covered hoar frost; it really is beautiful. I was hoping 2021 would be somewhat better, but not so far. I broke a tooth over the weekend. Luckily, I didn’t need a crown. Today the battery on my car is dead. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. I am cleaning , too. My daughter and husband are going to build a house here at the farm along with space for me to live. I have to clean out 38 years of stuff from my house. It is amazing how many things we collect over the years. Be safe everyone.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane in WI – oh my gosh! A mother-in-law addition? How perfect is that? Except for cleaning out your house. How much space will you have? You and B lived in the house for 38 years? That’s gonna take you some time!

      1. Diane in WI

        The kids are talking to the builder and going over plans. I know the two living spaces will be divided by a common utility room. It should be interesting because Sarah and Mat are having a baby boy in June. I wish Bernard were here to see all of it. My son and his wife are also planning on building here on the farm sometime. We will have a regular compound. Take care.

  11. Nancy Steinberger

    Do you still have the Be Still pattern?
    I ordered it in Nov with Visa but have not received it. Wondering what happened??

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy Steinberger – since I can’t take visa here at the shop building, you had to have ordered Be Still as a pdf download – it is your responsibility to download the pattern. All instructions to do this are included in the tab located at the top of the blog home page.

  12. Launa

    Am going to hang my tall snowman today! An oldie, but a goodie! Tree is gone! This year our tree was supposed to be shorter, but we think it was about 17’ cut from our property!
    Son sent a picture of a Border Collie with a tree horizontal in background. Caption ..Oh good you are home..the tree fainted! Looked like Pepper!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Laura – haha! I think I’ve seen that picture and caption! Funny! A 17’ tree – did you take a picture of it? Send it to me so we can all see it! I’ll bet it was gorgeous

  13. Nikki M in Tx

    Will have to try treat recipe for Ms Maci but need check with her vet first as she on Rx dog for for sensitive stomach. Used to make treats for K9’s on PD years ago.. funny story, one Xmas made goodie baskets for the K9 handlers & their partners, made mini loaves of banana bread, zucchini bread, various cookies, savory snack mix, etc & made bone shaped dog treats.. mix used wheat germ, garlic , flour & ?..recipe from a vet friend, anyway one of the 2 legged officers came thanked me & total me how he appreciated the goodies, then asked for the cracker recipe as it was his favorite, especially with a slice of cheese…

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nikki M – oh my, hahaha!!!!! Did you ever try one yourself? Since Ms Maci is so tiny, you could make dime size spots that would be just right for her!

      1. Nikki M in Tx

        Have to admit that i did… thought they were hard & dry.. needed salt ( lol ) & to much garlic…

  14. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Nikki, that is funny😃😃. Mary, I have the Tall Pine Snowman my best friend made me before she died. I love it and also have the pattern. I want to make the free pattern, but enlarge it for Honor Flight quilts. However, I need to finish a few DD’s first!! I will send soon. Our granddaughter is here and we are sewing😃😃.

  15. Donna DeWall

    We actually use meat baby food on our diabetic dog’s food to guarantee that he will eat his food. It is important that he eat regularly each day. He loves the baby food- veterinarian ok,d. The treat he gobbles down are the Milo,s chicken balls available at Walmart.

  16. Becki

    Hi Mary. I must of missed the pattern you posted before Christmas. Is there a way to obtain this pattern? Thanks

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