Dirty Dozen Day, 11-1-23

November’s Dirty Dozen number is 2. TWO.

If you’re following the color challenge, it’s neutral. That’s an easy one!

Small Pickins

This little quilt under Connie’s dough bowl is called Small Pickins. Pattern available for $5.00.

If anyone has this pattern called American Harvest, write to me at my email, maryehazel2020@gmail.com.

Reader photos

Gorgeous rug

These 4 patterns plus Small Pickins shown above are available – $5 each with a SASE – 2-3 pattern sheets will fit into one envelope. Save a stamp.

Fluffybun has been staying in the room above the garage with short exploratory walks into the sewing room. Inch by inch I’m guessing she will go from a feral cat to a beloved pet. The door has to stand open several inches to allow her freedom to do this but what ever it takes.

I’m off to choir and then home to watch what will likely be the last game of the World Series.

Is anybody working on their Dirty Dozen anymore?

38 thoughts on “Dirty Dozen Day, 11-1-23

    1. Dot in NC

      I don’t know the pattern name, but it’s made of two alternating blocks. One block has pinwheels in each corner, separated by a narrow white sashing with a small cornerstone in the center. The other block is mostly white, with an HST in each corner. Each HST seam points toward the corner. It could be figured out, but if I knew the designer, I’d absolutely buy the pattern, to compensate her for her clever design.

      1. Donna Sproston

        Read my reply to Cynthia below. After 1666 pieces, I stopped but with 36 more quarter blocks, you would have a queen size quilt. Mine is about 70 by 70.

    2. Cynthia from Ghent MN

      I agree! I really liked Donna’s pattern! Hopefully she reads responses to her quilt and will let us know!

      1. Donna Sproston

        I love this pattern and have made several four block sections for table toppers and pillows. The pattern is Pirouette by Carrie Nelson from the book A Scrapbook of Quilts. The layout for the quilt pictured in the book is not exactly like Carrie’s quilt. I added the extra sashings and cornerstones which are obvious on her finished quilt. My fabrics are from a variety of Lori Holt’s collections.

  1. Colleen in Central Oregon

    After I get the two Christmas stockings made that I’ve promised for this year, I will be able to get back to work on my daughter’s quilt, which is neutral! Yay!!

  2. Joy B from Missouri

    Thank you for this great post, Mary! Wonderful quilts, but I absolutely LOVE the pumpkin head lady!! Any info on who made it or the pattern?

  3. Sharon Eshlaman

    LOVE American Harvest….sure would like to make it👍😊. Thanks for putting a smile on my face again today.

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Do you have a number on American Harvest? I don’t think I have it, but….. And Donna in Wisconsin, great quilt.
    Betty in Rapid City

  5. Ginger S

    I am working on Dirty Dozen but have not had much time in the sewing room so progress is slow. Plus I’m working on other things. It will be a long winter in New Hampshire so hope to get back to some of those languishing UFOs. Great quilts today.

  6. Sue Bowers

    Mary – Yes, I love the American Harvest quilt too. I’m a sucker for most any quilt with a flag in it. You asked why we didn’t buy your patterns while you were in business? I can’t speak for others, but I bought a lot of your patterns. Sometimes I forget what’s in my stash. Seeing those quilts in Connie’s home have jogged my memory. Dug out a few of your patterns or kits that I planned to make some day after seeing pictures of Connie’s quilts. No, I don’t have the American Harvest pattern. Gotta get back to the World Series. Go Snakes!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – I said that sort of tongue in cheek – ha! I remember how many patterns we sold over the years – tons!!

  7. Sherrill

    Oh please, oh please, oh PLEEZ!!! Let this be the last game of the World Series!! That would make my team the WINNER!! Would be so awesome. And I’m gonna hope like heck someone contacts you with American Harvest cause I really want that one!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – no, Connie gets rid of everything – me, you ask? I keep EVERYTHING but evidently not this pattern.

  8. Pattie from PA

    Love the Day of the Dead quilt! I haven’t been following the dirty dozen this year. My goal right now is just to finish any projects I can while I’m at home.
    The first week of December I will be back on the road again. This time I plan to be in Irwindale, CA by December 26. That is when I will begin working for the first time as a florist decorating floats for the Rose Bowl parade. I’m very excited as this has been on my bucket list ever since I attended the parade in 2003.
    My husband and I drove our RV across the country that year over Christmas break. I was lucky enough to secure one of the last spots on the parade route for RVs. We watched the parade that morning sitting on the roof of our RV. Great memories.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pattie – you are adventurous! Did you have to apply to be a florist for the floats? How does that happen? I suppose you’re driving by yourself? We just have to hear about this adventure at the parade – will you please write and tell us afterwards?

  9. Susy from San Diego

    Lots of wonderful quilts… but I have to say, I have never seen one like Donna from Wisconsin. Amazing with pinwheels. Good job everyone.

    1. Fran

      I thought the same way. Bonnie Hunter quilts came across my mind. I swore off them! But I love to look at them and this one was a winner.

  10. Marie C

    I’m working on dirty dozen, but I am so slow. No that it is cooling off I hope to get more time. I just finished a top. It took me all summer. I’m hoping to get a picture in the next day or two. I finally finished putting up the last of the tomatoes today. One more day of canning. I’m making raspberry jam.

  11. Martha W in WY

    Mary, I’d like to purchase the Pumpkins 4sale pattern. I will be sending you a check Do I need to include a self addressed stamped envelope? I hope someone finds the Autumn Harvest pattern I’d like that too. Fluffybun looks like she’s queen of the sewing room in that photo.

  12. Vicki Ibarra

    Love the rug and the display. Sunflower’s eyeglass case project has delightful colors. I hope Fluffy Bun does become more domesticated. I am looking forward to this month’s dirty dozen. I have more projects than I have time.

  13. Barbara Yarnell

    I didn’t finish my DD quilt in October but made some progress on it. My #2 will be a finish though so I will dig it out tomorrow and get started assembling the blocks into a top. May have to make one or 2 more blocks, then add the border.
    I also love Donna in Wisconsin’s quilt!

  14. Sunflower from Michigan

    Looks like another young reader enjoying your Oh, Susannah book! So wonderful.
    Love the quilt show today, thank you. The Bigfoot quilt makes me smile. I also like the Autumn Harvest table topper/quilt. The colors are so pleasant.
    A much different game tonight in the World Series. I always hope it goes 7 games! I always miss baseball in the winter despite watching football, basketball, and even hockey on occasion!
    I am working on my dirty dozen ufo. This month’s is a bag project. It had the receipt in the bag and I’ve had it seven years! Had it cut out and ready to sew. Wonder why I put it away? Lol, but it’s getting done this month, you’re my inspiration.
    Thanks, Vicki, most of the fabrics in my eyeglass case were from a baby quilt I made many years ago for my great niece. She’s 12 now and in sixth grade. She’s quite a good basketball player, jumping up to the 8th grade team. Been to see her play and it’s entertaining.
    My husband is deer hunting up north so I’ve had more sewing time! We had a big frost Halloween night plus about an inch of snow so my dahlias are now done. Snow mostly gone though.
    Take care everyone!

  15. Sandy McPherson

    Hi Mary, just been and bought a folding table 6 feet long to save my knees going upstairs to pin quilts, only took14 months to work that out! I’m still working on Christmas stockings, sewn a couple of strips on the wrong side and twisted the lining on one stocking, hope to finish them tomorrow.
    The dog with the quilt is cute, another great show, now l have to go back and check out Donna’s quilt,take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  16. Deb B

    UGH – I’m back knitting for two projects that I started long ago. No wonder I couldn’t find my size 10 and 11 tips for my cables. Do they count?? The one I’m working on currently is a neutral and I think this is the 4th time I’ve worked on it – AFTER starting over a few times. I think the pattern is cursed!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb – YES! That counts! Maybe this will be the time it works out for you.

  17. Sally J. Mi.

    Love your quilt Donna!! The doll is adorable!! Like many others I would love to make American Harvest!
    Finally got my mojo going yesterday and worked on a table runner.

  18. Anne

    Live the quilt show!! I’m putting the binding on. Country Threads Do Not Disturb #511 right now!! I’d love for American Harvest to be my next fall project!! Fingers crossed! Thanks for so many wonderful quilts over the years!!

  19. Fran

    Love the photo of Fluffy bun. Coincidently reading a short mystery and a cat name Fluffy has gone missing. I thought of Fluffybun. Such a pretty cat.

  20. Janet Easley

    Yes, i work on the Dirty Dozen. Sometimes I go with the color of the month and match it to a DD on my list with that main color. Sometimes the number determines the project to tackle., even though it’s not the really the color of the month. This month’s number is going to move a project, that’s been on the shelf for a couple of years, to the machine. Either way, Mary, it helps me tackle the continued quest to take control of the stash instead of it taking control of me and space! 🙂
    Have a good day to all!
    Jan in AZ

  21. Carla

    I try so very hard to finish at least one ufo each month. It has only happened twice so far. It’s not for a lack of will or trying though, just to be clear. My time simply isn’t my own very often and when it is I so often choose sleep lol. I still love following along and trying.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carla – this is not a contest and I’m not the quilt sheriff – so you’re good in any manner you’re comfortable with. No pressure here!!

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