It’s Coming! 11-1-23

Thanks to all of you who wrote and offered to send me the pattern American Harvest. One of my good friends is sending it to me so if you’ll all be patient I’ll let you know when it gets here and you can order it. The other patterns that I showed and priced are available now. I’ll do the best I can with envelopes – please don’t be too concerned . I’ll handle it. How did this get so complicated?

And congratulations to the Texas Rangers who won the World Series tonight.

And now for a quick story that’s bound to make you laugh. Yesterday I was at a doctor’s appointment with Rick and when asked about liquor consumption he easily told her he drinks 2 beers every night. (So do I.). She was wondering if he might be able to substitute 2 glasses of iced tea for the two beers. You should have heard us!!! Two beers? Most doctors agree that’s nothing. We are 75 years old, for cryin out loud!

So tonight about 5:30 I asked him if he wanted iced tea. Haha!!!!!

63 thoughts on “It’s Coming! 11-1-23

  1. Beryl in Owatonna

    LOL. That is funny. Could she give you a good answer?

    Will watch for the pattern!
    Thanks Mary

  2. Dee from Shell Rock

    Oh yeah! 2 beers. Do you want to live longer, or make it just seem like it’s forever by depriving yourself. I’m 70, don’t drink much alcohol, but I eat what I want. Makes you wonder if that’s their job, to make your life miserable. Been lurking, looking at the pictures. Love them all.

  3. Sue in Oregon

    I think at 75 (or 84 in my case) we ought to be able to relax with a couple of beers or drinks in the evening if we want to. Even my husband’s heart doctor says it’s okay in moderation. Sheesh

  4. Candy

    Hope you & Rick enjoyed your ice tea with the ball game. What a way to celebrate … ha, ha, ha!

  5. Marsha from Kansas

    My drink of choice is Pepsi, inherited from my Mom. My sister gave the eulogy for my Mom. When she walked up to the pulpit, she first sat a can of Pepsi on the front of the pulpit. Started out the celebration of my Mom’s life right – with a laugh. My doctor asked me this year if I could cut back from two Pepsis a day. I just stared at her in horror. Ha ha. We all have our thing. She didn’t even give an alternative drink. Here’s to you, Mom!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marsha – my mom loved candy – M & M’s especially so that’s what we served at her funeral – bowls of them on the tables. Love the story of the Pepsi on the pulpit!!!!

  6. bobbie rumler

    I got a kick out of your website tonight ….. I had to quit drinking it had to do with a medical thing….I did enjoy a cocktail once in awhile….but I can’t now….not that I would love to have one… enjoy your cocktails life is short….

  7. brendalynne1

    so you are going to drink 2 glasses of iced tea with sugar and all that caffeine in the evening and then the next dr. appt you will be wondering what you can do about your caffeine induced insomnia. Real smooth move I would say. just shaking my head.

    1. brendalynne1

      i guess i should not have been so glib since there are meds and conditions that do not mix with alcohol or grapefruit etc. sorry.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brendalynne – I hadn’t even thought of the caffeine issue – I can’t sleep now!

    3. JeanneH in the Finger Lakes of New York

      Yes, Brendalynne and Mary, that’s what I thought. Maybe the doc was concerned about alcohol consumption or the carbs, but caffeine in the evening?!

      DH and I drink rarely consume any alcohol now because it does not seem to agree with us, and caffeinated beverages are limited to 2 per day for me, possibly less for him.

      Mary, how about a mug of hot cocoa in the late evening or before bed, have you tried that?

      1. Dot in NC

        Hot cocoa also can have lots of caffeine. If it’s made from cocoa powder, a cup has 25 mg. If it’s made from a powdered mix like Swiss Miss, it has much less.

        As far as food goes, my son-in-law, who is a physician, once told me “At your age, eat what you want.”

  8. Beth Laverty

    My husband had a doctor visit yesterday with a new doctor. The doc asked him same question.. but he answered.. “12 ounces every night at dinner time.”
    No suggestion of tea was mentioned.

    I personally do not drink alcohol.. never have so not a question for me… LOL

  9. Pamela Dempsey

    I wonder if that doctor drinks at all? Moscato wine is my favorite and iced tea is not a good choice…..🫤 we have had 2 nights of 30 degrees weather and enjoy the cold weather for a change. It will be back up to 82 though in a few days. I’m loving the cute cat/pumpkin small quilts you showed, need the patterns. We got home Sunday from a 10 day road trip to north Michigan and am still recovering from all the driving and lack of sleep. Catching up on emails. Did I miss your eyeglass case pattern? They are beautiful! I sure hope Fluffybutt doesn’t attack anyone else.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pamela – yes, I posted the eyeglass case a few days ago – just go back for the tutorial. That was a long drive!

  10. Joanna

    I’m 51, and the caffeine in 2 glasses of iced tea at 5:00 would keep me up all night.

  11. NancyTD

    Wow! Just wonder what some of these young doctors do.
    Club crackers were $4.29 at Target yesterday. The stores sure are playing with us with their price gouging. And they wonder why consumer spending is down.
    I am doing the dirty dozen by number. Finished a lot of projects thanks to you.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy – I bought club crackers this afternoon for 3.48! Two dollars cheaper than my hometown store the other day!

  12. Deb

    Today’s drs are mostly profit-programmed idiots. Told to write prescriptions, to give you side effects ,so they can write you more . It’s all about money, not health. They aren’t taught how to make you healthy. Can you tell its a pet peeve? Ha!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb – you are 100% correct! Send the patient for every expensive test that’s available just because they can.

      1. Janet S

        Deb and Mary, Sorry but I think doctors have been sued too many times (costing a fortune) and now have gotten gun shy.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Janet – you’re probably right – I’m just so tired of taking Rick to appts – years now. He said the same thing – if something is missed on a diagnosis there would be hell to pay. This blood test was close to borderline on something which sent him on to another specialty dr. I have developed a bad attitude

      2. Dot in NC

        I also disagree. Both my daughter and son-in-law are doctors, and they work long hours, and are kind, caring peoiple. They aren’t looking for money.

      3. patti

        and don’t even bring up any concerns (new ones) in a physical. have to go back in a separate visit to talk about that. drives me nuts. then they charge you $389 for that. outrageous. i’m dealing wih bone on bone hip pain and lung doc won’t approve the anesthesia to have surgery. i’m 73 so i guess i’m just supposed to be in pain. drives me crazy. they are still telling me to lose weight after telling me to eat eat for 15 years and can’t understand that i’m not diabetic. obviously it’s in the genes. i’ll go away now and have some m&m’s before bed. patti in FL

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Patti – I understand about not asking any questions about other concerns! Even the receptionist warned me that I’d need another appt. You enjoy your M&M’s – I’m having a glass of wine!! You sound like you need a hip replacement, right? What are you going to do????

          1. A faithful and grateful reader

            This may come off as a rant to some, but it is not. It’s “a view from the other side”.

            I am a retired researcher from a medical school and NIH. My spouse taught Pharmacology to medical, P.A., P.T. and O.T. students for almost forty years, and did research in pharmacology and neurology before that. We volunteer as practice patients for students in these programs now.

            “Idiots” do NOT get into medical school, or P.A., P.T. and O.T. schools.

            Physicians and other health care providers are not driven by profit. They are driven by problem solving and problem prevention. Hell, they rarely know what the financial charges are to patients – do you have any idea how many plans, charges, options, contingencies, deductibles, etc,, go into medical billing?

            Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals are driven to find the best outcome for their patients and their problems. They need to ferret out all relevant facts from testing, AND extract and tease out the relevant history from patients. Heaven forbid they miss something!

            Patients don’t always tell providers what’s important and they don’t always tell the truth. SOME patients LIE!!! Patients are notoriously for leaving out important stuff, especially risky behaviors, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, supplements, diet, alcohol use and drug abuse. Heavy coffee-caffeine drinking, too. And “energy drinks”! Caffeine IS a DRUG! You would not believe….

            Alcohol and nicotine are serious drugs, too – but are so often discounted because they are legal and socially acceptable (by many). (Your body does not care about the legal and social status of these stimulants and depressants!)

            Many things we discount as normal or “but I’ve always done this” and don’t think of as “important” are important, but we “don’t bother” to report.

            (And then there are all the different kinds of “risky behavior” – STDs, anyone? Or perhaps more familiar to the readers here: grain bin accidents, farm equipment accidents, horse-bull-boar accidents, falls on ice/wet grass/mud, manure, etc., etc. Fish hook where?)

            Health care professionals do NOT want to waste their patients’ time, either!

            if you’ve gotten this far, thank you for reading and please understand I wrote this in the spirit of openness, honesty and to provide a different perspective.

          2. Mary Etherington Post author

            Thank you, Reader, for this very informative view – I hope you did read that I’m the one who needs an attitude adjustment – and I spoke without thinking. My husband has appointments several days of each week and I am so tired of trying to handle everything at home and his appointments, too. It’s not his fault of course but I am overwhelmed and like I mentioned, I did not intend to point the finger at you. As the healthy one in this household I should have kept my mouth shut – as usual.

  13. Vivi in Idaho

    ….after the weather turns cooler I start my day with a little Irish cream in my coffee😊

  14. Launa

    Good 34o morning Mary!
    Can’t use alcohol with one of my meds, but champagne was my old choice! I settle for a black n a green tea bags, but just in the morning in a big mug! Then drink fresh well water…wonder what is in it??
    Just a little trace of snow last night !
    Love the eye glass or rotor cutter case!
    My doctor has never asked about alcohol consumption since I’m in the slightly over 80 group!

  15. Shirley Andersen Smith

    Yes, but Mary, that is 14 beers a week for each of you. See how they think? Lol….funny. Next time tell the doc it is medicinal.
    Can’t wait for the Harvest pattern to show up.
    Shirley from Oregon

  16. Roxanne

    Comments are too funny today. My first thought was a big NO on two ice teas at night. I can’t have any caffeine after 1 pm or I’m awake at night! Geez!
    Such a good idea to ask your readers if they had patterns! I recently saw your adorable Rise and Shine pattern in a 2007 Quilt Sampler Magazine—do you need that one?

  17. Diane

    So tired of the constant changes we’re supposed to make to live longer!! Have a couple beers or a glass of wine!! Live a little!! Less sugar….caffeine at that hour would worsen my sleep!! Ugh!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I told somebody just the other day “no wonder old people are ready to die – they’re sick of all the rules changing and all the new technology – they don’t want to live in this world” and I get it!

  18. Diane in Maryland

    That is a funny story about the beer! Many years ago my uncle was told by a doctor to have a glass of beer every day with lunch as it would be good for his kidneys. He was a farmer and he really looked forward to lunchtime!
    I’ve been told that tea can cause kidney stones so that and the caffeine doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.
    On the mid day news a suspicious package was found on the 4th floor at a downtown court house in Baltimore. The reporter said they evacuated the 4th floor. My husband said “what about the other floors? Does anyone have good sense today?” Makes me wonder. Apparently the package was nothing but if it had blown up at least the 4th floor was cleared.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – what indeed? Where did common sense go? Didn’t know that about tea. Maybe I should start having a beer with lunch, too! Ha!

  19. Julie Stancato

    Lol! Maybe those 2 beers are what’s keeping you happy and as well as you are. Always could be worse! Geez, a person needs a little something fun, right?

  20. Marsha in Michigan


    You are the best! I can’t wait to order some patterns when you get American Harvest in your hot little hands!!

    And I love your beer story!!

  21. Polly Perkins

    love your funny story. I sure needed a laugh. I am now about to start week 3 of wearing a collar. No head movement, weight limit of 10 pounds and very limited movement of my arms after more cervical fusions. Have to stay still until 6 weeks and then physical therapy. Just learned yesterday my husband has hernia surgery Nov 16. I cannot drive for 4 more weeks. Sure was able to laugh at your beer story. Are we ready for the home????

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Polly – have you had your surgery? I have it marked in my calendar for Nov!! Oh, what a tedious recovery for you / hope you’re not in pain – there are days I do wonder if we’re ready for the home!! But not quite!

      1. Polly Perkins

        had my surgery Oct 19th. It was very rough but released pressure on my spinal cord and nerve roots. I am now fused from c3 through c7. That will be my last I hope. Cannot endure another! Now let the 6 weeks end so I can go to PT and get back to sewing. I am already set up to sew standing up.

          1. Polly Perkins

            I will catch up on my Moda Blockheads and mini quilts from Laundry Basket. Providing my husband is recovering well from his hernia operation. That will really be a challenge because he has not had anything but sinus surgery decades ago. It will be a challenge because I will not be able to take care of myself much less him yet Nov 16.. We will get by. Thank goodness my son can have the day off to drive him there and back.

  22. Grandma Rabbit (Pat) in AZ

    My husband and I each have separate shops for our hobbies and after morning coffee and chores, we head out until lunch. After eating we head back out until late afternoon when we meet up for an adult beverage. We catch up on each other’s day, commiserate with each other and solve all the problems of the world. I wouldn’t trade that time together for anything. And iced tea sure wouldn’t cut it.

  23. Judy MichgN

    Oh Mary I love it. Iced tea! I had to go outside and read your post to my husband. We too had a good laugh. You’ve got a great routine, don ‘t change it

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dee – haha! That could be taken good or bad! Keep reading, you never know what’s coming next.

  24. Sherrill

    My drink of choice is a Rt. 44 diet vanilla coke with an EXTRA shot of vanilla (ie plenty of sugar in it despite being ‘diet’). Have one every day (unless I’m somewhere they don’t have Sonic)!! And YES, the Rangers did it in five excited here though there’s no way I’ll get into that crowd around the stadium for the parade tomorrow. SUPER EXCITED you found American Harvest. Just hung my rendition of your turkey it!

  25. Diane and the gang in CentralOhio

    2 beers each sounds sensible to me. I don’t drink much so my Christmas gift last year from hubby of a case (12) of Biltmore Riesling was a surprise. By serving it often to friends and family, I am just about through it. I do love it😃 I saw my doctor last week with the usual questions from her nurse, safe at home, 3 words to remember etc. The nurse said, “ I can tell by talking to you that you can get out of bed, dress yourself, feed yourself etc” . After she went out, I looked down and saw my blouse was buttoned wrong. So much for dressing myself😹😹 I have many, many of your books and patterns, but I am placing an order soon.😃
    My hubby will have major neck surgery on Dec. 27th, our 54th anniversary. The nurse offered to change it to January, but we said the 27th is a good luck day😃 They will move his voice box, jugular, and carotid. Should be an interesting recovery. He’s had so many back, neck, and body surgeries, it is old hat by now.
    Nice here today-50*.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – they’re going to do WHAT to him???? Sounds just awful to me. You must be getting sick of appointments, too! I just love that your blouse was buttoned wrong after you passed the memory test and old age review. Ha! I don’t think I passed it the last time I took it. That story is as good as my two beers story!!

  26. patti

    just as an aside. my comments and complaints about the medical profession strictly refer to the medical people that i deal with. i know there are really good people out there. my lung doc is usually considered one of the good ones but she won’t budge on anesthesia. just like every profession, we take the good with the bad and make generalities. no offense meant. patti in FL

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – same with my comments – I never meant to complain about the whole profession – just our own situation. I cannot believe they won’t let you have hip surgery.

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