Connie’s Halloween Quilts, 10-31-23

It’s Halloween and I want you to have a chance to see these quilts before evening when I usually post. Halloween is Connie’s favorite holiday! She’s having a neighborhood coffee/party today.

Too many to put out – these are still in the box!

I knew you’d love this quilt show. Just a side note here – I don’t own a single Halloween quilt.

72 thoughts on “Connie’s Halloween Quilts, 10-31-23

  1. Malynda Reed

    I bought a small table top quilt from for at the Country Living Fair in Columbus Ohio many years ago that’s where I picked up a copy of my first Goat Gazatte. The print is a darling Halloween print with a different Halloween print on the back. I love it so much!

  2. Maria Zook

    Thank you so much for sharing these. i do love to see how others use quilts in their homes. Any chance you could share the patterns name for the star and orange chain quilt photographed outdoors?
    i am still in love with the older Country Threads quilts, especially all of the fall ones.

  3. Chris

    I don’t have a Halloween quilt either. I’m a fall/Thanksgiving person. I like lots of pumpkins and gourds and if a black cat–or any cat!–stops by, I’d be happy. A friendly scarecrow is nice. I have lots of candy for the beggars tonight. I don’t think we will see many costumes because it’s really cold in South Dakota today. Have a lovely day, Mary.

  4. Jeanine from Iowa

    I don’t have a single Halloween quilt/table topper either, but I do have some fall quilts. Several ads today but only one had the “x” to click on. Cold and very windy in southern Iowa today. I will go to the church to continue making Christmas lap quilts for a nursing home today. We have 40 to make. We have fun working together doing it, and they bring so much joy to the residents. We did it last year too. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    I have one Halloween quilt and I forgot about it until yesterday!
    Connie’s are lovely or funny or impressive, maybe all three. I love the pumpkin appliqué quilt, good for display through all of fall, and the baskets, my favorite. Also good through all the fall season.
    My new black cat Scarlett wishes you and all you kitties and pups a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

      1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

        Yes, she’s fully in charge of the day now! She’s a very scheduled sweet little girl, we have play time at 10 am, 2 pm, and 6 pm, and every playtime ends in cuddles. Amazingly, she goes to bed at 10:30 on the dot, nearly, and she eats free range. She leads us to the litter box if she wants it changed; we know now that is around 7 am and 7 pm, she’s quite fussy! She leads us to the food dish if the bottom is visible or the water is low. Evidently if you can see any part of the bottom of the food dish, it is not kosher.
        She NEVER begs for people food, and I’m glad of that. We had sneak our meals with Kitty or deal with soulful eyes and paw in plate if we ate in front of her! God bless that sweet baby.
        I feel like Scarlett just naturally fell into this pattern from her “good old days” in her previous environment. I cannot imagine anyone in good health giving her up. On her adoption papers, I found exactly who had her and the reason for giving her up: moving. However, trolling (is that the right context?) her FaceBook page, she is happily still where she was with two other cats. So why Scarlett was an issue, I have no idea, but I’m glad we are able to provide her with all the love, food, water, cleaning service and cuddles she needs!

        My husband refers to her as “the toddler”, she wants what she wants when she wants it. I said, “well, we’ve got good experience with toddlers, this should be a breeze”. And cheaper.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Carol – oh, you have no idea how much I loved hearing about Scarlett’s routine! What a great cat! And her previous owner didn’t even move – and that was the reason she surrendered Scarlett??? What is wrong with people?? I say this all the time! Thank God you took her in! I’d be in trouble if all 8 of mine were on a demanding time schedule! I clean many litter boxes every day and feed specific food to several but times vary – ha! Thanks for such a great commentary!

          1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

            You’re most welcome! Good thing we’re retired and our meal times match Scarlett’s “need to play” time, and she sleeps during sewing hours! I will send a photo when I get a good one. An all black cat is hard to see unless she’s fully extended!
            I also have a few not yet quilted quilt tops I could photo, I only long arm in the cold weather when there’s no outdoor work left to do, so the tops are piling up.

  6. Marsha in MI

    I’m not really a Halloween quilt person but I do love the one on the table with pumpkins in the middle! It looks like your country style of quilt that I love. Do you know the pattern name? I know it’s a slim chance but it isn’t from one of your books, is ot?

    1. Connie

      Hi Marsha
      That quilt on the table is a Country Threads one. I think its name was “American Harvest”. I think!!!…Mary will be able to double check. Connie

    2. Linda in North Carolina

      I would love the pattern for that one too if Mary has it. Love all the quilts today. Sew much fun Connie!

  7. Jan Hebert

    Wow, I couldn’t pick out a favorite – but if I had to it would be the star quilt in Halloween colors. But, then again, the pumpkin/gourd table topper with the square in a square border is a favorite too! And that smiling cat! So cute! I’m going to send you a couple of pictures of the pumpkin head doll that I made this year, Mary. I just love her! I’m off to NH again today. Helping my daughter with her menagerie of animals while she works and her husband is at the VA for a few weeks. Getting really cold here! Jan in MA

    1. Connie

      Hi Jan
      Connie here- I’ve answered in previous comments about the star and the pumpkin quilts. The small smiling cat quilt was called “Charlie”, the pumpkin with the witch hat was “Jack” and I have no idea what the cat with the surprised look was called. Mary has these patterns for sale.

  8. Kathy Hanson

    WOW! What a beautiful collection!! What fun for her to do and for us to see today! Fantastic Connie!!
    Rochester got snow last night – Penny wasn’t so sure that she liked it today. When she first saw snow as a baby, she LOVED it! NOw that she’s 2 1/2 I guess she isn’t so sure!! Looking forward to making the Bow Wow quilt and the new project that you are telling us about today!

  9. Shirley Andersen Smith

    Oh my, these are so cool.
    I love the 4th one down with the gourd and 2 pumpkins in the middle. Is there a pattern?
    I decorate for fall….most of the year, but not necessarily Halloween.
    Very cool Connie.
    Shirley from Oregon

  10. Vicki in Seattle

    Thank you for sharing Connie’s quilts, Mary!
    Such a “TREAT” for all of us! Love the way she displays them!🎃🍁🎃🍁🎃🍁🎃🍁

  11. Carolyn Boutilier

    Mary, Thank you for sharing Connie’s Halloween quilts. They are wonderful. We have a chilly day here in Shenandoah Valley Va. Carolyn b

  12. Teresa in Indiana

    I love all of Connie’s Halloween quilts! Thanks for sharing. I have pumpkin stitcheries. I like to frame them and sit around. It was 24 degrees this morning. I was dog sitting last week, so glad BIL came home yesterday so I didn’t have to get out there to walk the dog in the frigid temps! Happy Halloween everyone!

  13. NancyTD

    Thanks to Connie for sharing her Halloween quilts. Have a nice neighborhood coffee. Sounds like a fun idea!
    Wicked winter has returned to SE MN. Greeted with 1.5 inches of snow and the airport clocked winds at 46 mph early this morning . Sure spoiled the day for the trick or treaters!
    The leaves we didn’t finish raking are buried.
    I will work on a quilt and then cut pieces for the eye glass case. Staying home today.
    Mary you need one Halloween 🎃 quilt!

  14. Sue in Oregon

    Wow! Just Wow! Thank you, Connie, for the amazing Halloween quilt show. Your quilts are so much fun. I hope your party is perfectly scary today.
    Yours make me want to get in and make black and orange Halloween quilts…but wait! I don’t do Halloween either. I sure love yours, though.
    Thank you, Mary, for taking us to Connies party. I hope she has a Christmas one.

    1. Patricia

      Oh nice collection of Halloween quilts. I do enjoy them and have a few. Can’t believe you don’t have one Mary. Very quiet here today and tonight. We don’t live in a neighborhood and we are set back off the road. My grandchildren in New Hampshire are now too old to dress up. But my 50 yr old son who owns a physical therapy practice and his therapists all dress up. A little fun for the patients. Have a quiet and restful Halloween! Pat in Maryland.

  15. Glenda Fletcher

    Please thank Connie for sharing her Halloween quilts and thank you, Mary, for letting us see them. I don’t have any Halloween quilts either. We have gone from a lot as Randy was a teacher to 1. The town has a gathering for the children. We were around 16/17 this morning. Brrr Happy Halloween!

  16. Ginger S

    Love Connie’s Halloween quilts. I don’t have any Halloween quilts either but that smiling cat sure makes me want one! I would love to know how connie hangs her small quilts. I don’t see any nails or hooks. Thanks for your posts Mary. I really look forward to them every day.

  17. Cathie

    Thanks so much for sharing Connie’s quilts. They are wonderful. Doesn’t seem
    possible Halloween is here already.

    1. Sharon G.

      Carmen – Stitchery Tape aka Double sided tape for mounting stitchery by Yarn Tree (available at Fat Quarter Shop). It also might be available at Amazon.
      ~ Sharon G.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – you could make them for your sale? Seasonal colors – if you do, tell me how much you charge.

  18. patti

    thanks for the halloween quilt show. i loved every one of them. very inspiring. especially the pumpkns and the cats. thos the creature was wonderful also.patti in FL

  19. Vicki Ibarra

    I didn’t have Halloween quilts for years, but have made a few table toppers and runners. I initially bought fabric for pillows, but never got them made. I like the splash of color and seasonal “happiness”, but like so many readers the autumn quilts are my favorite. Tomorrow, I get out the pumpkin quilts (without jack-o-lantern faces) so that fall and Thanksgiving are represented. September was leaf quilts at my house and early October was gourds, etc. I have a small wooden wall hanger that my father made for me and I love to swap out wall hangings.
    Happy Halloween, everyone. Stay warm. It is uncomfortably cold in Iowa City, with 30-40 mile wind gusts. Brrr!

  20. Carol Reents

    I see several from your patterns that I have and DON’T have made up. I like to decorate for Halloween. I made the mistake of packing away my Halloween quilts in my secure totes in the mini barn. I’ll never do that again as the quilts weren’t available when I wanted them.

  21. Robin Boggan

    We love Halloween! 🎃 So much fun to dig in the bins to see all our old favorites Halloween decorations! 👻 Have a Happy Halloween!!! 🎃👻🎃💀🎃

  22. Martha W in WY

    Thank you for the quilt show. I don’t have Halloween quilts either. I use to decorate for all the holidays and seasons. Now that the kids are grown with families of their own, I am a minimalist decorator. Besides, I would have to unpack and pack it all up. Maybe I’m just lazy or just a creature of habit. Winter seems to have arrived in the northern third of the country. Brrrrr

  23. Laurie Tufford

    Thank you so much for sharing Connie’s Halloween quilts! Loved seeing her displays. I too love Halloween🎃. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and life on the farm with all of us.

  24. Moe in NE Illinois

    Love Connie’s Halloween Quilts!! I made the Frankenstein, the Count and the Scarecrow. But gave away the Count and Scarecrow so need to make them again for myself, and THE WITCH! I have pulled out those patterns to work on the next couple months. Happy Halloween Mary!

  25. Linda from Georgia

    Mary, thanks for sharing Connie’s quilts! It’ so much fun looking at them. Also thanks for the instructions on the glass cases You can’t beat something made with a log cabin pattern! I plan on starting on one this afternoon.
    I so enjoy your blog. I am very remiss in always commenting but be assured that I look daily.
    One of my guilds has a booth at the local Christmas Fair this weekend. No sewing for me but hopefully we sell lots so that we can get some wonderful teachers and trunk shows.

  26. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l don’t have Halloween quilts either, l don’t like the scary side of it. Kids seem to like the dressing up and getting sweets, but l prefer Christmas. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  27. Launa

    Thanks for posting Connie’s Halloween projects! I have two small quilted projects out and two pumpkins given to me made from cloth n yarn! Always fun to celebrate different seasons. Temperature was 16o this morning, but with sun is 37o out now. No new snow either! Saw posted pictures of Elk biting n eating on fresh pumpkins set on porches for decorations!
    Trick or Treat!

  28. Kathy in western NY

    I loved seeing Connie’s collections of Halloween quilts. The oranges, browns and burnt rusts are my favorite to use come fall and I keep most of my decorations up till day after Thanksgiving. After so many bright florals all summer long, I like looking at the oranges for a change. I don’t put out as much as I use to as I have gotten older and harder for me to pack back up again but I still do. Our women’s Bible study went out for lunch afterwards today so 10 of us got such a laugh over our waitresses dressed up in tasteful costumes – no bad controversial or gory stuff. Just cute. We don’t get any kids trick or treating so loved seeing the costumes on the workers.

  29. Gloria from CC

    Great Halloween quilts and decorations. I too love to decorate for Fall/Halloween – my second favorite time to decorate. I’ll start taking everything down today and tomorrow.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria – that probably doesn’t do your back much good, does it?

      1. Gloria from CC

        Actually my back is great after my lower lumbar fusion My right hip is what is causing me the most pain.😔

  30. Gail in Ohio

    Love them all! I have one hanging up and another ready to quilt, but that’s the extent…

  31. Karen Cyr

    All so charming, especially the Cheshire Cat clone. Quite a “spooky good” body of work. Happy Halloween all!

    Karen C

  32. Twyla

    What a treat, and each one is totally adorable, displayed so cute!! Thank for sharing and Happy Halloween!!

  33. lorraine bujnowski

    Love every single one of them! And what, you do not own a single Halloween quilt!

  34. Connie R.

    Wonderful Halloween quilt show! Every single one is beautiful. Thanks to Connie and you for sharing.
    Sounds like a lot of the surrounding areas are having cold weather. Snow for us today. Kids will have to wear long johns under their costumes. Fun time for kids of any age.

  35. Mary

    I love Halloween/Fall/the colors!
    I have more Halloween quilts I can’t put them all up. Every year I say no Halloween quilts but again this year one is under my needle! Happy Halloween to all! 🎃

  36. Kathryn Schwartz

    This was a special treat today!! Very impressive. Thank you both for sharing. Stay warm– if you can. Kathy in SW MN.

  37. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Mary, thanks for posting Connie’s Halloween quilt show—wonderful quilts!
    By the time summer is over, I am eager to decorate for September, October and November. So the pillows, wall hangings and place mats I use are fall related but not Halloween. I have a fall quilt started, so that will be for next year. We have truck after truck full of pumpkins going through our little town on their way to the processing plants. I love cooking with pumpkin and squash during this season.
    Thanks Again, Mary

  38. Cynthia from SWMN

    I enjoyed the quilt show! Loving Connie’s quilts and the cats are something I will have to make up for next year! Hope you will have a few of the patterns available! It is cold here, we mowed up more leaves today, not done with the leaves just yet, no snow which is a ‘Yay! from me.

  39. Barbara Yarnell

    Love Connie’s quilts! I don’t own a single Halloween quilt either, or Christmas or Thanksgiving! Why not? Maybe I need to start some! These just made me smile to look at them. Thanks, Mary!

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