Attitude Adjustment? 11-2-23

The reason I said I think doctors love to prescribe tests is that something in Rick’s blood work was “borderline” so his family doctor sent him to another specialty. Rick explained to me that if something is missed in someone’s health care, there will be hell to pay. I get that but I’m also tired of going to doctor appointments so I apologize if I spoke out of turn. I do that a lot it seems.

Once again I’m searching for patterns! I am going to take the master list of patterns over 40+ years and find every one and put them in the fireproof file cabinet. You have to understand that 10 years ago when we closed we both assumed we were done. I could never have imagined that 10 years later I would still be sending out patterns. Appliqué took a real dive over the years and everybody wanted quick piecing and now there’s a renewed interest in appliqué.

When I find these patterns each one will be $15.00 which will include US postage. Patterns going to Canada will be weighed and price determined before sending. These are complete patterns, nothing like the simple $5.00 patterns we’ve gotten familiar with.

Connie loves appliqué and most of the patterns you’re requesting are appliqué which means lots of shapes and lots of big paper. Both present a problem for me. I am reluctant to open this can of worms but I will if you understand that I will not be ordering reprint photos that will be printed 25 miles away. You are responsible for printing your own color photo. I will post it on the blog and that’s it.

We had MANY fall patterns and I can’t handle them all at once. While searching today I actually came across American Harvest! My friend has already mailed me her copy so I found it a day late. Ugh. It’s in my possession and I will mail copies for $15.00 PPD.

$15.00 ppd No color photo 28” x 30”

I’ll leave this at $10 because I posted it last night.

Underneath Connie’s dough bowl is a little quilt 12” x 18” called Small Pickins. Available for $5.00 and a SASE.

Now it seems like everything has a different price and mailing instructions. Once we get past these fall patterns and I post new ones, I will unify ordering directions. Please try to read and understand these directions if you’re ordering. Oh! And don’t forget to tell me what you’re ordering! I can’t even tell you how many envelopes I’ve received with no pattern listed.

Please find my address on the home page. Payment has to be cash or check only – we have no business accounts.

Reader photos

End of the day

I’m finishing up my second beer. Thanks for all the laughs today! Hasn’t it been fun to share such a ridiculous comment? Mrs. Farmer Tim called me today to tell me Tim has started reading the blog and he was laughing out loud about the two beers. It was laughable for sure!

It was a day of work today – leaves, sticks, groceries, supper, chores and a ride on the wilderness trail. When I got to the garden however, the farthest distance from the house yard, I ran out of gas! So it was a long walk back to get the gas can.

A good start – Rick ran out of daylight!

That’s a lot of info in one post – please read carefully if you’re sending me a pattern order. And please read the comments – your question may already have been asked and answered.

32 thoughts on “Attitude Adjustment? 11-2-23

  1. Pat Smith

    My doctor asked how much alcohol I drink every day. I told her that I have a pint of beer at 5:00. She gasped at the thought and asked if I could cut that down to a cup instead. You can imagine what i said! I howled at Rick’s doctor suggesting a substitution of iced tea as if they are similar at all (well, maybe in color). At the age of 79 I’m going to drink whatever beer i want!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – we are all still laughing at these funny old age stories! A cup? Oh, for cryin out loud! He’ll howl at your story when I tell him – a cup?!!??? (I just read your comment to him and we both howled!)

  2. Jo Schmitz

    Mary, You amaze me! Your energy level is over the moon! I am in awe of all you do!
    Have a wonderful holiday season and blessed Christmas.

  3. Betty Klosterman

    I love M & M’s and try to keep them in moderation??
    Mary, if you can’t locate one of your patterns, I’m sure that one of us may have it and wouldn’t mind sending it to you. Something to think about.
    It was a beautiful 60 degree day with no wind. My outside work is almost done except I couldn’t get the garden hose unscrewed. Have to get the neighbor to do that.
    Now to get on with sewing. At least 5 piles of fabric and patterns just waiting….. Plus sorting thru other piles….
    Take care, everybody. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – and there’s the secret to M&M’s – moderation! Haha!! It was pretty nice today which makes the work lots easier but I won’t mind it turning cold and snowy except that the dogs are so bored.

  4. Shirley Andersen Smith

    You have a beautiful property to care for. A big freeze and snow will take care of it till spring, so enjoy your winter inside and hopefully you will get lots of quilting done.
    Shirley from Oregon

  5. Nancy from W. Pa

    Betty Klisterman- I did exactly what you did. Got the outside work done and couldn’t unscrew the garden hose. It’s one of those newer aluminum hoses which is the best invention ever. I didn’t know my own strength when I put it on. So I got my neighbor, Bob, to do it. He does everything for the whole neighborhood. I’m getting him a t shirt for Christmas that says, If Bob can’t fix it, we’re all screwed!

  6. Sharon G.

    …as I sit here drinking a Bloody Mary, I laughed at the “cup” comment by Pat. ha ha

    Loved the quilt show and pet parade.

    Take care everyone!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sharon – I’m still up, too, rereading comments and chuckling over all the discussion of our alcohol consumption!! And Diane’s blouse story was beyond hilarious – I’m still laughing!!

  7. Susan K in Texas

    I’ve spent the last hour catching up on the blog. With Rangers World Series games and the Stars playing road games in Canada I’ve been a bit distracted. Yay for the Rangers! My son went to watch on the big screen in the Ballpark. He said it was crazy!
    Thanks for sharing Connie’s Halloween quilt show. I loved it. My DIL has an October birthday and Halloween is her favorite season. I’ve made her several quilts, placemats, and a table topper. I myself have no Halloween quilts. With two black cats who freak at the doorbell and the Rangers on the World Series we didn’t hand out candy on Halloween. Apparently a lot of people went out early so they could get home for the game.
    I love Donna’s quilt and now have that quilt book on my wish list. I’ve got two of the six quilts I pinned over the weekend quilted. Binding is sewn on one and the other will be done tomorrow or this weekend.
    The weather here is almost perfect. I’d like it just a bit warmer but not much. We’re never happy with the weather are we?
    About the two beers. Enjoy them. You can always tell the doctor that you’ve replaced them with Long Island iced teas – two of them and you’ll be feeling no pain! Ha!
    It seems every time I see my regular doctor I am sent to a new specialist who wants more tests. Every part of the body seems to have a specialist but at times they really need to look at the whole body.
    By the way your Dirty Dozen has made me determined to finish some old projects even if I don’t get one done every month. It has made me look at my projects differently. So it’s a good thing. 😊

    1. Norma Klotz

      I have gone back through the comments twice to see if I could find the name of Donna’s quilt. It’s lovely!
      If I missed the name I apologize and no I did not have even one beer! Could you tell me? Thanks!

  8. Sherry Bush

    I am interested in buying a pattern but am not understanding the process. I want the American Harvest pattern.

  9. Linda in Central Iowa

    I’ve been doing the Dirty Dozen for 3 years and have successfully completed lots of projects. Then in May when getting ready for this year’s DD, I discovered that I had just “wanna-do” with patterns and fabrics pulled but not started. Several of them I decided that I was no longer interested in them so fabric was put back into the stash. But then, I realized that I had 5 quilts tops pieced and waiting to be quilted. UGH – takes me forever to get in the mood and get up the courage to do that step. Well, now I’m down to only one to quilt with another almost all done. Will post the latest one once I get the picture taken. Seeing all the other quilts does inspire me to get these done before I start a new “batch”. Getting old enough I don’t want to leave a sewing mess to my survivors. My change of attitude – get it done, then start new. That’s kind of a good feeling too. Fluffybun is persistant to staying with you!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I, too, try not to get lots of projects started but not finished. It’s always fun to start but I lose interest in some projects fast. You have done well whittling down your UFO’s – what will you start next?

  10. Jan Hebert

    I’m catching up as well. Still in NH where we’ve had a hard frost and just 28 degrees this morning. I brought some fabrics and hoped to do a little bit of hand piecing but haven’t really done much with that. I find the lighting here isn’t what I need. JOY B from Missouri, you asked about my pumpkin head doll. I used a pattern by Kim Kohler. So fun to make! Jan in MA

  11. Kathy in western NY

    Nice pictures to begin my day and enjoyed them all week. Been busy with preparing before my rescheduled surgery next week after I fell. We got our flu and Covid vaccines and did early voting so I can avoid crowds to stay healthy before surgery. Getting hand work projects lined up in case I need rest time. You never know what biopsies will lead to. I am borderline diabetic now so once this is behind me I want to work on reducing carbs so I don’t have to take another pill which is possible the specialist told me. I like that thinking.
    My husband was advised by cardiologist after his stroke and virus to limit alcohol to 1 a week due to the A Fib result and the ablation not putting it back in rhythm. So he switched to non alcoholic beer which I guess has been popular for years with boaters. Who knew! I use to enjoy a cocktail at night but now I sleep so much better without one.

  12. NancyTD

    Love all the quilts today. Especially like Donna from Wisconsin triangles quilt. Interesting scrap quilt and pillow.
    Husband went to the doctor yesterday. Didn’t ask about how many beers he drank. LOL. Did send him for more tests.
    Raked yesterday. Guess I made a mess getting the leaves out of an inch of snow. Will tackle it again today. They are too deep to mulch.
    I’m enjoying taking my quilts to be quilted but, it is getting expensive. I can finish a quilt in a month and not just a couple a year. I do love the look of hand quilting, though.
    Hi to farmer Tim. We watch your field from Mary’s’ view. From planting to harvest.

  13. Sherrill

    OK, just to reaffirm–for American Harvest, a business sized envelope for the pattern? Wasn’t sure if it would be too much with all the pattern pieces to fit in business size. Thanks!

  14. Catherine from Texas

    Love all the animal pics! A long time ago my dogs were also featured in the Goat Gazette. It’s been a little while since we had a dog but we will be welcoming our first pig to the family in 3 weeks! I can hardly wait for y’all to see him.

    I can’t seem to find how to email you a picture. Can someone help me with that.

    Also, I was cleaning out shelves and organizing and came across several Country Threads patterns that I would like you to see. Maybe you may want copies of them?🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. Tanya T. in Houston

    Welcome Farmer Tim! You probably are not reading comments yet, but you should! We have all enjoyed photos of your fields and equipment for some time now. Not to mention the gorgeous crops. Some of us who dwell in cities have fond memories of our younger lives on farms. And, the best part is that YOU have such great neighbors!

  16. Norma Klotz

    I have gone back through the comments twice to see if I could find the name of Donna’s quilt. It’s lovely!
    If I missed the name I apologize and no I did not have even one beer! Could you tell me? Thanks!

    1. Susan K in Texas

      Norma – Donna said it was from the book by Carrie Nation and Joanna Figaroa called A Scrapbook of Quilts. She mentioned it in one of the recent blog posts.

  17. Marsha in Michigan

    Love the quilts shared today! The one with matching pillow is so pretty and scrappy!

    I’m so excited that you found American Harvest! I will be putting in an order shortly and order more to make it worth your while!

  18. San

    Hi Mary,

    I’ve always loved your various patterns with pumpkins. When you were closing the shop, I gladly placed my order of my favorite patterns, including the pumpkins in a wagon along with the great big pumpkin. Sadly, I’ve yet to make either of them. Thank you for posting these new pumpkin ideas to enjoy. Perhaps when I no longer work two jobs, I’ll be able to get back to sewing.

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful farm pictures. Iowa is a very pretty state.

    San / Gypsy Quilter Designs

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      San – at least you’ll have the patterns when you DO have time. What are your two jobs? I’m sorry you’re having to work so hard.

      1. San

        Hi Mary,

        I work in the big box store , hardware department. And two nights a week, I cover the desk at a local hotel. Quiet time there allows me to trim up a lot of squares or triangle units.

        As you know, there’s a lot of yard work to do this time of the year. Come winter, I’ll be inside sewing something. Presently, there’s one more QOV top to finish up for Alycia in Colorado. As soon as I figure out how to transfer pictures from phone to computer and computer to you, I’ll send them.

        Stay warm and well. San / Western NC

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          San – oh my, you are busy! Yes, this winter will be sewing time and I’m really tired of all this yard work. Could I help you with the pictures?

  19. Vickie

    Miss Mary as I was window shopping on Ebay this morning, I came across a set of Country Threads quilt patterns for sale. You might try Ebay to find what you are looking for. I want them, but I am between paychecks.

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