Halloween Patterns, 10-31-23

After hours of searching for patterns I have one question for lots of you? Why didn’t you buy these patterns when we were in business? This is said tongue in cheek – smile!

This is what I can find – $5 each – I can get two in an envelope.

Stars On Track is not quite the same as Connie’s but very close and in the right colors it will look the same.

Here are the two I can’t find:

I will continue to search for these.

This pattern will be $10 due to multiple pages.

I made a “rule” quite awhile ago that I don’t post any quilt picture from Country Threads unless I already have the pattern in my hands. I veered far from my rule when I posted Connie’s Halloween quilts and I have paid the price.

I have earned another beer while I watch the rest of the ballgame which looks like it’s out of reach for Arizona at this point.

Happy Halloween! Hope your trick or treaters are dressed warm!

19 thoughts on “Halloween Patterns, 10-31-23

  1. Diane in Maryland

    I have made Charlie the Cat from your pattern and love it. This year daughter Cindy wanted to put it on display at her house, so it is there. Our temperatures are in the 30’s or 40’s at night and 50’s during the day. Big difference from the other day but not too bad. Also watching the World Series!

  2. Marlene Leonardo

    Thank you for those new/old Halloween patterns. I’ll be sending my stamps and money soon.

  3. Marsha from Kansas

    Hi Mary. Enjoying the game tonight since I am rooting for Texas, closest team to Kansas and sorry just going by the name, but i hate snakes. But Arizona is a good team and a big lead is a good thing. Ok, in my defense, I bought your patterns that were carried by one “local” quilt shop an hour away. She carried quite a few and I have been surprised at some I have and just didn’t realize they were yours until I’ve seen them on your blog. 🙂 I’m thinking i bought a couple when you offered them before. Need to check the binder i put your patterns in. I’m thinking I need a few of these but I’ll wait because I really like the pumpkin projects. I’ll see if you find them. Thanks for taking the effort to find them. I mainly decorate with pumpkins and harvest type decor but do have a few more Halloween projects, one being my July dirty dozen I still haven’t completed (orange). Wow, tomorrow a new dirty dozen. Time is going by fast! No trick or treaters. We live on a cul-de-sac and nobody else turns on their lights so if there were anybody, they wouldn’t come all the way down the block for one house.

  4. Chris in Alaska

    I have Jack and I’m not really a Halloween person either . Love cats and especially black cats 🙂 No kids or grands nearby so I didn’t even hang Jack up this year .

  5. Sherrill

    If you find the one with the gourd/pumpkin and flag, I’d love the pattern! Beautiful! Thanks

  6. Susan in Gilbert AZ

    Halloween cuteness! Dbacks have tanked!!! Am thinking, better luck next year. But there’s still hope!

  7. Patricia

    I know, we are all a pain in the neck. I so appreciate you searching. I have a lot of your patterns from way back when but none of these. 😊

  8. Sharon Ray

    Oh I was so hoping you would offer American Harvest. I have searched everywhere for it and it was not on your site (when it worked) I will keep my fingers crossed!

  9. Margie from Ohio

    Oh Mary, you have so much to do and now hunting patterns. You definitely deserve a beer! Thanks for all you do. So glad we had trick or treat last Thursday. The weather definitely took a chilly turn.

  10. Diana in Des Moines

    To answer your question, I DID buy the patterns when you were in business. So many in fact, I have several duplicate patterns which I share with friends. Sometimes I even send you money for a pattern, hen find I already own it! Oh, well. Makes us all happy!
    Glad Halloween is over, not my favorite holiday. It has become too big and commercial, just like every other holiday I suppose. I make it about the grandkids and have fun, without all the blackness and evil. We are Lutheran, so celebrated Reformation Day instead. German food and beer. lol
    Glad November is here. Thanksgiving is my very favorite day of the year, so looking forward to that. Garden is all frozen up, so spending more time indoors quilting is good for getting some things completed.
    Glad the wind has died down. Makes me nervous!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana – we, too, celebrated Reformation Day last Sunday. Since you’ve got a supply of Country Threads patterns, do you have American Harvest by any chance? If you do I’ll buy it from you – I have not found my copy yet! We dipped into the historian box too many times and some of those patterns are gone. And to think when we closed we hauled boxes of patterns to the landfill! Ugh.

      1. Marsha in MI

        No worries, Mary! It’s okay if you can’t find the pattern. But that is a beautiful quilt!!

        Oh, sad day that patterns went to the landfill. Little did you know you’d still have followers now! 😉

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Marsha – I’m as surprised as you! Who knew that 10 years after we closed I’d still be mailing patterns!

  11. Marcia-SW Ohio

    We live rurally so we go to our daughters house in town, pass out treats so the parents can go w/ the girls & dog in their neighborhood. It was cold, windy and some blowing snow. Our son in law makes a fire in a fire pit in the driveway. I was dressed heavily and wrapped in three quilts. I would guess about 50% less kids this year. I like decorating for Halloween but will take it down today & fill in w/ cornucopias & pilgrims/turkeys.
    I too have several of your patterns & books.
    Time to get back to the quilts for gifts list and get busy.

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